was i even allowed in the fandom to begin with

being part of a fandom gets a lot easier once you realise there’s more than one way to interpret a character

I honestly thought that the Tokyo Ghoul fandom was different from all the other fandoms, but that chapter is proving that thought to be wrong. Since the beginning of Tokyo Ghoul we knew that Kaneki was going to struggle. Since the first fucking chapter, he said “If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be a tragedy.”

This boy is has been suffering for the majority of his life, even when his mother was alive. If Kaneki even got a glimpse of happiness, it didn’t last long, so now that he’s allowed himself to be happy and open himself to someone else it’s an issue. 

If you were a real fan of Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki’s happiness should be the main thing you guys as fans want, but when he decides to share himself with Touka, and not Hide, or Tsukiyama or whoever else you guys ship him with, it’s an issue. 

You guys call it bad writing, but let’s be real. You guys are salty because it wasn’t your ship, but the argument isn’t about ships. It’s about how selfish you are. 

You aren’t mad at Ishida, because it’s bad writing, you’re mad about a ship. If all you guys care about are ships, then I suggest you guys read Shoujo, and stay away from Tokyo Ghoul, which is hardly a romance manga. 

Don’t send hate to Ishida. Don’t make him grow to hate his fandom, because as a writier he cares about what people think of his story. Nobody cares about Kaneki more than Ishida, so let him do what he wants to do, because Tokyo Ghoul is his story, not yours.

46/50 - “Shut up, I am a delight!”

Fandom: All for the Game/The Foxhole Court
Characters/pairings: Neil, Andrew, Aaron, Katelyn, Nicky/andreil, the cousins, twinyards, aaron x katelyn

A/N: I had a really hard time writing this. I’m sorry if it’s not what you want. I can’t imagine a conversation between the twins so I had to add others into the story. @lazyleezard (who is a sweetie pie!) tried to give me some ideas and suggestions and was the one who suggested writing Nicky into the story and having him say the line. Thank you!

**warning: mentions of rape**

Also, could someone tell me how to tag triggers or direct me somewhere with a list?

The night before Katelyn leaves to go home for the summer she sleeps at Abby’s house with Aaron, Andrew, Nicky and Neil. Technically Nicky is the only one legally allowed to drink but Abby had gone to Wymack’s for dinner. Even if she was home, she wouldn’t deny her Foxes a celebratory end of semester drink.

Neil doesn’t drink. He watches as Andrew does and sneaks in little touches when he can. Aaron was pacing himself in the beginning until Nicky’s chatter became too much to deal with. Nicky and Katelyn got trashed as fast as they could.

Andrew gets up to go to the bathroom and Nicky waits till he hears the door shut before leaning over to Neil and asking, “So it didn’t even start out as hate sex?”

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Regards to Reposting Art...

Just a reminder to everyone out there, not just one fandom but everyone…

Please please PLEASE, I beg of you(I shouldn’t even have to beg to begin with but)


It doesn’t matter if they mention “I’ll allow it as long as you give proper credit”. There ARE certain sites they might not approve of and they may just forgot to mention it or any other reason. AND EVEN IF U HAVE CREDITED, PLEASE LINK THEM THE SOURCE! Majority of artists would love to know where their babies are being posted! Leik imagine you stealing someone’s actual baby IRL, wouldn’t that be super weird and disrespectful?(bad comparison but that’s how i see my precious artworks ok jeez;;;)


And in the end, if they do not allow it, then respect that and move on man.

Thank you!

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So do you think Harry did not choose his current situation and is just taking advantage of the opportunities he's been given?

Woooh. Thats a hand grenade. The usual disclaimer anon. Im just trying to formulate theories that might make sense of as many things as possible but so far I havent found one to fit everything. The idea that the guys arent free is both unpopular and outlandish in this fandom I warn you now, but I believe Ziam fans have been saying it for quite a while? 

Anyway you ask if about Harry. I think its obvious the solo Harry we now see began to be formed in earnest in 2014. He’s out here right now apparently validating the image he was given then, sold repeatedly by Dan W and disbelieved by us – right down to VS models and Taylor Swift and separation from the others, with a challenging but safe topping of ‘not that important and 2015 flags’. We all observed those years of image building, separate styling. separation and elevation from the rest of the band, seeded articles and events, pappings, fandom influencing and general grooming - allot create this solo Harry. We saw it happening but refused to believe it was forgone conclusion. 

