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Rocket Men: Part One

Summary: Internationally celebrated crew of Patriot Three, a rag-tag group of astronauts, assimilate back into life on Earth after months in space.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, Chris “Thor” Odinson, Tom “Loki” Odinson, Wanda Mamixoff, Scott Lang, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, and more.

Warnings: space related nerdery, violence, sex, drugs, drinking, cheating, lying, humor, angst, language, sadness, happiness, and more. Reader beware.

Author’s Note: Well, well, well. Here we are, sitting on the brink of the future. I (among of a bunch of you) am obsessed with space. I wanted to be an astronaut as a child but it turns out, you have to like… know stuff… to go to space so I will forever be stuck to planet Earth. So, second best, you get a series where I live out my fantasies of being apart of the NASA/Space exploration family.

Please note: This series is set in the year 2060 and it is really, really, really the definition of an “au” (alternate universe), so much so… you could call it… original content. **GASP.**

I got a lot of feedback about this series and I am super excited to see it come to life. Not only will I be posting the main story line, I will be creating other things to really bring my ‘verse to life like: interviews with the astronauts, profiles, letters, articles, etc.

I’m sorry @vintagevalentinexx. <3

Enjoy, Earthlings. -Ash

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All My Friends Are Heathens, Pt.7

Summary: In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1601
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mentions of blood, sexual content.
A/N: This wraps up a very Heathens filled weekend, thank you lovely people for sticking with me! Not sure when I’ll be posting it but just a heads up that pt8 is going to be the final installment for this series!

The song Gold by Eurielle was definitely being played during the writing process for this part so thanks @gondorgirl01 for recommending it to me months ago! And of course, Heathens by Twenty One Pilots because always.

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| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Prequel | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7


He was distracted from his thoughts when you shifted positions. The thin strap of your nightgown slid from your shoulder and exposed the curves of your breasts pushing against the silky material. Subconsciously, he ran his tongue over his fangs as he imagined biting into the soft mounds. A wicked thought crossed his mind and his eyes turned to coal as he started stepping forward again. The only light in the room came from the moon shining through the windows and now the ominous glow emitting from his dark limb as he waved it as his side. He smirked when you started to react.

I’ll start making it up to you, doll. You’re in for a long night.

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“i’ve been travelling a lot and somehow you’re in every single city i go to seriously what the fuck who even are you how are you doing this” au

Kay, so I know you were thinking Andreil and them meeting under different names - or at least with Neil having different names. Don’t ask me why that lead me to think “spy au” when it really should have been a soulmate au. (Also don’t ask me about this spy au I have no idea what I was doing, I don’t even know if they’re actually spies or it’s just a mobster thing, I don’t *k n o w*)


There was something off about the whiskey in this city.

It didn’t seem to matter which pub he stepped into – any local brew here in Bornholm had a certain… something in the taste of it. Perhaps something to do with the cask the brew had been aged in… but he couldn’t be sure…

“What do you know of Danish whiskey?” Andrew asked, to seemingly no one. The bartender, bored of cleaning glasses, tossed him a curious glance and then scanned the room, seeing only distant guests chatting quietly by the windows. She might have answered him if he had spoken in Dutch or even English. But his question had been voiced in Russian and it was intended for the man looming behind him in the shadows.

The bartender startled when the man sat down beside him. Clearly, she hadn’t known he was there. Typical, Andrew thought, for one of Riko’s Kingsmen.

“Very little, I’m afraid,” the man answered, somehow not making any creaks or squeaks in the aged wooden bar stools. “I never grew the taste nor the interest.” A small wave of his hand dismissed the bartender, who had come over in anticipation of an order to break the monotony of her day. Disappointed, she let them be.

“Not going to run?” The man asked, curious but not thrown off-balance by the abrupt difference in their regular routine of international cat and mouse. Such grace was probably expected when running in Riko’s inner circles.

“You always seem to find me,” Andrew mused, swirling his off-tasting whiskey in its tumbler. “How is that, exactly?”

“You are stupid enough to think Riko cannot find you.”

Andrew chuckled to himself. “Riko cannot find anything I don’t want him to find.” He took a sip of his drink, then turned to his companion and looked him up and down. Grey, non-descript clothes and a wool trench coat, revealing nothing about his build, style, wealth, or loyalties (national or otherwise). He was as inconspicuous as ever. “I meant why is it you who always comes? You’ve hardly been effective at bringing me in.”

The man said nothing, did nothing, and Andrew almost laughed. “Who is it who’s found me this time? Alex, Alfons, Sven? I’ve lost track the number of aliases you’ve given to me to burn.”

“Call me Joseph.” Andrew scowled, pretending that barb didn’t dig under his skin. It was a stinging reminder that he knew next to nothing of the man Riko kept sending to pursue him – whereas Andrew’s life story was parceled somewhere in a neat little file folder and Joseph had read it. Probably more than once. “He won’t play this game much longer, you know. You’ll have to fight back eventually.”

“Will I?”

“You’re running out of cities to hide in and Riko knows it.”

“Does he think he’s running me into a corner?” Andrew finished off his whiskey, letting the burn of alcohol remind him to hold his tongue as much as possible. For Aaron’s sake. “You know the fun thing about traps? When they go off, it doesn’t make a difference who fell into them.”

“…You mean to turn Riko’s own plans against him?”

“I plan to let Riko orchestrate his own downfall and laugh from Hell when he joins me there.”

Joseph fell silent, a hand brought to his chin as he contemplated this new information. Andrew’s eye caught on the tattooed ‘4’ on his cheek and he almost reached to itch at the ‘5’ mirrored on his own face. Instead, he motioned for another drink, trying not to worry that he had revealed too much. Let Joseph scurry back to the Raven King with this warning. Let Riko be on his guard, let Riko grow suspicious and paranoid – whatever it took to keep Moriyama eyes following the wrong twin.

Even if it made his skin crawl to be made prey again, made his hair stand on end every time he felt eyes follow his movements behind his back.

Hell would be an eternal rest compared to this hunt.

Joseph’s ice blue eyes flickered back towards Andrew when the bartender brought over his second drink. Smoothly, Joseph plucked the drink from Andrew’s hand and took a quick sip of it himself. Setting it back he merely said, “Tastes like wine.”

Andrew peered in the glass, as though he would be able to see what Joseph meant by merely staring hard enough. Wine in whiskey…? After his own sip, he began to debate whether he was curious enough to google about Danish whiskey later on. He decided he wasn’t.

Joseph stood, again in such a way that no sound was made, even though the chair was pushed back against the floor. “When he sends Drake,” Andrew ignored the impulse to flinch, “you’ll know he’s done preparing.”

“Drake, huh?” Andrew drawled, remembering that the name would mean nothing to Aaron. “Will that be another alias of yours?”

Joseph violently gripped the back of his chair. Andrew had the crazy idea that Joseph would have preferred to seize Andrew’s own hair. Or maybe his neck. “Drake will know you when he sees you.” Carefully, Joseph leaned in close to Andrew’s ear and whispered, “Like I did, Andrew.”

Now that was surprising.

Andrew took a minute to stare Joseph down, scrutinized his every feature for recognition that must be there. Black hair, he thought, eyeing auburn waves. Merryhill Elementary. Sacramento, he remembered, memories of keeping his distance from all the other students and watching one other boy do the same.

“Abram…” He didn’t say it so much as the name simply escaped his mouth, running along his exhale the same way Abram had run all those years ago, in the middle of October. Everyone had called him William back then, but Andrew had noticed he never responded to it and had bullied him into telling his real name. Andrew had never told anyone else and he had never actually spoken the name aloud before now.

Not even six years after Merryhill, when he had spotted a boy bearing a striking resemblance to Abram that he almost called out. They were in Phoenix then, his foster family roaming some mall or other on the only vacation Andrew had ever seen as a child. He might have said hello, just to investigate, but the boy’s mother was yanking him away, scolding him for reckless behaviour and calling him Casper.

His eyes were brown then, Andrew thought, wary of the pale blue that barred Abram’s soul from him.

“You need the Queensguard,” Abram insisted, unshaken by Andrew’s remembrance. “Let Kevin help you.”

Andrew scoffed, unconvinced. If Andrew had heard the rumours of the Queensguard, an inner group rebellious to Riko’s Kingsmen, then Riko already knew about it. “Kevin is the one who needs help.”

“Why do you think he kept sending me to find you?” Abram finally relaxed his grip on the chair, seeming to relax now that their games and deceptions were done with. How long had he been waiting for Andrew to realize? Did he think he already had? “I told Kevin after the first mission that you weren’t Aaron and it only made him want you worse.”

“Should I be flattered?”

“You are of invaluable worth to Kevin, much more so than your brother is to Riko. Aaron is Riko’s grudge and his betrayer but you? You could be Kevin’s answer.”

Andrew glared and pressed a knife to Abram’s thigh in one quick move. “I am nobody’s answer.”

Abram pushed on, “Kevin’s Queensguard has all the pieces but he’s no match for Riko as a mastermind. You? You’ve already outsmarted Riko a dozen times over, toying with him on this wild goose chase. But Riko’s gonna tire of playing the game by your rules and when he sends Drake for you and discovers the truth, there will be nothing you can do to protect your brother.”

The knife dug two inches into flesh. Andrew wondered if he expected Abram to react with more than a blink of surprise. As one of Riko’s Kingsmen, Abram was probably used to knives, used to torture.

Aaron had been.

“You need bigger toys,” Abram insisted, backing away and off of Andrew’s now-bloody knife. Abram, to his credit, only shifted his weight and pulled his coat tighter, ensuring no bloodstain could be seen. “Come to Paris eight days from now. Meet Kevin yourself and see if you can do better on your own.”

And then, before Andrew said anything else, Abram laid some Euros on the bar and left, no limp apparent to any eye less discerning than Andrew’s. He wondered if he ought to demand more specific details on where exactly in Paris he was supposed to meet Kevin but he decided not to worry.

If he was in the city when the time came, Abram would be sure to find him.

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Hello! I haven't been into kpop that long, maybe a month or two (exo is my first group) Can you tell me more about them and how to memorise the members?

Ok are you ready for a long post? Cause this is gonna be a long post.


