was here with him


Seungri speaking English on Vlive & asking the caller if she’s from North Korea….

  • Bokuto:You're owl I need.
  • Akaashi:Hoo cares. *walks away*
  • Bokuto:...
  • Bokuto:Akaashi, did you just-
  • Akaashi:*still walking away*
  • Bokuto:AKAASHI!!
Tom Hiddleston Thinks His Relationship With Taylor Swift Was ‘Private,’ Sure
Apparently, all of those paparazzi photos were “unsolicited.”

Tom Hiddleston is on the cover of the newest issue of Interview magazine, thanks to Taylor Swift. His brief relationship with the pop star shot him to new heights of fame, in part because the couple smiled for the paparazzi nearly every day for two months straight this summer. But does Hiddleston discuss Swift in the magazine? No, of course not — that’s “private.”

The interview was conducted by Hiddleston’s good friend Benedict Cumberbatch, and in the beginning of the discussion, Cumberbatch offered him the following:

… [T]here’s another weight of us being in the public eye, which is this presumption that, because your work and your promotion work is very public, your private life should be, too. And, without getting into a huge debate, I just want to say that I’m not going to ask questions about my friend’s personal life just because there are unsolicited photographs of him and a certain someone, in a relationship or together. I’m not going to get into that. So that door is closed, dear reader.

In response, Hiddleston “chuckled” and said, “Thank you.”

The benefit of doing interviews with a close friend is that he will promote the narrative that suits you best. Cumberbatch’s assertion that the countless published photos of Swift and Hiddleston were “unsolicited,” however, is ridiculous. The first photos of “Hiddleswift” were almost certainly solicited by someone — paparazzi shot the pair making out on a private beach in Rhode Island. Do paparazzi normally hang out on private beaches in Rhode Island, hoping that someday, sometime, they’ll see a celebrity? And let’s not forget Swift’s Fourth of July party — “Taymerica” — where Hiddleston was spotted proudly wearingan “I <3 T.S.” tank top for photographers.

When Swift and Hiddleston broke up earlier this month, Swift “sources”told Us Weekly that Hiddleston was the one pushing Swift to take the relationship public. Now Hiddleston’s friend is asserting that the publicity was completely out of his control. Both Swift and Hiddleston will continue to blame each other and outside sources for the frenzy surrounding their relationship, but we’ll always have their smiling faces in many, manypaparazzi photos to show they enjoyed the publicity at the time.

Silly F!Azurrin rambling

Wolf Children AU. Azura rides the dragon, and then later Corrin dies in a tragic accident and poor Azura is left to raise her two sons Shigure and Kana; both have the power to transform into dragons but Kana uses it more while Shigure tries to suppress it, because he doesn’t particularly like the whole dragon schtick. He feels much more comfortable among people and tries to live life as a normal human being.

Stuff happens, and in the end Shigure gives up his draconic heritage to live among the humans (and stay with Azura) while Kana fully embraces dragonhood and departs to live as a free spirit in nature, sometimes visiting his mother and brother for short periods of time before leaving again.

This was originally conceived back in August but I recently got Shigure and Kana’s ending cards and tell me they don’t sound somewhat superficially similar to the final fates of Yuki and Ame like seriously

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Ea’s Braid Woven Flowers Day of the Dead Hair in Niksim Colours & Onyx

All of @lost-my-plumbbob-in-your-pond‘s colours & geneticized Onyx

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“You have a dog here with you? If I’d known that was allowed I would have made my brother get the owl!” She laughed it off before sitting down right beside the Ravenclaw. The girl rested both elbows on the table and smiled up at him before continuing on, “However, at home we have all mixes. Aine was a rescue, Lucy was found on the streets, and Brennan is a huge Irish Wolfhound mix that followed me home one day.

“Lucy’s an Irish Setter we think, but she must have something else in her because the ear shape is a bit off. Then there’s Aine, she’s small and mean and we really don’t know what she is. Maybe a Chihuahua or something.” Aislin shrugged before deciding that would be a good cut off. If she was going to try and befriend everyone in her year by the seventh year, she had to learn when to shut up about herself didn’t she?

