was how many of the verses

When she first smothered me,
I wrapped myself in her safety blanket
but she still looked at me like a rubbernecker
might view a barren pyre
and after all this time she’s still
a bridge meant to be burned —

Please stop popping up
on my Instagram feed or Facebook
“people you may know” because no matter
how many times I pick up the toothbrush
she’ll always be the plaque that’s
never quite scraped away please stop
gnawing away at my teeth and I know
hate is the vitriolic mass of organs
that stays behind when love’s skin is shed
but there’s something furious in
an outline fallen flat,
something like a stale air
that festers in your lungs
something you can’t exhale,
not really, something
that just wants to stay stuck
in your throat you are

the faintness when I blink
the overwatered plants
the echolocation one hones when
their stomach needs to be
an empty cavity
wet and dark and

some days I am Adam
and others I am the missing rib
but mostly, I am
the affliction and the apple.

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I see so many people saying that at one of his show Troye sung to Con during ease, is it true? I mean, how people can be sure of that? Thanks

yeah if you go on to tronnorproof’s instagram there’s a video way back of troye singing the second verse of ease and he’s pointing up to where connor was apparently sitting- it’s cute 😊

i’m realizing one of the things i miss about roleplaying on proboards and
neopets and that’s the connectedness of characters.  here on tumblr, all
interactions are basically in their own universe and separate from others.
i miss sharing an entire universe where i can see two characters interact,
and my character can get involved or can confront one of them about it
later, or i just know that it will develop the other in regards to how they are
with mine or just…

like how my never abandon a friend in need verse is with alex and amber.
like what group threads try to do.  but those always seem to fail or are just
exceedingly awkward because so many people aren’t mutuals with each
other and just don’t really want to be just for a group.

while on neo and proboards, there was no “following” and “mutuals,” it
was just a bunch of people interested in roleplaying in the same space with
their characters and we were constantly chatting on the sidelines.  that way
we could plot and understand each other’s characters and each other as
writers.  and i just kind of miss that.

but neo’s too restricted on what you can write and proboards are hard to
get involved with unless you know a friend going in.  plus i’m, like, super
picky now and have cat way too developed here to take her anywhere else.

i just want a group thing basically, but i’m not willing to put in the effort for
something i know won’t work in the end xD  i still love writing here on tumblr
and all, i’m just having a bit of a nostalgia and wish-for kick lol

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Homie I gotta lay it on u now. Ok Mark 9:49-50 is literally the most confusing mess of the word salt I've ever read. Maybe I'm being salty but I genuinely do not understand it :/

Okay! Hopefully I can help you out. <3

I’ve always been a little unsure about the exact meaning when Jesus uses the example of salt to make this point in these verses. For some reason, I never stopped to really figure out the purpose of this analogy, so I’m glad you asked because this helps me to learn too! I researched a bit on the verses by looking them up in my study Bible and reading some articles online. The explanations from these different places seem to agree on a meaning that makes sense when you take into consideration the many uses we have for salt and how Jesus was using this to make a comparison that proves His point.

The verses you are referring to:

“Everyone will be salted with fire. Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can you make it salty again? Have salt among yourselves, and be at peace with each other.” - Mark 9:49-50

One major use for salt is to prevent the decay of meat. Especially in the times of Jesus when there were no refrigerators to preserve food, salt was necessary to prevent meat from going bad. So using this analogy, Jesus is referring to the fact that as Christians, we are to be like “salt” in that we spread His Truth and prevent the moral decay/destruction of society. As Christians, we help “preserve” the world and keep it from falling into destruction because we spread the truth of Christ’s Good News, like how salt preserves meat from spoiling.

Another use for salt is that it enhances flavor. This is something we still use to this day in cooking/flavoring foods. So the comparison Jesus was trying to use in the sense of salt as a flavoring agent is that we should be like salt that “flavors” the world. Just like salt makes a difference in the flavor of meat, we should make a difference in the “flavor” of the world (which is plagued by sin) by spreading the Truth to others and sharing the Good News of the gift of forgiveness, eternal life, and freedom that comes with accepting Christ and leaving sin behind.

This idea of salt is also touched upon in Matthew 5:

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.” - Matthew 5:13

So once again, Jesus reiterates the importance of us being like salt. After all, if we do not “add flavor” to the world and fail to spread the His Truth that will prevent the moral decay of the world, then we lose our saltiness. And if we don’t have saltiness, then we are “no longer good for anything” - because we aren’t touching others and changing those around us for the better.