  • Kim Minseok, 27
  • Oldest Hyung
  • One of the shortest
  • Talks more now than he did when they first debuted but is still pretty quiet
  • Vocals, rapper, dancer, actor, literally just talented at everything
  • Only member with monolids and has soft squidgy cheeks that make him easy to notice
  • Baozi
  • Is currently getting his PhD and is gonna become a Dr. 
  • Part of EXO-CBX


  • Kim Junmyeon, 25
  • Leader
  • Also a shortie
  • Is a single mother of eight rowdy kids but we love him cause he cares about exo more than anything
  • Is the definition of a #momfriend
  • Possibly one of the most handsome men to of ever lived
  • Vocals, actor 
  • Trained for like 9 years and deserves everything he had and more
  • Lowkey a nerd
  • Will defend and care for exo until his death


  • Zhang Yixing, 25
  • Is the purest and most humble human to have ever walked the earth
  • Exo’s unicorn
  • Also known as a little lamb
  • Vocals, dancer
  • Only Chinese member left (is going through struggles rn cause of the political situation between Korea and China but he’s literally an angel and deserves none of it)
  • Released a solo mini album and you should check it out
  • Adorkably cute and amazing
  • Protect him and love him
  • Dimples


  • Byun Baekhyun, 24
  • This little shit
  • Messes with his hyungs, messes with his dongsaengs
  • Vocals
  • Loves to tease but cares abt Exo-l so much, you can see the love in his eyes at concerts
  • Leader of beagle line (him, Chanyeol and Chen)
  • Nosy af
  • Funny af
  • Sexual af
  • Part of EXO-CBX


  • Park Chanyeol, 24
  • Big Friendly Giant (srsly tho he’s 6′0 he’s massive)
  • Big ears as well but they just make him look cute
  • Rapper, actor
  • Spits fire when he raps but is literally the human version of a puppy
  • Makes amazing music
  • Cries really easily cause he just cares so much and has such a soft heart
  • His two most famous lines “Chogiwa” and “You lovin the size”
  • One third of beagle line (him, Baekhyun and Chen)
  • Dimples


  • Kim Jongdae, 24
  • So fucking whiney, I swear
  • “AH WAEE”
  • Shouts a lot
  • Has a constant smile on his beautiful lips
  • Is married to Xiumin
  • Final member of beagle line (him, Baekhyun and Chanyeol)
  • VOCALS (he hits those high notes like a king)
  • Part of EXO-CBX
  • Gave people in a horror house heat packs once and has a very kind heart
  • But is a sassy fuck 


  • Do Kyungsoo, 24
  • Heart lips (his lips literally make a heart it’s beautiful)
  • VOCALS, actor (a fucking amazing actor. watch his film “Hyung” it will make you cry)
  • Satansoo
  • Savage af
  • Beats up Chanyeol and Baekhyun but like in a platonic bdsm way
  • Doesn’t take no ones shit
  • Hella tiny 
  • Has the best waist I have ever seen on a man
  • Cries when watching sports animes


  • Kim Jongin, 23
  • DANCER (like just wow…you haven’t lived until you’ve watched Kim Jongin dance)
  • Probably loves dogs more than people
  • Has an obsession with fried chicken
  • Has the most gorgeous, heavenly tanned skin you will ever see. People make fun of him for it (even the other members sometimes) and it pisses me off because he literally looks like he was dripped in gold. He is stunning and if you whitewash him I will punch you 
  • More maknae than the maknae
  • Jongin is a pure bub, Kai is sin on legs
  • Has the most hilarious laugh


  • Oh Sehun, 22
  • Maknae, dancer
  • Teases his hyungs but is actually a big baby and prays for them every night and has a lot of love in his heart
  • Stunning with long ass legs
  • Is in love with his dog Vivi
  • Seems really cold but isn’t
  • Another sassy lil shit
  • Used to have a lisp
  • Is actually very adorable and cute when you get through his exterior

I just finished high school, so I thought I would share some little things that I’ve learned over the past four years and help you to know what to expect! I’ll tell you all about:

  • How to get a good GPA
  • How To take notes
  • Good study habits
  • What supplies you really need
  • How to handle the first day of school
  • How to make friends
  • Dealing with stress
  • Time management 
  • Getting your life together
  • The things nobody tells you 
  • + a ton more, so keep on reading!

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This Could Be Worth the Risk, Worth the Guarantee

season 12 stories [part VI]

“Tom, put daddy’s guitar down, please!” Holy crap. “Wait, JJ, stop poking Odette!” Christ, these kids are acting like they’re on crack. Where’s the goddamn food? Where’s Jared?? “Shep, stop trying to do flips off the couch! You’re gonna break your neck!”

Jensen finally gave up on his attempt to run in six different directions at once and stood up, surveying the pandemonium playing out in front of him. He and Jared had all their kids for the weekend holiday, and it had been great, really great, but it was Sunday evening and they were absolutely wired. They’d been waiting for their food to be delivered for over an hour, and as the kids had gotten hungrier they’d also gotten grumpier, so Jared (and fine, maybe Jensen would admit he was a willing participant in the horrible decision) finally broke down and gave them all snacks. Unfortunately, the only snacks they’d had available were, of course, candy. (The fact that the only edible things they had in their entire kitchen were sweet tarts, rainbow ribbons, miniature Reese’s cups, four bags of gummy bears, a twelve-pack of Coke, and eight beers was totally Jared’s fault, Jensen decided.)

But Jared had disappeared a few minutes ago, leaving Jensen all alone to try and make sure the six (were there really only six? it seemed like twenty) kids didn’t set the apartment on fire…or worse.

“Jared!” Jensen bellowed, and Jared popped his head out of their bedroom. Jensen just stood there and lifted his hands up casually, inviting Jared to notice and perhaps help control the mayhem.

“I was calling the delivery place,” Jared explained as he stepped out of the bedroom and walked down the short hallway until he was standing right in front of Jensen. “They fucking canceled our order and didn’t even let us know!” Jared’s whisper was angry.

“Well, that would’ve been helpful to know,” Jensen growled, but he was less angry and more just frustrated, resigned to the fact that it would be at least another half hour before they could get something else delivered, which meant another half hour of acting not so much like a father as a freaking zookeeper. He loved and adored every single one of their kids, but there was a reason the original plan was to just have four. Because having six children all within five years of each other was…something else. Bang-your-head-on-the-wall, cry-until-you-laugh something else.

“Okay, well, what else could get here quick? That isn’t pizza,” Jensen rushed to add, knowing exactly what Jared was about to say. And any other night, pizza would have been perfectly satisfactory, but it was Easter weekend and it was the first time that all eight of them had been together. Together without any other…family.

Jared didn’t offer up any suggestions though; he was busy ranting to himself under his breath. Jensen knew with a sudden clarity that this was not going to be one of those times when Jared just let it go. Jensen could practically see the gears whirring in his head as Jared stared intently at his phone. Jensen knew Jared had decided on a course of action when his hands stopped fidgeting and he let a large breath of air out of his body, deflating like a balloon.

Jared looked up at Jensen with a crease between his eyebrows and his teeth biting at his bottom lip. He stared at Jensen like he was waiting for his permission or something. Jensen just raised his eyebrows; it was Jared’s choice, but Jensen figured it probably wouldn’t hurt to point out the obvious.

“You’re gonna get a lot of flak if you do it,” he said. His tone was light but still matter-of-fact. Jensen had expected Jared to hem and haw, or to groan knowingly, or to roll his eyes in exasperation; what Jensen wasn’t expecting was for Jared’s eyes to be glinting darkly like he was coming up with some evil master plan.

“Yeah. But…I think I can make it worthwhile,” he said with a shrug and a smirk.

“Umm…” Uncertainty flashed through Jensen’s mind as Jared’s thumbs tapped quickly on his phone. “Whatever, I’m ordering pizza,” he muttered to himself with a sigh as he brought out his own phone and scrolled through his contacts, finding their go-to pizza place and calling in an order. It only took a few minutes, and as Jensen ended the call a Twitter notification popped up on his phone.

He groaned; he knew this could only mean one thing. Jared was already back in the living room, his attention fully on their kids, so Jensen took a quick second to check and see what Jared had posted. It was a picture—a screenshot, actually—and the caption read: .@jensenackles and I waited over an hour for @Favor for 6 combined kids. No phone call or text to let us know it got cancelled. #NeverAgain.

Jensen had to reread it four times before it completely sunk in. He stood there speechless; maybe to a casual observer it didn’t seem conspicuous, but Jared had just publicly stated that he and Jensen were together with all their kids—and no wives—on Easter.

The tweet was already racking up likes and replies and retweets or whatever, so Jensen quickly scrolled through the comments. As predicted, some were rude or downright cruel; most were supportive; and a handful were people freaking out over the exact thing that Jensen was kind of freaking out over.

Jared had soft-outed them.

That’s what Jensen had taken to calling moments like these, when one (or both) of them said or did something that just seemed to make their relationship so blatantly obvious to anyone who was willing to see. There had been many of them over the years, but over the last two or three—probably since Jensen had moved to Austin—it was like they were rapid-fire shooting them.

Little rocks and pebbles hurled at the constricting and reviled glass closet they’d been forced into so many years ago. And boy, did Jensen love the look of those cracks.

“Jay!” he called loud enough to be heard over the whines and laughs and shrieks of six little ones. Jared looked up at him from where he was wrestling on the ground with JJ. Jensen pulled up the camera on his phone and took a quick video, wanting to remember everything about this moment. “I liked your tweet!” he said, knowing that his comment could be heard in the recording.

“Hey babe, I was just making a statement about poor customer service,” he said casually, tickling their daughter into a fit of laughter.

“Yeah, well…” Jensen trailed off as he walked over to them, bending forward and drawing his arm back at the same time so that he could be seen by the camera now too. He dropped onto the floor and leaned over JJ to give Jared a kiss.

“Eww!” Shep squealed right before jumping onto Jensen’s back.

“Daddy and Jensen sittin’ in a tree,” Tom sang loudly and off-key, “K-I-S-do-bo-me,” continued, changing the lyrics halfway through because he didn’t know how to spell the word ‘kissing’ quite yet.

“Where’d he learn that?” Jared asked, mock-scandalized. He looked into the camera. “Oh, right…I taught him.” He winked as Jensen cracked up and planted another kiss on Jared, his mouth still open and laughing.

“So that’s how you spend your time in Austin without me?”

“Well, I try to do all the important things while I’m there,” Jared replied. Tom tumbled over Jared’s legs and joined the group on the ground. Jensen stopped the recording and stuck his phone back in his pocket before it got stepped on by tiny but surprisingly damage-inflicting feet. The three babies were sitting in their little baby seat-things, not able to join in with the roughhousing but providing a very substantial background track. The commotion grew when the doorbell buzzed, probably the delivery guy with their pizzas.

Jared hauled himself up, Shep clinging to one shin and JJ the other, and shuffled over to the intercom to buzz the guy in. Minutes later, there was knocking on the door and Jared opened it immediately. Jensen appeared with his wallet and Tom hanging onto him in a piggyback ride.

“Looks like you’re having a fun evening,” the guy commented as he handed the pizzas to Jared and took cash from Jensen. Jensen had seen him enough over the last few years of him and Jared ordering pizza to know the guy’s name—Chris—and to have spent a few minutes here and there chatting.

“Yeah, loads” Jared said as he tried to balance the pizzas while walking towards the kitchen, dragging the two kids who were still on his legs.

“Have a good night,” Jensen grinned at Chris, who chuckled and waved before turning and heading back down the hall to the elevators.

“Okay, guys,” Jensen spoke loudly to get their children’s attention, “if you keep hanging on to us you won’t get to eat pizza—“

“PIZZA!” JJ shrieked and immediately released her grip on Jared, thumping down onto the floor. The others followed and Jared grabbed paper plates and napkins while Jensen poured drinks and heated up milk for the babies.

“You know,” Jared muttered to Jensen, “I’m kinda glad that stupid app screwed up our order.”

“Yeah? And why’s that, Padalecki?”

“Because, Ackles, now I have a good excuse when my manager calls me tomorrow to yell at me about saying I was with you and not Gen.”

