was he florist


Victor stays true to his word and parades and poses with his fancy rose lapel pin and tells everyone it’s a Valentine’s present from his amazing boyfriend Yuuri~ ✧・゚:*  \( ´♡` >) *:・゚✧

From Business of Love, a timeskipped wedding planner & florist AU fic I published for Valentine’s!

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RFA + minor trio being protective of MC?

I hope you like this anon! btw as much as I like vanderwood, I have no idea how to write him and feel like I won’t do justice if I did so i’ll have to leave him out for this one, sorry. If I do learn how to write him i’ll include him in my future scenarios btw I feel like I went to far from what’s supposed to be yikes, i tried to show different kinds of protectiveness though!


  • Yoosung was ecstastic because MC would be visiting his university to write a report about 
  • “I’m confused MC what’s this for again?”
  • “I’m telling you Yoosung, I need a survey from universities nearby. Why? You don’t want me to visit?”
  • “Of course I want! It’s just I can’t believe you’d pick my school when there’s one much closer to yours”
  • “Silly, it’s scary going to an unknown university alone. Knowing you’d be there puts me to ease” 
  • She kissed his cheek as he sighed in content
  • The following day, Yoosung waited for MC, giddy but anxious
  • But she didn’t really come on the time she said she would be going
  • So he looked for her
  • And he found her talking to some of his friends 
  • They were all crowding her as she happily talked to them
  • He felt himself go itchy seeing the scene but willed it away
  • But when one of his friends grabbed a hold of her hand muttering a “You’re beautiful”, he quickly got to her side and placed his arm around her shoulder
  • “I see you’ve met my girlfriend”
  • He made sure to emphasize on the word as his friends stared at him in bewilderment
  • “She’s your girlfriend? Oh sorry bro I didn’t mean to-”
  • “Yeah yeah it’s totally cool I just wanted you guys to know”
  • They put their hands up as they snickered at how jealous he’s becoming
  • Yoosung turned her around as they started walking the other direction, waving his hand 
  • Once they got to a deserted hallway he pinned her to the wall
  • Grasping his hands on her hips he started making out with her
  • You’re mine” He growled
  • “Yoosung” she said breathless against him as he started attacking her neck with kisses
  • “Yoosung what are you doing”
  • “Showing them who you belong to”
  • He gave her one last hard kiss as he pulled on her hand 
  • “Cmon, you still have a report to make”
  • “You can’t just do that!”


  • Zen wanted to take MC as his plus one in the party celebrating the success of the musical he was in
  • She was dressed in a slightly revealing dress and when she came out Zen had his mouth hung low
  • Placing butterfly kisses along her collarbone he said
  • “Don’t tempt me tonight, Babe”
  • Booping on his nose she slightly pushed him away
  • “Whoa there control yourself”
  • Zen pouted as they drove to their destination
  • There were many people, the crew included
  • Zen was actually mingling alot with the people around so he kind of left MC
  • She was slightly mad but she knows he means no harm
  • But she was quite bored 
  • So she took a few drinks and was starting to have fun with the company of other people
  • Zen was still nowhere to be found
  • One guy found his way to her and started talking to her
  • He was alright and didn’t look like he would do something bad so they talked nearly all night
  • With each passing minute MC kept drinking and before she knew it she was buzzed
  • She was faltering in her steps as the guy steadied her
  • “You know what you’re a cute little drunk lady. Do you want to come home with me?” He smirked
  • MC felt disgusted and pushed him off 
  • She then felt strong arms around her as she was pulled towards Zen’s body
  • “This cute little drunk lady is with me” The intensity of his glare made MC shrink back a bit
  • “If you so ever lay another hand on her I will ruin you, do you understand?”
  • The guy gulped as he left
  • “Now cmon little lady, you made me worry tonight”


  • MC was in his office again
  • I mean what can she say? It was quite boring to be in the penthouse all day
  • She was acually roaming around the building and was greeting people wherever she goes
  • They all adore her
  • They all adore her to the point where MC starts receiving these mysterious flowers
  • She doesn’t know where it comes from but it always appears in her desk in her own little personal office Jumin made especially for her
  • She thought it was Jumin who sent them but when she asked if he went to a florist that day he was only confused
  • These flowers even had notes in them like
  • ‘You are beautiful’
  • ‘The brightness of the sun cannot compare to you’
  • ‘You capture the hearts of many, and I am enraptured by you’
  • She thought it was pretty sweet but it felt awkward coming from another person
  • So she was trying to find out who this was, going around trying to find possible clues
  • Jumin noticed her odd actions thought and confronted her about it
  • She was slightly embarassed to be honest
  • “Um.. its just i’ve been trying to find out who keeps giving me these flowers”
  • Jumin stared at her blankly
  • Someone was… giving her flowers?
  • A sudden possesiveness came over him
  • Someone was sending his love flowers. Only he can do something as intimate
  • So when he told MC to check the CCTV she slapped a hand to her face for not thinking about it earlier
  • So they were rewinding tapes and Jumin would not go back to his duties until the culprit was found
  • This guy doesn’t give flowers to someone’s beloved and get away from it, no
  • So they caught this guy and Jumin confronted him telling him to stay away from MC and that she was his and his only
  • Everyday after that, Jumin would send her the most extravagant of bouquets 


