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“If I murdered someone, she’s the person I’d call to help me drag the corpse across the living room floor. She’s my person.”

I wish I wasn’t lazy and in a hurry so I could make a pretty graphic.

Continuing with all the shameless Grey’s Anatomy inspo, I’m gonna need a Meredith to go with Ellis’ Karev. Because I am trash. And they are great. The request in itself is pretty generic, but I’m gonna need another Med Resident/Roomate/General Better Half for this idiot. Their lives are a mess, but at least they got each other and all that. Excuse me but I love platonic relationships and platonic soulmates give me life. At any rate, she’s the more calm, collected, “responsible” counterpart to his natural recklessness and tendency to not think things through. She’s probs saved his ass countless times whenever he acts out without thinking of the consequences. 

She’s the best thing to have happened in his life tbh. And she never lets him forget about that.

Seriously, this is a purely platonic relationship that’s just beautiful. And ridiculous. Maybe they can try to wingman one another. And end up sabotaging each other’s dates. She kicks his one night stands out and he does the same for her. It’s really. It’s beautiful. Really. And I don’t have anything else to say about this, other than this is an incredibly open request. Face wise, age wise, everything really. I’d prefer for the character to be female tho. That’s my one request.

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i’m too lazy to make a graphic so we’re just gonna jump into this! september marks 2 years since i’ve been on tumblr. my many URLs, my old blog(rip in peace-gone but never forgotten), and most importantly all of you!! some of you guys have been my friends since the beginning, and some of you are more recent. either way, i love u all and you’re all so cool n fun and i’m glad i got the chance to “meet” you. so yeahhh yay friends! ily all okay bye

p.s. i THINK i got everyone but if i missed u i’m sorry i still love u a ton :)

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