“That won’t shut him up,” Jensen pointed out, internally wincing at the thought of yet another of Spilo’s red-faced meltdowns.

“True,” Jared agreed, then slipped his hand inside Jensen’s pocket and whipped out his phone. “Actually,” he said thoughtfully as he looked through something on the phone, “if I’m gonna get yelled at anyways, why don’t I just go ahead and post that video you just took?”

“Jay!” Jensen said in alarm, but there was no heat to it. Frankly, he didn’t give a shit if they accidentally (or not-so-accidentally) got outed, right here right now. However, he’d imagined the moment to be a bit more romantic and, well, epic.

“Yeah, babe, I know. I’m just kidding,” Jared sighed before handing the phone back. Jensen smiled sadly and ran his hand through Jared’s hair a few times.

“Soon,” he promised.

Later that night, Jared snored softly beside him as Jensen lay wide-awake in their bed; he’d been unable to fall asleep for hours now. He plucked his phone off the nightstand and flicked through it. His fingers shook as he composed a simple but sweet tweet and attached a video to it. He stared wistfully at the screen, his thumb hovering over the ‘tweet’ button for several minutes. He finally let out a long and slightly-pained sighed as he hit ‘X’ instead, deleting his declaration of love before anyone got the chance to see it.

Soon, he repeated to himself.

Mere Speculation

Part One

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Summary: Reader is new to Riverdale and peaks Jughead’s curiousity

Warnings: Mentions of death

A/N: This is the first fanfic I’ve ever posted so please go easy on me

Jughead sat in his usual booth in Pop’s, his laptop open in front of him, casting a blue light over his features. He was distracted, however, by the strange girl working behind the counter. She spent much of her time in the kitchen. He caught a few glimpses of her flipping burgers, shaking the oil from baskets of fries, and she would occasionally venture out to work the register while Mrs Lodge waited on tables. Her apron was spattered with grease, her hair pulled up into a ponytail with wisps too short to be tied back hanging out by her neck.

Jughead was intrigued. It wasn’t often a stranger would appear in Riverdale. First Veronica Lodge, now this; and all of it just months after the mysterious death of Jason Blossom. It might all be mere speculation, but speculation was one of Jughead’s favourite pastimes.

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Beach Watch

Title: Beach Watch

Characters: Dean and Reader

Word Count: 1,060

Warning: Just some much needed fluff

A/N: This is for @uttertrash–butlikecutetrash and for everyone else who wants some fluffy Dean. Summer can’t come soon enough! Enjoy!!

“Dean! Come on! We didn’t go all this way for you to mope in the car.”

When Dean didn’t get out you went to his side, opened the door, and tried to drag him out.

“Come on dude. You’re gonna love it!”

“Yeah, I doubt it. Just gonna get sand everywhere.”

“Yeah,” you laughed turning towards the water and squinting your eyes in the sun. “Take off your shoes and enjoy the beach!”

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Lost Series // Part Eight

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven

Pairing : Jerome x Fem. Reader

Requests are closed. xx

This will not be word for word from the episode because I don’t feel like re watching it. Lol.

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 y/c/h - your color hair

Dying is a part of life. Eventually everyone dies and moves onto heaven or hell. You see, I never really believed in God. There are so many different religions with vivid descriptions and you never really know what’s real and what isn’t. But I did expect something.. Not pearly gates but something. There is nothing though. At the very least I expected to float around as a ghost or something. Haunting people that pissed me off.

Nothing but darkness.. Forever. Maybe I was in hell. And hell is nothing. There is no God. The Devil made him up so that people have faith and hope that if they’re good they can end up with their loved ones. Well, even if you’re a saint you’ll still end up in Hell.

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7| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 3870

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The next four days passed without an anccident. You were getting used to having Madame Hyejin banging on the door at six thirty. You were getting used to Minjee interrupting your conversations with snarky comments. You were getting used to Madame Choi’s fast commands, and your stamina were building. You were getting used to the inevitable pain in your stomach, but it was getting better. The bruises was fading. You were even getting used to the constant stares you got. They hadn’t backed down yet, even though nothing had happened. But there was one thing missing: Jimin.

You hadn’t seen him since he’d lead Taeyeon away from you at breakfast Wednesday morning. You’d watched the studio door on Thursday, but he hadn’t come. You’d watched it on Friday, but still nothing. On Saturday’s shortened lesson, he still hadn’t turned up. You never saw him in the Dining Hall, either, or in the corridors. It was like he’d disappeared off the face of the Earth.

You wondered now if he’d left the academy and gone somewhere else. No doubt there was loads of schools who would accept him within a heartbeat. It wouldn’t have taken long. He could be at another school right now, and that meant that you would never be able to see him again.

You tried to tell yourself not to think about Jimin. You came here for ballet, and he was getting in the way of it.

You still weren’t participating in Pas de Deux classes. However it seemed like you didn’t miss much. Madam Zhang just sat on her chair and did nothing. Though she seemed to have healed her pride, she still didn’t bother to teach anything. It was more like practicing, and when no one had tried much Pas de Deux in the past, practises couldn’t make perfect.

Jiwoo and Yuna complained day and night they really wanted Jimin to come back. “She’s useless! Jimin was always the one who taught us stuff.” Jiwoo was telling you again, as you sat at dinner Sunday night. Sundays were everyones off day, but you still had three hours of classes in the mornings. Today, Jiwoo, Yuna and Hyeun had taken you on a long tour of the grounds, all the way from the front gates to the lake and forest at the back of the property. Some people went home on Sundays, if they lived close by, but Gwangju was way too far away from here. Also you didn’t want to spend money on the train ticket

“And Jimin kept everyone in line.” Yuna mumbled, nibbling on her bread roll. “Now Minjee won’t shut her damned mouth.”

“I wish you hadn’t scared him off, (Name).” Hyeun added. “He always looks so sexy when he’s teaching.”

“We don’t know if it was (Name).” Jiwoo said.

Hyeun smiled. “Well, he was perfectly punctual before (Name) came and danced with him.”

“Either way.” Jiwoo said. “If he doesn’t come back soon, we’re going to have to tell Master Jinho that he has got to change our teachers.”

The hall was suddenly hushed as the man Jiwoo talked about stood up.

“Good evening everyone.” Jinho’s voice rang out through the hall. “I am pleased to announce that the notorious Amour de la Beauté review will be held on Sunday, a week from now.”

Excited whispering broke out. “Dance review?” You asked Yuna.

She was grinning like a maniac. “It’s more like a dance battle. Year against year. Head teachers against seniors, that sort of thing.”

“The program of the show will be posted in the Entrance hall and classrooms shortly.” Jinho looked around the hall. “Prepare to be beaten, my friends.”

Taehyung, Hosoek, and Jungkook ‘ooooohed’ from their table, while Seokjin yelled. “You’re on, Dad!”

Jinho just laughed. “School dismissed.”

Hyeun leapt up squealing. “Oh my God! This is gonna be epic!”

“I know!” Cried Yuna, and they began leaping up and down together.

Jiwoo was grinning. “This sounds like a big thing.” You observed.

She nodded. “It is.”

That was confirmed the next day when Madame Choi gathered you all into a group after having done half an hour of barre exercises. Exchanging glances with Jiwoo. Madame Choi didn’t seem like one for long speeches and group meetings.

“Now.” She said. “I have been informed that the Dance Review will be on Sunday.”

The rise in attentiveness from the class was obvious. Madame Choi raised a pointed eyebrow. “Master Kang’s class have beaten my classes for four years.” She let one corner of her mouth slide up in the smallest hint of a smile.

“We shan’t be letting it become five.”

Hyeun squealed and clapped her hands delightedly. “Go Madam C!”

The smile was back down in an instant, replaced by her usual, almost-scowl. “Control yourself, Miss Yah. Now, we have very little time. There will be absolute focus from every single one of you for the rest of the week.” She nodded. “Alright I want half of you on stage right, half on the left.”

She clapped her hands. “Today please!” Everyone hurriedly stood up, trying to work out which side needed more people. “Miss. (Surname) you will be centre stage.” You stopped in your tracks.

“Center stage?” You choked out.

“Yes, Miss (Surname).” She said, exasperated. “Now, if you please.” Your heart didn’t think it necessary to beat as you moved to stand in the centre of the studio, face a deep red.

“Alright, we have three minutes, three minutes thirty most, on stage. We begin with Miss (Surname) alone on stage for the first few bars. Mister Ghim, the introduction please.” The pianist began to play. It had many notes, but it paused tentatively in places. When the first of the quick notes came in, Madame Choi cut him off.

“Alright, that is where we will have Miss Gwan and Miss Yang come in. Yes, yes step forward, now I want you to flank her on either side, yes very good.” You shared a look with Jiwoo. She smiled at you excitedly, clearly thinking your solo was a good thing.

“And now on the next bar we will have five more of you and so on and so on. I want an inverted triangle.” Your classmates came on, working out where to stand. “Good, good, alright now this is where we begin the full dance.”

You spent the next hour going over and over the fast paced choreography. It involved so many pirouettes, you could pretty much feel the satin wearing away on your Pointe shoes. “And spin and land for arabesque and down and step and up and three four. I want those legs straight!” Sweat was beading on your forehead as you pirouetted across the studio and held up another arabesque, then down again and back.

There was half an hour left when she finally allowed everyone a five minute break. “Miss (Surname), over here, if you please.” Well, apparently not everyone. You went to stand in front of Madame Choi, your legs aching, and sweat pouring down your back.

“Your solo will begin in that arabesque you held so well the other day.” She told you. There was no question of whether you wanted this solo or not. You had it.

“An arabesque?” You couldn’t help but splutter.

“Yes, Miss (Surname).” She said. “Now, I will teach you the choreography and you must rehearse it every waking hour until Sunday. Understand?”

“Yes, Madam.” You nodded.

“Good, now as I said, you begin in an arabesque.” She gestured for you to do so. You went en Pointe, holding your left leg up behind.

“And hold for one two three and then raise your arms…good, now slowly back and changing legs, have your toe touch your knee. And bend your waist left and hold…and now straight into pirouette pirouette pirouette and leap left stretch left leap right stretch right and back to centre for the others’ entry. Hold it in third. Okay, now I want to play you forward a little through the entire thing, so whilst Miss Yang and Miss Gwan are doing their pirouettes I think I will have you couru for eight counts up…”

Her instructions went on and on. You had never, ever been given solo dance before, and now you were extremely worried that you would never remember all these steps.

“Alright, break’s over.” Declared Madame Choi. “Back into positions for the first entrance!” You hurried back to the centre of the 'stage’ and tried to remember all that she’d told you.

“And one two three and enter enter enter enter! Keep going, yes and up on three four five six and now to the right and…”

“I can’t feel my legs.” Yuna groaned, flopping into a chair with a plate of Greek salad.

“I know what you mean.” You told her, your face inching toward your bowl of soup as you tried to refrain from sleeping. “I never knew my toenails had nerves in them.”