Something I havent seen explained is how the Azoffs were allowed to invade 1D which was under notoriously restrictive Sony contracts, extract and begin to groom the guy Sony had also very clearly seen as their post band option, and take over as his de facto managers, even though he was signed to Modest. Who allowed Harry the main role in concerts, interviews and the most solos to help create the Harry=1D perception? Logic suggests that Sony would  hardly allow or enable pay for any of this to happen (including the undermining of the band which was a still moneymaking asset) unless they were very much part of it and had a long term plan and were guaranteed the end products they wanted.

All of *that* might suggest that the story of harry being courted by multiple labels while Jeff negotiated magnificently and finally milked 80m out of a grovelling Columbia for a distribution deal, might be a tad… exaggerated? Possibly Harry didn’t negotiate from a position of strength at all; if this all began while he and Louis and the others were still under tight Sony contract in the band. Perhaps he was strong armed or lied to or inveigled into a contract less favourable than we think . That, or in 2014 he agreed with the Azoffs and Sony to begin separating and grooming him as a solo artist and undermining the others etc – but for me (given that the others would be well aware of what was happening and would know why) that doesn’t really fit with their attitude to him during MITAM? Though thats entirely subjective ofc. 

I think a lot comes down to the mantra of ‘choice’ thats been emphasised from the start for their solo careers. They’re all *choosing* everything they do. So not to support these choices, is not to support them. Blind fan loyalty is a powerful weapon

The thing that really started me wondering about the ‘theyre all free and clear’ thing was when I noticed that solo Harry, (and then all the others), are  pretty much running their exact 1D images as sold by Dan W and supposedly given to them by Syco. Harry’s is the most obvious – if he can decide his own image from a position of strength, why is he still the 2013-4 Syco guy from the band that Dan W told us about?.  

Then, when I thought about it, a lot of effort over a period of time went into convincing the fandom that all of them are free agents who make all their own choices. Two of them even went to other labels (!), though they still have mysterious ties to their old teams. Harry especially is fantastically free isn’t he? - he’s been given everything and his closeness to the Azoffs has been emphasized with extraordinary determination for years. The fandom has been astroturfed about it in fact for years – love and trust the Azoffs!  Then I finally wondered why there were multiple organised pappings of Harry not with beards but with Jeff, or Jeff and Glenne, or Jeff and his friends or Jeff and his family. Why stalkers were invited to Jeff’s birthday party to report harry making the speech. Why Harrys ‘leaks’ emphasized friendship with the Azoffs as much as obvious PR point of his beards. Why were they so very keen to bombard fandom with the proof that Harry is almost an Azoff. There is now not a scintilla of doubt in fandom about that so we *know* everything that happens is coming from him, and they are only interested in what he wants. Its not like 1D where we could hate Modest. We cant hate Harrys very best friend in the world so we have to accept anything HSHQ throws at us. The perception of choice is very important.

When they were in the band, 1DHQ made repeated efforts to sell the story that the guys were making the decisions so they obviously knew it was important – but fans were too cynical to believe a word of it. So this fandom gave TPTB hell and called them out on just about every shit they pulled with the band. It was them against us (fandom and the band)   Maybe they learned that it was very important to set the scene, or solo fans would become as nightmarishly militant as 1D fans had been.   

For example… imagine if the exact same VS/Haylor scenario had come out when Harry was still in 1D under Modest and Syco/Columbia.  Would our part of fandom be excusing it? rationalising it? anticipating it? Even though its’ a great business opportunity’? Would the solo H rollout as it was, have been met with the same dogged support from our side of fandom if we hadn’t been convinced it was mainly his own doing?  

The official story that Sony hadn’t planned for the end but once Zayn ‘became unhappy’, allowed them all to walk away and choose their own path at the end of their very straightforward,’you’re free at midnight, good luck’ 1D contracts. Im not that convinced. Really not.  So thats just a very very long collection of observations and questions in reply to your ask really anon, Im sorry I cant give you more but its something to chew on. :)

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i wish i could get over all this "klance won't be canon" just like you. i don't know why but it really... made me sad? like... a lot. i feel after some break up, no kidding. this is so pathetic, it's only a ship. (pls give us some lgbt rep in another way though it's so important) i can't even enjoy the content anymore, because then i always think about the potential this ship had... i wish i weren't like that, it's stupid and childish. i won't drop the show though.