  • Jaehee and MC were working in their coffee shop when a bunch of rowdy customers came in
  • They were really causing a ruckus and everyone was getting annoyed
  • But MC still had to accomodate them
  • They starting snickering at her when she came over
  • “She’s so ugly” one said
  • MC was suddenly aware of how she looked and how she acted
  • She was feeling really insecure as she clenched her fist, willing her tears away
  • But still she put a brave smile on
  • “What would you guys want to have?” She asked
  • “Hm, we’ll have the other waitress please” 
  • The group laughed and high fived each other as MC looked down
  • Soon arms wrapped around her shoulders as Jaehee stood menacingly towards them
  • They slightly cowarded at the look she was giving them as Jaehee spoke in a firm, commanding voice
  • “If you want to speak like that to the people working here then you will never be welcome back to this place. MC is the owner of this cafe and I would not tolerate your harsh words towards her, now pick your bags up and leave this instance” 
  • MC could tell Jaehee was holding back and when the group scurried over to the door, one gave them a look before sticking their tongue out and walking away
  • Jaehee’s glasses broke as she strated marching, wanting to judo them into oblivion
  • MC grabbed her wrist to stop her and kissed her cheek
  • “Thank you for saving me”
  • “Of course, MC. I would never let them do anything to you”
  • The next following days, Jaehee had been watching each and every customer MC served like a hawk
  • And everytime there was someone remotely rude to her she was sure to come and give them a piece of their mind


  • They were at at disneyland celebrating their anniversary
  • MC loved the fact that Seven really does go out of his way when he really wants to
  • He was supposed to be working on something important but told her he would come on a condition that she would let him work sometime of the day while they were there
  • MC agreed because she understood the weight of his task 
  • So here they are, hand in hand struting along
  • They were having fun, playing games and riding different kinds of rides
  • MC loved taking pictures with the mascots
  • She especially loved taking pictures with mickey
  • He was actually very… clingy
  • But MC being oblivious paid no mind
  • He would link his arm around hers and they would walk together
  • Seven could almost feel the smirk behind the mask
  • They both kind of fought for MC
  • Mickey stayed with them for a duration of time and he would actually hold her hand
  • MC thought it was super cute 
  • Seven then decided to grab her other hand and kiss it, making her laugh by cracking some jokes
  • Then mickey bent down a bit and pointed at his cheek
  • MC kissed it
  • “That damn mouse, what is he doing with my girlfriend”
  • Seven then tried to drag her along to come to  another place but mickey came along with them, often dancing and getting cheek kisses from MC
  • Seven was fuming
  • He gave mickey the harshest glare he could muster and dragged MC away from him for good this time
  • Mickey created sad gestures as he skipped away
  • Seven breathed in relief
  • They spent a good amount of time after that until Seven told her he needed to work with the guilt on his face
  • MC gave his hand a little squeeze “It’s completely fine, I’m just going to play with the arcades here”
  • So Seven found a secluded place to stay and work but can’t help but feel something wrong at the back of his mind
  • After enconding some things, he got up to look for her
  • And lo and behold again it was mickey standing by her
  • This time with his mask off so he could see the man behind it
  • They were laughing as Seven came up to them and gripped her waist
  • Spinning her around he gave her a deep kiss
  • They were practicically were making out in front of mickey
  • He got so embarassed and apologized as he walked away
  • That’s right you mouse, get away from me my love 
  • “Seven! what are you doing!” MC asked in shock with her cheeks tinted red
  • He gave her a little peck on the lips 
  • “Just needed to show him who you belong to, I’ve always like goofy more than him anyways”


  • They were strolling by the bay, a little getaway for them
  • Saeyoung suggested an outing with just the three of them
  • Saeran was reluctant but the fact that MC would be there coaxed him into it
  • I mean he probably wouldn’t allow MC and Saeyoung to be alone
  • So here they are at a secluded bay Saeyoung found
  • Seyoung was back in their little campsite to give them some privacy because cmon he only wanted to have this outing to play cupid
  • So MC and Saeran walked, fingers brushing against the other
  • His cheeks were tinted a light pink because of their proximity
  • But when MC moved away Saeran slightly grumbled
  • She only stood atop of the mini wall that seperates the ground from the sea
  • Easy to fall over to the other side 
  • Saeran’s eyes widened a fraction 
  • “You idiot, get down”
  • MC pouted
  • “Aw why are you such a meanie, Saeran. Killing the fun”
  • “I”m not killing the fun, i’m serious get down from there”
  • “Get down from where? I can’t hear you”
  • She made faces and giggled 
  • As she was laughing, her footing stumbled and she shrieked as she was wobbling to get her balance
  • Saeran’s face darkened as he quickly got to her and yanked on her arm, pulling her and crashing unto him, making them both fall down
  • Saeran was hugging MC close to him, his heart racing at what could have been
  • MC was still in a state of shock and thought Saeran was mad at her
  • But when she found the gentle caress of his hands trembling, that’s when she knew he was terrified
  • “G-God MC you” His voice was laced with worry
  • MC bashfully faced him and looked down where she was fiddling with his shirt
  • “I’m sorry”
  • “You better be sorry. Look what could have happened if I didn’t!- You could have- Ugh” 
  • Saeran tightly held her in his arms again
  • “I don’t want to lose you”
  • MC held him tighter
  • “You won’t, I promise”
It’s Only Logical - Chapter One

Pairings: Logicality/Prinxiety

Warnings: Swearing, implied sexuality

Patton didn’t exactly know what he expected when he walked into the florist shop, but this definitely wasn’t it. The man who was presently looking at him with an impassive expression was…hot. Like, really hot. He was tall and slim, with hazel eyes peering curiously at him from behind black glasses and hair that had that effortlessly mussed look that either took five minutes or an hour. Well, if he didn’t get the job, he was definitely getting his number. Patton blinked twice before mentally slapping himself. He was here for a job, not a date!