“(Name)!” The call of your name woke you up a little. You looked around. Jiwoo, Hyeun and Yuna were all sitting around you. Confused you turned in your chair. A long slender, pretty girl stood in front of you. Jung Dawon. Adding to you surprise of seeing her here, you took in her white tights and red leg warmers with a matching red leotard. In one hand she held a pair of red and white polka dotted Pointe shoes.

“Uh, hi.” You said, bemused.

“Oh, silly me.” She said sticking out a perfect manicured hand. “I’m Jung Dawon, ballet fashion extraordinaire and friend of that immensely idiotic Park Jimin.” She smiled at you bouncily. You smiled back. She was pretty gorgeous. You stood up and shook her hand.

“I’ve been so curious to meet you, it takes a lot to get Jimin to dance with anyone but Taeyeon. You really must tell me your secret!”

You frowned. Was she serious? “Uh…”

She smiled again. “Just kidding. However confused by him? God, aren’t we all…” She shook her head and jumped, clapping her hands, as if remembering something.

“Anyway, I came bearing a message from Mistress Hyejin. She said she would like you to go to her office after your ballet history class as she would like to speak with you.”

You frowned. Why would Madam Hyejin want to see you? “Did she say what it was about?” You asked Dawon. She shook her head.

“Something good, I hope.” She said. “I like you.”

“What are you doing over here, jagi?” Suddenly a tall figure foreshadowed both you and Dawon. He wrapped his arms round her waist.

“Jinnie.” Dawon said, looking loving up at him. “This is (Name).”

Kim Seokjin was way taller than you’d thought. You had to crane your neck to get a good look at his handsome, blonde framed face.

“How’d you do?” He nodded politely to you. You smiled at him. “Come on jagi, we have to get to character.”

“Mmmm.” She groaned. Even though she was tall her head only reached the height of his shoulders as she rested it against his chest. “Not character.”

“Come on, I know you know you like it.” He said, kissing the top of her head.

She sighed. “I know you know I do.” She slipped out of his arms and took his hand instead, then she turned to you.

“It was nice meeting you properly, (Name), you’re nothing like Taeyeon and the gossips are saying. See you later!”

“Bye.” You said, watching as she skipped away, Seokjin keeping up with his long strides.

You slid back into your seat. “Friends with seniors.” Jiwoo muttered. “It’s a strange world, isn’t it?”

“Too true, Jiwoo, too true.”

After Ballet History, you did as Dawon had told, heading down to the cool entrance hall. You walked down a corridor you’d never been down before, passing the grand staircase looking at the plaques on each of the doors. At the very end of the corridor you found Master Kim Jinho’s office. Next to his door was Madame Kim Hyejin plaque.

Head Ballet Mistress, it said.

You knocked, your nerves thrumming.

“Come in.” You heard Madame Hyejin’s voice through the door. You opened it, finding yourself in a small but open office. Everything was dark cherry wood, but two windows and a door led out onto a veranda. One window was partially open, letting through a gentle breeze. Framed photographs covered the white papered walls. They were all of ballet dancers striking complex poses and moves. You swore you could recognize Master Jinho and Madam Hyejin in a dozen of them.

The latter person was currently sitting behind a small and elegant bureau. Next to her, stood a very tall boy. Not as tall as Kim Seokjin, but taller than most boys your age. His face was grim and had a pasty dullness to it. Dull brown hair was cut in a bowl shape a good inch above his brown eyes.

He was dressed in a crisp white t-shirt tucked into black tights.

“Miss (Surname).” Said Madame Hyejin. “This is Mister Dahn Eungkwan. He has agreed to be your partner for Pas de Deux classes.”

“Hi.” You said, looking him up and down. So this was why you’d been called here, so that you could meet your ticket back to the hell of Pas de Deux.

“Hello.” He said with a short smile, then looked down again.

“Mister Dahn is one of our second years.” Madam Hyejin said, as if reading your thoughts. “He’s very skilled at Pas de Deux.”

“Right.” You said. That wasn’t going to make this any easier. You didn’t want to do Pas de Deux…

“Good.” Hyejin said, gracefully standing and walking a round her desk. “I best let you go off to your first class together.” She opened the door and you and Eungkwan walked out. You followed. He walked quickly and quietly up the stairs. It had already occurred to you that you would know even less about him than you had about Kihyun when he’d first put his hands on you. The reassurances about his skill level weren’t reassuring at all. You didn’t want to dance with someone else. It was so constricting.

You walked along the corridor in silence. Finally the two of you reached the studio. You took a deep breath and walked in.

“Why are you late?” Madame Zhang demanded. Today, her thighs were squeezed into a burgundy pencil skirt, with a matching suit top. The rest of your class were performing promenades. They looked like they’d been doing it for some time.

“My class started forty-five minuets ago.”

“Sorry Madam.” You said. “I had to see Madame Hyejin. Uh…” You hesitated, looking at Eungkwan, who was standing with his chin high, as if he were above this place.

“This is Dahn Eungkwan, he’s my new partner.” It made him sound like some sort of object.

Madame Zhang’s beady eyes looked over him as he nodded at her respectfully. “Madame.” He said. You wondered if that was how all second years talked. The seniors certainly didn’t seem to.

“Well hurry up and take your places. You’ve already disrupted enough.”

You hurried to the side to put your Pointe shoes on. Eungkwan stood waiting for you with a blank expression. Jiwoo caught your eye across the room. Her look was a questioning one. 'Later’ You mouthed.

It had never taken such a short amount of time to tie up your Pointe shoes, even though you were trying to slow the process down.

“And up on one two three four and turny turny turny and down two three four.” You tentatively stood up. Immediately, Eungkwan placed his hands on your waist and stepped forward in time to Madame Zhang’s count. You went with him, coming up on to Pointe and raising your leg once again into an arabesque. A chill of fear went through you. This was the move Kihyun had hurt you the most, the one where he’d almost suffocated you. Immediately you came back down, pushing Eungkwan’s hands away in the process.

“Sorry.” You muttered to Eungkwan. He didn’t say anything and you took a deep breath.

“And toe and step and up two three four.” You followed the counts, managing to get up this time and Eungkwan began to turn you around. You hated the feeling. It was like you couldn’t control your own body. Like you had to entrust it to someone else. Someone you didn’t even know.

You swallowed as he turned you back to the front and allowed you to lower your leg again. Fortunately, you all didn’t spend too long on promenades. The other moves weren’t as hard. Madame Hyejin was right. Eungkwan was very good at the Pas de Deux. He was patient with you, letting you stop when you were being a coward, and he never held you too tightly. But there was something missing…

You worked it out when you were performing a sequence up the ballet studio, much like when you’d performed with Kihyun. Whilst everyone else whispered to each other as they waited for their group to be called up.

Eungkwan and you stood alone, looking dully at the dancers performing.

“Thank you very much for doing this for me.” You told him.

He just nodded blankly, not quite looking at you, then returned to watching the dancers.

Your group began. “Tondue out and then courus and gentlemen jump left and ladies jump right and then step together again and up arabesque hold for one two three…”

It was then that you glanced in the mirror and saw the very blank expression on Eungkwan’s face. It stayed the same as he began the promenade, turning you around without absolute no spark in his eyes. Then you lowered your leg and launched into the next set of courus. It was curious, watching his face as he stepped behind you. He watched your moves as you spun out and back again. The series ended in an attitude, with your leg bent slightly around his body. His expression didn’t change. When the music stopped and you lowered your leg again, he took his hands off your waist and went back to the end of the line, like nothing had happened.

He was right; nothing had happened. You had performed a sequence of ballet moves. The both of you had both performed the moves perfectly, but not as a pair.

You tucked a stray lock of hair back into your bun and got ready to do the sequence again. You couldn’t quite stop the memory of those few moments with Jimin sneak into your head. Dancing with him, his entire presence had wrapped around you, everything had felt so fluid and perfect…but you couldn’t think about him now. What on earth was the point when he didn’t seem to be turning up to classes? And even then, what had he got to do with you? Like he’d said the last time you’d seen him; You were just helping in a demonstration.

You tried to exhale as you once again performed courus upstage. You had had this thought trail so many times over the past few days, and it never solved anything. All you could understand was your own weird need to understand him. And even that had lead to quite a few bizarre questions.

The rest of the class passed slowly. When Madame Zhang finally nudged her chair back into the corner and dismissed everyone. Promptly people went to chat while taking their shoes off.

You on the other were frozen in spot. Bored and confused, at the same time. Eungkwan and you hadn’t had any trouble with each other. Technically, you were perfect together. All the moves worked, but neither of you seemed to being enjoying yourselves. He hadn’t said a word since his quiet 'hello’ in Madame Hyejin’s office. But now you turned to him.

“Thank you.” You said. “You must be missing classes for this.”

“No not really.” He said, looking down at his feet.

“Oh.” You said. “I figured everyone had sixth period classes.”

A tiny smile came to his lips. “I don’t consider Ballet History as a class.”

You grinned. “Me neither. It’s very, very boring.”

“Hm.” He just muttered, and waited a couple of seconds to make sure you weren’t going to say anything else before slipping off to a vacant corner to take off his shoes.

You turned around, seeking out Jiwoo and sat down next to her.

“He’s very quiet.” She observed, looking over at him. “How’d you find him?”

“Madame Hyejin organised it.” You told her. “He’s a second year.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Impressive! I thought that he looked way better than the rest of us. You should make the most of him and his experience.”

“Aww, come on.” Yuna slid into your conversation.

“(Name’s) danced with Park Jimin.” She waved a finger at Jiwoo. “There’s not much to compare to that.”

Not wanting to pursue the sizeable subject of Jimin, you quickly changed it. “So how does this Dance Review thing work? How do we work out which class goes first?”

Yuna was grinning again, your diversion clearly having worked. “I think they flip a coin or something, but we’ll go look at the program right now. God!” She squealed. “This is gonna be great!”

You laughed and let her pull you up. Hyeun joined shortly after on your way down the corridors. “I reckon that partner of yours is kind of cute, (Name).” She said. “What’s his name again?”

“Dahn Eungkwan.” You told her.

“You should try him out.” She advised. “His silence was sort of adorable.”

You frowned. “Yeah…”

When you got to the staircase, you immediately heard the clamouring of people in the entrance hall. Yuna and Hyeun squeaked and began running down the stairs. Jiwoo and you followed, but in a more dignified pace.

The crowd in the foyer was large, full of people coming down just after class. Some were declaring that their classes were going to win. Seniors were shouting about which teachers they were facing. The teachers themselves stood off to one side, having a good laugh with one another as they watched the chaos.

Hyeun, who was a little broader over the shoulders than most other ballerinas, made a path for the three of you to get to the notice board. You scanned it down, searching for your class. However you didn’t have to look far. You were first up.

A bolt of nervous energy went through you. That meant that you were opening the entire show. Oh damn, but something much further down the page caught your attention. It was the signups for the seniors going against the teachers. Next to Master Jinho and Mistress Hyejin was a neat, simple script:

Park Jimin and Shinn Taeyeon.

A thrill ran up your spine. That was his writing. You knew it. The poster had only gone up today, that meant that he was still here! That meant that Jimin was somewhere in this building…

The thought warmed you more than it should have. Jimin hadn’t left, Jimin was still here, he hadn’t gone…he hadn’t left you

It’s Just a Name

Summary: While watching Frozen, Bucky and you get into an argument over a nickname. In revenge, you make it your mission to call him every Winter related nickname possible.

