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“There’s always a little truth behind every “just kidding”
A little knowledge behind every “I don’t know”
A little emotion behind every “I don’t care”
And a little pain behind every “It’s okay”“

Note: Shiro’s was going to be in his paladin color like every one else but it didn’t look as good so I just decided to make it in the other paladins colors since it looks better and he’s their leader and all. Also there wasn’t a part of the quote for Hunk so sadly he is left out :( but I hope you like this anyway.


“There’s a lengthy process to go through, meeting with the NFL and sort of applying and discussing what you would do in the first place,” she said. “I think that part of how they decide who is going to come and do the halftime show is based on our ideas and what we want to do. They were really excited about the show we wanted to put on. They’ve been super-supportive. They’ve been there every day at the rehearsal space with us and cheering me on as I rehearse. It’s been great.”


Project DIVA Future Tone: Hatsune Miku - The Snow White Princess is (taken by me on PS4) - Part 1

This is a Season Pass costume (Snow Miku 2017) and I chose it kind of accidentally; the song had ‘snow’ in it, so I decided to choose a ‘snow’ costume and this was a new one, so I picked it and then I sat there, astonished. lol. It’s already hard enough to pay attention to the notes because I want to see what’s going on in the song but this was like omg, soooooo pretty. I immediately went and took pictures afterwards. It’s so beautiful.


The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 12]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

“Buckle down, folks,” calls out John Older [first assistant director], his voice resonating around the caves [representing the inside of the Sycorax ship], “cos it’s very difficult to work in here. Let’s go for a take…”

“The door!” screams Billie. “Close the door!”

Noel spins around. As the Sycorax grabs him, he manages to pull the TARDIS door shut just in time. Slam! Door closes. Well, not quite.

“Er - he didn’t close the door,” says Jon. “It’s swung back open.”

“Oh fiddlesticks,” cries Noel, frustrated. “That TARDIS door is such a naughty old thing.”

Actually, that’s not exactly what Noel said. I’m paraphrasing. But this is a family magazine, so let’s just leave it.

“Okay, Noel, you blew the plot,” laughs James [Hawes, director]. “If the door doesn’t close, we’re screwed.”

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David Tennant as Romeo in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Romeo and Juliet (2000) - Part 3

Excerpts from a Scotland on Sunday article on David at the RSC in 2000

“He is perfect casting, because of the intensity he brings to his work,“ Michael Boyd says.  While Tennant’s great friend and former landlady, the comic performer and author of Does My Bum Look Big in This?, Arabella Weir, says: "He’s astonishingly focused for his age and amazingly straightforward and honest. He’s trustworthy and he’s honourable.”

There is still something uncynical and unspoilt about him, though. He confesses that being with the RSC can be scary. “Not only because you are in the home of ‘world class classical theatre’ (as all the brochures tell you), but these big Shakespearean roles come with a lot of historical baggage attached. People tell you how romantic Ian McKellen was as Romeo, or how masculine Sean Bean was, or how marvellous Laurence Olivier was. You feel the weight of all those ghosts, those performances that have taken on a mystical resonance. And because it’s Shakespeare, you feel it’s hard to make it believable, because it is so beautiful.  With this play, everyone has so many ideas about it, that you almost want to play against the beauty. We did the balcony scene the other day and I was doing: 'But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun!’ And I was going: 'How can I say that?’ It is beyond parody, but all you can do is be personal with it and make it your own, if that doesn’t sound too pretentious. I know that’s how Alex [who plays Juliet] feels about famous lines like, 'Parting is such sweet sorrow’.”   

The intensity of the rollercoaster he is on is overwhelming. Stratford is a grueling, sometimes stifling, hothouse. Rehearsal followed by show, followed by rehearsal, in one long punishing schedule. After one-and-a-half hours in the rehearsal room, there is just time for a snack  before voice warm-ups for the matinee of The Rivals. There, Tennant’s rapier-thin young blade gets involved in sword fights and various cunning derring-do disguises, then he is off again for lunch. And back on again, for The Comedy of Errors. A short show, but a physical one, as Tennant slides down those banisters, executes pratfalls and turns in a brilliantly funny double act with Ian Hughes, who plays his manservant, Dromio. He also does the neatly witty trick of lighting two post-coital cigarettes after seducing his long lost twin’s wife and then buries his head in Nina Conti’s cleavage.

Later Tennant is in his dressing-room, stripped to the waist, slapping Simple moisturizer onto his face, swigging pints of mineral water, and packing up his make-up box, an old-fashioned leather bowling case. As we leave, we trip up over a bloody but unbowed Hotspur, about to go on stage and die in Henry IV, Part 1. Falstaff is plumped in the corner and wishes us a courteous good night, while various make-up girls daub elderly knights. “It’s like this every night at this time,” says Tennant. “You can’t move for men in armour and there’s blood everywhere.”    

