was i really that awful

So uhhhh I should be more active on tumblr now lmao. Circumstances suck but… what can you do lol.

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it’s only been 4-5 hours since i’ve discovered paint but i can already tell i’m gonna be in a “paint” slump. i’m not gonna be able to read anything else for weeks i’m gonna create scenarios in my head and i’m gonna cry. paint is such a work of art and i need it in my heart. i can tell its gonna be in my top 3 fics!

that is such a huge compliment dude what the fuck! such a lovely huge compliment! the fact that you would even think about it after you x out of that page is cool enough, but i know what it’s like to be so into something that u go into a little post-content slump and that is really just…. such a massive cool compliment. thank you man!

this is a WIP for this garbage trash im making with an almost 10 year old meme because I think the idea of Riku  getting really upset about the concept of sand and absurd large amounts of it  (anakin skywalker style) is that funny


ninoir week day 5: cosplay

i was considering doing something for @siderealsandman‘s au fic [read it if u haven’t!!], but then frickin’ abbey broke me with her day 5 prompt last night [read it read it read it!!!]  and i am a huge a sucker for angst, so i needed to draw for it… mostly the last pic, but the others, i imagine that’s how things went lmao.

Fill-a-Page February day 10!

Today’s page is dedicated to the best partner-in-crime a person could ask for, @notallballs, on her birthday. Bb, bless you for being a filthy enabler and encouraging me at every turn <3 


Our teacher suggested us to practice different styles for our portfolio soo… I tried Jin Kim’s style and failed miserably. BUT I tried.

I had a lot of fun and I actually was dying to work on George Blagden’s expressions since I watched this scene. Concept artist problems.
Anyway! I’ll keep practicing this style.


isak + raising his eyebrows in wonder during the 5:10 kisses.