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Time for some thoughts on “Blue”

Okay so after seeing the member teasers, I definitely get a calm airy vibe for this comeback. According to this Blue is the last installment in the color series and will have a cool, refreshing and freely concept that fits with the symbol of the color blue. I made another post about this, but blue is associated with depth and stability. It’s also a color symbolizing trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and faith. 

Okay! Going back to the other color concepts we’ve had so far. Noir which was accompanied by the title song skydive, the music video was B.A.P’s take on film noir. The mv centered around crime, murder, and betrayal. Moving onto Rose with the title song “Wake Me Up”, we got themes of Revolution, love, and hope. “Wake Me Up” was about finding the light beyond the darkness. 

So we’ve had black which was a very dark theme, Red which was emotional and about finding the light beyond the dark, and now we will have blue. Blue will be the light at the end of the tunnel, the final piece in the color series and ending on something uplifting and fresh. 


8 Heavenly Smoothie Bowls

Ever seen a smoothie bowl so beautiful it changed your life? Well, here you go! Lina Haber creates these super scrumptious smoothie bowls that are also 100% vegan. She posts her recipes regularly on instagram. So check ‘em out and get to blending!

Wally’s got a new do

Keiy posted his new hair cut on snap chat, and I hope this is a sign he’s going back to filming soon. He’s seemed a little adrift recently on social media. That plus the fact that he’s missed at least 2 days of ep 3 and all of ep 4, I was starting to get a little worried about our favorite speedster sidekick. However, after seeing this picture, I’m like 90% sure Flash ptb gave him an episode’s worth of filming to grow out his hair.

Over the hiatus Keiynan processed, bleached, and dyed his hair just about every color under the sun. The day before filming he dyed it again (red) without asking permission from the Flash bosses to change Wally’s look, and, then had to dye it back black again when, unsurprisingly, he found out the new do was a no go. I’m sure his hair follicles were STRESSED. OUT. They already had the first few eps written, so it’s not like there was much they could do. What was done was done. I bet 4 was the first episode the writers could write him out of, which is what they did, until Keiynan could grow it out enough to cut off the damaged, processed hair.

I’m sure it did bruise his newly liberated, free spirited little unicorn heart to realize he’d be losing an episode’s worth of work his decision to dye his hair, and perhaps that contributed to whatever else he was feeling or had going on in his life at the time. But he seemed more optimistic yesterday, and he has “Wally hair” today. So, at least on a professional level, I’m hopeful this means we will see him taking pictures from the Flash set soon.

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Are/did you go to any cons this year?

Me and @askphilosopony were thinking about going to Equestria LA in Anaheim. Keyword being “thinking”, I haven’t cared for MLP:FiM since the end of Season 3 so I don’t see me enjoying it for that reason. However, if there’s G1 MLP merch, then color me interested. Plus I have some friends I wouldn’t mind meeting in person if they go, so we’ll see.


100 Days of AmazingPhil → 1/100



have some bakudeku content i made for their ship week and of course missed

the theme was: Backs 

  • back hugs
  • sleeping on backs
  • crying into backs (idontliketheCOLORING)

Y’ALLLLLLL guess what i finally finished!!! it took an embarrassing amount of time to clean up & color these sketches, but now they’re done and ready for use! look under the break to find the full-size renders :D

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warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….


What can I say? That meme is just fucking hilarious

Idea/suggestion/whatever you wanna call it by @meowthvevo