was his name not norman

The Glitter Incident.

Hey❤ could you please do a really fluffy and smut Andrew Lincoln imagine. Maybe he is jealous and wants the reader all to himself. Thank you ❤

I hope you like it! 💕

Andrew sat on his bed at night, he was scrolling down his Instagram feed and seeing the pictures Norman had been posting. In each one of them, Norman had his arm wrapped around you and his tongue sticking out close to your face. This only enraged Andrew, who was falling in love with you. He was jealous that you spent most of your time with Norman, pranking your friends or just hanging out, just so later he would sit alone at night and see the pictures.

He threw his phone across the room and laid in bed, preparing himself for another sleepless night thinking about you, dreaming about how his hands would wander down your body and make your moan his name.


The next morning, Norman texted you an idea, he wanted you both to prank Andrew by putting glitter into the air conditioning system of his car. You thought it would be fun, so you agreed to it.

After shooting a couple of scenes, you saw Andrew at the parking lot and you pressed your lips together to keep yourself from laughing.

“Do you need a ride?”, he asked you, and you only shook your head, you didn’t want to end up being covered in glitter.

Andrew got inside his car, he turned it on and glitter started to fly out of the air conditioning system. Norman started laughing, and so did you, while Andrew shoot you angry glances.

He was angry about the glitter, but mostly at the fact that you had planned that with Norman, that you were spending more time with him.

“Actually, I do need a ride”, you told him once the glitter stopped coming out.

“Alright”, Norman wiped the tears that he had shed for laughing so hard. “See ya, (Y/N).”

He said and wrapped his arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer and leaving a kiss on your temple, a sight that only made Andrew angrier. You giggled and pushed him playfully.

Norman left and you got in the passenger seat of Andrew’s car. He was still angry, his face was red and sweat made the glitter stick to his body.

“Come on, it was just a joke”, you nudged him with your elbow when you noticed that he hadn’t found the prank funny at all.

“It’s not that”, he said with his smooth British accent.

“What is it, then?”, you shifted on the seat so you could face him.

“It’s just… Never mind”, he sighed.

“Tell me”, you looked at him intently, waiting for him to tell you what was puzzling his mind.

“Norman and you are close, huh?”, he bit the insides of his cheeks and shook his head slightly. So that was what made him angry, he was jealous.

“So?”, you arched an eyebrow.

“I just- I want you all to myself”, he turned his head to look at you. His blue eyes were soft on you but there was a glint of fire in them.

His words startled you, you didn’t know that he had feelings for you, let alone that he was jealous of Norman being so close to you.

“All to yourself?”, you bit your lower lip, teasing him. He had turned the air conditioning off and the windows were up, so the heat inside the car was making you sweat as well.

Andrew couldn’t help but let his eyes wander down your neck and see how a sheer layer of sweat sticked to your skin, small drops falling down your chest in curves around your breasts. You were wearing only a short sundress because of the weather, and nothing made Andrew happier than that.

You scanned the parking lot, there were mostly empty cars and there was no one around, so you moved to his seat and climbed on top of him. You pushed the seat back and positioned your legs on either side of him.

“W-What are-?”, he started to ask but you put your thumb on his lips and touched them softly, making him hush. He seemed stunned, he had had a lot of fantasies about a moment like this one, but now it was real. It was you who was on top of him, with your finger on his lips and your centre on his dick.

Andrew’s fingers danced up your thigh and he finally placed them on your butt, he moved his hand up and down your hips and noticed you weren’t wearing underwear.

He chuckled and took his hand back to your thigh as he placed the other one on your back.

You put your hands on his shoulders and your lips on his, you kissed him deeply and played with the hair on the back of his head.

You took your hands from his shoulders to the waistband of his shorts, trailing a path down his body as you did. You pulled them down and started grinding on his dick, Andrew threw his head back and let out a groan.

Your hair bounced over his face as he brought you closer with his hands on your thighs, he suddenly started thrusting inside of you, which made you gasp loudly. Andrew kept his head back, leaned on the car seat, and closed his eyes.