It’s not pathetic and you are absolutely allowed to be upset!! The reason why I got over it so fast it because I approached the show in a completely different way from you. Me, having a canon ship as my OTP? Not very likely speaking from my fandom experience so far :P I knew and accepted that from the very beginning and kept fanon and canon far, faaaaar away from each other.

You, though… you had hope. You heard of probable LGBT representation and then got sucked into a fandom that bombards you with “proof” that klance is going to be canon. And you read it all because you love them and wanted it to be true. And the more you read, the more it made sense. Suddenly you couldn’t see anymore which other LGBT ship could possibly fit the plot better than them. 

This is not entirely your fault, don’t think that. People that insist that they are going to be canon over scenes and screenshots that could just as well be meant as fondness/admiration fueled your hope for them. Of course you are upset. Who that went through the same experience as you wouldn’t be? It’s understandable, it’s okay and it’s justified. You’re not stupid, pathetic or childish for feeling like that. It’s like an extreme version of your favorite headcanon getting disproven - so don’t feel bad for feeling the way you do!!!

That being said, I’m glad you won’t drop the show over it!! :D Vld is an awesome show with such an interesting plot and amazing characters that it would have hurt me to see anyone leaving over a ship. It’s okay to take time to get over your disappointment and it’s okay to distance yourself from content about them for as long as you need. Maybe your disappointment will be strong enough for you to drop the ship entirely, maybe your love for the ship will come back twice as strong once you’ve taken some time for yourself. Both is completely fine. Know that your feelings are valid and that I support you no matter what happens ♥

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Are you really not going to answer me ask about louis/babygate?? I don't get it, you use to be very open to hearing everyone's thoughts and opinions on here even if they were unpopular and now you're just ignoring it . Wonderful, this fandom gets more isolating by the day.

Hi there,

Your question was whether Louis would allow use of a real baby as promo of any kind. Why would he allow BG to go on if he was controlling his own situation?

I think if I believed that, I wouldn’t be here. At least, I wouldn’t be a fan of Louis’.

And I would think you wouldn’t, either, right?

There are a lot of things that are incomprehensible about BG, and I can’t begin to guess the why’s and the how’s. I think it’s clear that your question sets up a straw man argument where one either accepts that Louis is a father, or he’s an immoral person. Or both.

We know so little of BG’s motivations, bts workings, trade-offs… setting up this question is starting argument for the sake of argument.

We both know that Louis isn’t this person. He has tried to protect this child. Of everyone involved, he has shielded Freddie most. He is protective because he is a celebrity who has been repeatedly stalked. He knows the culture. The last IG post of him and Freddie, where he’s shielding Freddie from the side and his hand is on the neck of the guitar, further protecting him, is a good image to have.

He would spoil his own child rotten. There would be no expenses spared. Louis is the kind of person who would try to give his kid everything he wanted as a child. You know he would.

Louis isn’t some monster who wants success at any cost. He’s also not a dad. I’m not going to tolerate any Louis or Harry hate here, and I’m not going further with this.

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Minotaur: Tag someone who you see as a leader in some way.

Got another one and I’ve got to go with @psyclownsis because Piri is the backbone of the DC community, if you ask me. So easy to approach, so welcoming, so kind, always the one to discuss things in depth and to allow anybody in with open arms even if you’re outside the fandom. I wouldn’t have any DC interaction if not for Piri.  She’s the one who tugged me in here to begin with.

Game of Resurrections: Beth Greene and Jon Snow

I will admit that I wasn’t Beth Greene Team Delusional at first. I don’t think it was because I didn’t believe, but I just think at the time…after that trauma of Beth dying…that I couldn’t allow myself to be hurt again, to put myself out there and hope. I came to TD pretty quickly though, and even at the beginning, even when I couldn’t be TD, I could never put TD down or hate others for having hope and believing. It is sad though because TD has seen more than it fair share of hate in the fandom, just for having hope and believing that there might be something beautiful left for Beth Greene/Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon in TWD.