Photo credits include:  Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, photostage.co.uk, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and more 

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“My name is Kira Yoshikage. I can’t remember when or how I died. But one thing I can say is that I feel certain I will not go to heaven.”

Araki: [Dead Man’s Questions] is a work where I drew a character who longs for the peace of his heart even after death, and who continues to grow mentally. This character is the greatest adversary in ’JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4’: a dead murderer.


Behind the Scenes of The Poison Sky / The Sontaran Stratagem (Part Five)

Excerpts from the DVD Commentary with David Tennant, Russell T. Davies, and producer Susie Liggat:

RTD: Do you know, I’ve always wanted to ask you, David.  When you get a script what do you do?  From scratch
DT: I read it.
RTD: Yeah, but…
DT: I just read it to read it the first time.  And then I’ll read it and I’ll usually mark it up, which is literally just underlining my bits
RTD: Yep yep yep
DT: Which is the first stage of learning it, I suppose, and then you just read it again and you go over certain scenes.  Depending upon how much time you’ve got, whether it’s a script that you’ve had a few weeks in advance or whether it’s one of the ones that creep in at the last minute
RTD:  [laughs] Like they do
DT: …for whatever reason.  Sometimes you have to sort of just buckle down and start learning specific scenes if a schedule is in front of you…
RTD: Do you have to learn it according to the schedule
DT: Yeah, you do.
RTD: Sort of going, “Right, all of the UNIT scenes are first so I’ll learn those first”
DT: Yeah, yeah
RTD: That’s hard, isn’t it?
DT: Well, it’s easier than just learning it chronologically, because you’re just kind of keeping up with the schedule as it comes
RTD: Because it always strikes me, and actually everyone always says this, that you come to read-throughs incredibly prepared.  Do you, or are you winging it?
DT: Weeellll, it’s somewhere between the two, I think.  I think probably as the years have gone on, I enjoy winging it a bit more
RTD: Right
DT: Because I think it can be a bit more… sometimes you can over-prepare things, I think.
RTD: Yep
DT: and I think when we started I think I probably, sort of, would come to the read-through having practiced
[ RTD & SL laugh ]
DT: having made some decisions.  As time goes on it’s better sometimes to… especially when you’re meeting actors for the first time and responding to what they do for the first time, if you’re less… Because the first read-through, you’re sitting there thinking… and everyone… all the BBC bods come up from London… and we did three scripts!  We did The Christmas Invasion, New Earth, and School Reunion in one day and I’d never read The Doctor out loud before
SL: [ gasps ] How frightening!
DT: …and there’s all these people, all these bods coming up from London to kind of… and you’re just sitting there thinking, “I’m going to get sacked!”
RTD: [ big laugh ]
DT: That’s all you’re thinking.  So you’re very precious about it, and I think as time goes on you begin to feel slightly more confident of your position, and you think, well, it’s more interesting, actually, to maybe be a bit looser with it.  A bit freer with it.
RTD: And when do you learn the lines?  Is it late at night?  Is it first thing?  
DT: Just as you go.  Weekends a lot… you know.
SL: Because you are extraordinary.  I can say, I’ve worked with you now virtually solidly for four years - on Casanova and then on to this…
DT: Yeah, yeah. That’s true, that’s true
SL: …so I have seen HOURS of television with you
[ DT & RTD laugh at how she dragged out the word “hours” ]
DT: Hours of it!  
RTD: Sound a bit happier about that!
SL: Hours of Russell’s great writing!
[ waiting for the laughing to die down ]
SL: No! What I’m going to say is, I think in all that time, in all those days and all those lines, I think you’ve probably fluffed twice. You know, it’s extraordinary, you are extraordinary.  
RTD: That’s cursed it!
DT: Yeah!
SL:  No! You really are - at learning your lines
RTD: You are, that’s true
DT: It’s the homework, isn’t it?  You’ve got to do the homework.
SL: Well, you say that but you know some people don’t.  It’s brilliant - you are a great leader by example.
DT: I think you’ve got to. I think we’re in such a privileged position, and I don’t want cameramen standing around waiting for me to remember my lines, you know?
RTD: But also it is a skill of yours, actually.  Actors who have learned their lines, who’ve done all the work, can fluff on the spot
DT: Sure, and sometimes we all do, yeah
RTD: Yeah, but you do it less than most.  Now we’ve cursed it - it will all just go to pot!
DT: Yeah!  Tomorrow’s going to be a really long day!
RTD: Never speak about it out loud. 

