was going to post this in color

someone asked how I did the tears in that Aoyama pic so here we go

get ur lil crying anime face ready

use a bright blue

lower that shit

do the same with a darker blue but UNDER the lineart layer 

duplicate the layer and use the aitbrush to kinda hollow it out mostly the middle section so u get smt like this

use white to outline uuuhhh all of the tears

use pink and kinda scribble on them with water color on a new layer

add it and lower the opacity

do the same with these colors

then add a saturation layer and u got it

Color - Daehwi Au

- Admin Min

genre: lOOKS LIKE A FLUFFY ANGST IN MY EYES [i, xion,  do the formatting for mae’s post too and liek she wasn’t responding to my sc msgs sO LIKE]
member: lee daehwi
word count: 927
requested: no
side notes: n/a

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It was a cold windy and nonetheless lonely day for you. Waking up, going to work and then back home was your daily schedule there was never diversity. You had decided to absorb yourself in work a little over a few years ago when all things in life had slowly started to lose meaning. There was no one that could change this mindset that had developed by itself. There was no color in your sight, everything was black and white everything was the same, everyone was the same. They all tried to fit into society’s definition of perfect and it made you sick to your stomach. What were they all doing? Why had they all sought out to be the same thing? Brainwashed, you had thought.

You had become a barista two years ago, you worked daily which meant you had come in contact with so many people, and yet to you, none of them came across as unique and attractive. Today, in particular, would have had just been any regular day for you if you would not have seen and would have not touched a person who you couldn’t look away from. The beauty the stranger possessed was unearthly, from his sparkling brown eyes that never seemed to go dull to the blonde hair that framed his pale face perfectly. Was it love at first sight? No, it couldn’t be, you had never believed in such a thing, you couldn’t just love a stranger.

Slight Attraction that’s all it was, at least that’s what you had tried to convince yourself it was. Distracted, that’s what you were, distracted to the point where you didn’t even hear the stranger’s order. 
" Umm excuse me did you get that? “ 
It wasn’t until a hand was waved in your face that you had snapped out of your daydream.
” I’m sorry what did you say?“  You asked as you continued to stare, it was as if you simply couldn’t help yourself to tear your eyes from the boy 
” Umm I’d like one ice americano please.“
” oh? Oh! I’m sorry m-may I have your name? “ you barely managed to squeak out.
” It’s Daehwi “he spoke, and darn you could’ve melted right there. 
” A-alright that’ll be $3.50 p-please.“ 
When you were handed the bill, his fingers had accidentally brushed past yours, there was a burst of color, colors you’d never seen before and never would have thought in a million years that they existed, showed themselves to you. Much to you disapproval they immediately disappeared as soon as the contact was broken. What could that have been? It had bothered you all day never leaving your mind, there was nothing else you could think about.

The time was 3am and you were currently searching all over the internet for answers of what it could’ve possibly been. Although you had doubted that you would find anything when you started off, a try was a try. Right, when you were about to give up, you found something that caught your eye, it was the last site of the whole list that came up. A folktale popped up and though you didn’t believe it already, you decided to read it just for a possibility. 
” when you meet your soulmate there will be a burst of color just for a brief moment while you’re touching them, but that is how you’ll know. 
It couldn’t be you thought. He’s just a stranger I’ve never seen before what is this nonsense.

Collapsing into the bed you remembered why you never got yourself involved with people, it led to too many problems, to stress, and to hatred. When you had started to lose interest you had no longer wanted anything to do with the cruel greedy people around you, nonetheless the people you’d never met before. They sickened you. The world was everything but a welcoming place with the way you were brought up to be the person you were today. Somehow through your clouded mind, you had managed to fall asleep. The next morning you were awoken by the loud ringing of the alarm clock that was placed next to your bed. When had you fallen asleep you had so many questions, it had been so long since you were kept awake by thoughts like this on your mind.

Work had started too early for your liking, but today it was… it was different there was a feeling of excitement and anticipation that you yourself hadn’t experienced since you yourself were a child. What were you excited about? There was simply nothing to anticipate yet when you opened the door to the building the feeling hit you like a train. You waited the whole day and nothing exciting had happened yet your body still waited for something or someone to show up. Disappointed that’s what you were, the whole day had gone by with not a single thing happening for you to see, but just as the store was about to close the certain someone you hadn’t even known you were waiting for, showed up. It was him… the boy from yesterday who gave you back the feelings you hadn’t felt in so long.

You were astonished by how handsome he was yet again. There was nothing that was different from yesterday yet you could probably point out a million new things about him that you loved oh so dearly, whether it was a slight change in his hair parting or how good he had looked in ripped black jeans.  That day once again your hands had touched again and the burst of colors came back for a brief second, this time you weren’t surprised though. Although you had quit staring you were still nervous. Would the stuttering come back? You asked yourself.


Cats and blurry sunsets, what else do you need?🐱🌄

Eloisia made it! She’s Light IV! 

I was going through dye choices and I had a whole post planned where I was going to get opinions on colors. But then I found this combination (it’s the Fleet Commander dye set) and knew it was the one. 