Being both a fan of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, this was a tough year for character losses…for those people who believe that these particular characters are actually dead…Beth Greene and Jon Snow. The interesting part of this is that as soon as Jon Snow “died” on GOT, fans and the media immediately flocked to their own version of TD. It seemed more than acceptable, almost PC even, to just automatically believe that Jon Snow was alive…there was no way he could be dead, right? Yet at the same time Beth Greene TD, from the very beginning has received so much flak. But the thing is…seriously…what really separates these two deaths? What makes them so much different?

Okay, I guess I am just going to put a little disclaimer out there of where I am coming from. I am a Game of Thrones book reader (have been since I was in Junior High), but I have not read TWD GN series. I do, however, have a pretty good idea of what happens in the GN that has any relevance to this post. Just looking at Beth Greene’s death in comparison to that of Jon Snow’s, I am really only going to touch on what I believe to be the most obvious points of comparison, not really anything that needs that much interpretation because there are just so many obvious points that there is no reason to throw in items that people might not be able to agree upon or recognize. 

Also, I am sure at this point that someone else out there has probably already made these observations, but since I am not a huge Tumblr user, I haven’t seen them. If I am repeating things that someone has already said, it isn’t my intention to repeat or use someone else’s arguments.

So, back to the question. What really separates Beth Greene’s death from Jon Snow’s apparent demise that makes one version of TD so worthy of ridicule and the other mainstream and acceptable? Well, of course GOT is set in a fictional, fantastical world with knights and dragons and magic and ice zombies, and TWD is supposed to be more “realistic”, but other than that…these death’s share a lot of freaky parallels.

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  • what she says: I'm fine :)
  • what she means: how on earth did the Big Island meme originate and gain popularity to where it is now? how did someone, namely sassydrew, just start making edits of this one random character in a game that most of the clue crew hates and have it evolve into one of our most cherished memes? i looked back into sassydrew's posts about Big Island Mike and there's not a single post explaining the joke or that clearly marks the beginning of such a craze; it seems as if the entire fandom silently and unanimously decided we were going to make terrible puns and edits about this character. the character itself is not even that exciting as he only has a few personality traits such as wanting to sell "immersion excursions" and allowing his daughter to do whatever she pleases, while on the side being part of an illegal smuggling racket that never fully gets explained at the end of the game. regardless, why does he have a ponytail? why design a character we only see the exact front of for 95% of the game, rendering the ponytail completely obsolete, but still have that 5% of the game at the end where we see his (terribly animated) ponytail?
Rumors in the SKAM fandom

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about a rumor going around (namely, Henrik having to quit his job because people were coming up to him asking for selfies).

I do NOT think he had to quit his job because of this. I believe he is still working there. Most celebrities in Norway can go around doing whatever, without being bothered by the public. If it really was an issue, he wouldn’t be allowed to take pictures with fans, to begin with. He even has his workplace info on his Facebook profile.

Some of the international viewers of this show need to understand that Norway is not Hollywood. Also, be aware of those circulating these kinds of rumors. People seem to love having “inside information” about these sorts of things. It makes them feel ‘special’ inside the fandom.

Unless you heard it from Henrik, it’s just that - a rumor.


In light of that display of grace, I’ll forgive you this time. However, there will be no second time. When I tell you to leave, leave.

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Harry has several platonic female friends, why isn't Louis allowed to have any even according to the fandom???

i think it’s just this beginning period imo… everyone is paranoid that whoever louis is gonna hang out with is gonna turn into a stunt or a beard because we’re in unchartered waters with louis… we’ve never had him single while they’ve been this famous before.. so it’s all new.

but im just remembering what is was like with harry in 2013… and every girl harry was linked to was gonna turn into a beard or a stunt as well. but now harry is just harry.. and when hes hanging out with a chick no one (i mean larries) bats and eyelid…

so i think it’ll take a while for everyone to get used to it… and im definitely not discrediting anyones feelings or anything. But for me, i just feel that if the girls louis hangs out with turns into mini hand holding stunts or stupid gossip rag articles then so be it… it doesnt mean hes not with harry. it just means that tabs are still gonna be tabs and run with that kinda shit like they did with harry… 

apparently you hold hands with someone and that means you’re their boyfriend, or you get your pic taken with someone and then you’re fucking them… the media has always been like that.. it’s not gonna change. we just have to get used to it

So this confession was brought to my attention, and I can’t even begin to tell you how upset it made me.