Warnings: Sad Bucky, all the feels, face-palming, and disappointed Steve.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Words: 2514

A/N: I tend to like, delete every fic I’ve ever written before posting it, but our dear @roobiecube94 has convinced me to post this one. Thanks to that amazing weirdo for editing the shit out of this, since I was too brain dead to do it myself. I fully intended for this to be less that 1000 words, but welp, this happened.

It was finally the day, the day you got Bucky to cave in and make him watch Frozen with you. You had been begging him for months, ever since you got a hold of a copy that would play on Tony’s high-tech television, and finally your puppy dog eyes had brought you the success that you had been looking forward to. It hadn’t been easy in the slightest - it had taken a lot of begging, monetary bribes, threats of getting Steve and Sam to whoop his ass, and the promise of withholding affection from him. Now that you thought about it, withholding affection from him would only hurt you too, since you would have missed his hugs and kisses.

You’d been dating for almost eight months now, although you had been a member of the Avengers for almost five years. You had witnessed the thawing of Capsicle, the rise and fall of the God of mischief Loki, the surfacing of the Winter Soldier himself, the defeat of Ultron, and the unfortunate fight that had broken out within the Avengers themselves. You and Bucky hadn’t spoken much initially, since you found yourself more at ease with Bruce and Tony in their labs, but one group dinner changed that, and soon you both had become each other’s closest friend. 

It only took him a few months to come to his senses and make a move on you - asking you to finally be his ‘gal’ - with the permission of Steve who looked at you like his little sister. It had taken very little pushing for you to agree, leading to the glorious night you finally got him to watch Frozen with you.

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fluid motions i

Originally posted by grape-joon

characters: min yeri (oc), jeon jungkook, min suga (brother) and more!

pairing: college!jungkook x oc

genre: fluff, angst, mature themes (drugs, swearing, eventual smut)

chapter 1/2/?

word count: 4k

summary: starting afresh at Seoul National University, driving her passion for swimming forward, Yeri has attained the sturdy course of Sports Ed. as her four-year study.

During Yeri’s first week, it’s trouble at home but nervous glances and sweaty palms as she meets bio-engineering student Jeon Jungkook, who is currently living on campus. Jungkook was everything the perfect male college student was. Tall, lean, smart, not necessarily on the football team but he was something that Yeri almost yearned for.

The only problem was keeping this whole thing a secret from her asshole, drug-addict brother, Min Yoongi.

a/n: hi, angel here! this will be my first chaptered fic i’m posting here on tumblr so i hope you guys like it! it won’t be more than 10 parts (hopefully)! i’ll also be opening requests for small drabbles for a short time too so you guys get to be more familiar with my writing! enjoy :)

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Time for some post-Leave your Lovers fluff.

Andy came to Las Vegas after years of coaching serious and competitive teenagers. The switch to teaching Mites and Squirts was a little tough. Kent, meanwhile, had been skating with the Li'l Aces for years, and throve in it; his favourite days had always been the ones with the kids, and dating their coach meant he had even more excuses now. He was even helpful setting up practice plans; she’d spent the summer reading through materials for younger kids, but felt more at home with complicated plays and drills, not getting the kids to connect stick to puck.

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Fandom Fic Rec Days - Until Dawn Edition

Whoa, one of my favorite fandoms and video games, so of course I have to make a fic rec for it! If you have any fic recs for this fandom, make a post and send it my way, I’m always down to read more UD fics!

Please read all tags on these fics fully before reading them, as a lot of these deal with dark themes, such as suicidal thoughts and self-harm, and many include ableist slurs. Most of these fics are Sam/Josh, Mike/Josh, or gen, with one Chris/Josh, and all of them are complete.

And as always, if you enjoy a fic, leave a comment! After all, that’s what this post and these fic rec days are all about–giving fic authors some recognition for all their hard work!

1. Transformation by KateShepherd (Sam/Josh & Chris/Josh - Rated T+)

Maybe they’ll be gone when I wake up, he hopes as he diffs off to sleep.

They’re still there when he wakes.

Aka Sole Survivor Josh

2. you’re gonna go far, kid by KateShepherd (Sam/Josh, Mike/Jess, Emily/Matt, & Ashley/Chris - Rated M)

Mike’s life is made a living hell once he meets his new roommate. The problem, they’re stuck with each other until their lease it up in a year. Pranks, heart aches, broken bones, parties, and more personal problems for both of than they can even count.

AKA: Mike and Josh Roommates AU

2. We Have Made Mistakes by ThisShallNeverBeMentioned (Chris/Josh - Rated M)

The people who have been hurt the most are sometimes the most likely to survive, because they’ve already survived worse.
Or, where Josh survives until dawn and gets himself out of the mines.

3. We Deserve a Do-Over by ghostvinyls (Sam/Josh, Matt/Emily, Jess/Mike, & Chris/Ashley - Rated T+)

It’s been five years since the night Hannah and Beth Washington died.
It’s been four years since the first anniversary, when Josh Washington lost the trust of his friends and wendigos began creeping into their nightmares.
It’s not nearly enough time for eight damaged kids to heal.

But they have to try.

4. Old Friend, Come Back Home by zach_stone (Sam/Josh, Mike/Jess, Emily/Matt, & Ashley/Chris - Rated T+)

Everyone lives; they’ve escaped the terrors of that night on the mountain, and even Josh has been rescued. But will this broken group ever be mended? And is Josh more alone than ever now?

5. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by hannanotmontana (Sam/Josh - Rated T+)

Fix-It fic where Wendigo-Josh is taken to the hospital, but the doctors don’t really know what to do with him. Chris and Sam try to help him, although it’s hard for them to forgive. Doesn’t mean they will let their friend turn into a monster. And besides, if anyone can trick an ancient spirit, it’s probably these two.

6. I could be your perfect disaster, you could be my ever after by queenlara (Sam/Josh - Rated T+)

Sam has always had uncommon opinions regarding soul marks and hates hers in particular, but a chance encounter with her reclusive neighbor, Josh, after a thwarted burglary attempt might just change her mind. Soulmate AU. .

7. They Don’t Teach This in Chemistry Class by skilfulwolfman (Josh/Mike - Rated M)

One moment on the verge of tears because of a misunderstanding, the second making dirty jokes and rolling around; Josh is truly a force of nature.

Drunk or not, he’s amazingly relentless.

8. You’re a Horror Hero, Start Acting Like It by skilfulwolfman (Josh/Mike - Rated M)

“Look, that’s what you get when your date for the evening is a filmmaker. Deal with it or get yourself a girlfriend.”

9. Appetite by banhmi (Gen - Rated T+)

Josh has a hard time readjusting after his rescue from the mountain.

10. Loop by banhmi (Gen - Rated G)

She should have reached the peak by now.
(or: Sam’s first encounter with the strangeness of Blackwood Mountain, in the form of a hike)

11. and i tried to hold these secrets inside me by queelara (Sam/Josh - Rated T+)

Mike makes it out of the mines, but Sam doesn’t.

When Sam regains consciousness, she’s deep within the mines, cold, tired, and with a broken leg—she realizes she’s not alone.

12. the balance book by coldmackerel (Sam/Josh - Rated M)

josh keeps a totally manly diary, everyone learns some things, and everyone pays a price. a story about the comedic undertones of some distinctly not funny things.

13. there’s an albatross around your neck by CallicoKitten (Mike/Josh - Not Rated)

Mike ignores it mostly, focuses on getting back to normal. Tries and fails to get back into the swing of college, has awkward get togethers with friends he feels like he has nothing in common with anymore, joins a gym, goes on a few dates that go appallingly.

It might not sound like it but he’s doing well.

Like Dr Hill says you don’t get over something like that, not ever, it’s always going to be there and pretending it isn’t isn’t going to help. What you can do though is learn to live with it, get used to it. People, Dr Hill says, can get used to just about anything.

And then they find Josh.

Note: Though the story is not rated, there is some semi-explicit sex.

14. leave some morphine at my door by physique (Sam/Josh - Rated T+)

Sam doesn’t really dwell on the doctor’s words too much even though they repeat in her head like a broken record: The Washington boy’s gonna be okay.

Note: This isn’t the first fanfic I ever read for UD, but it is the earliest one I have bookmarked, and it holds a special place in my heart.

15. On the Mend by Havoka (Gen - Rated G)

Emily visits Jess in the hospital.

16. Where You Go, I Will Follow by Havoka (Gen - Rated G)

Emily awakens in her house to find that things are strangely different…and that an old friend is waiting for her.

Take Over For Me (Part 3) - G-Eazy x TWD Imagine

Part 1

Part 2

Part 4

requests: Okay so Ive had this in the back of my head for the longest time and I just wanted to share it with you BC I love you: so imagine if Negan had a son (like Geazy the rapper BC THEY TOTALLY LOOK A LIKE) and like you and him fell in love but can’t be together BC you both are on opposite sides.. I’m so conflicted and convinced that Geazy is Megan’s son or Neagn is old geazy LOLOLOL

Yes, I loved this one <3 Gerald it’s so cute <3 but I really wanna see when he get jealous of her when he sees her walking aroud Alexandria with some guy. Don’t forget to tag me please!

pairing: gerald x reader

a/n: i’m sick and i feel like shittt but i’m so excited for s7b tonight! i also wanna say wow??? this blog has almost 900 followers and i’m fairly new to tumblr so that’s really damn weird for me

this is so shitty i’m just really tired and not in the mood to write but i felt the need to post something so here’s this gross imagine i came up with in like 15 minutes lmao imma go take a nap now

word count: 1,016

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It was a beautiful day in Alexandria. The sky was blue, and the sun was shining brightly. Out of the window in your small bedroom, you could see that the townspeople had already begun their days. Some were carrying baskets of supplies around while others sat on their porches with mugs in their hands. 

You rubbed your eyes, deciding to get out of your makeshift bed of blankets and pillows on the floor. Because you had been going on runs quite often, you had a day off to yourself. It felt nice to be needed by the people of Alexandria, but you had to admit, days off were your favorites. 

You never wasted a day, meaning you couldn’t just stay inside and sleep through your day off. You decided to go for a walk, to talk to your friends or meet someone new. Socializing was not your top priority, but you did value the importance of companionship. 

Your day off did not go as planned, for within ten minutes of you being outside, you had been summoned by Rick. You didn’t mind in the slightest, as long as you could stay inside the walls for a day, you were ready to do whatever he needed you to. 

“Aaron’s been keeping tabs on a small group he found out on the road for a while now. He thinks it’s time to offer them a spot in Alexandria. What do you think about that?” Rick asked you. One thing you always adored about Rick is how he always put your opinion into consideration. 

“You know what I’m gonna say. If Aaron thinks they’re okay, they’re probably okay. I wouldn’t mind seeing some new faces around here. How big’s the group?” 

“I’m not exactly sure, but Aaron told be there’s about ten of them. He told me they’re loaded with supplies. Either they have a resource we don’t know about, or they’re extremely good at scavenging. Either way, they could be useful to us.” 

