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Bird Emoji Review

My dude @zaplayden​ and I couldn’t find a review of the Bird emoji so let’s do this

Pure evil.  Excessive gradients only intensify his evil intentions. There is no sweetness in this child of darkness. 0/5

This is a pure, sweet boy. Absolutely perfect bird child. 5/5

Ancient bird friend of legend. A little stiff and out of touch, but a very reliable friend.  4/5 I would trust this fellow. 

A lumpy bean friend. Kinda smells funny. Vacant stare. He’s a good boy, but needs some vacation time.  3/5

Pure intentions, but this boy looks confused. Where is he? Let him go home. Also kind of looks like he’s made of marshmallows??? 4/5 

Imposter. 0/5  This is a blue fire with yellow lipstick. Stop this. He’s smug about about it too, wtf.

I have high hopes for his future. He is a good boy with good intentions. I would trust this young man. 5/5

A clumsy boy. Something is a little weird about this bird, but he still tries his best. A good friend. 4/5

An eager boy. He wants to fly but needs more practice. I support his dreams and I hope he achieves great things. 4/5

Paranoid fellow. Blames everyone else for his bullshit. Will never find love. 0/5

Eager to impress.  Might be a double agent. A handsome boy, but I do not trust him. 3/5 

The world does not deserve this kind of purity. 5/5  

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just wanted to apologize for any crazy fans who harassed you or any of the crew member for the trans marco theory thing. I don't exactly support the theory as well, since I find that 1 guy and 1 girl as protagonist creates a perfect balance that welcome both side of the gender and having 2 girls instead would favor more on the girl side of the demographics. But it's wrong to send hate to the crew or ANYONE over it for that matter. I hope you don't have a bad impression of our fandom :(

Hey! Thanks for writing in! Don’t worry, I don’t have a bad opinion of the fandom–in my experience, every fandom has its own brand of drama, and there are plenty of creators who have experienced much worse than I did. 

But I did want to say something on the middle section of your comment! So: it’s totally fine if you aren’t interested in the trans Marco theory and personally prefer shows with one male and one female protagonist. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions! But when you bring up this particular opinion in a conversation about female and LGBT representation, it makes it harder to have these kinds of conversations.

“Balance” sounds super great … in theory! If this show existed in a vacuum, then I would absolutely agree with you that equal gender representation is ideal. But it doesn’t. This show exists in our world, and our world has some pretty lame stuff in it. 

For instance, you mentioned that having two female protagonists would favor a female demographic. But here’s the thing: animated shows are functionally not ALLOWED to have a show with two female protagonists. Historically, networks have overwhelmingly favored shows with male protagonists because advertisers who support television networks have preferred to manufacture and market toys and products aimed at young boys.

Every once in a while, networks seek out shows with female protagonists–with the caveat that they be accompanied by a male costar. They don’t want to risk losing their “boys” demographic and, at the end of the day, that means that boys are valued more than girls. So when you see a show with a “balanced” show with a female lead and a male sidekick, remember that that “equal representation” is done to cater to male viewers and is usually mandatory. 

And then there’s the trans element.* Trans representation is exponentially rarer than female representation. If you are a trans kid growing up, you will have a very hard time finding your experienced reflected in the media you consume. And when the media you consume–and the culture that creates it–acts like you don’t exist, it’s easy to feel like you yourself don’t exist. That you don’t deserve respect. 

While we are seeing better representation of LGBT folks in media, we still have a long way to go. In the meantime, some people are taking matters into their own hands, either by creating their own stories or through fan theories. And that’s ultimately (to my understanding) what the trans marco people are doing: they see the potential for representation and make it their own. 

So when people post about the trans marco theory, hoping for representation that they badly need and deserve, it’s probably not a good time to jump in and talk about how having two female protagonists would make the show “unbalanced.” The WORLD is unbalanced. We gotta do something to tip the scales back in the right direction. 

And after all, if you wanted male representation, you could easily look to the supporting cast–or any number of animated shows that feature primarily if not exclusively male protagonists. There is really no shortage of them.

Again, I want to stress that if you like the one-boy-one-girl dynamic, that’s fine! But there’s a time and place for that opinion. 

*Disclaimer: I am not trans! And I don’t pretend to speak for trans people. Please feel free to correct or add onto this. 

Ed Sheeran - By Taylor Swift

As a young, precocious redheaded boy growing up in Framlingham, Suffolk, Ed Sheeran decided he wanted to be a musician. He started writing songs and playing instruments like so many hopefuls do, but something very different happened that would set in motion one of the most impressive self-made careers in music.

Whether by choice or an unconscious evolution, when he decided on his musical ambitions, Ed became less of a boy and more of a tank. He is protected by an impenetrable and ever-present armor of enthusiasm that has helped him endure any setback, letdown or underestimation. His reaction to any idea that fails is to almost immediately come up with a new one. He’s like a fighter who pops back up on his feet before you even noticed he’d been knocked down.

A few years ago, in a rare moment of admitting feeling defeated, Ed said to me, “I’m never going to win a Grammy.” Yes, you are, I said. You’re going to sweep the whole thing one of these years. It was a few weeks later when he met me in a dance-shoe store in London, where I was picking out rehearsal outfits, and said, “You have to hear this.” It was a song he’d just finished called “Thinking Out Loud,” which went on to win Song of the Year at the Grammy Awards in 2016.

Congratulations to my friend Ed, for the legacy you’ve already built and the brilliant hook you probably just came up with five minutes ago.Swift is a 10-time Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, producer and musician

Jax flirting with you would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Aaaww my first SOA prompt :3 Yay Jax!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him always smirking at you when he walks into the clubhouse until you’d acknowledge him

-Him winking at you when you do something impressive or when he hands you something you needed

-Him giving you a hand even if you don’t necessarily need it, only to start a conversation with you

-Him wrapping his arm around you casually whenever he stands behind the bar with you, only for you to look at him weird and him to laugh it off

-Him telling to hop on his bike whenever he hears that you need to go get something

-Him calling you “Babydoll” just to make you blush and teasing you when you do

-Him going to your house to make sure you’re safe whenever the club gets into some trouble with another gang

-Him telling you to crash in his room at the clubhouse whenever there is a lockdown, only to end up chilling with you

-Him always lingering a little longer when you would hug him, only for you to feel his hands traveling a little lower than your waist

-Him always turning to kiss your lips when you’d kiss him on the cheek, only to be teased for it by the others

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw - Everyone the One Direction boys have collaborated with on their solo material so far - BBC Radio 1
As rumours swirl about Louis working with Bebe Rexha, we look at the boys' other collabs

Exciting news for One Direction fans: it looks like there’s more solo material on the way from both Zayn and Louis. While Zayn’s collab with PARTYNEXTDOOR is confirmed and dropping “soon”, the Louis rumours all stem from one excitable Bebe Rexha.

“[I just finished a new song] with somebody really big from a boyband,” Bebe told CBS Radio’s Culinary Kitchen. “It’s a really massive record. We just finished it and it’s about to come out in a month or so and it’s amazing. It’s probably one of my favourite songs I’ve ever been a part of in my whole career.”

Hmm. We know what you’re thinking: there are many, many boyband stars Bebe could have worked with. But, when you consider Louis recently followed her on Twitter, and she followed him on Instagram… Yes. All fingers point to a Louis Tomlinson and Bebe Rexha collaboration (we hope).

While we await further news from Team Tomlinson, check out everyone the 1D lads have worked with on their solo material (so far).

(very positive, nice summary that includes everyone)

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Café (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: I’m back!!!!!!! It’s impressive, I know. I didn’t write a request because I left town for the weekend and forgot my requests notebook at home, so I decided to write something related to my vintage aesthetics love. Hope you enjoy this and I promise I will post a lot once again!! :) 

The moment Peter saw you for the first time, he knew he was whipped.
He had never felt anything similar before -it was one look at you all it took for him to believe that there was no one in the whole world who could be more beautiful.

