was here with him

Bob shut down b.echo, explained why o.ctavia’s anger at bellamy for “killing lincoln” was irrational and hypocritical, and basically confirmed that we’re getting canon bellarke all in one day. He literally saved us in one. day. 

Bob Morley is literally a fucking icon in case yall forgot.  

staying afloat

For @rebelcaptainprompts prompt #8: “agony, fingers, and shiver” 

With a word like agony, do you really think this was going to be anything other than angst? I’ll do a part 2 if I feel nice

(also I unintentionally ended up using the words a lot oops) 

Word Count: 500 (no cut)

One. Two. 

Jyn sees stars, pain searing through her body. She collapses to the ground, groaning in agony, clutching at the blaster wounds. 

“Jyn!” Cassian’s voice breaks in anguish, as if he was physically sharing her pain. “Jyn!” His voice reaches her while he can’t, fending off the impending Imperials. 

Blood seeps through her clothing, a sickly warm feeling creeping up her side. She pulls her hand away and the tips of her fingers are stained a dark red. Her head spinning, she manages to drag herself out of the way of blasterfire. I have to hold on until he gets here

Steadying her breathing as best as she could, Jyn brings herself to peer at the wounds. She inhales sharply. It’s bad. She needed to be in a medbay in an hour at the latest. She tries not to think about what would happen if she wasn’t, attempting to shake Cassian’s agonized face out of her mind. They had fought so hard to stay afloat together, and she wouldn’t drown alone. I promise. 

Where’s Cassian? She tries to see the firefight, but she can’t lift her head. Swearing to herself, she leans against the closest wall and waits, undoing her scarf and pressing it against the injury, counting minutes in her head as the warmth of life leaks out between her fingers.

She’s cold, so unbearably cold, icy water lapping against her side. It was if the death that eluded her at Scarif was now breathing down her neck. The thought sends a shiver down her spine. 

When Cassian finally reaches her side, face streaked with dirt and eyes wide with concern, she can barely make out his face in the blurry haze of her mind.  

“Cass…” she gasps, unable to form his full name, trying to grasp at his face swimming in and out of her vision. Help

“I’m here, I’m here, don’t worry,” he murmurs, pulling out his medkit and working quickly to temporarily patch up the injury, his face a mask of neutral concentration. His fingers feel warm against her skin and her throat tightens, because wasn’t Cassian usually the cold one? 

Cass,” she tries again. He looks up at her from under his eyelashes, and Jyn catches a glimpse of the pure fear in his eyes. She feels like she’s being dragged underwater, and reaches out to Cassian to pull her up, desperate to keep afloat. Don’t let me go. 

He takes his hand in hers, their fingers intertwining together, both stained with blood - her blood. She’s shaking, shivering from cold, shock, and the sheer effort of hanging on to the remaining scraps of life. “I’ve got you,” he says, ready to hoist her up in his arms. “Hold on.” 

Jyn tries to nod and give him a reassuring smile - I’m trying - but it’s getting harder to keep her head up. She gives his hand one tight squeeze - I’m sorry -  before the waves pull her under. 

She never lets go of his hand. 

Some dude stopped me and gave me a lecture about “being aware of my surroundings” all because I didn’t hear him say “to your left” as he rode by me on his bike and he saw me on my phone. A) Maybe speak up so I can actually hear you, and B) Maybe ride your bike in the street where there are perfectly good bike paths like you’re supposed to? Regardless if I’m on my phone or not, I couldn’t hear you, and you’re technically not supposed to be riding on the sidewalk. It wasn’t even a lecture that came from genuine concern, it was obvious that he was bothered because I didn’t hear him and didn’t get out of the way. AND THEN HE RODE AWAY BEFORE I COULD RESPOND. dICK.

We’re only doing 2 of the 4 things we had scheduled for today and as soon as I can ease my guilt about not doing one I will appreciate it as a good decision. The original plan for the day:

  • Squadron Fundraiser fun-run 8:30 am on base. ¼ mile run for kids, 3 mile run for adults. Bouncy house. 
  • 3 year old’s birthday party 11-1 at White Sands. 
  • 5 year old bday party 2pm at Space Museum.
  • 5 year old bday party 2:30 at someone’s house south end of town.

We skipped the run because of Jem being sick yesterday and we weren’t sure how last night/this morning was going to go. Didn’t want to take a pukey, feverish kid to a run or a bouncy house. We skipped the 3 year old’s party bc White Sands is far and it’s right in the middle of Dill’s nap time. That’s the one I feel guilty about. It would’ve been nice to help the squadron out with our runner’s entrance fees, but no one’s really going to notice/care we didn’t make it. 

Jem is currently attempting to attend both 5th bday parties, though. Because the 2pm one he got invited to a long time ago and we had already RSVPed yes. The 2:30pm one is his classmate who is like his favoritest person EVER. I was really torn because they just gave us the invitation on Tuesday. I wanted to teach Jem about following through and not flaking for something better. But like also he’s fucking 4 and he barely knows the first kid (they’re in different classes at the same school so they see each other sometimes, but his dad works with Major Dad so that’s how we got an invite). I just texted the mom of Kid 2 asking if it was okay to come to his party a little late and she said yes. So he’s going to Kid 1′s for 45 minutes, 15 min drive to Kid 2′s, Kid 2 party for an hour. 

i genuinely don’t have anything against him, but the amount of hype people put on harry over virtually nothing is concerning



“…so long as I understand that each day can be better than the last day, and so long as I can keep moving forward…that makes it all one big beautiful journey”

I wish I could put into words how much I admire Mark

To allow such openness and influence towards one another, it’s an absolutely wonderful thing :)