was going to post this in color


just gonna drop every gf-related doodle i’ve drawn this month here, because boy have i slacked off on actually posting stuff lately. 

oh i dont think i posted this here. took a few caps of my Process™ for that wm thing i posted a little bit ago.

this is generally how i go abt building a picture nowadays. sketch → silhouette → basic color blocking → simple shadows w/multiply or burn layers → start painting over with a blocky textured brush, refine details and colors → color correction/filters/finalize shapes and details

all the basic color blocking is done on a single layer bcus its easier for me to manage. then i paint over it on a layer above that just in case i fuck up or what to change something


hey kids so i think i’m going to do icons for people so there are a couple criteria

~I’m probably limiting icons to Dan, Phil, both or Dodie

~MBF me

~Reblog this post maybe? ://

Send me an ask that says who you want in the icon, color scheme, poses whatever tbh. I may not be able to do all of them, but I’ll try to do at least half!

@baby-afton-robotics I did it I drew the fusion that should never exist :)

For the rest of you who may or may not know what this is or what caused this it was from a muse fusion ask meme and you can read the post on Ring Leader over here: X and yes. This is in fact, a fusion of Baby and William Afton.

I changed their design a little bit since the post however, opting for more washed out looking colors (Actually done by blending Baby’s and my version of William’s colors together) and going with a tailcoat instead of trying to make a tutu work with a suit. Still very violent, still very dramatic, still very tall, still shouldn’t exist.

A-ok to reblog as always~

anonymous asked:

How long does it usually take you to draw? Because you post incredibly frequently!!!

🤔that’s a good question LOL uhhh I guess I can whip up a bust with color in 1-2 hours… it rly depends on what I’m drawing ofc. the bust pieces the look more “finished” take 2-4 hrs, and things more complicated than that can go up to, idk 15-20? LOL

I guess I have the privilege of being able to draw whenever I want–like I don’t have a set schedule to adhere to. Which means I can spend my entire night drawing if I want, which is pretty often LOL I LOVE DRAWING AT NIGHT FDSSHKKD

anonymous asked:

can you keep the ace discourse off of this blog bc i wanna see other brown fat people but it makes me violently uncomfortable... like please mods keep it to your personal blogs

No because we are a blog that includes everyone. We have Brown Ace followers. I will be happy to tag things but I’m not going to stop posting Ace discussions. GFPOC is a safe space for all fat people of color regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or any other marginalized identity. I’m sorry it causes you to be “violently uncomfortable” but did you read the page description at all before following?

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name/nickname: Madison but everyone calls me Madi~
relationship status: Relationship??? I only know friendship and it’s going strong :)
favourite color: Purple
last song i listened to: Liar - CLC (the whole album is gorgeous?? it resurrected me from the dead go give it a listen)
favourite tv show: Hmm I really love Friends//The Walking Dead
first fandom: I was a Spice Girls enthusiast since I popped out with their album in hand- and if you’re wonderin, baby spice was my fav :)
hobbies: reading, writing, watching k-dramas, listening to music, spamming friends with memes, volleyball, reading zodiac posts at least once a day
books that im currently reading: okok i’m reading the throne of glass series by sarah j maas and im on book 4 which is a bunch of novellas and back stories it’s great
worst thing i’ve eaten: probably peas honestly its so mushy i dont mess with it
favorite place: my bed! it’s soft and relaxing i love it

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100 Days of AmazingPhil → 1/100



so its christmas now

Playing with colors a lil bit~

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….