It had all happened quickly and that is why Peter believed it was destiny.
You were sitting on a booth in a café, a book in your hands. A coffee was in front of you, already cold. You had completely forgotten about it as you had submerged yourself into the book.
Peter had waited for half an hour before ordering anything so the café would fill up. Once there were no empty booths, he finally ordered a hot chocolate and approached you, a lump on his throat while he tried not to panic.
‘’Hey’’ he whispered. He cleared his throat softly and spoke louder, seeing you hadn’t heard him. ‘’Hey. I’m sorry to interrupt you, but would you mind if I sat here? There are no empty seats in the whole café.’’
You had risen your head up when your heard him speak, and he couldn’t stop staring at your eyes. You looked around before answering and smiled softly.
‘’Yes, of course’’ you told him.
He sat in front of you and took a book out of his bag so he would have something to do. You took one glance at his book and smiled.
‘’I love Hamlet’’ you told him. ‘’Are you reading it for school?’’
Peter didn’t realise that you were talking to him at first and he turned around, expecting somebody to be behind him. He then realised that he was holding a copy of Hamlet on his hands and scratched his neck, his cheeks pink.
‘’Uh, no’’ he said softly. ‘’My aunt said this was really good, so I thought I’d give it a go.’’
‘’Well,’’ you said, ‘’you aunt is a wise woman. I really like it. I know Romeo and Juliet is more famous, but I think the writing in Hamlet is better. I hope you enjoy it.’’
He nodded his head and continued reading, looking at you every now and then.
He didn’t realise you writing something on a napkin and putting your book in your bag. He did notice the moment you got up from the booth, and he reprimanded himself for not having said anything else.
Before he could say goodbye, you gave him a folded napkin.
‘’If you want, you can send me a message when you finish Hamlet and we can meet to talk about it’’ you said. ‘’It’s up to you.’’
You left the café before he had the chance to say anything else, a huge grin on his face.

That night, Peter finished Hamlet, and he counted the minutes till morning so he could text you and tell you about the Danish prince, eager to see you again.

Sugar? Yes, Please (M)

Summary: SugarDaddy!Yoongi AU. You’re a college student with an aspiration for journalism, but the traumatic experience of being broke and lonely gives you an opportunity to try out something new: become a Sugar Baby.
Genre: Smut 
Words: 8,216
Warnings: Daddy kink, age difference
A/N: This was originally supposed to be separated into two parts, but I figured just screw it; we’re all thirsty for Yoongi, so I’ll keep it all in one. Please enjoy this monster of a fic because it took me literal days and I am so done with myself.

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My Impression Of You

A/N: So, this is my first attempt to write a Riverdale one-shot! I was inspired to write this after I listened to some music and I hope you’ll like it! Archie’s personality is something I wonder about a lot while watching Riverdale and I explore that here. Please let me know what you think about it and if you’d like to read more! xo

Plot: Your perfectly normal day gets disturbed by Archie Andrews, one of the popular kids you usually only observe from a distance. Suddenly, though, you have one of the deepest conversations of your life and maybe have to revise your opinion about him.

Originally posted by archic-andrews

It was a usual Friday afternoon when Archie Andrews decided to disturb your life. A wonderfully normal day in Riverdale like every other day, at least before Jason Blossom was murdered. You kept to yourself throughout the morning periods, as usually, ate your lunch in the sun under the big oak tree and pretty much spent the whole day thinking about how you could improve the stage design for the newest play the little drama group at your school was planning. That was your thing. Making props, painting them, working on them in peace and alone. That was what you loved most.

Only that Friday afternoon it didn’t go down like that. You sat down to continue painting the majestic tree that would be at the centre of the stage in act three, biting your lower lip, frowning and placing brush marks here and there in highest concentration. Forgetting pretty much everything around you or just blending it out because it didn’t matter in that moment. That’s why he caught you off guard when he cleared his throat to get your attention.

You twitched and turned around, staring at Archie Andrews standing there with a curious expression, grasping the strap of his backpack and wearing that blue and yellow football jacket that you never really liked. You just never got why they felt the need to wear them 24/7. Maybe to show their status, which didn’t make them appear any more sympathetic in your eyes.

“Ehm…did you lose your way?”, you asked him because nobody ever came into that room. Especially no popular kid. Never.

Archie raised his eyebrows in surprise and hurried to answer. “Oh, no, I was searching for the props department. That’s right here, isn’t it?”

“Yeah…what do you need?” You were absolutely aware of the fact that you sounded a little hostile but you couldn’t help yourself. Archie had never talked to you before. You doubted that he had even noticed you before. You only knew his voice from scraps of conversation you took up when you passed him in the hallway or, more currently, from when he was singing. He was one of the people who never really hurt others, or at least don’t attempt to do so, but also rest themselves in their social status without looking at those who surround them. At least that’s what you thought.

“Well, I thought I could do this as an extracurricular activity”, he explained, still without moving an inch. It was obvious that your reaction scared him away a little.

“But you’re in the football team”, you stated irritated.

“Yeah. So?”

“So why would you want to join the prop department? Which, by the way, consists of only me.”

“I kinda need the extra credit”, he finally admitted and you sighed to yourself. Of course. That was so typical. They thought painting cardboards was an easy way to gain credits. You actually would’ve been surprised if he had had any passion for this. Well, you didn’t really want to get upset about it because they usually never came back for a second time, so why bother?

“Alright. You can paint this tree over there, I already draw the lines and we can put it somewhere in the background. Just don’t screw up too badly”, you advised him, pointing at a prop in the corner of the room and returning to your own work. He shot you another amazed look before he pulled a chair to the cardboard, placed his backpack next to the door and sat down to start painting.

For a while you worked in silence and you tried to ignore that Archie was there, which was nearly impossible because whatever you could say about him, he definitely had some emission. While you were a person that could easily disappear in a crowd, he wasn’t. Maybe because of the red hair.

“Why are you the only one working on this?”, he asked you at some point without looking at you. It didn’t seem like the mere attempt to do smalltalk but like he was honestly interested in the answer, so you gave it.

“Because nobody gives a damn about theatre in this school”, you said, unable to hide the bitter tone in your voice. “It’s all about music. All about the Pussycats. Or people like you. And no offense, music is a form of art too, it deserves attention! But it’s really annoying that it gets so much of it and drama absolutely none.”

“Well…I don’t think it gets none…”, he mumbled with a frown.

“Really? Have you seen one play since you go to this Highschool?”, you stopped him right there, watching closely while he thought about it. Him pressing his lips together and not giving an answer was answer enough.

“Thought so. Like I said. It’s all about football, the Vixens and music.”

“And you don’t like any of that”, he mused. By now he totally forgot about painting the tree and was simply watching you closely, maybe trying to figure out where all the weirdness and bitterness came from. You were not a victim of bullying or in any way ugly. You just didn’t like those Higschool power games.

You pushed out a little laugh at his statement and shot him an amused look, meeting his warm brown eyes for the first time. “No. That’s not the point. I do like watching football games like every other person. I do like listening to the Pussycats, although it’s not necessarily my type of music. I just…I just don’t like the whole thing surrounding it, you know? All these people enjoying their popularity and the attention others, and with that I mean normal students like me, give them and not even minding to get to know our names. Like we aren’t part of the same school.”

It was confusing that he made you open up like that but it also felt good to get it off your chest. Although it probably wasn’t fair that he was the one receiving all your anger because he really wasn’t the worst of the lot by far.

Archie now looked at you with raised eyebrows. For the first time since he entered the room, a little smile played around his lips. It changed his face very positively.