A big “thank you!!” to everyone who shares set photos

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Some expression meme stuff. (Not labeling because i deleted the requests with each finished one so lol!) I still have a set to go but I feel like I’m done for now! Here’s the Papyruses separate because I can only do 10 images as part of a photoset:

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Oh My goodness Please tell me this has a 2 part

I wasn’t going to write more on this, but I heard this song and loved the lyrics for Felicity and this came out…


Did you have a nightmare? I have nightmares, too. Someday I’ll explain it to you, why they came, why they won’t ever go away, but I’ll tell you how I survive it. I make a list in my head… of all the good things I’ve seen someone do. Every little thing I can remember. It’s like a game. I do it over and over. Gets a little tedious after all these years, but… there are much worse games to play.


Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Seven 

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s interview with Michelle Ryan in DWM (#407)

Rumour has it that there was plenty of socialising off set. DWM presses for details. “Oh, lots of going out,” she chuckles. “We went to an 80′s night. It was a place in Cardiff where they play cheesy 80s music.” That’s every club in Cardiff, isn’t it? “It was such a random night. Everyone went, all the cast. It was just brilliant.” Weren’t they recognized? “Yeah, but the people in Cardiff were really friendly. I didn’t get too much hassle. I think it was a Saturday night, and we had the best time.” […]

There was a lot of debate on set over Michelle’s cooking. Is she any good? “Well, David gave me a nine out of ten for my apple pie,” she grins, “so I’ll let you be the judge! He was really impressed that I made my own pastry. No, it wasn’t frozen. On top of the pie, I did a little figure of David with a big quiff, and then the TARDIS, but he said the TARDIS looked more like a Dalek, so the option’s there. Then we made flapjacks and cookies for the crew. Even in Dubai, everyone had breakfast and dinner together, and we were hanging out in the evenings. It was like what happens in the episode itself, in as much as all these characters are strangers, but they’re forced together when they’re stranded on this planet, and they get to know one another and end up having a great time.”

Excerpts from “The Producer’s Tale” by Tracie Simpson, as told to Benjamin Cook in DWM (#407)

I won’t say I’m surprised, but the whole cast seems to have gelled. When you take people abroad, that happens, doesn’t it? They bond a bit more. Michelle Ryan is a fantastic actress. She’s so grounded, and I think she’s absolutely brilliant as Christina. And David is a dream. This is my first episode as producer, but actually, I introduced David to the TARDIS! I brought him on set for his first bit of filming, in our old studios in Newport. It was secret filming, for his very first scene as the Doctor [in 2005′s The Parting of the Ways]. When he saw the TARDIS, he really did jump for joy, and I thought he was going to cry. David makes it worth coming into work every day.

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Inferno Masterpost updated

So I stayed up till 9 (AM) yesterday working on the name (rough draft/panels/text) for chapter 2 of Inferno, and I got a title and page count!

“It’ll be shorter than Ch. 1″ MY ASS, it’s 13 pages which exceeds Tumblr’s photoset limit so I’m lopping it into 2 parts, 6 + 7 pages respectively.

The Masterpost now lists “[COM] PROGRAM:02 Aria: Stammi vicino, non te ne andare PART I” and “PART II”! I’ll make plenty of announcements on my blog too, but keep an eye on the Masterpost for a posting date, I’ll update as soon as I know! hopefully it won’t take months this time

ALSO, I’m hoping to post Yuuri’s costume/character spread this coming Saturday, but I’m doing some traveling this week (going to Japan!! WHOO!!) and I’ll be super busy once there so I’m holding off on actually setting the date for now. Hopefully I’ll have something go up though! ^ ^;

Thank you all so much once again for all the support and messages you’ve been sending me about my dumb AU! ;A; I’m so incredibly glad you’re enjoying it! You’re getting me really pumped to work on the next chapter so I hope I can have it out soon! (*´∀`*)


Favourite Acting Scenes – Isak’s dream-like week comes to a nightmarish end (5.10 part 5)

My Favourite Colour is Maroon, the photoset. 

Emotions are a peculiar thing: sometimes you cannot live without them, for you want to feel the joy and happiness that you encounter throughout your days. Those moments, life without emotions seems boring and you need them to enjoy it. Other times, you don’t want to feel them at all. When life is just not going your way and everything seems stacked up against you. The anger and sadness you feel, that you’d rather not feel anything at all than those emotions.

