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WOW IM BACK - about fanart!

for those who don’t know i actually hit post limit trying to reblog long exposure fanart/content to a new fanblog?? post limit is like 250 i think. thats SO MUCH STUFF YOU GUYS MAKE FOR ME WTF 💕

so that poll- the popular vote was actually to “keep everything on this blog”, but reading the responses i think “make a blog for fanart” had a better argument. some people can’t blacklist the “art for me” tag for various reasons, and felt my blog was getting a little cluttered/overwhelming with all the fanwork. while on the other side’s opinion, reblogging fanart here was good because it boosted lesser-known artists work to give them (heh) exposure

so i’m gonna try for a compromise

i made a blog specifically for fanart and other fan-made long exposure content:


…instead of reblogging fanart here from now on, it will be reblogged there. please follow that blog to continue seeing all the amazing fanart made by really sweet artists!!!!!

HOWEVER i will continue to reblog one piece of fanwork once a week as a sort of special feature! (”fanart feature fridays” maybe??) does that sound ok?? i’ll still tag it with “art for me” and “not my art” in case anyone wants to blacklist it (unless you’re on mobile- then you’re kinda out of luck sorry..) 


the markiplier community

fanblogs: 90% discourse, 10% nutting because of marks arms/shoulders/etc

art blogs: listen i just want to get noticed once, what do i gotta do? yeah whatever i’m gonna sell my soul to get noticed seeya

shipping/sin blogs: but like,, imagine Mark x Alaska Thunderfuck! Wouldn’t they be cute? hey my crackships are justified fuck you

septiplier specific blogs: they were in the same building for like, 2 days! they probably fucked!!! felix probably joined them! oh he wasnt there? LET ME THEORIZE! UGH! WHY DO YOU ALL HATE ME?

amy blogs: i just want mark and peebles to be happy ;-;

20 Questions

Hi guys! So I was tagged for this 20 Questions thing by both @gametheoristunite and @doodledee-doodleda across this and my main blog (@itsactuallythebestok) so here we go :]

Name: Genevieve

Nickname: Gen or Gwen

Zodiac Sign: Taurus! I’m also gonna put my Myers Briggs, which is INTJ

Height: 5′ 6″

Orientation: Straight

Ethnicity: Irish and Italian with some German. I.e PALE AS HELL

Favorite Fruit: Uuuhmmm Apples. Specifically Macintosh.

Favorite Season: Spring! The best feeling is when you go outside expecting it to be wintry cold and its nice and warm :3

Favorite Flower: A scarlet red rose, please :)

Favorite Scent: I’m in between on grassbeds by a lake and the salty air near Montauk’s beaches…

Favorite Color: Dark or deep purple! I do find lavender nice, just not on as many occasions.

Favorite Animal: The Hummingbird Moth!

Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa: Hot chocolate dude are you kidding me

Average Sleeping Hours: Around 8 actually. Always prioritize you’re health friends!

Cat or Dog Person: DOGGOS. I love cats but they’re not around to cuddle as much, and DEFINITELY don’t play fetch as much…

Favorite Fictional Character: Uhhh… I don’t really have one? I do really like Piper from Fallout 4, Sansa in Game of Thrones, Nancy in Stranger Things and Iron Man in the MCU though :D

Number of Blankets: One quilt.

Number of Followers: 322, and YES I am planning on doing something for you guys, possibly showing off some art that I was working on (although it’s not really gtlive related nor good haha)

I will tag @meowroaring @trykster-maraca @fangirl-emo-blogger @farores-oak-tree @gardanana @the-geeky-spider @gamingwillow @graywonders @sketchtie @of-music-and-theories @doodlinjaz @happysquid @alexis-dimit

If you guys have already done this/don’t feel like doing it, do not feel pressured to do so! And once again thanks to everyone who tagged me in this! :D

@lillelester taggged my main but im gonna do it on this blog bc new 

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 20 followers you would like to get to know better!

Name: Brittany Hutz

Nicknames: Britt

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 5′10 im lanky af

Orientation: panromatic asexual c:

Ethnicity: American( white???)

Favorite Fruit: strawberries, watermelon, apples, ahhhh

Favorite Season: summer and fall

Favorite Book: Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban to be specific but generally all the HPs

Favorite Flowers: daffodils 

Favorite Scent: freshly dyed hair, Paris amour from B&BW

Favorite Color: blues and purples

Favorite Animal: Hedgehogs & dogs

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: ‘ll take tea over any drink but i love all 3 

Average Sleep Hours: who is she??