“Y/F/N Y/L/N”, he suddenly said triumphantly.

You blinked at him, honestly astounded. “What?”

“Y/N. That’s your name. We have been in the same school since first grade, why wouldn’t I know your name?”

His smile widened a bit at your expression and you quickly hid behind your tree, not wanting to give him the satisfaction. Although you really were surprised. You hadn’t expected that. Your paths never crossed and you never had the feeling like Archie was particularly aware of your existence.

“Okay, I’ll grant you that. Doesn’t change the bigger picture, though”, you grumbled.

He was silent for another moment and you already thought that you won and finally hushed him when he suddenly asked: “You don’t like me much, do you?” Still the question didn’t sound like he was upset or mad about your behaviour but simply curious.

You sighed once again and rolled your chair aside so you fully faced him. He was returning your gaze attentively, as if you were a particularly interesting object in a museum. You almost blushed but you were able to keep your cool and stare at him as patronizing as possible.

“Look, Archie, it’s not like that. I don’t even really know you. I simply don’t like the fact that everybody thinks people like you are perfect.”

“I’m not perfect”, he shot back automatically.

“Oh, I know.”

You realized too late that that was really offensive. You felt the heat creeping into your cheeks as his mouth dropped open and Archie looked hurt for a moment. He squinted his eyes and ran his fingers through his red hair, probably contemplating how he was supposed to react.

“What do you mean with that?”, he asked you in the end, sounding more careful and restrained than before.

You gulped down your embarrassment and searched for words that could explain what you actually meant.

“Well…I can only tell you what I observed from a distance. But in my opinion you are always really trying to do the right thing and often screw up. There is that thing with Betty. I mean, everybody in this school knows what’s been going on there and she is an absolute sweetheart but you kinda let her down the worst way possible. I am not saying that you don’t like her or respect her but you could’ve done that way more sensible. Especially since you obviously returned from this summer less boyish, whatever the reason for that is.”

Archie listened to you patiently, not interrupting you or getting angry at you which might have been a reasonable reaction to the accusations of a person that he had nothing to do with. It seemed more like he wanted to hear it, like he wondered a lot about himself but needed someone else to deliver conclusions and solutions. You felt your respect for him growing a bit because not many people were able to accept criticism like him.

“I know that I hurt Betty and I really regret that, but I didn’t do it on purpose”, he defended himself in the end, his eyes mirroring the pain he obviously felt about it.

You gave him a little understanding smile. “Of course not. Honestly, Archie, I think your problem is your insecurity. Betty was in a bad place the last few weeks, probably because of her sister or something, I’m not sure, and I gotta say that I was surprised when you weren’t really there for her. I guess you were so indulged in your music and in your fears of not being good enough in what you do. You just don’t believe enough in yourself, which is absurd regarding that everyone around you supports you. You always need people helping you, telling you that you have talent and then you engage in those far too quickly. And with that I mean Victoria and Valerie. Instead of letting them build your confidence, maybe you should learn to build it up on your own.”

You were a little bit confused yourself why you knew so much about him, so you couldn’t judge him for being even more irritated. You both totally forgot why you were here and simply sat in that room and looked at each other while Archie was processing what you just said. If he decided to simply run away now you would’ve understood. But he didn’t.

“Fair enough. I guess I have to think about it. There is one thing I don’t get, though: you seem to be interested in what’s happening around you, in the people that surround you. You even said that Betty is an absolute sweetheart, but you never returned her attempts to make conversation. So why don’t you mingle more and at least try to share your passion with others?”, he investigated, now sitting on the edge of his chair, his body tensed as if he found this dialogue quite fascinating.

It was the first time that you were on the defensive side and you immediately felt uneasy when he spoke about your persona. You were a lot better at reflecting others than yourself. You bit your lower lip and instead of keeping to look at him, your gaze returned to your half-finished tree. That made answering a little bit easier.

“Well, I guess I have to think about it.”

You missed the smirk that appeared on Archie’s face as you repeated his retort. He watched you for some time while you started to paint again, caught up in his own thoughts that you produced with your words. He didn’t have such an intense conversation for a very long time.

As the bell rang, both of you almost jumped. Man, that hour passed quickly. You were almost sorry when Archie got up from his chair and threw his backpack over his shoulder. And you were annoyed at yourself for that. But this exchange of words was the most interesting and intimate thing that happened to you in quite some time.

“This definitely turned out different than I thought but it was entertaining. I’ll see you next week”, he told you, grinning at you before he left the room. Although he didn’t look mad you were pretty sure that he wouldn’t return for another session. Little did you know that you awoke Archie’s curiosity. And little did you realize how much he awoke yours.


12x14 “The Raid”
“How about you’re just trying to be a mom.”

God, I love this moment and it hurts. Because of course Dean just wants her to be a mom, would love for her to be just as he always envisioned her, but she’s not. And damn if that’s not painful to realize. More than that though, I think for Dean getting Mary back wasn’t just about getting back the mom he always hoped her to be, but rather gaining something he never had since her death and that is indeed childhood. He may not be a child and kid anymore age wise, but as we know somehow Dean managed to preserve a little bit of this boyish-ness and being a kid at heart. To me getting Mary back in that regard to Dean may have even counted as a regaining of childhood as an adult. So of course that’s jut my personal impression/headcanon, but when thinking about it in this way Dean’s line is even sadder, because in a way it must feel like he lost his mom and his childhood a second time around. And damn if that’s not painful, because he is telling the truth plain and simple, he never was a kid… ;___;


Dabb vs cars

Surprisingly, not the next round in my ongoing, bitter feud about his continuity problems. A “I come in peace” study on parking.

I watched 10x09 today and I did the usual OTP “aw they’re so far apart” sad heart feeling at the shot of them all outside Sharkey’s.

No, not Dean n Cas.

The Impala and Pimpmobile.

Anyway it got me thinking about in that moment it represented pretty well how Dean and Cas were doing with each other. Of course there isn’t room to park beside Cas’s car, so Dean goes and parks on the other side of the door, leaving this big gap between them, bigger because there’s a parking mark thingy Cas is about to trip over before the shot abruptly ends. (I hope Misha was okay.) The cars have a clear line of sight to each other, but there’s just something so unutterably sad about there being no way for them to park side by side, per Cas’s parking, and Dean putting that extra space between them. (Also so they can go in the door… I’d say unobstructed but the longer I watch the gif the more I become convinced there’s footage out there of Misha ruining the impression of Cas’s reserved dignity…)

In the context of season 10, where Destiel was at right then was the first time they’d seen each other since 10x03, when Dean cleared his bed for Cas like, thanks for saving me from myself pls make yourself comfy, and Cas freaked out and gabbled some stuff about work and Hannah and such and told Dean to rest up, then fled the scene. Dean is pissed off Cas called for help over trying to deal with Claire (and it kind of looks like making excuses of busywork to not come home, when you flee with an apparently important mission and it turns out you’re wandering around trying to earn back brownie points with your vessel’s daughter, having randomly and abruptly swapped onto a personal mission without telling Dean a word of it) and in general the car placement amused me by seeming to echo how they were doing.

Being me, obviously thinking about that made me start thinking about Dabb, cars, and his old Carver era patterns. He got the one per season (two if we were lucky) Deep Emotional DeanCas Talk, to give us a real, solid moment to show how they were truly doing. 8x08, 9x10, 9x22, 10x09, and 11x10 spring to mind though obviously in other episodes he wrote with them they also still shared some pretty epic emotional moments or there were other strong Destiel things. However he is the one who gave us Cas’s original car, and two of these instances are directly before the Big Talk to tide things over and give us the emotional background for later. I figured some thoughts about some notable Dabb car stuff would be a nice thing to do. After my amused nostalgia run through Carver era moments, I’ve included Dabb era in general and picked out some other moments.