There is a trend in all fandoms that unless you are physically strong and typically “tough” a character is not allowed to be seen as “badass”, impressive, or strong, and sadly Fairy Tail fandom hasn’t escaped this.

The confession basically states that Levy shouldn’t be said to be badass because she’s “not”. The only thing that I feel this person could mean when saying she isn’t badass and not as cool as her fans make her out to be is that she isn’t as physically strong as say, Erza or Mira. This assumption comes from the fact that the confessor states that without Gajeel’s help, Levy would have never progressed through the S Class exams (and at the same time, basically degrades Levy to “love interest” and that she serves absolutely no other purpose other than be shipping fodder)

Well, sorry confessor, but Mashima highly disagrees with you, and in fact, the relationship between Gajeel and Levy is proof of that. The whole point of her character and that relationship was missed.

Gajeel prided himself on being the strongest, fought in Phantom Lord because he believed it was the strongest guild, purposely targeted Levy and Shadow Gear because he saw them as weak and wanted to make an example of them. Yet, despite all his strength, all that physical capability he prided himself on, he couldn’t get past a magic rune, and was at the mercy of Levy and her mental strength to get him out of it. He, the guy who doesn’t hand out compliments very often, called her amazing watching her decipher Freed’s runes, and learned that strength comes in all different forms, and not just the typical physical one.

And as for Levy being able to get through the S Class exams only because Gajeel was there…I think this person completely missed the part where Gajeel was actually beaten to a pulp himself by a couple of henchmen, not even big wigs in Grimoire Heart (which annoys me but that isn’t what this post is about) and if it weren’t for Levy’s aid (pulling him out of the way when he couldn’t hear, stopping the noise that was hindering Gajeel from fulling using his senses, and giving him the iron that gave him a power boost, not to mention carrying his weakened ass out of there) he too probably wouldn’t have made it very far.

I’m so tired of characters being labeled as unimportant and not “badass” because they don’t destroy buildings or they don’t slay 100 demons or whatever it is you expect them to do to earn this title. Levy IS badass. She excells in ways others in the guild don’t: she is incredibly intelligent, she has a natural affinity for patterns, puzzels, and languages, and she has one of the biggest hearts in the guild, to be able to forgive someone who hurt her and her nakama as much as Gajeel did. So, sorry, not sorry at all, I find those traits, and her to be incredibly badass.

Journal Time

Recently I have been hearing God speak deeper and louder than ever before on my heart, that I have to talk about it. For the longest time I treated Christianity as a religion vs. a true and deep relationship with my Creator.  I would say all the right things and put on a fake face and hide as if everything was ok.  It took many years (over 20 to be exact) until this point where God allowed me to search and see different lovers of the world through fandoms, music, games etc. that did not satisfy, all the while I put on a fake face for Him.  Recently my boyfriend and I were talking and he asked me a question if I truly knew the Lord. That small statement was the beginning of God really changing me in my broken heart which I had attempted to hide from Him, viewing God over the years as a tyrant or a genie that I occasionally say “sorry” to. God shook my heart (and even ongoing now) to move. He convicted me last night to move from the fakeness of infatuation, to a real and true and intimate relationship with Him, as intimate as as one as marriage. I replied yes, and it was what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. God is so good and gracious, and He is tearing down over 20 years of misinterpretations of His astounding and AMAZING Word, The Bible. Jesus set me free through His death and resurrection, and I no longer have to try try try, which is what I thought I had to do for many many years. Jesus paid it all. My God my Savior is amazing. No more fakeness, no more living for myself or the world that gives nothing. I live for Christ Jesus. I live for the One True and Living God who loves me, created me, and paid it all for me. *drops mic*

Psalm 139:7-12New International Version (NIV)

7 Where can I go from your Spirit?
   Where can I flee from your presence?
8 If I go up to the heavens, you are there;
   if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.
9 If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
   if I settle on the far side of the sea,
10 even there your hand will guide me,
   your right hand will hold me fast.
11 If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me
   and the light become night around me,”
12 even the darkness will not be dark to you;
   the night will shine like the day,
   for darkness is as light to you.