Cat or Dog Person: dogs 100/10

Favorite Fictional Character: The weasley twins, the maruaders minus peter (yes im still bitter), lily potter,  lisa simpson, !!newt scamander!!

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 1-2 

Ideal Trip: either back to germany or just to explore the USA

Tagging: @ratinof, @snugglyhowell, @dangoghs, @plantpotphil

just a reminder

i am not obligated to fulfill every request i get! i will not do a request and delete it if:

  1. you are rude during the request, trust me it happens
  2. you constantly message me about the request (i currently have 38 in my inbox and im taking my time with them bc i still have school and work)
  3. its a repeat of something ive already done, please check your characters tag on my blog to see what has already been done! 
  4. if its like “do more weiss” idk what to do so im not gonna do it, please be specific with what you want!

please understand im human and not some request taking machine lol

Possibly my only tagged post

Having been part of Deviantart for years I kinda grew tired of doing tagged posts there, but eh, thought I’d do this specific tag just this once. You won’t most likely see any more of these. This will work as letting anyone curious know a bit more about myself as well. Tagged by @50cyg

Don’t worry, this blog will still stay Digimon oriented :) Might make a side blog for other fandoms or own ramblings, or own art. Who knows. Right now, just digimon ;D

Rules: choose 10 different fandoms and pinpoint your favorite character from each one, then tag 10 more people. I’m not gonna tag anyone. Plus not sure if I actually have 10 fandoms hm. Answers under the cut.

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eloquentspeeches  asked:

3, 10, and 14! I'm sorry I don't know your OCs well enough to pick one so I guess, you get to pick who answers these questions???

Hello there friend! I haven’t talked about My OCs a lately (mostly just reblog stuff into their tag lol) but here is a full list [Link]

I decided on Vael, the choatic flirt to answer these.

3. What kind of video games would they play? Any specific titles?
    Dating Sims, not gonna lie. Probably Dragon Age and the Sims as well. 

10. What’s their favorite time of day?
       She doesn’t really have one?? I guess nighttime though for the sake of picking one

14. If your OC owned a Tumblr blog, what kind of content would they post?
      Well friend I picked Vael just because of this question because as it turns out, she does have her on blog! It’s an inspiration blog for her and [Link] I think it’s pretty cool. Turns out she blogs about wine, ballet, clothing/makeup, and relationship posts.

Ask Game Thingy!

I was tagged like a month ago by @shieth! I am so late for this OTL I saw it and was like “I’ll do that later!” and just…never got around to it >.

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 20 (or less.. or none.. or.. all ??) blogs you want to get to know better!

Nickname: Most people just go with Jess, though a small handful of people call me Jessie. Either one works for me.

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 5′1″ I am so short :’(

Time right now: 1:37 AM whoops

Last thing you googled: What time the Worksource in my area opens. Not gonna give the specific city, sorry!

Fave music artist: Hnnn I have so many I like!!! I really love Florence + the Machine so I guess that’s my answer/

Song stuck in my head: Victorious by Panic! at the Disco

Last movie I watched: Deadpool! I’ve been trying to get my boyfriend to watch it for ages and I was finally successful!

Last TV show I watched: Uhh…for my own enjoyment? Probably S2 of Voltron. Otherwise it was Little Einsteins because I was babysitting for a friend and having that show on is, like, one of the only ways to make that kid take a nap.

What I’m wearing right now: Comic book print PJ pants that I stole from my best friend, an Iron Man t-shirt, and one of my boyfriend’s sweaters.

When I created this blog: August 2012 but didn’t really post much until December that same year.

The kind of stuff I post: A clusterfuck of everything tbh. At the moment it’s mostly Voltron, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Fairy Tail, and One Piece.

Do I do asks regularly: I try to, this one just slipped my mind ^^;

Why did i choose my URL: Because Shiro freaking deserves happiness damnit! Let the boy be happy!

Gender: Female

Hogwarts house: Huffleclaw; right on the line between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw

Pokemon team: In Pokemon GO I’m team Instinct but if this is referring to the other games then my dream team is Blastoise, Umbreon, Pidgeot, Dragonite, Ampharos, and Ninetails!