9x10 is the start of all this, once Cas finally gets some wheels of his own. The most interesting set piece barely involves any driving, but is the first time the Impala and Continental are parked beside each other. Like, RIGHT beside. Like, Dean n Cas should be this close to each other all the time. Cas’s car is a step ahead (I mean, I assume so he could get out the door). All episode Dean n Cas are a beautiful emotionally supportive unit, but Dean can’t cope with this, and so he gets in his car and leaves, pulling away from the closeness he’s offered from his family, the thing with the cars being exactly what he did when he walked away from them on the bridge too. I mean, that’s fairly obvious, I’m just amused after I went back to look, HOW closely the two cars were parked, like they wanted Cas’s car in that shot, next to Dean’s, and they’d force the most unrealistic parking job ever when there’s all that unused space around them, to get all the random details into the shot they needed. As a bonus, Dean had to have been the one to park the Impala so close blocking Cas’s car in. Unconscious desire to be so close to him and to keep him? He’s still recovering from asking him to leave.

(I know the Impala and Continental shared space in several end of season 9 episodes but not 9x22 as far as I recall in the earlier parts, and the Worst Dabb Vs Cars Fuckery Of Them All occurs in the final driving moment of that episode, just putting Cas IN the Impala for the drive home despite the fact his car ends up the Bunker at the start of 9x23… That’s a symbolic gesture of what he was trying to convey in the moment of Cas sitting in the back of the car but for the sake of talking about how they park together, useless. I feel like in 9x18 it’s just a reminder Cas HAS the car, and the show doesn’t do anything useful with it to represent Cas…)

Onto 11x10, and honestly my favourite of Dabb’s Dean n Cas chatting scenes because it’s technically pretty superfluous except for the fact he really really wanted a final DeanCas chat before Cas got Casifered, and so he made one heck of a driving continuity snarl to wrangle it. Obviously Cas followed Dean’s longing to his spot because how else… Anyway, he parks a long long way off. In season 11 he’s feeling very distanced from Dean by his anxiety and trauma. This is the epitome of the “I came as soon as you called” behaviour, with Cas dropping everything to come help Dean, and romantic blurring into focus walk aside, the long shot shows us beautifully that Cas is hesitant to approach, and maintaining the distance with Dean. After all the season 10 and early 11 drama between them, including several rounds of mind controlled punch ups, they’re fragile and miserable, and Cas’s last interaction with Dean on screen was an angry and frustrating one. Cas himself bridges the distance betwen them but his car waiting off in the background suggests his reservations, and the rest of the episode spells out everything, before he chooses to do something he thinks will help move their cars closer, as it were.

Entering Dabb era proper, in 12x02 we see Cas’s new truck (still with hay) and Dean pulling up to it. Obviously they’ve got their mission to save Sam, the jokes about Mary being brought along to chaperone their date, etc. But since the car conversation in 11x23 the ball has been in Dean’s court to approach Cas, and I would assume the mythical instance of mixtape giving is somewhere between 12x01 and 12x19; the point is, here, as the first 2 episodes of season 12 in general showed (and Dean in 12x22 confirmed talking about how happy he was to have Cas and Mary back in the same breath), Dean approaches Cas, parking right behind his truck, as a symbol of the confidence and comfort they have now. They work great as a team in this part of the season, although Cas has been standing around by his lonely parked truck waiting for most of the episode up to that point, and is forced to continue standing by the truck for most of the rest of the episode.

12x12 Cas is still in the “I’ll just wait here then” mode, hanging out at their designated meeting place as Sam, Dean, Mary and Wally arrive in a convoy and park on the other side of this parking lot, so he has to come to join them (Dean rotating on the spot as he does so… heh, I love that moment.) By the middle of season 12 Cas has run away to find Lucifer, echoing 10x03’s parting, and also killed for them and invited cosmic consequences, and in 12x10 given a firm well-communicated emotional talk to help him feel included and loved, and yet he also leaves to search for Kelly some more, echoing other times he’s gone off to do a side project and been very much on the outside. Once again he’s waiting for them to catch up, and Dean seems to breeze by him - and there’s so many other people with them (and part of why he left in 12x03 was to give Sam and Dean space with Mary, exclusing himself from the family). In the diner scene Cas has the whole waitress thing to deal with, with Dean acting up around so many people with conflicting needs to perform. Cas has been waiting for an incredibly long time, but if you ever needed a more firm “the ball is in your court” it’s the “I love you” at the end of the episode.

12x19 also has a important “where the cars are placed” sequence, which you could really do with a whole gifset of, but of course the Impala is there because Kelly stole it, and it’s been left off to the side by them; likewise Sam and Dean are left to the side by them as they drive off. Sam and Dean placed the truck before they did that and took it back (and all the stuff about Cas and Dean and fixing the truck in the episode is a whole ‘nother thing)… From this angle it looks ominously like the park in which Dean found Mary, with the lights behind the trees going on - of course night has just fallen rather than the sun coming up, and Cas is driving away from the light. As Dean walked Mary into their lives, newly resurrected, Cas drives out of their lives >.> Between all the stealing cars and rushing into save Cas, the gap between them as they’re parked is obvious and as a result of the circumstances. They’re apart because there’s too much going on, Kelly made off with Cas in the car, and Sam and Dean were helpless chasing after them. The distance and swapping around of cars and using them as part of the chaos is very effective. Cas calmly takes possesion of his truck again, freshly fixed by Dean, but drives off with Kelly. In 12x23 they steal some stock Destiel phrases to exchange, and it’s touching the truck which opens the rift. I had a nose around the outdoors scenes and couldn’t spot Cas’s truck and the Impala even on the same side of the building, and honestly am kind of confused about where the truck went. Not, as I said, that I’m trying to continue the feud with this post. But I mean.

*clears throat*

I’m just saying he ruined the continuity in 12x01 for 12x02 by doing the exact same thing as 9x22 by just not using Cas’s truck when it would make sense to take as many vehicles as they can get their hands on so they could split up… Obviously all the many set pieces to do with cars worked best/could only work if there was just the Impala but it’s all style over function again… So in 12x02 to let Cas split up to help they add an extra day to let him get the truck so he can follow leads and do the legwork, and Mary and Dean end up back at the Bunker, immediately falling back into old static patterns when it would have made so much sense to just have them in a motel NEARBY instead of abandoning their hot trail on finding Sam so Mary could shower… He handed them that excuse on a platter and killed the urgency and Dean n Cas were split up all episode when they could have been at least local-ish to each other and maybe had that phonecall in person and and and… shh Lizzy

Impressed // Sirius x Reader

Words // 1542

Warnings // None

Request // Can I make a request please? Can you write a Sirius x reader where he really likes the reader and he tries to talk to her but her friend hates him so he joins her favourite subject and he tries to read it before so when the professor asks he’ll answer and impress her? Oh and can you make the subject potion? 

A/N // This might read a little weird but the idea is that it’s written from Sirius’s point of view. Also Y/F/N = your friend’s name

Originally posted by dearremuslupin

“Who’s that?’’ Sirius asked as he curiously kept his eyes focused on a girl. James looked in the same direction and shrugged, he thought he knew but he wasn’t that sure, she might’ve been with Lily once or twice.

“That’s Y/N L/N, why’d you ask?’’ Peter responded, he had been with Y/N a few times before, mostly because they met by accident or he wanted to ask Y/N something about certain subjects which weren’t his strength.

“Just.. Curious.’’ Sirius said before getting up.