His shirt sticked to his body thanks to the sweat and traced lines down his muscles. A couple of his curls fell over his forehead and dripped salty sweat on his skin, you brushed them away and pulled his head back to reach for his lips, then you kissed him again. His lips were soft and moist, yet he was thrusting wildly inside of you and his hands were firmly grasping your thighs. Andrew groaned inside your mouth and you moaned inside his.

Andrew grabbed your waist between his hands and pulled you closer to him, sinking his face on your breasts. He licked your chest, running his tongue down your skin and the sweat. You grabbed a handful of his hair and kept his face there, forbidding him to pull away.

The hot leather of the seat sticked to your knees and burned, you shifted uncomfortably, trying to find a position where your skin didn’t touch the scorching seat.

“What is it?”, he asked between moans.

“The leather”, you answered the same way, with your voice raspy from groaning for him. “It burns.”

Andrew didn’t wait a second before grabbing you by the butt and slamming your back on the steering wheel, with his cock still inside you. The horn sounded loudly and made you jump. He chuckled and looked around, the parking lot was still empty.

You moved slightly, so your back wouldn’t be honking. Your legs were spread on his seat, on either side of him. He grabbed each of your thighs with his hands and pushed himself forward, going faster with each thrust, his fingertips sinking into your skin.

You held on to the door handle as Andrew went harder and deeper, your eyes rolling back and your mouth babbling incoherently. You tried to say his name, but no words were coming out of your lips.

Andrew growled and groaned with his husky voice, his throat let out grunts, but he drowned them on your chest with kisses. He dropped his face on the crook of his neck when he finally came, he let out a sharp breath along a long moan and breathed heavily over your skin. The hot air that came out of his mouth was burning you, and you suddenly realised that all the windows were up and the air conditioning was off, and that you had been fucking in the heat.

“I’m sweating”, Andrew said between breaths as he raised his gaze to look at you. You chuckled and pressed your forehead on his.

“Yeah, you are”, you whispered and kissed his nose over the sweat.

“Norman and his Eye In The Dark” - Digital Oil Painting

“Every man needs a nice furry companion to help keep him warm when the zombie apocalypse gets here.”

That really is Norman Reedus’ cat and his name really is Eye In The Dark. (Though ‘Lil Ass Kicker’ is also accepted.)

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The gang is back! And this time, their enemy will be tougher to take down than ever…their worst nightmare! 

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The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus on his favorite zombie kills ever

Everyone (outside of Father Gabriel) on The Walking Dead has had their fair share of zombie kills. But Daryl Dixon’s always seem to have an extra flair about them. Maybe it’s the crossbow he has used to pierce so many walker skulls. However, when we asked star Norman Reedus to name his favorite zombie kill ever, the two he picked were completely crossbow-free. And they were both from season 5.

On this day in history, 25th of April 1284, birth of Edward of Caernarfon, future Edward II in North Wales, Caernarfon Castle. Edward was the the forth son of Edward I and his queen Eleanor of Castile. The King probably deliberately chose the castle as the location for Edward’s birth, as it was an important symbolic location for the native Welsh, associated with Roman imperial history, and it formed the centre of the new royal administration of North Wales. Edward’s name was English in origin, linking him to the Anglo-Saxon king Edward the Confessor,and was chosen by his father instead of the more traditional Norman and Castilian names,selected for Edward’s brothers. Edward had three elder brothers: John and Henry who had died before Edward was born, and Alphonso,who died in August 1284, leaving Edward as the heir to the throne.After his birth, Edward was looked after by a wet-nurse, for a few months until she fell ill, when Alice de Leygrave became his foster mother. He would have barely known his natural mother Eleanor, who was in Gascony with his father during his earliest years.

Pictured: An illuminated detail from BL Royal MS 20 A ii, Chronicle of England [folio 10], showing Edward II receiving his crown, c.1307