“So, Islay was it? What type of dog is he? Am I allowed to visit your common room and meet the rare dog of Hogwarts.”

A quick drawing of Acaelus, one of my dragons on fr. I’ll eventually be selling him, once I actually manage to level him all the way, but for now I like him because pretty colors.

I’ve got a couple others I might do later on, but for now, sleep beckons.

omg guys so i’ve been thinking about this guy i liked for the past 2 years (he graduated and moved to baltimore) so I’ve been wanting to speak to him for a while and then today he spoke to me out of nowhere and I’m so happy and also pretty sad bc wow i miss him so much

[what was it like to hold him]

of all the things hydra had stolen from him, this was the worst: forgetting what it felt like to be in steves arms, to feel wanted. on a rainy day in march, three months after coming out of cryo in wakanda, he silently pulls steve into an embrace. he wants to remember how steve feels when he’s not fighting this rapidly evolving thing between them; when he’s not donning a mask and lying to himself.

what is it like to hold him then? needed, he thinks, protected. steve melts against him almost immediately.

it’s the steady thump thump thump of steves heart against his own. it no longer stutters or slows but, rather, it keeps perfect rhythm. it’s the weight of his arms curled around buckys waist as one hand rubs soothing circles on his lower back.

holding steve is like discovering a lifeboat he never knew he had and realizing it was there all along. it’s being cradled in the softest sunrise and feeling its warmth on his cheeks.

it’s forgiving himself for taking this for granted and entrusting that his heart will be safe in the palm of steves hand. touching him is the first snowfall in winter; a slow melting burn. it’s coming home when bucky thought he’d die without finding the answer to that nagging question in his mind: who is he.

it’s feeling safe and loved after decades of living with a pain that still brings him to his knees. it’s the body whispering ‘I remember this, I think I dreamed of this.’

it’s coming to life under the weight of steves love. it’s winning a war they’ve been fighting for more than half their lives. it’s a gradual shift; a first kiss on chapped lips. it’s: welcome home, I have waited here for you.

The thing that made me happiest at the end wasn’t the cute random domesticity of it all, but the moment in which Red was able to make the healthy decision to not give in to the same paranoid compulsions that had ruled him for so long.

Baby I am so proud of you.

Okay yeah so let me just *SCREAMS* okay

So I just watched the latest svtfoe episode and I’m freaking out

NOT because of Star having a crush on Marco in canon, but because of how Marco described his crush on Jackie:

“I told you! I have a crush on Jackie! At least I think I do… what does that really mean? I put her on this sort of pedestal, so… do I like the image of her, or who she really is? I-I mean, I like her enough to know that she deserves someone who wants to get to know her. Which is definitely me!”


I completely understand his point of view because it’s how I see MY crush holy crap. “What does that really mean?” I have felt that way a bunch bc my feelings are so much different than everyone else’s. “I like her enough to know that she deserves someone who wants to get to know her. Which is definitely me!” Okay okay OKAY look at that. I’m freaking out. That is literally how I view my crush. Holy CRAP woah.

Basically I’m freaking out because that was so ace???? I identified with that ENTIRE CONFESSION SO MUCH it literally describes my exact feelings?????? Liking someone in the way where you know they deserve a person who wants to get to know them and also wanting to be that person? That is like, the best description of an ace crush I have ever SEEN and it could also be applied to a squish like come on

So yeah I’m basically freaking out bc Marco was really ace-coded in that episode and he’s one of my all time favorite characters

  • Martin:*Arrives in Adelaide*
  • Adelaide and Melbourne:*gets battered by cold and wind and rain*
  • Me:Thanks for bringing that shitty London weather with you 😡
  • Martin:*happily takes a casual selfie with looming flood waters behind him*
  • Adelaide:*gets battered by storm front equivalent to cyclone, city loses power*
  • Me:omggggggggggg stop it stop it now 😱😱😱