“Yes, I am hiring. I need someone to assist with customer service, handle the cash register and take phone orders. If the correct candidate proved capable, I might consider allowing them to assist me with arrangements, propagation and landscape design. I presently have a six-man crew to assist with the landscaping arm of my business, but I am handling the shop and greenhouse alone. Do you have any experience?”

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Wrapped Around; pt. 3

Jimin x Reader x Tae // College!AU // 12264 words

Originally posted by minjiminieee

Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

Genre: Fluff, Smut

A/N: Man feels good to finally post this. Thanks for being patient ya dumplings (: ICYMI, there was a part 2.5 so check out part 2.5 before reading this!!!

Part 1 | Part 2Part 2.5 | Part 3.5


You were meant to be someone he’d use to get good grades and if all went according to plan, you were going to be a simple hump and dump but hell, he hadn’t even slept with you yet and he was already so hung up on you.

Your mind is all over the place, your hands shaking and your heart pounding but you try to push through. You pick up the next practice exam, exhaling deeply to get yourself to calm down but it doesn’t work. Glancing at the amount of work you had left to get done, you simply groan internally. You’re not sure what kind of luck it was to have 3 midterms in one week, each one a day after the other. Sighing, you set aside the papers for a while to unwrap the sandwich that was sat on your table.

You’ve put off sleep for a while now, not like you could really sleep to begin with but you get a maximum of 2-3 hours of sleep a day and it really was taking a toll on your body. Your anxiety interfered with everything from your ability to sleep to your ability to study. You distanced yourself from everyone you knew and that included Jimin, Solji and Hoseok. The library was basically your home now and you only returned to your dorm to shower and grab the books you needed. You chose to go back at odd times, making sure you would never bump into Jimin. The only person you saw from time to time was Taehyung when he’d drop by your desk to hand you a sandwich or a snack. You know every time he comes around, he had that look in his eyes. It was those puppy eyes, full with concern but he never asked you anything and you were glad.

He knew all of this well enough, having seen you done the same thing the previous semester as finals week approached. This time around though, he was slightly more concerned only because you still had 2 and a half weeks till finals but right now you already looked… for the lack of a better word, horrible. You often forget to eat meals when you’re stressed so he takes it upon himself to drop something off when he could. His heart hurt watching you abuse yourself but no matter what he did, he could never get you to stop and tell yourself that maybe you needed to take a breather or seek out help.

He remembers perfectly well the way you had snapped at him last semester when he pulled you out of the library to get you to wake up and see that your body wouldn’t be able to hold up if you continued.

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some saeran headcanons

general -

  • his favourite colour is a pale pink
  • his favourite flavour ice cream is strawberry
  • his favourite kind of weather is when it’s just about to rain
  • he’s left handed
  • his nervous habits include: 
    • fidgeting with his sleeve
    • picking his nails
    • scratching the back of his head/neck
    • biting his lip/inside of his cheek
  • his first crush after joining the RFA is Zen
  • when he moves his jaw from side to side he can make it click, and he finds the noise really satisfying
  • he prefers being barefoot
  • saying this, he always gets cold at night which means he has to wear socks or his feet get cold
  • he has trouble sleeping if there’s any kind of light in his room
  • he can’t put on weight no matter how hard he tries. he’s naturally really skinny
  • he has freckles but he doesn’t like them so he usually covers them with makeup
  • he always forgets to charge his phone at night
  • he’s awful at replying to texts partly because his phone is usually dead and partly because he just… doesn’t know what to say
  • animals love him. they’re always really friendly to him, even if they’re usually aggressive to other people, and he pretends to hate the attention whenever he meets a dog in the street/a stray cat comes over to him/etc but he actually loves it
  • he loves animated movies, and he watches them a lot because they’re simple and light and he feels like he missed out as a kid
  • going for walks helps with his anxiety, and his favourite time of day is sunset
  • he likes art and writing
  • it’s mostly just him pouring his emotions out onto paper, but a lot of it is actually really good
  • he’s amazing with colours, and he has two colouring styles: warm and soft or intense and emotional
  • his writing is simple. he always gets straight to the point with what he wants to say, and in a lot of ways that makes it stronger
  • rather than being a full on story, it’s usually nothing more than one or two verses of a poem, but it does its job

recovery -

  • the early stages of his recovery are rough to say the least
  • at first he’s filled with so much anger, but as soon as that starts fading he’s left with… not much else
  • he mostly just feels empty, and that makes way for depression
  • he goes through a phase of probably a good few months where he just doesn’t have motivation to do anything
  • he barely even gets out of bed, only moving to go to the bathroom, which isn’t often because he doesn’t eat or drink much
  • sometimes Saeyoung has to come and literally feed him because he’s just too depressed to move at all
  • he doesn’t shower or change his clothes very often either because he can’t find the motivation to try
  • his hair starts growing out because he barely has the energy to even brush it, let alone bleach it
  • but, gradually, with the persistence of his brother and the rest of the RFA, he starts getting a little better and realising that maybe he is worth something
  • it’s a long and messy process, and he has a lot of relapses
  • the night terrors probably stick with him for the rest of his life
  • as for the tattoo… how he feels varies
  • I think for the most part he’d ignore it. he’s used to it by now so it wouldn’t bother him all that much
  • but sometimes he’ll look at himself in the mirror and hate every inch of himself, especially the tattoo
  • during his breakdowns one of the things he almost always does is scratch at it as though he’s trying to tear it off his skin
  • I don’t think he’d get it removed, but I think it’s possible he’d get it covered over with something else
  • something peaceful, like flowers or clouds or nondescript swirls
  • probably something he’s designed himself because he wants this to be his 
  • I don’t think he’d ever move out of the bunker away from Saeyoung. he just never feels ready, and Saeyoung absolutely doesn’t mind (in fact, he encourages it)
  • if he ended up getting a job, it would be something simple like a florist because he likes nature a lot
  • he’d mostly work behind the scenes, because he still has trouble talking to people he doesn’t know
  • he’s trying his best to function properly and take care of himself, even if sometimes he feels like he’s not worth it
  • the RFA help him feel worth something, and for the first time in his life he starts feeling as though he truly belongs somewhere