You nodded, agreeing with him. “So, is that all you needed me for?” 

“Oh, I wanted to see if you’d like to introduce them to some people around here. Give them a tour, go over the rules with them. I’d do it myself, but I have to go on a run for some more supplies, or we won’t have enough to give the Saviors.” Rick’s face saddened, but you pretended not to notice. 

The group was filled with fairly pleasant people. There were eight of them, and they were all close to your age. You were glad to have some new potential friends coming into Alexandria. They mostly seemed fairly comfortable as you led them through the town.

As you tried to sleep, you heard the rustling of something outside. You quickly hopped to your feet, instantly becoming more alert and aware of your surroundings. Through your window, you could see the shadow of a man walking down the street. You threw on a pair of shoes, grabbed a jacket and your knife, and headed outside. 

“You okay?” you called out. You tried to be quiet so you wouldn’t wake anyone else. The shadow turned around, and you could see it was one of the men from the group you led around earlier. “Do you need something?” 

The man shook his head, stopping so you could catch up to him. “I just can’t sleep. The last time we saw something half as nice as this place, it ended in us losing a lot of our people. It’s nothing personal against you. It’s just… This all seems too good to be true.” 

You nodded, understanding his concern. “I know this probably won’t help you much, but I swear, you’re safe here. Well, as safe as you can be nowadays. We have strong walls and even stronger people standing guard at all times to protect us. You and your friends are all okay here.” 

The man nodded, looking down at his hands. “I think I’m gonna stay out here for a while longer, if you don’t mind. I’m kinda awake now. I doubt I would have gotten much sleep anyways. Sorry if I woke you up,” he apologized. 

You patted his back, smiling at him. “That’s alright. You take as long as you need to settle in. Just let me know if there’s anything I can do for you or anyone else in your group.” 

He thanked you, and you left his side. On your walk back to your house, you heard another rustling sound. It was coming from outside the walls, though. You remained quiet, listening for the groaning of a walker, but you didn’t hear anything other than quiet footsteps. You pulled your knife, backing away from the wall. You didn’t want to wake anyone, but you had to know if it was a walker or a person on the other side. 

“(Y/N)?” a voice whispered. You glared at the wall, recognizing the voice. “I can see you. Will you come out so we can talk?” Gerald was looking at you through a crack in the wall where two segments weren’t fully connected. 

“Are you kidding me?” you sighed. “No, I don’t wanna go outside the walls this late. You shouldn’t be here. What if someone sees you? What if someone followed you here from the Sanctuary? You could get someone killed!” 

“I just wanted to talk to you again, but I see you have someone else for that.” Gerald seemed upset and a little frustrated. To your confusion, he seemed to back away from the wall. 

“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but you need to leave. It’s not safe for you to be out here,” you warned him. 

“Is that guy your new boyfriend?” he asked bluntly. “I don’t know about you, but I thought we kinda had a thing going here.” 

You smiled shyly, biting the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from grinning too much. “No, he’s not my boyfriend. We can talk later, though. Okay?” 

Gerald chuckled, stepping closer to the wall. “I’ll see you soon.”

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And now it is time for the first half of the Busan line, one third of the maknae line, a total cutie who is so so sweet, seeing him on Hello Counselor just makes me respect him even more, it was interesting to see that side of him, I loved it, Park Jimin aka chim chim

  • So this is gonna be the prequel to tattoo artist!Jimin (here)
  • His major is art
  • Jimin is really talented with a lot of things (dancing, singing, being an adorable lovable sweetheart, etc.) but he’s also v v talented with art
  • Especially when you consider the fact that he’s so busy and probably doesn’t have that much time to practice it so the fact that he can draw at all is amazing
  • He’s also really dedicated with it, like in one of the Vlive, I think he mentioned that he spent 2+ hours on a drawing for the coloring book thing they did
  • He tries a few different things, he does a few painting classes, he does some sculpture work but his main interest is in sketching/drawing
  • He does hold himself to a pretty high standard, he can be tough on himself at times so when he does something, he just throws himself into it completely, even if it isn’t something he’s extremely passionate about
  • So he’s not super into sculpting but he’s not gonna half ass any of it, he’s gonna take the hours it requires to make it look the way he wants it to
  • Forever asking you to be his model
  • The rest of your shared apartment is somewhat organized but his art area is a bit of a mess, not to the point where it’s too messy to stand but it’s definitely used constantly
  • There’s a huge sheet on the floor to catch any paint drops or scraps of clay distractedly thrown aside when he’s too busy focusing on the project in front of him (he picks them up later but in the moment, he doesn’t wanna lose his momentum and worry about finding a tiny scrap of clay to throw away)
  • Has about eight different sketchbooks laying in the weirdest places, one’s on top of the fridge, he’s got a couple in their actual place, one in his bag for on the go inspiration doodles and a couple more scattered around his art area
  • There always seems to be paint on the sheet, always paint on the back of his hands and on his arms and even a few spots on his legs bc he’s always got some painting going on
  • He has all the things, he has an entire draw of pencils, a pencil case filled to the brim with erasers, a few boxes of paints, chalks, clay, everything he could ever need
  • His concentrated face is s o nice though like sometimes he’ll be drawing while you two are just chilling in bed and you gotta admire him for a second bc wow he isn’t real
  • He wears lots of hats when he does art bc he doesn’t want his hair continually falling into his face so on top of his face being super nice, he also has the beanie/snapback look going on and he’s got the glasses to be able to see better so it’s just really boyfriend material
  • Head canon that Jungkook takes a majority of his art classes with him bc Busan bbys gotta stick together
  • They have these light hearted competitions with each other all term, like whoever finishes their art supply shopping first and pays less for it all will get a meal paid by the loser or who can get to class first gets to post something on the other’s social media
  • It’s all in fun of course but there’s definitely some teasing from both sides
  • “Wow so I was born in Busan first, I did the contacts first and now you’re following me into art”
  • “Oh my g o d”
  • He takes the essential classes of course but he also takes a few music classes with Yoongi and hobi, he takes a couple classes with Tae, some art, some history, some writing
  • They take the more needed classes that they aren’t really interested in together bc at least then, they have each other to entertain them
  • Jimin’s more of a hand written note taker but he has used his laptop here and there
  • I feel like Jimin’s notes would actually be really organized and all of the boys are kinda ?? how does that happen when you’re rushing around trying to take notes
  • He doesn’t l o v e using the laptop to take notes bc he just prefers hand written notes but he forgets his notebook a couple of times and one of the other boys let him borrow their laptop bc he takes some of the best notes anyways might as well share with each other
  • He studies a lot but it’s not daily, he tries to do it once or twice a week for a couple hours just until he’s got it down
  • Maknae line study sessions just think about it
  • Slightly chaotic, a lil loud, v v playful, they lowkey don’t study much until the last hour of it bc they’re that one group of friends that says they’re gonna study together and then ends up listening to Numa Numa at 3 AM
  • He is late to a few classes but he never means to be
  • He just wakes up too late or can’t make it across campus in time bc the language building is all the way on the other side of campus from the art building and he’s gotta book it but he’s got a bag of books and art supplies so he’s weighed down a bit
  • He’s never too too late but he has been like 5-10 minutes late to a couple classes here and there, for the most part he’s there on time
  • Seating wise, he’s a third row type of guy but he is flexible about it, he’s okay with sitting a few rows back to sit with his friends but he’s not gonna sit in the back of the classroom
  • He had to one class bc he got there too late and all the good seats were taken and he didn’t like it very much, he couldn’t see most of the time and it felt like the teacher was so far away, it just didn’t work out for him
  • The apartment you two share isn’t huge but it’s more than enough for you two and there are tons of nights where you two are huddled into the kitchen waiting for the water to boil so you can make some noodles and he always kisses your head when he adds the noodles to the water and it becomes a thing for some reason
  • Like one time, he makes noodles and you aren’t there and he’s just o h oh no
  • He gets his first tattoo the year before he goes off to college and it’s just a lil tiny tattoo on his forearm but it boosts his confidence so much, he wants to show it to everyone ever bc it looks so cool
  • The moment he walks into that tattoo shop, he’s just like I get it now bc he knew he wanted something with art for his major but then tattooing comes up and it matches perfectly 
  • And after seeing how professional his tattoo artist was and how much of an experience it was to get a tattoo, he decides he wants to do it for the rest of his life
  • College!Jimin is just a total art lover who l o v e s sitting there and creating things and he’s so excited to open his own tattoo shop or work in someone else’s and he’s just ready
Cutting hours for Loss Prevention personnel is generally a bad idea.

I used to work in loss prevention for a regional chain of electronics stores. Let’s call it Shit Store. My job was basically to patrol the store in plain clothes and detain someone if I caught them trying to steal. I’ve worked private security before so this was a pretty nice gig.

Shit Store’s corporate policy, for reasons I cannot quite comprehend, mandated a weekly quota of shoplifter apprehensions, which we called “stops.” We needed to have at least 3 stops a week. Usually we had about 10, just shy of 2 per day, and obviously most of the stops involved expensive electronics. We paid our own salaries many times over and saved the company an astronomical amount of money.

Until one week. Saturday rolled around (our schedule weeks ran Sunday-Saturday) and all loss prevention personnel were called into the office. There were four of us. The store manager told us that only two stops had been made for the week, so we had not met our quota. He contacted corporate and they told him to give all loss prevention personnel the entire next week off to save on costs. An extra cashier would be scheduled to stand by the door as a deterrent. (I later learned that other stores were implementing this policy in order to phase out plain clothes LP altogether.)

As you can imagine, a week of no pay did not exactly go over well with us. It was particularly bad timing for me. My rent was due, my dog had some vet bills, and my nephew’s birthday was coming up. I, and all of my co-workers, did everything to fight this. We talked about how we usually met our quota many times over, How we paid our own salaries with all the stops we did, how much money we had saved the company, how laughably ineffective an untrained cashier standing by the door would be… but it all fell on deaf ears. By the end of it the manager was clearly flustered but insisted that we just stay home the next week. “Think of it like a vacation,” he said. We all had paid time off available but of course he said that we couldn’t use it. “It’s about cutting losses for the company,” he said.

Cutting losses, oh dear. If only he knew the shit I was about to pull…

We all went home feeling pissed and wronged. But before I even set foot in my door, I had the vague beginnings of a plan for vengeance.

The Revenge

Now, I had a few friends, or I guess acquaintances, who were a bit shady. They were generally straight-laced, but they themselves had friends who were even shadier. Dealers, addicts, and even a few gang members if the rumors were true. They usually hung out in one of three parks in the city limits, so after blowing off some steam at home, I began to make my rounds.

The conversation with each group followed a pretty set pattern: I would say hi but look a little pissed, they would ask how I was doing, I’d say something like “Not too good I guess, Shit Store just gave the entire loss prevention team the week off to save money! I’m gonna miss out on an entire paycheck!” A few would probe a bit and I would verify that, yes, anyone could walk into the store and take shit without having to worry about an undercover LP watching them.

I knew that my plan was beginning to take hold when someone I hadn’t talked to posted on Facebook asking if it was true that Shit Store had no loss prevention this week. Word gets around fast. All I had to do now was head to the store, grab a 30 pk of beer, and slowly drink the week away while shit went down.