Now, she doesn’t actually get to wear this outfit until kotet. She’s only in SoR right now, so it will be awhile. But the outfit is there, ready for her when she gets there! :D

Been Tagged

Hey look at that! I was tagged in a tag meme. I was tagged by @humblydefiant in this post, by @sweet-ree in this post and @you-are-a-program in this post. Thanks y’all! 

It’s an about myself one. So here we go! Also, putting a lot of it under the keep reading tag, because its a doozy.

Are you named after anyone?

Nope - though my dad does like to go into a colorful anecdote about how he determined what my name would be. It’s always different, and always very involved. 

When was the last time you cried?

Heh, two days ago probably. I am a firm believer in crying/grieving in order to work through and past your pain.  

Do you like your handwriting?

I’m pretty indifferent about it. Though I really love my signature, I’ve worked long and hard to make that thing look good.

What is your favorite lunch meat?

For sandwiches? Turkey, but rare is the day when I have a sandwich for lunch…

Do you have kids?

Nope. Maybe someday? If I find that special someone and they want to take that journey with me. 

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@ “Anti-shipping” anon, I’m not going to do the amount of work I’d need to do to get all the messages you sent me into one post, but I agree with you mostly. The big difference is that people who are trying to use a mask of progressiveness to hate on interracial ships and then call fans of color slurs because of it aren’t usually called “antis.” They’re usually called “racists,” plain and simple, because those are people whose motive for hating a ship you can vocalize and still be in the right, morally speaking. The reason that’s different from complaining about “antis” is that the word “antis” is only there because if you said “the Anti-incest crowd” or “the Anti-pedophilia crowd,” people are going to tend to side with those crowds. You must understand the difference in context here, yes? You must understand why “Anti-shipping” as you put it is absolutely justified under some circumstances, like when you see people shipping a child with an older relative because you have the standard rational moral objection to pedophilia and incest, and shitty under others, like when people get mad that Spock is dating Uhura instead of Kirk.

anonymous asked:

no wonder you have such a shitty view of dark skin, you still watch pewdiepie lol way to out yourself and then backpedal when you get your ass handed to you because you have no idea what you are talking about half the time. you bitch about the canon queen and batter characterizations and how they arent followed by fans but somehow canon skin color is different. olive skin is dark skin get over it. just because its not white doesn't mean he's evil

What. I made the pewdiepie post before he said that thing on stream so you can’t use that as evidence. As for the other points;

What? I’ve always said that people can imagine things any way they want. That happens to go for both race and backstory, and of course sexuality. I don’t see how you can twist that in your favour.

Besides, I didn’t backpedal. I haven’t deleted anything, and I never backed down from any points I made. It was simply a topical post. Was I ever rude in my responses?

Also, my girlfriend has “dark” skin. My eyes are opened. She is evil, and I must leave her with immediate effect.

anonymous asked:

can you show us a image-by-image of your drawing process?


first, i do a sketch of the pose and proportions, like this

Then, i do a second sketch over that, to define the features and find all the shapes

After that, i do the linework, and color it if im feeling fancy :3c

then, i do the flats,

then, i do the shading and lighting (make sure not to pillowshade, always try to have a light source defined unless the pillowshading is what you’re going for)

finally i add lighting effects, backgrounds, and misc. details!! plus the signature :p

october3l1981  asked:

hi uh, so i thought of sending this on anon but i realized i respected my opinions too much to hide so: the raven cycle is actually literally the shittiest goddamned series i've read in a long time, it's racist and sexist and i won't go into details because a lot of people have already said what i want to, so. maybe tag your post as 'racism //'? because as a non-straight person of color, for me to see trb on that list you made was incredibly insulting. xx

hey, i hope this is okay to answer publicly! i’m a black man and member of the lgbt community myself and whilst i agree the series definitely has flaws - i really didn’t like the way henry was portrayed, especially considering stiefvater is white and hasn’t had to live with the “vaguely offensive voice” and “why do you put yourself down? / so no one else can” elements - i don’t know that i’d characterise the entire series as racist because of this. obviously as a guy i’m not really qualified to talk about the sexist aspects, but i’m not sure which parts you mean by that. i don’t mean to suggest what you’re talking about isn’t present on either count, but would you mind elaborating on this or sending me one of the posts talking about it?


day 16. exams: physics I midterm

So, I had my first physics I midterm, and I used my old notes from my old school! These were a life saver! I had no idea what was going on in class even though I already took physics and passed it with flying colors. I’ve never been so grate for my past self!

Feel free to use it for your studies! And if you find something is wrong, please tell me! I am forced to retake physics I again because my transfer school wouldn’t accept all of my credits, and I’m finding out that my previous professor taught us some wrong stuff. These should be fine, as I went through the problems again to practice for the midterm. If I post my notes for the next midterm, I will try to update them to be accurate.

hello yall heyyy i did this suuuuper quick coloring of the voltron coloring book thing bc it was so cute and creative and hhh this one was by jacy aka cookiecreation who is a great artist and ive been following her for like… idk since the beginning of tumblr i guess


Phil checking Dan out.


100 Days of AmazingPhil → 1/100



have some bakudeku content i made for their ship week and of course missed

the theme was: Backs 

  • back hugs
  • sleeping on backs
  • crying into backs (idontliketheCOLORING)