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I love how ARMYS make Bangtan so comfortable that the boys act and laugh naturally and post barefaced pictures or take videos with no make-up on. Like i know it's not all thanks to ARMYS but I feel like a fandom does hold some power over how their idols would interact with them and how much these idols would allow them to get some details of their lives. and from what I see, Armys are doing a great with bts :)

this is true!! and i think it’s also because of how bangtan introduced themselves to us even in the beginning. that we got to know more about who they really are as opposed to having this persona for fans and not their real selves. Nams also did mention that he really want Bangtan and ARMYs to not be idols and fans perspective. He wants to be closer like family and that’s what they show with how much they share to us. 

I also think it’s bighit’s influence as well, that the company doesn’t require them to be perfect or place emphasis on how they look all the time. they always update us and provide us with tons of videos and interactions that we really do start seeing them as more than just idols we admire. and I think it’s really great and this is also why ARMYs are really a passionate fandom and we greatly greatly care about the boys all the time. ^_^

On the Toxic Voltron List

I feel the need to say this now, in the wake of that frankly ridiculous and hateful “toxic Voltron accounts” list and seeing how it has affected people I follow, respect and admire.

Haters and crusaders don’t bother me. They never have. I will continue to do my thing in this fandom. I was not on that list (a shame, really), but even if I was, it would change absolutely nothing. The Voltron fandom is important to me. It is the first fandom I have been in since the beginning, and the first fandom that has really allowed me to have an actual following with regards to my fanworks, and that has enabled me to have a real, profound connection with other fans and even people I would consider so talented as to be beneath them. This fandom has given me the validation I have perhaps unjustifiably craved for eight years. The fact that people are feeling hurt and actively targeted by this list and the blog that posted it is something abhorrent.

They claim to be on some sort of moral crusade in search of some ideological purity, a virtual book-burning of anything anyone might enjoy that might not be what you’d show at a Bible study session. It’s disgusting. It’s CENSORSHIP. Censorship is something the internet has always collectively fought against. Free speech means people say things you don’t agree with all the time, but that doesn’t mean you have to listen.

It’s exactly the same with fandom. If someone makes content you do not like, you ignore them. YOU DO NOT WRITE A LIST OF PEOPLE WHO DO THINGS YOU DISLIKE AND PIN IT TO THE CHURCH DOOR. This is nothing short of a witch hunt. No one is responsible for other people’s wellbeing. If you are old enough to be on the internet, you are old enough to make your own decisions regarding content you wish to view, and if you don’t have the stomach for something that might slip through a coded safety net, then maybe you aren’t actually mature enough to be in fandom spaces yet. It doesn’t matter whether you are thirteen or thirty, you have no right to be fandom police, and you have no right to demand that someone babyproof everything. This isn’t a school, this isn’t a youth centre, this isn’t a fenced area that says “no adults”. This is a WEBSITE. This is an intergenerational space of creativity and everyone has the right to create their content, whether you like it or not.

In your misguided attempt to create a “safe space”, this fandom has just become incredibly unsafe and alienating for absolutely everyone who does not conform to this frankly fascist ideological purity you seem so intent on maintaining.

I sincerely hope that the creators on the list won’t give up on this fandom because of this. Voltron is still Voltron, morality crusaders aside.

I’m very confused by the demand from certain corners of the fandom to silence Lana (or any of the actors) because her opinions don’t necessarily match up with theirs. 

Like, yes, she’s an actor, and I guess that places her in a certain position of responsibility (sort of?), but why is she not allowed to show preference for her own character? Why is she not also afforded the opportunity to be a fan of the show that helps pay her bills? Why can’t she identify with Regina and want to see her succeed? Why is it her responsibility to coddle fans who don’t even respect her to begin with?

Lana struggled for years to make it in this industry. She had several failed shows under her belt before Once premiered, and she’s clearly thrilled to have found success with this show after so many disappointments. 

How about we let her enjoy it?