“Oh shut up I don’t do that.’’ Y/F/N responded and you laughed, you knew she definitely did that, everyone who knew her knew but she still didn’t admit it which made you laugh every single time, you didn’t know why but honestly it was just so funny to see someone ignore something she so clearly did like she was almost completely oblivious to it

“Of course you don’t.’’ You responded before taking another bite from your breakfast. Everyone continued talking up until one point where everyone just dropped silent, you looked up from your breakfast and saw Y/F/N suddenly standing up, looking very defensive.

“What do you want Black.’’ She spat like it was venom. You noticed it was Sirius Black who stood before you and your friend group. You had never really talked to him as you didn’t think it was necessary nor did you ever really have the opportunity. Still, you knew your best friend absolutely hated him although you weren’t completely sure why, you knew he had a bad reputation for dating a lot of people but you had known worse.

“Calm down Y/F/N, I just want to talk.’’ He said as he put up his hands, she pushed him back in response. This caught everyone by surprise but it also sent a very clear message she didn’t like him and because of this he just decided to leave and go back to his group of friends. You looked in surprise at her, she had gotten angry and definitely punched a few people before but she never seemed to be as passionate as this when it came to hating someone.

“Wow, never seen you this angry.’’ You said with a small chuckle in surprise, she shrugged and decided to go back to eating. After a few second everyone was back to chatting like normal again but you noticed she seemed obviously far more tense than she was before and you put a hand on her shoulder, she looked up at you with curiosity.

“What’ve you got against Black?’’ You asked curiously, she snorted in response.

“He’s a grade A arsehole if you didn’t know, that’s most of it honestly. I just hate him, good enough reason?’’ She asked, you huffed. “Not really but it seems like you don’t want to say a word more.’’ She nodded in response; she hated spending more time talking about him and really didn’t want to.


“Thanks, here’s what you asked for.’’ Sirius passed him both the sweets and the pranking supplies, the guy just smiled before walking away. Against the rationality of his friends he decided to make a deal with someone who could get the schedule of that girl. He knew her name by now, Y/N. Somehow he had convinced himself it was good to get her schedule so he could maybe switch some classes, as long as he was alright at them so it didn’t completely sacrifice his grades.

“Have you really gone through with that?’’ Remus asked as the three other boys approached, Sirius sheepishly grinned and nodded in response. He felt rather shamelessly about it, of course it went a bit too far but he had no choice because Y/F/N was really intent on hating him even though he never really did anything wrong to her, not anything personally.

“Don’t look at me like that, you saw her friend she would’ve killed me in a second.’’ Sirius responded as he immediately noticed how much Potions she had in her schedule and assumed that was her favourite subject, he could ask but it seemed rather obvious as she also had some classes with higher levels so he imagined she enjoyed the class she was best at.

“Still, couldn’t you’ve just asked her personally?’’ Peter continued.

“I could’ve if I knew her classes and now I do.’’ Sirius said, he was getting annoyed because to him it didn’t seem like the best thing to do but it seemed like the only logical thing to do because there was no other option, he couldn’t hopelessly look around every class and hope that she was in a class alone and the chances of that were almost minimal.

“You better get that girl because if she finds out about all the stupid things you’ve doen she’ll never want you.’’ Sirius smirked. “I’ve got enough charm, couldn’t say the same thing for you. At least I’ve been had success. You’re still going after Evans.’’ James gave him a glare but a few seconds later they were laughing again.


Sirius arrived surprisingly early but that was his plan so he was quite relieved, he knew Y/F/N arrived a lot later so he decided to just go earlier instead of hoping that she didn’t have Potions this period which also was a realistic option, either way he arrived early, just around the time Y/N was arriving.

“Hi. Mind if we sit next to each other? I’ve just switched classes.’’ He said smoothly, luckily it was still early into the year so he was allowed to do that. She looked up at him and seemed to think for a while before nodding, she seemed to be slightly suspicious but not necessarily cautious.

“I’m Y/N.’’ She said as she sat down. “Sirius.’’

She chuckled. “Yeah, I know who you are.’’

“Seems everyone does.’’

“Well, you are something infamous.’’ She said with a laugh.

“Do you agree with that?’’ She shrugged.

“I’ll judge you on your potion skills, seems fair enough. Just how your- our potion turns out and how you act this lesson should give me enough reason to judge whether I like you or not.’’ She said confidently, Sirius smirked. He liked a challenge.


“Mr. Black, now we are more private I have to admit you have never been this dillegent about Potions. What changed you? I’ve never seen you this passionate or be as present as you have been.’’ Slughorn said as he approached the two. Sirius was happy about the comment and looked at Y/N who was absorbed in the potion but did seem impressed at how much he knew. He hoped it was worth it because he had to practice and study a lot of Potion books.

“I suppose something just kindled. How’s our Potion looking?’’ He decided to ask as he didn’t want to brag about it, unlike he usually would, he wanted to look the best he could in front of her. Slughorn seems surprised at the humble reply but turned to look at the potion.

“Hmm, the colour seems well enough. I’d suggest maybe stirring more so the colour will look more dull, it’s still quite bright but you have enough steps ahead to fix the colour.’’ He suggested and Sirius nodded before going back to work. Y/N didn’t speak for a while as she passed him the ingredients to cut whilst she stirred a bit more but still slow as the instructions told.

“Never knew you to be the humble kind of person.’’ She said curiously as she continued to stir, he chuckled in response. He was surprised himself he could keep the response as humble as it was, he had many things he could say but decided this seemed to be the best of the ones he could come up with.

“Suppose everyone has that side, it just isn’t as clear with everyone.’’ He commented and she smiled in response. They worked together surprisingly well. Y/N hadn’t expected that much of him, as she sometimes saw him and how he acted in different classes. Still, whenever Slughorn asked a question he knew the answer but if he didn’t when the answer came he asked further about it as if he really was trying his best to know and understand. She understood why her best friend didn’t really like him as he wasn’t that likeable in most classes but she had to admit she enjoyed working with him.


“Thanks for getting us best potion.’’ She said as she started to pack everything, he just shrugged.

“Seems to me you did the most work.’’ She chuckled and grinned, he had a feeling she was onto him as she had been very observant.

“You don’t have to act like this you know, if you suddenly turn into an arsehole when we’re dating I’ll still break up with you. So, isn’t this the moment you’re supposed to ask me out with the best flattery you have to offer?’’ She said with a smirk on her lips, he liked her even more now. She was sharp.

“Would you do me the honour, my lady, of allowing me to take you out on a date?’’ She laughed but nodded.

“Well, c’mon my lord we’ve got our next period.’’

little indicators that the signs might like you!

check sun/venus

aries: if an aries likes you, you’ll probably know. they’ll want to impress you and get to know you and they don’t want to waste their time with games or buildup. if the aries is shy, it may be less obvious but you can look for differences between the way they act with others and the way they act with you. they’ll probably put extra effort into their conversations with you. if you don’t quite know each other too comfortably yet, pay attention to eye contact and glances.

taurus: if a taurus likes you, it may be difficult to tell. they’re likely to fear rejection or have a hard time approaching someone they’re interested in. they’d rather be introduced by mutual friends or meet in a group. if they do approach you, they’ll probably ask you a casual question or make a quick statement. they’ll probably observe you and stare at you a lot and they might try to interact with you more through social media rather than in person.

gemini: if a gemini likes you, they’ll laugh at your jokes and tell some of their own. they’ll probably try to showcase their wit and intelligence and they may use some playful banter. they will most likely initiate conversation and be really chatty. if they don’t know you well, they’ll think of some plan or excuse to talk to you; usually about a common interest or activity. they like to have an idea of what they’re going to say ahead of time.