Favorite color: Red, black, purple, and blue because I refuse to pick one

Favorite characters: Like…of all time? Uhhh…..I literally can’t pick that. I can’t. I think if I had to pick a few then it’d be Sanji (One Piece), Erza (Fairy Tail), Shiro (Voltron), and Fenris (Dragon Age 2)

Dream job: I really like Archaeology and Anthropology and Greek mythology so maybe something to do with one of those? I have no idea what it would actually be lol

Number of blankets: Now that I sleep with my boyfriend, just two - a light sheet and a comforter. Some nights I can forgo blankets altogether because he’s like a furnace lmao. Before, when I slept on my own, I was too cheap to buy blankets so I just had a fluffy throw blanket my mom got for me.

Followers: 599 as of right now, but it’s been fluctuating by about three every few days and it’s a little frustrating >.

I tag: @renkakirai, @pushpullds, @sexuallyfrustrateddolphin, and @bokhooto-kotaro. You guys don’t have to do this if you don’t want to!

Block List

Because of fandom fuckery, I have often had to block certain bloggers, especially being in the Beth/Bethyl/TD corner of the fandom. This is a masterpost of blogs to block. It will include blogs that have targeted my specific corner and blogs I’ve seen attack other parts of the fandom. Some blogs are on the list because their anti-whatever posts end up in the tags on mobile even when untagged. If I can, I will link posts to other warning posts that have receipts and/or more information on particular blogs, and I definitely have receipts for untagged anti-posts that appear on mobile.

A blog does not end up in my block for having a different opinion. I don’t care what you ship, I care what you say about other shippers and bloggers. All of this is to protect my and my followers’ emotional/mental health.

Update: a line through the list indicates it has been updated, so you know where to look for new blogs.

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i need more anime blogs to follow, so

if you post

  • free! (specifically rinharu, no sourin or makoharu)
  • haikyuu!!
  • magi
  • snk (no ereri, erejean preferred)
  • durarara!!
  • knb
  • tokyo ghoul
  • atla & tlok (not technically anime but w/e)

please reblog this so i can follow you!

It’s about time that I finally talk about fan taken picture editors. Let me just say before hand that my disapproval of editing pictures doesn’t reflect any judgement on people’s characters or mean I hate those who do it. I have no desire on spending my days trying to convince them to stop but I’m not here to defend anyone, only to express my personal opinion. 

Most of us know by now that a lot fan sites state specially to not edit picture or crop out logos and fans with at least a little common courtesy respect the photographer’s rules because they are kind enough to provide us with these pictures. I don’t know if some people realize but their rules matter. Saying they shouldn’t post them if they don’t want them to be edited is such a poor excuse. The fault is not in the photographer who spend hours of their time, hundreds of dollars and are gracious enough to share these photos with others. If it was up to me, I’d also like editors to not have rules and allow fans to edit pictures however they want but it’s not. It’s not up to anyone else's saying either. I see this kind of thrift as a greed for attention, notes and followers.

Maybe you’ve lived in a first world country for so long that you think everyone needs to cater to your desires but please understand, they don’t. If your doing made no effects other than angering others doesn’t make you show signs of remorse, then no one would care that you are failing at trying to defend your actions. However, it’s not all about you but I don’t expect you to care about the entire fandoms who are at threat of less resources because of people like you.  Rules exist no matter how much you don’t want to follow them. In fact, your refusal is childish and irresponsible and it makes me question your morals. 

The fact that you bluntly insult those who disagree with you also displays just how self-centered you are, insisting they are the one who are wrong and trying to bring followers into the matter. It’s not about them. It’s about you who are disregarding all voices of reason and trying to justify what you’re doing with “yolo”. I’m not sure if you’re aware of just how pitiful you sound. I’m not okay with you stalking my friends’ twitters and trying to find bad things to say about them and calling them names when they are right about you being fan taken pictures editors and how rude you are to a lot of people. It marvels me how you are not only extremely ungrateful to these fans who share photos with us but also straight forwardly disrespectful to them. Do you even think about how they feel? After all the efforts they make, all they ask is proper credit and no editing and maybe they’ve even cried about people like you. 

