was going to post this in color


prices: (in order)

colored sketch - 5+ USD
sketch - 4+ USD
painting - 10-15 USD (depending on complexity)
sprite - 5+ USD
talksprite - 5+ USD 

things i will draw:

  • fandom stuff 
  • your ocs (i frickin love drawin ocs this is a big yes)
  • somebody else’s ocs (with permission from the creator) 
  • lightly detailed furries 

 things i won’t draw: 

  • nsfw 
  • mecha 
  • heavily detailed furries 

 please message for details! remember that these prices are flexible depending on complexity, and can definitely go lower if need be!

credit to @dabesbigadvenchers for the images and description and for making me make a commission post in the first place!!

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Hey loves! Samantha & I are going to be holding the ‘’Cities of California Awards’‘.  Since Summer is upon us or soon to be depending on where you are we thought California cities would fit right in. Read below on what you need to do to participate


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• San Francisco - Best Url (1x)

• San Diego- Best Posts  (1x)

• Beverly Hills- Best Theme  (1x)

• Santa Monica- Best Icon  (1x)

• Palm Springs- Best Color Scheme  (1x)

• Sacramento - Nicest Blogger (1x)

• LA - Samantha’s  Fave (3x)

• Malibu- André’s Fave (3x)


• 2 new friends

• Q4Q (when requested)

• Promo’s when requested (up to 1x a week)

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• We will be choosing the winner when we are happy with the notes

• Depending on the notes the cities can have up to (2) winners!!!

• Banner made by @leavingforever/@xlfdesigns

• If you have any questions feel free to ask us

• Good Luck 💕

i dreamt about a huge umbrella that could fly and was extremely powerful, and u could command it with ur mind as long as u had a small toy bird that was connected to the umbrella in ur hands and as long as u knew what time period the umbrella was from. and the time period kept switching, like, it kept shifting and changing and it would play different old timey music and the colors and shape of the bird toy would too. and i was the only one that could control the umbrella no matter what for some reason. its flying in my dream operated just like flying always does in my dream. it takes awhile of awkward jumping to lift off but then once youre off you kind of drift with a weight holding you down. people could sit inside the umbrella it was so big, and be carried around as long as i didnt lose control. we were running from some people who wanted the umbrella - running from like, a corporate organization? and we floated through forests and over open stony areas with small streams going through them. it was interesting

Long time no see everyone!! Since its summer break and i’ve missed this blog, im doing a small promo! Please send in some asks and reblog this post!! 

Also, im going to wipe all the old asks and redraw them!! Ive improved so I want to give better content!

Also also, art will be linearted and colored since me and @viktor–niciforov are collaborating! All lineart will be done by them!

Dont be afraid to ask me anything! I would love questions


100 Days of AmazingPhil → 1/100



Katie McGrath + Colors: Black (1/?) 

“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you - don’t bother me.”- Yohji Yamamoto

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….