cancer: cancers are the type of people to tell their friends about their feelings for someone, but not the actual person they like. we fear rejection quite a lot and have a difficult time approaching someone without good reason. we’ll probably give you lots of quick glances and try to make you notice us in the most subtle ways possible. i speak for myself and not other cancers when i say this, but i tend to do this weird thing… if someone i like walks by and i’m with my friends, i’ll try to be a bit louder or say something funny or interesting in hopes that they’ll hear me, but when i talk to the person one on one, i’ll be a lot more casual and talk either quickly or more quietly because i’m nervous.

leo: if a leo is already on a friendly level with you, they’re likely to flirt and talk to you a lot. they’ll probably be generous and want to get to know you more. they’ll want to impress you! if they feel that they don’t know you well enough, they may not approach you because they don’t know where you stand and how you’ll feel about them. they’ll look at you a lot and try to play up their features when they’re around you.

virgo: virgos often use their kindness and friendliness as a means of flirting. they may compliment you and try to get to know you better, but if they’re not comfortable around you, they can get a bit shy or nervous. they’ll want to talk to you a lot and they’ll admire you all the time. they’ll probably just be very nice and welcoming and it may be difficult to tell if they’re flirting or just being friendly. they’re likely to overthink the little things their crush does.

libra: with libras, it can be pretty obvious, even if they don’t mean for it to be. a lot of libras have an outgoing and flirty nature that they play up around people they find attractive. libras who are shyer, on the other hand, will probably approach you in a subtle way or hope that you initiate conversation with them first. pay attention to eye contact with this sign!

scorpio: they’ll remember small details about you and talk to you as much as possible. with scorpios, determining whether they’re interested in you or not is probably easier through actions than through their words. if they don’t know you too well, they may be shy, but they might approach you without hesitation. sometimes the way they act towards people they’re attracted to is dependent on their mood. they may be more relaxed around you and open up more than they usually would.

sagittarius: a lot of sags are sociable and they’re very friendly and nice people! but some may be shy around people they like. if a sag likes you, they mighty invite you to go somewhere or agree to going out with you without hesitation. they might be touchy and they’ll probably text you back quickly and try to keep the conversation going. they always want to learn more about you and they’ll remember little things about you.

capricorn: some capricorns may use sarcasm and wit, where others may be so subtle it hurts. it can be hard to tell with this sign. they’ll probably drop hints and smile more than usual when they’re around you. they always want to spend time with you, if possible, and they’ll talk to you about nearly anything. they may take interest in the things you seem to enjoy.

aquarius: some aquas will be really chill and subtle and just try to hang out with you, but others will be very straightforward. this sign may try to make you notice them by playing hard to get or trying to make you jealous. it can be difficult to tell with an aquarius, because in my opinion, everybody with this sign is unique and there is not one universal method of determining how they feel about you. they’ll probably speak loudly, laugh a lot and always try to be in your range of sight.

pisces: pisces are generally kind to everyone, so it may be hard to distinguish. try to look for differences in the way they treat you and the way they act around their friends. if they don’t know you too well, they’ll probably be nervous and tense. they may use their nice demeanor and humor as a way to break the ice. pay attention to how often they look at you and he way they speak with you.


Yo peeps, so as you can probably tell, I’m about to blow your mind. You might want to sit down, grab some water, you know, keep yourself hydrated. Maybe do a few stretches.

Now that you’re all ready, let’s begin! A girl who wrote about hotdogs and Costco got into Stanford and most Ivy League Schools, a student who wrote about his love for food got into Stanford, while Cornell’s admissions officer’s favorite essays were about lint and failing the driver’s test four times. Observing a pattern here? All these people chose kind of silly topics to write about. You might be wondering, “Yo,why would I want to sound stupid in front of the admissions officer, this doesn’t make sense!” . Well, that’s a valid argument. Now read this excerpt from one of the essays I mentioned above.

“While enjoying an obligatory hot dog, I did not find myself thinking about the ‘all beef’ goodness that Costco boasted. I instead considered finitudes and infinitudes, unimagined uses for tubs of sour cream, the projectile motion of said tub when launched from an eighty foot shelf or maybe when pushed from a speedy cart by a scrawny seventeen year old. I contemplated the philosophical: If there exists a thirty-­three ounce jar of Nutella, do we really have free will? I experienced a harsh physics lesson while observing a shopper who had no evident familiarity of inertia’s workings. With a cart filled to overflowing, she made her way towards the sloped exit, continuing to push and push while steadily losing control until the cart escaped her and went crashing into a concrete column, 52” plasma screen TV and all. Purchasing the yuletide hickory smoked ham inevitably led to a conversation between my father and me about Andrew Jackson’s controversiality"

Yes, yes, she’s literally talking about hot dogs and Costco. Now don’t underestimate her, this girl got accepted to 5 Ivy League Schools and Stanford. Jeez, that’s impressive. So now, you might be thinking , “Okay, enough of this, just get to the juicy part, give us the magic potion!” . Luckily enough for you, I’m getting to the point.

If you want to write an essay that slays everyone else’s like Beyoncé, first you gotta be true to yourself. You’re 17 or 18, you don’t want to end poverty or save the world. Maybe you enjoy pepperoni pizza, maybe you love watching horror films, maybe you love shopping at Macy’s, whatever it is, write about it.

The key is to choose a seemingly silly topic and present it in an intellectual light. Your ability to turn something silly into something genius will impress them and make you more memorable. In order to do that, you need to have a lot of knowledge about the topic you chose, which is why you need to be true to yourself. But then again, don’t write a pointless essay, don’t tell the officers that you can stuff 20 cheese balls in your mouth. Although I think it’s impressive, the admissions officer will beg to differ.

So there’s the secret formula to write a winning essay. Best of luck and I hope you get into your dream school!

Diyanshu Emandi

anonymous asked:

I was just thinking of all the times dean and cas hug and I noticed something that's annoying me, there were always someone else with them, I mean when cas and sam hug for the first time they were alone but dean and cas are never allowed anymore to have any meaningful interaction unless there's someone else around, this season they have never been in the same room alone not once, it doesn't look very hopeful anymore

I know what you mean, and it annoys me to no end. The thing is, though, judging by how Dean’s written (and, whatever he says, how Jensen plays it), I don’t see their relationship getting more distant, or anything. My impression is that basically everybody on that set, including the microphones, the chairs and the bloody donut boxes, knows that they’re very close the Gay Point of No Return - that’s what the problem is. There’s just so much unsaid crap between them, for fuck’s sake, that it defies logic that they can even function side by side. A conversation about pretzels is long, long overdue, and considering how fragile everyone is, it could really slip out at any moment. So, I don’t know - I really want to think that by now, knowing their show has been dragged through every kind of fathomable mud for queerbaiting and dishonesty and just fucking stop it if you don’t mean it, they would scale back on the gay and focus on something else if there’s really nothing there. It’s not like they lack plotlines or anything - having Mary there, for instance, was a godsend occasion to talk about their childhood and John’s abuse and whatever. Instead, well, they’re really not doing that. The last season and a half have probably been the gayest on record since the gothic romantic novel that was season 8? And this thing about interrupting a couple and not letting them talk - that’s Romance Tropes 101. Now, if that’s what they’re doing, I’m still pissed at them because in a normal story, by the time things get to this point, it’s so painfully clear the two characters dig each other and want to smooch and cuddle over every piece of furniture in the room that it can be seen from space, and in the case of Dean and Cas, this is not happening - a good 85% of the audience is still not seeing anything amiss.

So, again - I don’t think they’re putting less Destiel in there. I think they’re keeping up with the usual level of subtext they always have, and we’ll just have to wait and see if they’re being honest about it or not.

To Be Alone - A Moriel Fic

For @acotarshipweek  moriel week which was…sixteen centuries ago, I am aware, but the prompt came from there so credit where credit’s due. Speaking of credit, blessings upon my dearest, @pterodactylichexameter for betaing/general encouragement with this thing, ‘twas a pain at times. 