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do you have any victor coming out headcanons? i love the ones you did for yuuri a while back ahhhh

Those are some of my favorite headcanons of all time. All these hc’s come from a personal place and are mostly based on my own coming out experience. While Yuuri’s was very fluffy i can’t help but feel Victor’s wasn’t as much. TW for slight homophobia/internalized homophobia.

(12-13) - First crush

The first time Victor gets a crush it’s on a cute boy whose staying with him+Yakov+Lilia from Moscow for nationals. He’s a year older than Victor, and doesn’t look at him like the prodigy of Russia. The day before he leaves Victor admits he likes him. The boy just hugs him and makes Victor promise he’ll win lots of gold medals. Victor never sees him again, but learns later from Yakov it was his last performance after an injury

(14-15) - Words

The first time Victor hears the word gay it’s from an older senior American skater laughing with his friends. He doesn’t know why his hands shake, his throat tightens, or why water bottles are so goddamn loud when they slam into the floor. Why the word sounds so sharp and final. He ends up winning a silver he’s so shaky, and when he sees the American skater again he shoved him “accidentally” into a wall with his shoulder. When Yakov makes him skate laps he clenches his fists the entire time.

(16) - Himself

Victor says “I’m gay” for the first time to Yakov’s bathroom mirror on New Years Eve tipsy on stolen glasses of champagne. He stares at the last dredges of childhood clinging through the thick of puberty. How the words pop out of his mouth, and how his tongue curls around the still unfamiliar syllables. Victor wakes up with his first hangover to Yakov AND Lilia vacuuming remarkable close to his bedroom.

(16 ½-17) - Yakov+Lilia

Victor tells Yakov during a 5 am practice, exhausted, and down on his knees gasping for air on the ice. Yakov stops the music and eyes him like he just spouted 3 heads. “You’re what?” “I said I’m gay.” “What does that have to do with you failing your triple flip?” “Nothing! Everything! I don’t know!” “…twenty laps to cool your head, and then we’ll talk…but this changes nothing.” 
Lilia just snorts in his face and tells him his free leg is disgusting. 

(18) The World

Victor comes out to the rest of the skaters slowly. A trickle of talking about prospective boyfriends, interesting dates, and pointing out guys he thinks are hot. Then a paparazzi follows him and a cute skater to a restaurant in China. They catch them holding hands+kissing in a booth. Victor watches the news with a weird mix of total numbness and overwhelming feeling.

Yakov gives him the choice of where to go from there and the resulting tell all article ends up memorized by a still realizing Yuuri Katsuki at 13-14 in Japan. 

(20s) - Acceptance

Victor is fully comfortable in his sexuality and more by the time he hits his 20s. He has a few relationships but most end before anything more serious than talking of moving in together happen. He goes to gay bars with friends, has half of the younger skaters come out to him routinely, and gets sent fan letters from young LGBT fans who look up to him. They stay in a drawer next to his bed for days when getting out of the bed seems a little extreme. 

(24) - The Florist

Victor’s first serious relationship happens when he meets a cute local florist in downtown Saint Petersburg. He laughs loudly, calls Victor pet names, holds his hand in a soft grip, and has never seen figure skating not even during the Olympics. They end things when Victor blows him off for 3 weeks straight because of training.

Christophe comes over, they drink, he cries, and when he meets The Florist again the next day. They talk for a long time about where it went wrong, the signs they ignored, and if it was possible to get back together. The next time Victor sees The Florist he has a thick diamond ring, and laughs while taking Victor’s orders for Roses for “Y. Katsuki.” 

(27-28) - Yuuri

The first Victor memorabilia that Yuuri willingly shows him (And isn’t found while looking under his bed for Makkachin’s favorite dog toy) is a wrinkled article with a photo of a barely 18 year old Victor gliding across the ice with multicolored blades sending rainbowed fractals across the ice behind him. “Making History” is the tile and its held together by tape and hope. Yuuri tells him how much the article helped him, and Victor clings to it because it’s the physical version of the letters in his drawer. 

They recreate the photo for the magazine following their marriage. Gold mixes nicely with rainbow. 

Who’s Bed

(gif credit to the creator)

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Song: Who’s Bed Have Your Boots Been Under - Shania Twain
Word Count: 1,586
Warnings: language, drinking, smut
A/N: This is my entry for @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid & @kitchenwitchsuperwhovian ‘s Diva’s of Storytelling challenge! My song was the song listed above and it’s one of my favorites and to me it just screams Dean. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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Winterhawk Mini Bang

Here it is folks all the works from the minibang! All the fics have art accompanying them. Take a look through these works and give the authors and artists some love. Please remember to check the archive warnings and be sure to read all the tags before you start reading.

Standby (T) Words: 2,387 by @mollynoble

Tags: AU - Modern Setting, Veteran Bucky, Veteran Clint, brief mention - anxitey

Clint and Bucky meet when they become trapped in an elevator. Clint is an idiot, but Bucky likes him anyways.

