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casual mentions of Gays are my favourite thing


My @voltronsecretvalentine gift for @thedemidiaries! hope u like it ✨ Happy Valentine’s day!!

Klance miraculous ladybug AU, am I right or am I right?


The The Adventure Zone Lady Zone, Day Five: Angst! Julia did die, her husband did live.

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Lightwood Brothers™: 1.06 | 2.04


I saw Astra standing over J’onn. He was defenseless. She said she was gonna give him an honorable death. And I reacted. Because that’s what I was taught to do. Hank didn’t kill Astra. I did. I did. And when you got there, he saw how devastated you were. He didn’t want you to get angry with me. He took the blame. And I let him.


5x12 || 7x11

This is you breaking up with me. Yeah.