It’s never too late to stop editing them and just stick to editing official pictures. The entire kpop fandom is insane enough without you rulebreakers being stubborn and immature. I hold nothing personally with anyone, in fact some of my friends do edit fan take pictures, but I don’t want you guys to think my silence on the matter is equal to my support. I very well could have just wasted my time because some of these people just don’t want to listen, not even when people kindly ask them to stop. I enjoy photographers’ pictures of my biases and favorite groups and I don’t want them to stop sharing them but if that’s what it takes for the message to get through to you, then I hope that the day they decide to stop sharing them, they make a list of editors who have caused them to stop and include you. 

So I was gonna do a big ol’ rant about how call-out culture on tumblr, specifically the portion that seems to have zeroed in on Rebornica and their friends, but that doesn’t deserve a full-blown essay. Plus I’d have to dig around Newbornica and christtalksproblomaticblogs gross-ass blogs of hypocrisy. So have this piece of shit instead.

anti-Rebornica people: Rebornica is so problomatic, look at all the bullshit they do! *stalks their friend’s blogs, sends hate and death threats to the meme/dream team, talks shit about the meme/dream team in their tags, edit screenshots, omit part of conversations/stories to make them look bad, misgender them, act like pronouns are something you have to earn, spread lies, talk shit about the mods of the stream, leak Rebornica’s IP address, leak Rebornica’s personal information, blame someone’s suicide on them and threaten to call the police, get involved in drama involving Rebornica and then say that Rebornica shouldn’t get involved in drama, post highly triggering images in the tag, and then act like they did nothing wrong*

Rebornica and their fanbase: *Get upset about it and fight back*

Anti-Rebornica people: See! Our point exactly!

For the color expansion gen1 boom...

Here’s how we’re gonna tag on this blog as far as new colors go:

+ #NEWCOLORS if it includes any of em
+ #xyz (rosemaroonobsidian etc) for the color combos so people can look for them (see THIS post)
+ will also tag the specific colors not as a clump

Will be using the queue because I’m sure there will be so many posts I don’t want to flood everyone’s dash!

tags following for this blog:

#gen1 sales
#gen one sales
(feel free to tag @genone911 or SUBMIT to us as well)

Will also be checking the colorwheel liveblogging tag & any other tags so I don’t miss the chance to help people sell & find their gen1 kids.

G:KND not a prank - but also not confirmed

… actually, I’m gonna make that post now, because it looks like a lot of people are upset in the knd and kids next door tags and maybe my stupid words’ll help, I dunno.

Alrighty, guys - it’s not over yet. The official numbuh-one blog (not the fake one who claimed to be Numbuh 4′s voice actor. and that has been confirmed fake by the official numbuh-one blog) has specifically said to stay tuned in their latest post! Wally’s stuff at the end was directly telling us to help support the g:knd (”There are no plans … but there should be.”) As Lizzie/Numbuh Vine said in the video, originally they were planning on just posting the g:knd animatic and Wally’s voiceover with no buildup at the end of the countdown, as a way of drumming up support - it was admirable and impressive of them to put up that intro as well! Either that or they purposefully leaked it in order to get people watching and had that intro prepared. One of the two.

UPDATE: numbone.tumblr.com is also not an official blog, it turns out! I don’t think that nullifies the main point I’ve got going on here, but you know, full disclosure.

At any rate, half the people who were witness to this were wrong. This isn’t a prank!

The other half were also wrong. There really aren’t any plans to make a g:knd series or movie right now!

It’s not a prank. It’s not a show.

It’s a possibility of something thaking place.

Tumblr, Facebook being recomissioned - that was your call to arms. It’s up to you now. If you want this new show to be real, then fight for it. Spread the word. Tell Cartoon Network you want a sequel series and you want it today, if at all possible. Tell your friends about it. Tell your parents about it. “Adults and children, men and women, boys and girls,” everyone needs to know. You’ve been recommissioned for a reason - and getting this series on TV is, as far as I can tell, exactly what that reason is.

At least, that’s how I understand it.

i never know how to start these things out so i’m just gonna come out and say it ??? my dash is crap, and i’m looking for new blogs to follow (again) !! so without further ado, if you post these things, give this a reblog for me and tag specifically what you post, and i’ll check out your blog!!