But sometimes, at first, you don’t know what to feel at all, or have difficulties containing those feelings and emotions. As is the case with this scene: the feelings and emotions involved with.. a break-up? Every person deals with this in different ways, but here is Isak, a boy who has been known to suppress and hide his true feelings in emotionally stressful situations. Often, a first introduction in acting is being attuned to how emotions take form in your body. Happiness means smile, sadness means frown. But what if the intent of the scene is that you’re feeling emotions but cannot show or deal with them? This is acting out a character who is unable to deal with the emotions that come his way when confronted with a confusing and heartbreaking situation.

It starts at the pre-party. While his friends are talking about whatever, Isak clearly is in conflict. His shoulders are tense, he takes very deep but shallow breaths and is continuously staring at the same point. A nice touch as well is the fact that he’s barely drinking his beer, and when he does he really needs to swallow it down. Maybe his head is completely filled with confusion over what happened with Even, or it’s completely empty, not knowing what to think. The boy is tense all over. What I find most interesting is that these scenes emphasize that feeling that even though you’re with people around you, you can still feel alone because you’re unable to tell them what’s going on. The only connection he makes in the conversation is when Emma is mentioned, but you see that he has difficulties coming up with reasons why he can’t get them in. He even sounds vulnerable here; he really doesn’t want to go.

But then, he has to. And he keeps his distance from his friends. Pulling into himself, walking behind them. Just get them into the party. Then I can leave.

It’s only when he sees Even that Isak suddenly feels anything again: the urgent need to talk to him, even though I don’t think Isak knew what he wanted to say. The music is a nice touch here; it emphasizes that heart pounding and anxious feeling you get when you see your crush after receiving such a weird final text message. I need to find him. Now. When Emma shows up, the music fizzles out. Oh fuck.

Isak tries to pull up his smooth-talking womanizer persona, but you see that he doesn’t feel it: his wide eyes show that he’s scared. And then Emma drops a bomb. His face becomes ashen, his heart sinks right into his stomach. He’s staring again, almost teary-eyed. She knows.

Barely before he even gets to think of the consequences of that revelation, he pulls up his eyes and sees Even and Sonja. The heart in his stomach turns into lead.

I need to get out.

He’s not looking at anyone when he tells them they’re leaving, but then Mahdi mentions for the second time that night his family. Already a sore spot, Isak’s emotions spurt out in anger here and he pushes Mahdi: this is totally different from who Isak is that I think it terrifies even him how he’s reacting. I love Tarjei’s reaction here; wide-eyed, staring, his body language almost screaming that he needs to get away from here.

It’s at the moment when he’s finally alone that Isak can’t contain his emotions anymore; his adrenaline and anger result in aggression, but when he’s done feeling angry, it’s only feeling the heartbreak that remains. I think, knowing Isak’s tendency to think the worst of himself, that he’s only blaming himself here.

I should’ve known.           It’s my fault.                     I’m so stupid.

And because he’s finally letting himself feel his emotions and feelings that have been building up for a few days (or even weeks), it hits him so hard that he does something that he only did when his father left his mother: he stays inside for a week, completely isolates himself, not even telling Jonas this time. Trying not to feel anything, but instead feeling everything.

It’s so perfectly acted, that it feels like a vicarious experience, for us, the audience.

Previous parts: here.

suniuz replied to your photoset “Is it safe to assume that the anime team was forced to cut/ change…”

You mean maybe the anime will not follow manga till the end?


My instincts tell me, “Yes.”

And the main point is, when will Snk Season 3 come?

According to @guyinlovewitheremika , it should be


Take the last episode of Season 1 as an example, the scene which Mikasa discovers the Wall Titan was altered (I just don’t wanna go into detailed parts about these because I’m too lazy). 

So let’s assume we’re going to see these things in the remaining episodes like:


Episode 34: Reiner and Bertholdt’s flashback about Marco, Eren and Ymir confronting Reiner and Bertholdt, the Survey Corps arrives and Ymir transformed into titan and takes Historia away.

Episode 35: The Survey Corps chasing the titan shifters and try to rescue Eren, Erwin brings a group of mindless titans preventing the titan shifters from escape.

Episode 36: Chapter 49-50 content. Eren using the power of the Coordinate and the Survey Corps retreats after many soldiers have devoted their heart and sacrificed.

Episode 37: What would happen there? Would it be 100% content from chapter 51?

Talking about the last episode (Episode 37) of Season 2, the first thing that comes to my mind is this:

Chapter 51

Remember Mikasa was injured in the battle that her ribs were broken?

And then she went to chop wood within 1 week! Doesn’t it sound fishy?

What if the anime team is going to change that “Mikasa went to cut wood” scene in the last episode of season 2?

Perhaps I’ve thought too much about this, but isn’t it a convenient way to hide some important information about the Ackerman family? I mean this:

Chapter 93

Thank you for reading my Ackertrashing post btw~!