People lost their fucking minds. A shit load of product went missing every day, and not just little things– people were apparently walking out with giant flat screen TVs and refusing to stop for the lowly cashier by the door (that usually wasn’t paying attention anyway). Tablets, laptops, netbooks, and consoles vanished into thin air. Several cell phones from the display case even went missing.

I would not hear about this till later, though. All I know is that on Wednesday, hardly halfway through my unpaid week off, I got a call from work. I let it go to voicemail and couldn’t help but crack a smile when I listened to it. It was the store manager asking me to come in and work a full shift because of “problems they’d been having.” You could almost hear the desperation in his voice. I knew my little scheme had worked. But sadly, I chose not to respond or come in for work that day. Even if I wanted to, I was pretty deep into a 6-pack at the time.

I got another call the following day, which this time I answered. Gee boss, I’m so sorry but I’m actually eight hours away at the beach right now. I thought going out of town would be a good idea since you said to treat this like a vacation. (Actually I was still in my PJ’s, drinking coffee and watching Breaking Bad.)

The following day I did not get a phone call. Shit Store had bused LP personnel in from other stores and had a police officer stand by the door. I’m sure the police department was happy to oblige, I can only imagine how many calls they got from Shit Store over the past week.

When I went back after my week off was up, there were two new policies that were tacked right on to the bulletin board: at least one LP associate must be on the floor from open to close, and the quota was changed from # of stops per week to amount of money saved in a month, a much more flexible and reasonable quota that the four of us would have no problem meeting. Well, three of us actually, one of my fellow LP’s made use of their week off by getting a new job, and good for them.

I never did learn the hard numbers on how much money hemorrhaged out of that store. I do know that it was in the six-figure range.

I thought about getting a new job myself, but it didn’t prove to be necessary. I guess a company that cuts all LP’s for a week must have deeper financial problems, because the whole chain folded two months later. I then got to spend my days drinking beer, watching Netflix, and getting paid unemployment for it. I ended up landing a new job with a private security firm that paid much better.

I ran into my shadier acquaintances showing off their new iPads a few days after this mess. I think I know how they got them.

i bet pietro is on team floor turned 1 today!

i know i’m probably really annoying posting about this so much but this should be one of my last posts today i’m going to bed soon xD

Tumblr sent me this email and I couldn’t help but post it. SO now I’m taking my time to appreciate my year on Tumblr.

I hit 100 followers in my first ten days. A thousand in two months. Two thousand in three months. Three thousand in five months. And finally, five thousand in eight months. It was insane, and I never imagined this many people would like my blog…so I thank you. The old followers, and the new followers. Thank you for sticking with me for so long and if you’re new, I hope you stick around and enjoy your time on my blog :)

Gonna be honest…When I wrote my first fic and posted it here, I had only seen the two Cap movies that were out and the two Avengers movies. But the fic I wrote centered around Tony…AND I HADN’T EVEN SEEN THE IRON MANY MOVIES XDD, I was really cringe. But I found a fandom I fell in love with, and I still love it to this day. Everyone is so nice and encouraging, and even with a few bad apples (anon hate?) it does not ruin the whole batch. I made so many friends that have improved my life…some you guys know better than others. EVERYONE I HAVE MET BY BEING ON HERE IS SO AWESOME AND I LOVE THE SUPPORT WE ALL GIVE EACH OTHER AHHHAHAHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE THIS FANDOM I LOVE YOU GUYS.

Friend appreciation time.

I kinda don’t even have to say this one because if you even scroll down my blog just a little bit you see her everywhere, but, damn, Jadyn @jaderz-mega-yikes i mcfreaking love you. We bonded so quickly and I still have the screenshots from when we first interacted. Thank you for always being there and I’m so happy we’re friends..ahh, still highkey jealous you’re in New York right now, though. I can’t wait to meet.

I made other friends from the group chat we made over the summer (HAHA THE SQUIRREL SQUAD) that I actually haven’t really talked to recently, but I still value them and see them on all my social media and they helped me continue in my blog. Magic, @theflameofdeath , Hannah @rejectedmarvel , and Mira @queenmira29​ ahh it’s been so long guys but i still luh you.

I MADE OTHER REALLY COOL FRIENDS TOO. @buckyslion@justcameforthefanfiction@mcuimxgine@marrvelle@fangirlingisajob @tatortot2701@mehrmonga@i-write-and-stuff@thecoffeestudyblr@peter-maxiimoff@sarcasticcritic@themcuhasruinedme @captainamericasinnocence@livforthegames@moonfairydraws​ and i really hope i didn’t forget anyone but I’m so tired it’s really possible that i did and i’m sorry i really love you guys and thank you so much for being mah friend and i know some of us don’t talk as often but i still get really happy seeing you show up on my dash and ahhhhhhhhhhhh i just love this community of avengers lovers and i need to show my love because there are just so many great people on this site and im rambling

Thank you.

I’ve never really done a big appreciation post like this before, and it is really long overdue, but I think I show a lot of love when reblogging stuff or answering asks, but it was time to put it in a post. Thank you guys for a great year, friends and followers, old and new, TO MANY MORE YEARS!

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The Upper Hand: Jefferson x Reader {Part 5}

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Hamilton - Modern AU (Law School)

Jefferson x Reader

1,974 words

The long awaited Part 5 has arrived! This is kind of a filler chapter, but it’s necessary to set up for Part 6. The good news is it’s finally the weekend, so I’ll be able to post a couple more parts soon! So, without further ado, I give you The Upper Hand: Part 5

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Too slutty.

You peel off the short, sleeveless cocktail dress and throw it on the floor with a groan. Jefferson—Thomas is coming to pick you for your date up in three short hours, and you still haven’t found the right outfit. You haven’t been on a date in a while—unless you count the blind date with Peggy’s cousin two months ago—and you figure that you need extra time to get ready. And freak out.

Your phone rings as you try on dress number six. John Laurens.


“Y/N! You’re coming out tonight with us, right? Friday night’s about to get lit!”

“Uh, actually, Laurens, I have a date.”

“Ooooh, Y/N has a date! Who’s the lucky fella?”

You hesitate. While you are worried about what Alex and the guys will think of you going on a date with Thomas, you think Laurens will be more understanding than the others. Laurens is one of the HamilSquad who hasn’t caught Jefferson’s attention, other than noticing that Laurens and Hamilton seem a little too close of friends. You really need someone to talk to about this, and Peggy is out of town with her boyfriend this weekend, so she hasn’t been available to talk.

“Um, Laurens? I’m trying to keep it on the DL. Sorry.”

“Really? You’re not going to tell me?”

“I don’t know.”

“Are you trying to find a dress?”

“I have nothing to wear!” you whine.

“Okay, I’ll come help you find something if you tell me who this mystery guy is.”


Laurens arrives fifteen minutes later, giving the bright green dress you’re wearing an appraising look as you open the door. He follows you to your bedroom and whistles at the piles of clothes scattered across your floor.

“You really like this guy, don’t you?”

You nod, blushing. “He’s taking me to that new French restaurant on 8th Street, and I don’t feel like any of these clothes are nice enough.”

“Classy guy,” Laurens observes, stepping over your clothes piles and into your closet. “How about this one? I heard it’s going to be chilly tonight, so maybe he’ll give you his coat if you get cold.”

You giggle thoughtfully, imagining Jefferson’s coat around your shoulders, his French cologne surrounding you in a warm, fragrant embrace. A new level of nerves hits you, and you sink to your bed.

“No, get up and try this on,” Laurens orders. “And don’t panic. This guy must know how special you are if he’s asking you out on a date.”

“I am special,” you echo as you step into the closet to change.

“Okay, Y/N! Let’s see how you look.”

You step into your bedroom in the magenta dress Laurens picked out. It’s modeled after 50s styles, with an A-line skirt and V-neck. You twirl and see the flat bow nestled in the small of your back.

“It’s perfect!” Laurens says, grinning at you.

You match his smile and touch the silky material, looking at your reflection in the mirror. The magenta color compliments your skin tone and hair. You make a mental note to twist your hair into an updo. You do look good, you agree. Only good things can happen while you wear this dress, like first kisses and moonlit walks in the park and—


You turn to look at Laurens sitting on your bed, dread filling your belly. He wants to know the identity of the mystery date. Any confidence you had that Laurens will react well disappears as he grins at you eagerly.

“You’re not gonna like it,” you start, wringing your hands. “I know how much you guys hate him, and I did too. But I learned that he is a nice, hard-working guy who is confident in himself and his abilities. I know that he is quirky and obnoxious and arrogant, but he respects me and sees that I am special, just like you said.”

You pause, unable to form Jefferson’s name with your lips.

Laurens’ smile dims. “I had a bad feeling about that group project.”

“Are you disappointed?”

“Y/N, I could never be disappointed in you.” He motions for you to sit next to him on the bed. “I am shocked, and perhaps slightly suspicious of Jefferson. But… if you can find it in yourself to look past his many, many faults and shortcomings and overall jackassery—”


“Sorry. Point is, you’re giving him a chance, and I will respect that.”

You chew on your lip thoughtfully.

“I swear to God, though, if he hurts you, I’ll sic Hamilton on him.”

The image of Hamilton beating up Jefferson makes you both chuckle. You face Laurens and give him a grateful smile.

“Thank you, John.”

“What are friends for?” He puts an arm around you and squeezes slightly. “Now, I will let you finish getting ready. I would be completely useless if you asked me about makeup or hair.”

“But your hair is so pretty,” you joke, ruffling his curly locks.

He stares at you in mock horror before jumping to his feet. “That was uncalled for, Miss Y/L/N.”

You giggle as you walk him to the door.

“I expect an update at the end to make sure you’re okay,” he says, pseudo-joking.

“ ’Kay. And please don’t tell Alex.”

“Your secret’s safe with me.”

The next hour and a half blows by in a flurry of makeup, hair curling, and perfume, your growing anxiety and excitement fueled by upbeat music blaring from your speakers. You wish that Peggy could be here to help you get ready—her enthusiasm for first dates and good eye for style would be much appreciated as you stress about almost every choice.

Finally, eight o’clock rolls around, and you find yourself pacing in the hall between the living room and your bedroom in your bare feet, checking your phone clock every twenty seconds. Doubts begin to creep in as it becomes 8:01 and then 8:02…

What if he’s in a car accident? What if he decided to cancel? What if he just asked me out because he feels bad for me? Or worse, because he’s playing a trick on me?

The doorbell rings, and you nearly jump out of your skin. Trying to calm your racing heart, you make your way to the door. You smooth your hands over your hair—in a nice-looking chignon—and your dress—magenta, you smile—before opening the door.

Thomas’ tall frame takes up the whole doorway. He’s dressed in a tailored black suit, purple checked shirt, and bow tie. The signature curly locks have been somewhat tamed by some form of hair product.

When he sees you, the cheerful tune he was whistling dies on his lips and his jaw drops slightly. He looks you up and down, taking in your magenta dress, classic pearl necklace, black heels. There must be something wrong with what you’re wearing. Your hands instinctively search for pockets at your waist, but, finding nothing but fabric, smooth the dress over the flat of your stomach.