Title: To Be Alone 

Summary: moriel sin week prompt: secret rendezvous. Mor and Az find themselves alone in a quiet corner of Velaris, having been each told to meet someone important here, not knowing they were being set-up. Little does their High Lady know they’ve already been in a relationship for some months now. They decide to make the most of this time alone they’ve been given and slip off together to a nearby inn… 

Teaser: She hadn’t thought it possible – that she could want him more once he was hers but…From that first brush of his tongue against hers, that first taste of him, she had known that she would never belong to another heart again. She was his. She had always been his, really. As he had always been hers. She had known she would never want anyone else – and that she would never stop wanting him. 

Link: AO3

Mor sucks in a deep breath as she steps from the whisper of darkness winnowing always envelopes her in. It’s near sunset and the streets of Velaris are busy, full of people heading home for their evening meals before the city comes alive for true when night falls. She smiles politely and nods greetings to a few of those who meet her eyes but she doesn’t linger to chat with anyone this time. She’s already a little late for her appointment.

The crowds fortunately start to thin as she heads towards the quieter, more residential area of town near the river. It’s much less densely populated and a faint kiss of mist cools her flushed, warm skin as she emerges from the hot press of bodies. Through the shifting eddies of swirling white she sees the bridge over the Sidra she was asked to come to and hurries her steps when she dimly spots a solitary figure waiting for her – a column of shadow among the white river ghosts.

Mor is within spitting distance before she realises that the person waiting for her is not the one she had expected. Old instincts, sharpened by the recent war, have her reaching for her power, gathering it in her body, preparing to attack or defend- But a heartbeat later she recognises the person and her defences shatter on instinct.

Azriel stands with perfect stillness, leaning on the stone wall of the bridge a calm, tranquil expression upon his handsome features. He doesn’t turn towards her, shift his position at all, or give any other outward reaction to her presence. Mor isn’t fooled. He knows perfectly well that she’s there. For one thing she had seen the shadow curling around his ear moments earlier, informing him that she was – though Mor suspects he had known even before that. The damn male is impossible to sneak up on; unless he lets her, which is frankly just insulting.

Approaching him with long, easy strides, Mor mirrors his unconcerned posture, standing beside him and letting her gaze drift out over the Sidra as well, following his gaze. She manages a full, impressive, ten seconds before her restraint cracks. Az smiles thinly, fondly, as the words burst from her, interrupting the peaceful silence, “What are you doing here?”

At last Ariel tears his gaze away from the view in front of them to look down at her. His face softens as his eyes meet hers, the mask of cold composure that some, wrongly, assume is a permanent feature of her shadowsinger slips. His quiet affection shows through instead, that tender smile lingering on his lips. The shadows that twist around him thin then vanish, as though giving them privacy. Her belly swoops with the usual familiar pulse of pleasure and joy that he feels safe with her, safe enough to let his instinctive guard down.

Az’s voice is its typical dark, velvet calm when he answers her, “I was told to urgently meet an informant here and was advised that the meeting would be…” his lips curl into a tighter smile, his eyes tinged with obvious amusement as he looks her up and down, appreciating her even though she’s dressed rather simply, “Advantageous to me.”

“By?” Mor prompts him, eyebrows quirking up.

Az’s smile deepens before he answers, “Feyre.”

Mor looses a short burst of laughter at that. Theory confirmed. Az only widens his eyes quizzically, inviting her to explain her reacting.  

Composing herself enough to answer Mor drums her fingers thoughtfully on the top of the stone wall before she tells Az, through a broad grin, “Our esteemed High Lady asked me to meet her here at this time for something very important.” Her smirk broadens, now edged with wicked glee as she jostles Az playfully with her shoulder. “Seems like you’re ‘very important’, Az.”

As she had hoped this teases a faint flush of pink into his tan cheeks and her grin broadens in answer. Then his brow furrows and he clears  his throat and says, with a very good impression of his usual cool, analytical seriousness that’s only given away to her by how his hazel eyes glitter with merriment, “Looks like she thinks we should be spending some more quality time alone together. “

A soft shiver rustles through her as his gaze meets hers. Heat coils low in her stomach but she ignores it, pushing it down hard. Opting for airy amusement instead she says pointedly, “In a very romantic location.” She gestures around them, to the thin veil of mist enveloping them, adding an additional layer of intimacy to the meeting. The Sirda flows beneath them, gilded by the slowly setting sun, burning like liquid gold with diamonds peppering the smooth water, sparkling like stars.

Velaris is beautiful as it draws near to the night it so enjoys and it’s known, comfortable and familiar to both of them. The location is perfect – a little too perfect – and Feyre’s motives aren’t particularly difficult to guess at. Mor hopes Az never tries to recruit her for any further spying or subterfuge; if this is any indication she won’t get on well with it. Still…

She turns back to Az, her voice dropping, a hint of silk brushing through her words, “I’m not going to argue with her.”

Conversely to her hopeful expectations, Az’s frown only deepens into lines of uncertainty. “Do you think we should tell her?” he asks, his fingers trailing, apparently unconsciously, over the hand she has resting on the bridge.

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United Arab Emirates women's player lives dream with Caps

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) – When Fatima Al Ali first started playing hockey in the United Arab Emirates, she skated with young children half her size.

“They were looking up at me like, ‘What is she doing here?”’ she said.

On Wednesday, she was halfway around the world skating with the NHL’s Washington Capitals, and they knew exactly what she was doing there. Capitals great Peter Bondra was impressed by Al Ali’s advanced stickhandling moves during a visit to Abu Dhabi, and the team flew her to the United States to meet her favorite player, Alex Ovechkin, during the league’s “Hockey is for Everyone” month.

The 27-year-old Al Ali only began playing hockey six years ago after falling in love with the sport as the official photographer for the men’s national team, and now she’s among the best players on the women’s team in the United Arab Emirates. According to the International Ice Hockey Federation, the UAE has only 82 adult women’s players among its 802 skaters and just nine rinks in the country of almost 6 million where the average winter temperature is about 79 degrees.

“Hockey is getting more and more popular, and Fatima is one of the key factors to this success,” said Rasti Pavlikovsky, who runs the hockey camp where Bondra saw Al Ali in November. “She loves the sport, she is at the rink every day, not just skating and training, but also helping out to run the practices and games, she is also a great referee at international level.”

Al Ali recently got punched in the face while breaking up a fight as a referee but finished the game. She’s a hockey player, all right, with skills that could probably earn her a spot on women’s club team in North America.

She has had a busy week.

After visiting the National Mall and seeing sights around the nation’s capital Monday with her brother, Mohammed, Al Ali took in the Wizards’ overtime thriller against LeBron James and the NBA-champion Cleveland Cavaliers at night and visited the UAE embassy and met ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba on Tuesday. Overwhelmed by her first trip to Washington, she cried in the Capitals’ locker room Tuesday night as she met players after their game.

She found some comfort on the ice with them Wednesday. As cameras from about a dozen media outlets documented her every stride, Al Ali talked about herself, the sport in the Middle East and stick curves and different moves.

“I was so nervous going on the ice, but once we started talking it just calmed down,” she said. “We’re just talking about hockey, something we all share and something we all love.”

On Thursday, she did the ceremonial puck drop at the Capitals-Red Wings game.

Like her country, her hockey skills are still a work in progress, but Capitals coach Barry Trotz was impressed.

“You think a lady playing hockey in (the United Arab Emirates) it doesn’t sort of mix, but it’s great,” Capitals coach Barry Trotz said. “To see what she’s doing is fantastic. She’s going to be a real role model, and I think it’s a good symbol.”

Al Ali got a signed stick from Ovechkin to commemorate her visit. Ovechkin also hopes she takes home more motivation to play and spread the sport.