+ seasonal anime i’m watching: 91 days, amaama to inazuma, battery, binan koukou chikyuu bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE!, cheer danshi!!d. gray-man hallow, days, ace attorney, handa-kun, love live! sunshine!!, mob psycho 100, orange, relife, re: zero, servamp, and shokugeki no souma: ni no sara 
+ d. gray-man in general, including the manga
+ shokugeki no souma in general, including the manga
+ naruto in general: original series, shippuden, manga, movies, boruto, idk man i just really love naruto leave me alone
+ hunter x hunter 
+ sports anime: haikyuu!!, free!, knb, daiya, y’all feel me
+ shoujo anime/manga in general
+ AJIN: DEMI-HUMAN (honestly if you have like… more than one ajin post on your blog i already love you… please watch/read ajin: demi human)
+ jojo’s bizarre adventure in general, any parts idc !!! 
+ this post is getting to be Too Much so here’s some more: gekkan shoujo nozaki kun, durarara!!, fullmetal alchemist, owari no seraph, fate series, anime in general idk
+ BONUS POINTS IF YOU: have a tagging system, create your own content, and/or are already following me !!

@mutuals pls boost this for me !! it would help a lot !!

this is it, it happened during the night, I saw it when I could barely open my two eyes together while making myself some tea… I’ve reached my next hundred. 4k of people following that shitty blog run by the lame ass clownfish I am. really, I’m forever questionning the reasons why and I’m also so sorry for everything I may say in my tags, for how annoying I may be sometimes, and towards the people who started following me for a specific fandom when this blog is a mix of many different bands and stuff.
I’ll never be thankful enough, this is insane and I’ll always be amazed by it. whether we’re mutuals or not doesn’t matter, I’m grateful to each and every of you, but since this is a follow forever I’m just gonna share and mention the people I’m planing to keep seeing on my dash. I’ve promised myself I’d make my third ff once I’ll reach 4k so… here it is.

no real categories or order this time, I’m putting all blog kinds at once.
italic is for mutuals. bold is for favorite.

you can hover your url for a personal little message to you, ‘cause you deserve it, ‘cause you’re queen/king, ‘cause you rock and ‘cause your presence on my dash definitely makes it a lot greater. keep the perfect up buddy~

bomtoki ; chaegasm ; byetan ; nojimin ; wasabisoo ; caffeinatedfeminism ; sugmon ; snowmons ; nicosato ; kimjcngins ; zicosbae ; jihoongi ; simondope ; jomjjeoreo ; street-crush ; yngimn ; bxngster ; dok2gonzo ; yngguq ; onlyblockb ; babikims ; vivid-vvd ; seduce-me-with-satoori ; ukwno ; hugtae ; tabloworld ; korean-hip-hop ; 10won ; olltiboy ; ijustwannarhyme ; daesbulge ; nonkorean ; beenziontnt ; southkoreans ; aintyves ; undergroundkoreans ; pizzajpg ; jayseus ; huckleberryp ; koreanghetto ; z-co ; 2426-girl ; gangnamclique ; qaerin ; azianatic ; classifiedclover ; huckleberryb ; sugashu ; matoki-project ; woojihosbitch ; mino-sonq ; icejjzino ; hyosong ; mistyblueee ; b2st-nes ; buckw1lds ; bangjae ; trying-so-hard-will-kill-you ; hyundamla ; seung-whores ; yongguksfingers ; juno-faddyrobot ; xiuadore

I probably missed some but anyways I love you all and thank you, thank you for keeping up with me or just for running such awesome blogs. thank you, forever, always.

H/L Spring Exchange: FIRST REVEAL!

Hey y’all! Since we’re about at the halfway point of posting, we’re gonna go ahead and reveal the first round of authors tonight. If you’ve enjoyed any of the fics posted so far or if you’ve received your gift, make sure to leave the author some kudos and comments! Everyone participating has worked really hard on their fics, so go show them some love! 

To find all the fics you love, you can view our AO3 collection here or all our fic blog posts here. If you remember the specific title you can find it on our blog by adding “/tagged/[fic title]” to our url. 

Happy reading, and thanks for all your patience and support!

Just a PSA

When I get home to a computer I’m gonna do a mass unfollowing and refollowing of blogs! Please like this if you’re into 2 or more of the topics below so I can check out your blog for future reference!!!

-Ace Attorney!!!
-Love Live! (Sunshine and original)
-Bravely Default/Second
-Nintendo in general
-Space Dandy
-if there r any Apollo Justice specific blogs lmk BOI
-Attack on Titan (more specifically Annie/Jean but I like the series)
-Idol games in general

Or just favorite if you want me to check out ur blog I guess!!!!! Lol