I hope this was helpful. :)

"When the female infant, buried alive, is questioned - for what crime she was killed; when the scrolls are laid open" 81-8:9

This verse has never gotten to me as much as it has just now.
This verse shows something so powerful.
We talk so much and hear so much about justice.
We all know Islam is a religion of justice. And the day will come where justice will be served.
But just to think, the female infant who was buried hundreds of years ago.. She is going to be questioned. It doesn’t matter how many generations later have come and gone, it doesn’t matter how many wars and how much blood shed us happened after.. That little girl who was buried and forgotten will still be questioned. Allah truly does not forget anything. And every single thing will be called to justice. Allahu Akbar!!

The evening of Laurel Lance and Ted Grant’s wedding, no one gets punched in the face. No one gets kidnapped or held at gunpoint. No one even gets asked to leave for throwing back too much goldschlager and taking out the buffet table.

It is an altogether civilized affair, which is impressive given how many of the attendees can boast extensive rap sheets, concealed weapons, or small children.

Felicity watches a pack of them dash past the open bar, giggling and dodging grownups. Her three-year-old straggles at the tail end, stubby legs working as fast as they can. She is surprised to see that his tiny bowtie is not yet askew.

“Elaine Michaels Diggle!” she calls out.

The ringleader turns around with an expression strongly reminiscent of her father when Lyla is angry with him.

“No running inside. There’s a whole garden out there.” And all the picture-taking is over, so a little dirt can’t matter now.

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Okay, I don't know if it's just me, but I get super offended whenever I see Hebrew used in witchcraft imagery... Especially actual prayers and TaNaKh verses. Like, hello Goyim, these aren't mystical magic runes. It's a living language that belongs to an existing culture...

Yeah. A lot of that comes from the “up for grabs” approach many have taken to Kabbalah. I am not a fan of it, especially when you consider how much anti-semitism there is in the portrayal of witches.

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Say Deo, how many timelines do you have in Pilot? I recall there being a show about aliens, then there's the phobia video game... are there any more? Are we going to learn more about these timelines?

I wouldnt call them timelines, more like games and shows in the verse

also I lost count


Do not let the sun go down on your anger. - EPHESIANS 4:26
Anger unleashed wrongfully is hard to overcome.
How many times have you wished you could take back what you said or did? Ask yourself, “Is this really critical, is this really something we should be arguing about? If it is then ask God for grace to sort it out amicably.
Ephesians 4:26 gives us the parameters:Before bedtime!
It’s an issue of obedience. God is pleased when we obey His Word and refuse to go to bed angry.Harboring anger doesn’t get us anywhere! When you and your spouse, or you and your children, go to bed without resolving the problem–or at least agreeing to address it–this thing grows overnight- only now it’s grown to twice its size.
Scripture couldn’t be more clear: Don’t give your enemy such a foothold in your heart and in your home!

Idk why so many people were wildly surprised by the latent misogyny in Hotline Bling. Drake has never been anything hut another hypermasc het man cashing in on a Sad Boy with Feelings aesthetic and attempting to use that cultural spot to shield himself from claims of misogyny. Not a new trick for het guys to pull. “Hold On We’re Going Home” is a banger but it’s the same shit- “I’m sad you’re being a bad girl and I’ll teach you how to be yourself again” nonsense covered with a raised voice and restraining from rapping verses.

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Does Darcy ever start singing "hey bucky you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind hey bucky" to Bucky to see him being extremely annoyed? Because I can see her doing this, and I laugh a lot thinking about it. (Bonus points if she can make Bucky blush, then it's even more awesome) Also, in how many songs could she fit Bucky's name? What would be Steve's reaction? Would anyone dare to join her while she serenades him? I need to know. (If it's not clear enough, love your 'run verse!)

Okay, but I think we need to consider that Bucky Barnes may just be a little bit of a troll himself. Who made Steve go on the roller coster that one time that made him puke? Huh? Bucky Barnes. 

I imagine, being you know, Darcy and a Stark, she is exceptional at being irritating. Perhaps they get some sort of old-timey jukebox for the bar and she’s carefully selected every song on the playlist for maximum potential obnoxiousness. (Clint maybe helped – Clint was the one who bought the karaoke machine, anyway, so …)

Steve would think it was absolutely hilarious, I have to believe. 