[Art] by @torii-storii

birdboy and grumpycat17 (T) Words: 2,020 by @varilia

Tags: Friends to Lovers, Interplanetary Travel, “The Space Between Us” AU

Clint was born on Mars. Only, like, two people on Earth know that, and his best– only– friend, James, is not one of them. When given the opportunity to visit Earth, and therefore James, Clint is eager to tell James the truth: about where he’s from, and the fluttery feelings that he gets whenever talking to James.

[Art] by @sian1359

Americana is for Lovers (M) Words: 8,232 by @ccbytheseashore

Tags: road trips, americana, sexual content, developing relationships, getting together

Please tell me you are still alive, read Steve’s text.
In Virginia, Bucky replied.
The hell are you doing in Virginia?
Would you believe me if I said trying to find a foam sculpture of Stonehenge?
Tony said to make sure his car comes back in once piece. Please don’t shoot each other.

Clint and Bucky set off on an adventure to find an infamous work of Americana history, but find literally everything else (including love, and a Magic Fingers) instead.

[Art] by @bvckyboy

My Depths for You (M) Words: 7,287 by @shellsxo

Tags: Domestic Fluff; Domestic!Bucky; Domestic!Clint; Anniversary

Somewhere down the line, Bucky Barnes had become the sun, and Clint’s life had begun revolving around him. Neither had expected their feelings to become so strong, to grow in strength or in depth. But it had.

Lilac Alstroemeria Aster (T) Words: 7,303 by @jenjo93

Tags: No powers AU. Bucky works at a flower shop; Clint is a human disaster by day, vigilante by night

On the surface, Clint Barton shares nothing with Bucky Grant, the cute florist he helped save from thieves. Bucky has a business, owns more than one outfit, and looks to have a stable life. Worlds away from Clint’s drama-filled past. Bucky being kidnapped reminds Clint why he doesn’t put his heart on the line anymore.

[Art] by PlaidHunters

Edge of our Hope (T) Words: 5,956 by @punxbarton

Tags: Pacific Rim AU, mention of past character death, mention of past loss of limb

Nobody wonders whether Clint and Bucky are drift compatible. They clearly are. Which is the problem, since Clint already has a drift partner, and Bucky can’t ever pilot again. Well, it’s the problem for some people. Not for them. Never for them.

[Art] by @bizrreer

Still Breathing (T) Words: 8,241 by @victorianbreaker

Tags: Canon-typical Violence, vague Mentions of suicidal thoughts, blood

Clint just wanted to get away. He didn’t want to hurt any one. But he keeps seeing blue…I dodged a bullet and I walked across a landmine / Oh, I’m still alive / Am I bleeding am I bleeding from the storm? / Just shine a light into the wreckage, so far away, away…‘Cause I’m still breathing / 'Cause I’m still breathing on my own / My head’s above the rain and roses / Making my way away / My way to you

[Art] by @theassassinhawk

Not Such a Risk (M) Words: 3,311 by @aw-hawkeye-no

Tags: Dom/Sub, Bondage, dom!Clint, sub!Steve, Sub!Bucky

“Buck, I gotta ask – are you here of your own free will, or did Clint kidnap you and force you to watch Dog Cops?” Steve smirked as he glanced from Bucky to Clint.“Hey!” Clint objected just as Bucky said, “Bit of column A, bit of column B.”Clint huffed indignantly. “As I remember it, I was minding my own business when you barged in here and started questioning my eating habits.”

Or, Clint has been acting as Steve’s and Bucky’s dom for weeks now, but the three of them have never done a scene together.

[Art](nsfw)by @xbittenx

Save Me. (T) Words: 4,867 by @hodginsismylife

Tags:  Not Captain America: The Winter Soldier Compliant, Swearing, Canon-Typical Violence.

Clint Barton just wanted an easy recovery after being braiwashed, he didn’t want to be kidnaped by HYDRA, he didn’t ask for any of this.

[Art] by @marvel-4-life

How to Mate Your Cyborg (G) Words: 2,092 by @nightshadezombie

Bucky and Hagrid spend every Tuesday and Thursday morning at the Midnight Roast, studying and sampling Wade’s questionable baked goods. And maybe pining over Wade’s Other Favorite Cyborg. BTW, Wade totally ships it, guys.

[Art] by fitzz106

 The deals you  made (T) Words: 6,321 by @aijja

Tags: Canon-Typical Violence, Implied/Referenced Torture, AU-Canon Divergence, Fae & Mythical Beings

Bucky is ten when he meets a boy who helps him win a prize for Steve. There’s handshake to agree to a contract, due sometime in the future. They never meet again. Or at least, Bucky doesn’t remember it.

AKA. Don’t make deals with people who appear from thin air.

[Art] by @sian1359

Through the Streets of Long Gone Dreams (T) Words: 10,937 by @rivulet027

Tags: Nightmares, PTSD, Recovering Memories

Bucky’s having trouble sleeping until Lucky decides to adopt him. Now Bucky isn’t sure if he’s sleeping better because of a dog or the archer that comes with the dog.

[Art] by @placna

This Is Where We Start Again (G) Words: 3,377 by @jeminamoonnight

Tags: Kidfic, Accidental baby acquisition, body dysphoria, deaf!Clint

When Clint brings home a baby and wants to keep her, Bucky must confront his  lingering body issues and whether or not he’s ready for the challenges of parenthood. 

[Art] by @fee-does-band-art

Empyrean (T) Words: 2,694 by @icantseemtomiss

Tags: Minor violence, mentions of past abuse. Alternate Universe- Greek,Mythology.

There’s plenty of things you get taught how to handle; like your pet hamster dying, or your girlfriend breaking up with you. But no-one ever teaches you how to handle the Greek god, Apollo, attaching himself to your soul.

