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@eislinn @sheriattani @newmoonindetriment I agree completely that it’s not always easy to tell whether a pic is private. I also agree it’s better to tell the poster in question. That’s why I left a comment on the post, to let the poster and people who see it know that /in my opinion/ this pic shouldn’t be shared. This particular blog has shared private pics of Andrew before, and deliberately chooses to continue to do so. Nothing much I can do about that. But seems there are also quite a few people who choose to reblog/like in spite of the comments left on the post.

So, after leaving a comment, which the original poster is of course free to ignore, my post was meant more as what we in Norwegian call ‘a heart’s sigh’. I find it sad that some people think they have the right to post pics that they know are private. And it’s sad that some people choose to keep sharing it even knowing it’s private. If you’re not in any of those categories, my post was not directed at you.

@ anyone who cares: I can’t speak for the later additions to my post, but like I said, my original point wasn’t to call out any particular person or pic. It was a general ‘heart’s sigh’ about how some people choose to behave. That’s also why I didn’t mention the source. I couldn’t care less from what source a pic comes; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, whatever. When a pic shows me Andrew (or any other person for that matter) in a private setting, with people I don’t recognize as celebrities, not even looking at the camera, that’s usually enough to tell me that pic /might/ be private. And knowing how much Andrew values his privacy, I’d rather be safe than sorry. My point, directed at everyone and anyone, myself included: What if we all just do our best to respect Andrew’s privacy? Nothing more, nothing less.


make me choose meme || @seunrig asked lee dong wook or park ki woong

“Huh…So this is what the inside of the big ass building looks like.”

i still cant believe i actually got my professor fired holy shit yall like.. I Did That™


in which gabe is a Good Dad ™ and backgrounds are not real

(dont tag as mcr//eaper i will Fight You)


                                   ……It’s him.