And it would be Clint, of course. Absolutely Clint. Clint has a wonderful singing voice, he’ll have you know. And he’s not afraid of the Winter Soldier.

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Will you be having a Big Bang again for 2016?

Interest in triad verse seems to be waning, but we’ll put out an interest poll in a few months to gauge how many people would likely participate. 

     i am moving blogs because i’ve been feeling gross about everything. i don’t want to divulge reasons as to why because honestly, it’s just me.  i’ve been feeling rather disorganized. not much change from how i have been with dean, really. he’ll be low activity and plotted threads/verses preferred. i’ll only dispense the url to those interested, so feel free to MESSAGE ME or LIKE THIS POST for that information. this is by no means a goodbye, but simply a thank you for sticking around for so long —— i hope many of you will continue to do so, but remember that choice is entirely up to you !! 

I miss happiness. I miss it’s everlasting taste and residue left in my tongue taking over all of my senses. I would die to relive the many sunrises I missed and the unredeemable laughter that followed along like a puppy learning to walk, tossing and turning, but getting back up. I’ve looked up to you for so long and now you’ve left me stranded and alone, waiting for someone to finally take me home. A million roses spelling your name with our favorite Walt Whitman verse cannot make the pain go away and no matter how forceful I scream for the Heavens, no matter how loud I possibly yell, no one can ever hear me. You are a Mozart symphony played by the greatest orchestra of all time as well as a plague that’s stricken my life and turned the towers, I call walls, that have taken me years to repaint with brighter hues, to the darkest colors. You are my favorite theatre on a rainy Saturday night with nothing else to do but lay awake telling stories of a time before we knew each other’s names. I lived for starring at your soft grace, whispering your name between the cracks of the canyons in Nevada. I miss contemplating jazz on rooftops with your insightfulness and undoubtful intelligence. I miss your eyes and the hues they would change into like the seasons, and like you. Why’d you have to go and change your mind? Why couldn’t you have stayed for at least for one more night so I would’ve had the final opportunity to tell you how much you mean to me. Now I’m left laying awake every night screaming your name in between the dark nightmares and feeling the terror bombarding me through the walls. You changed so often it was getting more and more difficult to keep up with you, but no person can alter themselves so often, and I ran and ran exhausted trying to keep up with your ever changing ways. I knew you didn’t love me, long before you told me and there was nothing much left to do, but sit back and watch you lie. You are embedded into my skin like the odes in my head that relapse again and again. They say it’s difficult to put your true feelings into words, but we’ve done a great job of it and also ruining each other’s lives. Maybe one day I can finally wake up and forget you ever happened to my life.
—  Wait For Life (Monologue); C.D.
085 | let them eat cake

So the lovely @eccaciaasked for this fic a while ago and it seemed like the perfect degree of sweet for the evening. I love this prompt and I’m glad I finally figured out how I wanted to write it. Set, as so many sticky sweet fics seem to be these days, in my life happened verse, because I am a sucker.

085 | “It’s 2 am but you’re craving cake and we’re both up anyway so let’s bake in our underwear.”

He’s never been a particularly light sleeper (which, if he ever mentioned, he knows without a doubt, Caitlin would scoff at) but impending fatherhood seems to have changed that slightly, because while he can still sleep through lights and sound and quite possibly an earthquake (or so she likes to grumble), he cannot sleep through an empty bed. How he always, always knows when Caitlin’s gotten up, he’s not sure: maybe it’s the lack of her body heat or the weight of her leg curled over his, maybe it’s the absence of a hip beneath his palm or hair across his neck, but regardless, he always wakes up within minutes of her leaving the bed (an increasingly frequent phenomenon as their daughter develops a fondness for late nights that will someday make her Uncle Cisco proud). "Cait?” He calls, sleepy and thick, to no avail.

Heaving a sigh (half exhausted, half worried) Barry forces his eyes to open and sees  half an empty bed, sheets tossed haphazardly and Caitlin no where to be found. He’s half out of bed, adrenaline suddenly spiking, before he notices the faint light coming from beyond the hallway. His heart rate drops and he takes a steadying breath before padding down the hall in his bare feet and boxers.