[Art] by @pathulu

I Slept With An Assassin and Now I Have Feelings (T) Words: 3,911 by @useless-empty-brain

Tags: Canon-Typical Violence, mentions of brainwashing, getting together.

Years ago Clint and the Winter Soldier are given the same target and meet. Instead of eliminating the competition, the Soldier is intrigued by the disaster who beat him to the target. Through years of mind wipes disjointed images of blond and arrows keep coming back. When he breaks the mind control permanently, he wants to find Steve and the guy who kept sneaking around Hydra’s mind wipes.

[Art] by @mariana-oconnor

Like That Counting Crows Song (T) Words: 4,643 by @madetobeworthy

Tags: No Warnings, fluff, mutual healing, slow burn but it forgot to be slow

Clint’s life is a series of unfortunate events that somehow peaked at his apartment getting blown up. Bucky doesn’t really want to get caught up in his mess, but it’s hard to avoid the homeless guy sleeping on your couch when all you want to do is watch Netflix.

[Art] by @girlouttaplace

Springfield (T) Words: 1,779 by @precise-desolation

Tags: Slow build, Service dogs, PTSD

There was a man who walked  his dog every morning in the park where Clint went for his run.  Of course, Clint knew that was perfectly normal.  It was the dog’s service animal vest that caught his attention.  He had the guy figured for ex-military, he just hadn’t figured him for the Winter Soldier, the ghost sniper.  Or, well, former Winter Soldier.  It was a spur of the moment decision to buy the guy a coffee from the stand they both frequented.  He had wanted to ask about the dog.  He didn’t expect that it would become anything more.

[Art] by @mollynoble

Words Left Unsaid (M) Words: 2,067 by @i-will-always-kneel-for-smut

Tags: Swearing, Not Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Compliant, Not Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie) Compliant

Clint agreed to an afternoon sparring session with Natasha. Little did he know that by the end of the day he’d be responsible for a former Hydra agent…and one of Steve Rogers oldest friends.

[Art] by @meesedraw

The Barton-Barnes shelter of abandoned animals (G) Words: 1,960 by @asamandra

Tags: barton farm, clint and his strays

For once it’s not Clint who brings in another stray… and Clint is not amused when he finds out what kind of stray it is.

[Art] by @aw-hawkeye-no

As Lucky Would Have It. (T) Words: 6,698 by @dapperanachronism

Tags: Fluff, Angst, Get-Together, Anxiety, Lucky is the best dog,

He tells himself a lot of things. Things like he’s not a burden, things like he’s getting better, things like he’s awake in the middle of the night by choice, just because he enjoys prowling around the tower at night when it’s quiet. It’s the truth, if not the whole truth. What is also the truth is how much he enjoys finding Clint curled up on the living room floor next to a scruffy dog that Bucky knows doesn’t live in the tower with them.

[Art] by @placna

Just a Fool (Whose Luck Has Turned) (E) Words: 4,965 by @words-aremy-weapons

Tags:  Second-hand embarrassment

Clint makes a fool of himself over the comms during a mission, going into vivid detail of everything he feels for Barnes. Embarrassment makes him hide away, until Barnes forces him to come clean about everything.

[Art] by  PlaidHunters

Strike at the Heart of (T) Words: 20,528 by @captn-sara-holmes

Tags: Canon Divergence - Post-Avengers (2012), Clint Barton Feels, Everyone Has Issues, unhealthy platonic relationships, Trust Issues, Emotional Manipulation, Angst and Humor, BAMF Clint Barton, Mind Games. Mind Control, Yasha, STRIKE!Clint, Clint is actually fine, psychological evaluations are not for everyone

The Avengers think he’s traumatized, Fury thinks he needs a break, Natasha wants him to recover. Well, screw those guys. Clint is going to go and make some new friends that appreciate how badass and competent and not-messed-up-after-Loki he is. It goes great, until it doesn’t.

[Art] by @cratercreator

The Broken and The Brave (T) Words: 5,892 by @somnambulist-x

Clint Barton is acquitted after killing the Hulk.No, after killing Bruce Banner.After killing his friend.And Bucky could understand Barton’s next move and as the archer left the city and drove west in his disastrous Dodge Challenger, Bucky grabbed his backpack, hopped on his bike and followed him.He wasn’t going to stop Barton, he wasn’t going to catch him and bring him back…He was simply going with.

[Art] by @mollynoble

5 Times an archer walked into a bar (And one time the bar came to him) (T) Words: 1,553 by @adamsgirl42

Twist on the film "He’s just not that into you”

[Art] by @bizrreer

Dog Cops, Pickpockets, and Love, Oh my! (E) Words:3,634 by PlaidHunter

Tags: sex, blow jobs, rimming, cute dog cops, star wars

“I stole your wallet because I was desperate for money a few years ago and I’ve finally gotten my life under control but the guilt hasn’t left me because you looked like a really sweet person so I went to the address on your driver’s license to return it and apologize but when you answered the door you took one look at me and shouted, “YOU!” and punched me in the face!“

[Art] by @fadesealcat

Five dates Bucky didn’t realize he went on, and the one he planned himself (T) Words: 11,750 by @redsector-a

Tags: Oblivious Bucky, Slow Build Romance, Bucky Feels, Clint is a good boyfriend (even when Bucky doesn’t know he’s his boyfriend), Steve Rogers is a Good Bro, Fluff

To say that Bucky was surprised when Clint kissed him was an understatement. But it was nothing compared to the shock he felt when he learned they’d been dating for months without him realizing it. Clint gets whisked away for a mission before they have time to talk and Bucky is left to figure things out on his own - hindsight being 20/20 he can’t help but wonder how he missed things the first go around.