“It’s good for the game, it’s good for me, it’s good for hockey,” Ovechkin said. “I told her I hope she’s going to bring more interest in the game to her country and maybe it’s going to be a new league because she’s got to meet some people out here.”

Al Ali is not from one of the countries targeted by President Donald Trump’s executive order barring travelers from seven Muslim majority nations from entering the U.S. At the Capitals’ suburban Washington practice facility she skated around the rink wearing a hijab and enjoying what she called the best thing to happen to her in her life.

“I’m not here for politics,” Al Ali said. “I’m just here for sports and hockey.”

During his trip to Abu Dhabi, Bondra met with UAE hockey officials and coached an under-18 practice. He said hockey is on the way in a very nontraditional market.

“Doing a little hockey clinic, there was various stage of the level of game,” Bondra said. “There was some good skaters - you could tell that they’ve been skating for maybe two years more or there was some kids just starting. The hockey’s young there and it’s growing.”

Al Ali is at the forefront of that on the women’s side, and Pavlikovsky said nine or 10 more players from her team want to participate in their next camp run by former NHL and European players. That’s the impact she hopes to have.

“That’s my goal,” Al Ali said. “Everything I started doing in my life I hope it inspires other people to do something and break the barrier in their culture, whatever they’re doing.”

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Tinder Match - Auston Matthews Imagine


Thanks @ the marlies in the gc for making me want to write this. Not really requested unless you count me suggesting writing this and a few agreeing a request???

Well guys…. I’m back ??? With smut ??? I’m a new woman what can I say. Anyway, hope you like it, more requests will be posted this week and I may be able to open requests sometime this week/a week from now. Love you guys and, enjoy (you sickos) -Accius

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Wicked Games (3)

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Part 1 | Part 2


Your eyes fluttered open, squinting at the sunlight that filtered through the cracks left open from your curtains. You still felt thoroughly exhausted from last night, yet good at the same time. You stretched your body out while letting out a yawn. You looked to the side and saw that the other side of your bed was empty.

You weren’t surprised at this since Sehun usually left while you were still asleep, only to return during the night again. Getting out of your bed, you went to take a shower and got dressed before making a quick breakfast. You remembered last night again and the look in Sehun’s eyes as he told you that he wanted to change. That he didn’t want to be the way that he is now. You wracked your brain with thoughts on just how you could help him. 

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No Longer Human

Prince Adam/Beast x reader

First part in The Curse Series

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 944

Warnings: None!

A/N: Hey guys! This is the second imagine I’ve posted today! YAY!! Just feeling super inspired rn and it’s great! So, I decided to turn this request into a series. I hope you don’t mind that I did! You just gave me so much information and I just felt like it deserved so much more than just a single imagine! Hope you kids have a beyond amazing day/night! Love you!!

Request: can you please do something that’s angsty and has to do with beast x reader? maybe that reader is prince adam’s old girlfriend who is now a piece of furniture in the castle (who is of course under the spell (can talk/walk)) and she is the one who can break the spell. however, the beast believes that this is all her fault (maybe he wanted to turn the woman away to impress the reader?) and shuns her away even though they live under the same roof. reader continues to try to gain the affection of the beast because the petals keep falling but he keeps pushing her away. the whole thing w/belle happens but instead of her returning for the beast after the mob has stormed the castle, she stays in the town to marry gaston and then the beast realizes that it’s the reader all along who would break the spell ?? like rly angsty and fluffy too!! :) - @lukesos5  

The music bounced off the walls as the beautiful women spun flawlessly in their white dresses. You’d think that you would be entranced by such a wonderous sight, yet after attending hundreds of Prince Adam’s balls, it no longer caught your eye. You thought you would never get sick of attending these balls, you had obviously been proven wrong.

“You look bored.” Lumiere commented, coming to stand on the side of the room with you.

“These balls are extraordinary, but sometimes I would just like a break from them.” You sighed, wanting nothing more than to curl up in bed with a good book right then.

“If you don’t mind me asking, then why are you here?” Lumiere asked, neither of you looking at each other, instead watching Adam dance across the ballroom with the many women.

“You know why I’m here, Lumiere.” You said, catching Adam’s eyes and smiling shyly at him.

“Ah, yes! Young love.” Lumiere laughed, playfully nudging your shoulder with his own.

“Oh, hush!” You laughed with him, Adam watching you from where he danced, a genuine smile on his face at the sight of your laughter.

“Did you know he loves you too?” Lumiere asked, his voice changing from it’s playful tone to a more sincere one.

“You can’t be serious.” You scoffed, rolling your eyes at the thought of Adam actually being interested in you as more than a friend.

“Why do you think he offered for you to live in the castle after your parents passed away? He is simply infatuated with you! Anything you want, he will have ready in a heartbeat.” Lumiere paused, a chuckle escaping his lips as he saw Adam never letting his eyes drift from where you stood. “You have him completely wrapped around your finger.”

“Lumiere, you better not be just toying with my emotions right now.” You warned him, your eyes drifting back to where Adam was dancing with some random woman that he was paying no attention to. Instead, all his focus seemed to be on you.

“I would never lie to you, (Y/N).” Lumiere reassured you, placing his hand gently on your shoulder.

“Thank you.” You smiled, turning to face Lumiere who smiled in return.

Lumiere opened his mouth to say something else, but was cut off by a loud howl of the wind and the doors opening. The candles in the room quickly went out because of the strong wind and left the room in darkness. Some of the guests screamed, as the majority moved away from the doors and behind the prince.

Lumiere ran off to get a candle for Adam, who had moved forward to investigate the reason behind the doors flying open. Lumiere ran back into the ballroom and handed a candle to Adam. The candle lit up the face of an old lady who had a single rose in her hand. She seemed to be cold and shivering from the storm that was progressively growing outside.

“Please, sir. The storm is already terrible and growing worse at a quick pace. I will not be able to make it to my home in time. May I wait here until the storm ends?” The woman asked, her voice quiet and scratchy. She held up a single red rose in an offering to Adam.

Adam glanced at the rose curiously before taking it from her hands. After examining it, he turned back to the guests of his party and he began to laugh. The crowd joined in, laughing with him at the woman’s offering to him. You did not join in the laughter, instead you were more concerned for the woman that still stood there shaking and shivering.

“Do you even know who I am? Leave.” Adam sneered, the way he was acting making you completely appalled.

You moved forward to intervene, only to have Cogsworth grab your wrist and pull you back. He shook his head at you. Cogsworth knew that your interference may only agitate the prince more. You huffed, before letting yourself sink against the wall once again.

“Do not be deceived by appearances, young prince. For beauty, is found within.” The old woman warned, not backing down from Adam’s furious glare.

“I said, leave!” Adam yelled, his angry tone enough to make the people in the room quake with fear, but not the old woman.

The woman shook her head in disappointment at the prince’s response. She lowered her head, her face completely covered by the dark hood she wore. You could hear her sigh gently before lifting her head again and having transformed into a beautiful enchantress. Lights of gold shined off her and through the ballroom. Adam slowly sank to his feet as guest began to scream and run from the castle.

“Please! If I had known!” Adam begged, his eyes flickering to where you still stood with concern.

“It is too late. I can now see there is no love in your heart.” The enchantress said, her voice filling the room.

Adams muscles began to tense up as he changed into something that was not human. He quickly turned to where you stood in panic, as loud screams of pain left his mouth.

“(Y/N)! Run!” Adam screamed, tears streaming down his morphing face.

You followed his directions and began to run out of the ballroom, your heart beating at double its usual speed. Adams cries of pain made your legs move faster, but not fast enough. Soon the spell that the enchantress had cast caught up to you and the servants. You collapsed as you no longer had legs and transformed into something that was not human.