“Cait?” he tries again, rounding the corner to find her rummaging in the cabinet, her frame just barely covered with one of his shirts and a tiny pair of pajama shorts. She turns at the sound of his voice, looking sleepy and a little cross, half her lip caught between her teeth and a guilty twist to the line of her brow (his doesn’t bother to pretend the sight of her doesn’t catch his breath a little: her bare legs and messy curls, curled into the fabric of yesterday’s button down with the last few buttons open over her round belly).

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So if you could come up with the most bizarre way that Bellamy would propose to Clarke (or would she propose to him? hmmm..), and this can go either canon verse or AU or anything really, any Bellarke is good Bellarke! How do you think that proposal would go?

OH LETS DO CANNON VERSE K BC AU VERSE THERE ARE TOO MANY POSSIBILITIES AND IT WOULD STRESS ME OUT, but okay cannon verse proposal that would be very bizarre, this is easy because i seriously can see Bellamy (after a few years of them being together) always saying to Clarke “marry me” and its not even serious like its kind of a joke in a way? it’s kind of like their thing, like for example he’ll say it sometimes maybe when she’s going all ‘im in charge’ on someone (or something of that nature) and Bellamys like holy damn thats hot im turned on marry me and she’ll laugh saying “anytime, you name it” and kiss him or maybe he’ll say it when they’re in bed after making love all blissed out and he’ll say it into her neck breathlessly and she’ll giggle and she’ll say again “anytime, you name it” they do this super frequently LIKE ITS TOTALLY THEIR THING GUYS, they say it in different circumstances and its just their thing ok, (jfc imagine everyone else around them who hear it??? lmao arkers would be like WAIT WHAT if they heard them omg in the beginning when they started to make it a thing i bet people would gossip like high schoolers about them thinking they were getting married and one time there was a surprise engagement/congratulations party and when they arrived they laughed till they were in tears and then people esp their friends over time, considering this ‘marry me’ thing went on for a long ass time, got used to it, rolled their eyes and were thinking ffs get actually married already) a really fucking cute thing and they aren’t like completely serious its almost like them saying ‘i really fucking love you so much i cant imagine living without you’ but they of course kind of are serious, but are waiting for the other to maybe say so? Its not something they worry about but they obviously both know one day they will actually get married and when the time is right they will know and they aren’t in a rush. And then that day comes when something happens and they both almost die, maybe they were trying to out run some explosion and get caught in a tangle of limbs on the ground, but they both know they are still breathing bc their breathing really heavy against eachother and they just sit their for a minute clutching eachother like they are one anothers life lines reassuring themselves they are okay, they’re alive, reeling bc its hitting them they almost just fucking died (again) they could have lost eachother, then Clarke says something but its mumbled by Bellamys shirt and finally gets himself to pull away from her and before he can ask what she said she repeats “Will you marry me?” and he freezes bc thats new, but a part of him knows exactly what this means (he hopes it means what he thinks it does) and they stare at eachother for a very long minute and he sees she’s completely serious, which good, because so is he when he says; “Anytime, you name it” and they both smile like fucking iDIOTS (they are so gone for eachother) and theY KISS TASTING ASH, DUST, AND FOREVER ON EACHOTHERS LIPS

No matter how many times he tells you
there’s no reason to stick around for a love
that plays out like a civil war, remember
a childhood holding quiet and
a ceasefire creased by holy bodies,
stretching one above another like
fabric gnawed by gnats over the hearth.

Maybe these kinds of men are just
wounds that never know when to close
and maybe your slurred speech cauterizes
but when the gauze is loosened,
the scar tissue doesn’t care if
his old girls come pouring through.
The way I’ve always been told is
the early light is nothing but a woman
who fell in love with the daytime instead
of a stagnant wolf and I don’t want
to see you tugging your own silence
from your thigh like European shrapnel,
because where you are a warrior,
a body made of tinder and signal fire
isn’t optimized for tender love

and you weren’t made
to be conquered.
Agape, aghast.

I wonder how you’ll end it
With how heavy a heart you’ll leave.
I wonder if you’re a text message, a phone call,
Or those scratchy goodbye songs.
I wonder if you’ll coat it in honey
Or serve it up raw, blood on your fingers.

I wonder how many moons will gape at the scene that unfolds,
At the premature massacre of fancies.

You found a piece of me,
Unmarked, unscratched
And in my amazement I let you tattoo it.
I’m not sure what will cut this ink
And I don’t know how I’ll smile the same.