Okay so a Bender AU and I’m really tired so Imma just go through the basics:

Shiro’s a metalbender, uses metal in place of his arm and bends it like that. He keeps dragon fire in it to keep it malleable and easier for him to bend it since he offically has one hand and stuff. He can shape it to whatever and yes he’s used it to cut butter once.

Keith’s a firebender ofc, hc that he’s stricken with dragon fire (plus him being like half dragon don’t ask me how that happened) so he overheats sometimes .(There’s a whole sob story background with him but I’m tired so that’s for later) He travels/lives with Shiro (They’re brothers maybe blood related maybe adopted I don’t fucking know you pick but they’re brothers in some way, shape, or form.)

Lance is a waterbender ofc, he’s pretty proficient as a healer and is also a wicked blood bender but since they’re hella feared he pretty much keeps to himself in the woods. Him and Allura are siblings because I need me some of them sibling relationships amiright? Also owns a lionbear? Like the polarbear dog but lion??? Lion bear dog? Lion Bear Dog.

Allura is a botanist in her village/city (I don’t even know) and she carries around a spirit tree seed and cares for it until it’ll be big enough and safe enough to plant with no interference, which won’t be for a few more decades. Her hair is white because she was blessed by a goddess or some Yue shit like that. She’s a pretty powerful waterbender and uses her bending to help care for the plants under her charge. She’ll visit Lance depending on if he tells her where he lives this time jfc.

Pidge is a metalbender, she was messing around with spirit vines and metal and made Rover which is pretty much a sentient floating hunk of metal at this point. She visits Lance sometimes when she can find him but usually stays near Hunk and Allura who all live in the same city/village I guess.

Hunk is an earthbender/lavabender, he has a pet golem dog type creature that I was too out of it to draw. He’s got the hots for the local earthbender girl that helps out at the botanist/florist shop. He usually helps Pidge out with whatever they need since she’s short af and doesn’t patronize her by picking her up but instead makes little stairs for her.

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What kind of texter do you think Hannibal is?

OKAY SO I’m standing by this dispatch from the Department of Headcanon Sciences , which had posited that Hannibal has Aesthetic Concerns about a lot of modern technology including texting, but he also realizes that for practical reasons he needs to be able to use it, so sure, Hannibal will text.  He would RATHER hand-write a missive in calligraphy with his fountain pen (and if you think he hasn’t experimented with ink made from or with blood, then you’re wrong, because he has definitely done that), but he’ll text when the occasion calls for it.

When he does text, he has two modes.  Standard Texting Mode when communicating with colleagues is full-sentences, punctuation, proper grammar, basically just writing but in text message format. Like, even Jack Fucking Crawford has learned to use the occasional acronym to save a few precious seconds out in the field, but not Hannibal, he will type out “For your information” as if he’s getting paid by the letter to compose his text messages.  

His other mode is short, practical texting for communicating with his caterer, florist, etc.  He still can’t bring himself to use acronyms, but he’ll reluctantly ditch the full sentences and occasionally even skimp on punctuation/capitalisation, to get the business transaction accomplished.  Polite, but brief and without the more formal social niceties that he’d prefer.

Or at least, that’s how it was, before Abigail Hobbs happened to him.

See, the thing is, when you’re keeping a semi-brainwashed teenage girl all on her own out in the middle of nowhere while you work and live in the city, you end up needing to communicate a lot.  Abigail needed things, or needed to let him know something was broken, or he needed to check in and make sure her brainwashing was still holding strong, or to confer with her about what he should cook for Will, or what have you.  And Abigail?  Abigail was a teenage girl with a highly developed vocabulary of emojis, slang, and acronyms.

Which is to say that after a while, Hannibal got fairly good at deciphering her strings of what had seemed like random gibberish at first, but were actually requests for him to bring up some groceries, a book to read written in the past decade unlike his own library, a new pair of hiking boots, etc.

He never liked it, but really, speaking Abigail’s own language to her was a reasonably simple way to build rapport and keep her happy. So he picked it up and developed a third language, the speaking-with-a-close-family-member-in-acronyms-and-emoji language that he’d never had cause to develop before.  

All of which culminates at some point long after the cliff dive.  Picture: Hannibal Lecter roaming a market in Havana and sending Will a string of emojis that was meant to be a simple inquiry about whether Will would like him to bring him some eggplant for dinner.

I will let you decide how much of a crack headcanon this is, and whether Will either gently explains to Hannibal the double entendre purpose of the eggplant emoji, or just sends him a damn dick pic which causes him to drop his phone in the middle of the market, and then go scrambling for it before anyone else can pick it up and see what was clearly meant for Hannibal’s eyes alone.

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Oh my goodness, I've read your pregnancy stories and OMG they're so good, you're such a talented writer. I need another one ASAP!!


“like a bunny ear.” Hunter mumbled over a mouth full of goldfish as Betty tied the shoelaces of his tiny black converse.

“Very good bug,now hop on up like a bunny and let’s head to the park ”

He leaped from the bed and into his mothers arms as she pulled him tighter into her chest laughing.

She held his hand as they walked down the streets of Riverdale, he was a little wobbly on his feet and he always stopped to pick the dandelions, growing up in a florists shop he had a very unique appreciation for nature, something absolutely endearing.

After a very interesting conversation with a bumblebee the pair finally arrived at the park, Betty pulled out her baby bag and handed Hunter his fake tool kit, sending him off to play on the soft grass as she pulled out her newest novel. She glanced up, making sure the dark haired toddler was near by before tucking her feet under her body and adjusting the cotton, yellow baby doll dress.