He quickly clears his throat, recovering from whatever afflicted him before, and holds out a bouquet of carnations, daisies, and baby’s breath. No one has brought you flowers before, unless you count the one time in second grade when Brandon Murphy picked a dandelion from the grass by the slide and gave it to you.

“I just thought that you’d like some flowers,” Thomas says, interpreting your hesitation as rejection of his gift. “I honestly didn’t know what to get you. Usually girls like flowers. Do you even like carnations? Because I wasn’t sure if roses were too much. There were some lilacs there, actually. Or I think something called an orchid. I’d never heard of that before. Do you want me to return these and get you orchids? Because I’ll do whatev—”

“Thomas, they’re beautiful,” you say, accepting the bouquet and inhaling the flowers’ sweet perfume. “Thank you.”

He visibly relaxes, grinning at you with that million-dollar smile.

“Let me go put these in a vase, and we can go.”

Laurens sits at the bar and sips his drink, vaguely paying attention to Alex, Laf, and Hercules’ conversation. Something about Lafayette’s full name involving lots of French words and swearing. To be honest, Laurens is more interested in thinking about why Y/N is going on a date with Thomas Jefferson. He can’t count on both hands the number of times she came to any member of their group crying because of something Jefferson had said to her. He constantly teased her about her background and her grades. Laurens didn’t know everything about her, but he knew that what Jefferson said really hurt her. How could she just disregard all of those hurtful words and consider him as a potential romantic partner?

He wasn’t jealous of Jefferson. No, there was someone else who Laurens had his eye on, but he doubted it would work. Laurens merely cared for Y/N as a friend. She had been there for him when he needed to confide in someone about his secret crush, listening without judgment as he explained how difficult and impossible it was. He felt the need to be there for her, a non-judging friend who could listen to her thoughts and feelings.

Even so, he still had opinions about this. Jefferson couldn’t change so easily. He was one hundred percent himself, including the arrogant, self-centered, insensitive jackass that had hurt Y/N countless times before. Laurens’ mind conjures an image of Y/N sitting cross-legged on her bed, wiping tears from her cheeks as she recounts Jefferson’s latest insults. Y/N could hold her own against Jefferson when she was in public, but she couldn’t keep him from hurting her heart.

Hercules leans into Laurens, pulling his attention back to the guys sitting next to him.

“What’s up, Laurens?” Herc asks, ordering another round for the group. “You called Y/N and invited her to hang tonight, right?”

Laurens nods wordlessly, clenching his jaw.

“Where is she, then?” Alex appears on his other side, his knee touching Laurens’. The silence that follows is deafening.

“That new French restaurant on 8th,” Laurens reveals quietly.

“On a date?”

Laurens avoids Laf’s questioning eyes.

“That’s great, right? How come we didn’t hear about it?”

“A hot, nameless date? How mysterious!”

Laurens plays the conversation he had with Y/N right before he left her apartment in his head. “Please don’t tell Alex.” “Your secret’s safe with me.” He did promise Y/N not to tell Alex. And his word carried weight. But ethically, if it was to protect her from Jefferson, it would be okay to betray her trust. Right?

“Tell us who it is, John!” Alex pleads, his hand grazing Laurens’ thigh before he takes a swig from his beer mug. “She hasn’t dated anyone in months.”

I’m doing this for your own good, Y/N, Laurens thinks. He screws his eyes shut, clenching his fists, and blurts out:


Hercules laughs out loud. “That’s funny, Laurens. Never in a million years…”

“That is, how you say, ridiculous!” Laf agrees.

Alex is silent under their laughter, his eyes darkening as he studies Laurens.

“He’s not joking,” Alex mutters.

Hercules and Lafayette’s laughter dies on their lips.

“I’m gonna kill him,” says Alex, his voice deadly low. His dark eyes leave Laurens’ face, mentally calculating the fastest way to get to 8th Street.

Laurens’ heart sinks in his chest as he realizes the hurricane he has just released on Y/N’s date. He has a moment of doubt—perhaps Y/N knows what she’s doing and can handle herself—but during his moment of hesitation Alexander is already out the door, trailed closely behind by Lafayette and Hercules. Panicking, Laurens pulls out his phone and sends Y/N a quick text, hoping that her phone is on.

SOS. Alex knows. I’m so sorry.

The Time Traveler (Chapter Six)

May 04, 2017, Thursday [#137]

Title: The Time Traveler (An Endless Summer fanfic)

Chapter Six summary: While waiting for Jake and MC to come back, Sean and the others hide behind tall ferns and discuss sabertooth eating habits.

Story summary: Using a time travel gun prototype, Jake McKenzie travels back to the past. By encouraging friendships between everybody to build up trust and teach each other skills, he hopes to stop a terrible future from happening.

Links to previous five chapters:
01. (Chapter One: The Beginning)
02. (Chapter Two: The Scar That Didn’t Exist)
03. (Chapter Three: Unexpected Advice)
04. (Chapter Four: Droplets and Stars)
05. (Chapter Five: Say No to Sitcoms)

Chapter Six: Sabertooth Eating Habits

Sean wiped his brow as Jake led the group deeper into the forest. The sweltering, sticky heat they all felt was made worse by the little insects that buzzed around them. They had already encountered the sabertooth tiger - he really hoped that they didn’t see some humongous mosquito with a sucker as long as a telephone pole, or something.

Then, without warning, Jake suddenly stopped. Quickly, as if he had done so many times before, his left hand performed three signals, the third being a closed fist.

“Uh, guys? Jake’s being weird.”

“Don’t know what you’re protesting, dude, but I’m with ya!”

Startled, Jake turned back to see Zahra, Craig, and everybody else, including Sean, looking at him strangely - and some strange emotion passed over his face for just a second, but Sean had no time to think about that because all of a sudden, Jake and MC were hustling everybody towards the tall ferns to the right of the trail to hide from something only they could see.

“I hope they’re alright,” Grace murmured as she peered into the path Jake and MC had disappeared into. “What’s taking them so long?”

“I don’t know,” replied Sean worriedly. The two of them had made some kind of near-silent agreement to go after whatever had been watching them, leaving the rest of them hiding behind the tall ferns.

Zahra shrugged as she absentmindedly cut into a bright green leaf with a knife. “Better them than me.”

“Did they get a good look at what they went after?” Sean asked. “What if it’s the sabertooth?”

“You’re right, dude! What if the sabertooth eats them?! That huge cat could be having a really good lunch right now!”

“Unlikely, Craig,” said Grace as she looked into space, her brow furrowing. “According to the size of the sabertooth that accosted us, its stomach would only have space for one fully-grown human. Besides, if it follows the hunting habits of the feline family, it will instinctively chase around and play with its prey before eating it.”

Looking up from her now-shredded leaf, Zahra raised her eyebrow at Grace. “Your point, dork?”

“Merely that if the sabertooth were hungry, it wouldn’t be able to eat both Jake and MC-”

Michelle sighed in relief. “Well, that’s good-”

“-it would be able to eat only one of them, and the other, while mauled, may be able to make their way back to us before collapsing from exhaustion and blood loss.”

“Grace!” admonished Michelle.

“…Well, they asked…

Sean frowned. He and Jake had had their disagreements, but he didn’t want to see the guy mauled by a sabertooth, especially not after the conversation they had the night before. Underneath the tough exterior, he seemed to be a good guy. And of course, he didn’t want MC to be hurt either. Sean didn’t know her that well, but he wanted to know more about her. He admired her positive attitude and her willingness to help out and get things done.

Why didn’t he go with the two of them? Why didn’t he try to help? Sitting here, waiting… it was hard. He wanted to get up; he wanted to help. What if-

“Calm down, dude.” Craig, who had been next to Zahra, had crept his way to Sean’s right without him noticing. “Just relax.”

“I am-”

“No, you’re not. I know what you’re thinking.”

“What am I thinking, then?” Sean asked him.

“You’re thinking about how hard it is to be left behind.”

Surprised, he glanced at Craig, who looked unusually serious as he looked at Sean intently. He was used to the fun-loving, partying Craig. But this Craig, serious and solemn, was one he had seen only very rarely, and despite being his best friend, Sean had no idea what to say.

“Just trust them. It doesn’t always have to fall on you, dude. And after being fast enough to punch you, that sabertooth’s gonna be a piece of cake for Jake!”

Sean laughed. The thing was, he could totally imagine Jake punching a sabertooth.

When Jake and MC finally returned, they looked shocked; they looked worried - but they didn’t look harmed.

As MC opened her mouth to tell them what they had found, Zahra interrupted her. “Are you both okay?”

The concern in her question was so out-of-character that almost everybody turned to look at her as if she were crazy.

“Uh… yes?” MC replied, puzzled by her behavior. “But anyway, guys, guess what! We found-”

“Did you find the sabertooth? Was it hungry? Did it maul you?”

They both blinked.

“Thanks for the concern, but we’re fine, hacker girl. Did you eat any funny-looking plants while we were gone?”

Zahra ignored Jake’s question. “So you weren’t mauled even a little bit?”

She sounded almost… whiny.

Looking vaguely disturbed now, Jake and MC made a point of turning away from Zahra as they addressed the rest of the group. “So, we were in this clearing,” MC told them, “when we saw…”

While they explained what they had seen, Sean noticed movement out of the corner of his eye and turned. While he didn’t see who had moved, he did observe that Zahra looked somewhat disgruntled… and Grace was clutching a five-dollar bill in her left hand as she whispered to Michelle, who was smirking slightly.

Sean smiled to himself. While he had thought that Michelle and Grace coming along was a bad idea, it was nice to see them talking to each other, especially since they were the first two people to make peace during Raj’s feast.

As Zahra grumbled about inconsiderate people who didn’t even have the decency to be mauled by prehistoric animals, Sean thought to himself that even if this island was completely insane, maybe the new friendships they would all form would make everything worth it.

(End of Chapter Six.) (Word count: 999 words.)

Chapter Six notes: This chapter takes place during Book One, Chapter Eight. We know what Jake and the MC were doing during the diamond scene, but I imagine that those who were left behind were probably pretty worried - especially Sean, who is used to being the one to take action and protect the group. Now, he knows a little of how it feels, as Craig pointed out, to be left behind. New friendships are forming in their group, starting with Grace and Michelle… although I think Jake and the MC will want to steer clear of Zahra for a while!

Prompt: The prompt for this chapter was this week’s #ChoicesCreates (Round Eight) one-word prompt, “friendship,” which was posted by @hollyashton and hosted by me, @firefly-hwufanficwriter.

Chapter Five acknowledgements: Thanks to all those who read the previous chapter! 😊 I’d also like to thank @choices-addict and @jakemckcnzie for reblogging Chapter Five! 😋😋 And super big thank yous to @captainsteverogerslover, @mermaidwarriorqueen, @princess-scarletxx, @jessicamckenzie, @xo-endlessmayhem-xo, @avengingalec​, and @the-falcon-of-the-fall​ for leaving comments, because feedback really inspires me to write! 😀😊😎

(If possible, I would love to know what you thought of this chapter! Thank you very much for reading!)

(Waiting for H.W.U. to come back, forever and always; 04/05/17.)