“Still reading Judy Blume huh?”

Betty squinted in the sun, staring suprised at Jughead as he stood nervously before her, his hands stuffed into his leather jacket and a toothpick hanging loosely from his mouth.

“Hunter loves her, he makes me read from one of her books every night.” She pat the seat beside her on the bench and he slowly slid beside her.

“He likes to read?” His eyes were trained on the little boy pretending to hammer a fake nail into the grass, Betty watched Jugheads profile, watched the way his eyes traced every moment his son made, almost memorizing him.

“Well he’s two so he’s not doing much reading, he is however, a fantastic listener. And you should hear him at story time. He babbles and babbles.” Her eyes shone with pride and Jughead smiled.

“He’s smart, figures. What does he do for fun? What about eating? He eats good?” He spoke quickly, his hands moving rapidly.

Betty laughed, placing her hands over his to stop them from moving so spastically.

“Everything he does is fun, look at him, he’s a bundle of energy. And as for eating, he most definitely takes after his father in that aspect, the kid is never full.”

Jughead felt the familiar tug in his heart as he smiled fondly at the little boy before turning his eyes back to Betty
“And you? You’re eating enough?” His eyes bore into hers “I know that when you’re overwhelmed you sometimes.. you forget to eat.”

Betty swallowed, of course he remembered,

“Don’t worry about me.” She threw her hands lazily in the air.

Suddenly she felt familiar fingers wrap around her chin and stormy blue eyes met meadow green.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t worry about you, it doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing. I’ll always worry about you.” His voice was scratchy and thick with emotion.

“I know how that feels.” Betty whispered back, his face inching closer and closer, until their foreheads rested against each other and her eyelashes were brushing his. He inhaled shakily and cupped her cheeks with both of his hands, inhaling the familiar peaches and cream, that was purely Betty.

“Bets..” he whispered, pressing into her forehead

“Juggie” she breathed.

Their lips were moments away from touching before a tiny hand reached up and tugged on the denim of Jugheads jeans. Both the adults looked down at the smiling face of Hunter Jones.

“Hi.” His eyebrow was raised and it was abundantly clear who this child’s father was, Jughead reached down and lifted him onto his lap, smiling when the little boy cuddled into him instantly.

“Hi hunter. It’s nice to see you again.” He looked into the dark green eyes and knew right then and there that he would never let anything happen to his son, he would never leave his family again. No matter what.

“Hi” he repeated, resting his head on Jugheads chest.

“He likes you.” Betty’s soft voice came from his right.

“I love him” jughead cleared his throat, staring adoringly at the toddler who was dozing off on his chest and it all felt too natural.

“He’s just tired, last night was movie night. He doesn’t understand much of the movie but you can bet he stays up through them.” She snorted.

Jughead rubbed Hunters back and looked into Betty’s eyes
“What day is tonight?”

Betty rubbed her hands together and grinned
“Well Mr.Jones, tonight is pizza night. Our very favorite night.”

He smiled at her enthusiasm
“Sounds like fun.”

Betty bit her lip,
“You can come if you’d like. It might be good for Hunter to get to know you, that is if you’re staying.”

Squeezing the little boy with one arm, he reached his other to grip Betty’s hand

“I’m not going anywhere. Never again.”

Staring into each other’s eyes, years of hurt and pain and abandonment seeped through but one thing that was always constant was the love they shared. Sitting together on the park bench they looked like the kind of families you read about in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, what they didn’t know was that a storm was coming.

And he was taking no prisoners.

Probable Fear Of Abandonment

Pairing: Sam x reader
Characters: Sam, Dean, the reader
Warnings: injured!reader, hospitals, swearing, angst
Request: The reader and the Winchesters have hunted together for years, but when the reader is hospitalized and the Winchesters have to go save the world they leave her behind. The plan was for the separation to be temporary, but when the reader wakes up earlier than the doctors thought she would and sees the Winchesters gone, she thinks they left her. So, with both her heart and a few bones broken. she moves on with her life and starts hunting solo. Years later, fate will bring the three of them together again. On an impossible hunt, not only will the reader see her ex-boyfriend, Sam, but his brother again too! 
A/N: Hey guys, sorry I’ve been really inactive lately I’ve had a lot on my plate:( But anyways, I really hope you enjoy this one- I put a ton of work into it because I feel really bad for being so inactive! <3
Tag list:  @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@padackles2010@mamaredd123@milkymilky-cocopuff@iwantthedean@zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat@spntrista @d-s-winchester@just-another-busy-fangirl@winchesterprincessbride@waywardjoy@supernaturalyobsessed@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sandlee44@fangirl1802@kittenofdoomage@evyiione@winchestersmut@purgatoan@mogaruke@therewillbeblood@megansescape@taste-of-dean@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala@deathtonormalcy56@wildfirewinchester@notnaturalanahi@jensen-jarpad@impalaimagining@fangirlextraordinaire@itseverythingilike@jesspfly@love@mysteriouslyme81@mrswhozeewhatsis@aiaranradnay@supernatural-jackles@girl-next-door-writes @spnsasha @27bmm @spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@spn-imagines-to-feel@spn-ficfanatic@cleverdame@saxxxology@jensen-jarpad@keepcalmandcarryondean gabriels-trix 

You didn’t want it to end the way it did, with you passed out in a hospital bed and the Winchesters driving off to God knows where in the Impala. They’d left you, but it didn’t make any sense. Sam was in love with you, and Dean was your best friend- or so you thought- so why would they leave? 

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