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I don’t wanna spam the submit box too much, but I really need help. I’m in a rough spot and I can’t afford my very vital medications. So here’s what I have for sale:

-feathers, teeth, bones, and skulls from animals
-human bones and teeth (yes, it’s legal. I get everything from a lab through school.)
-herbs (just ask and I might have it)
-whole rose buds, petals, and leaves
-a plethora of graveyard dirt, from different sources for different purposes
-a bunch of books

and you can refer to the image below. I also interpret dreams, scry, do pendulum readings, and read tea leaves.

if you’re not interested in buying anything, please reblog the post anyway? thank you all in advance

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👋🏾 Hey all! I’m trying to move out of my apartment and I need to sell a few of my things to be able to do so.

Up for grabs is a Canon Rebel T5. I’ve only had it for a year so it’s basically still brand new. I’m selling it for $350, but willing to negotiate on the price.

Next up: A Nikon FM2. I’ve had it for just shy of two years and it’s in really great condition. I’m selling it for $415 OBO. Also, I’m throwing in a whole big box of color film for free with the purchase.

Lastly, I have a 4th generation (16GB) iPad for sale. It’s like three years old but in really great condition and still works wonderfully. I would like $119 for it but would also be willing to negotiate the price.

I’m just trying to move so if you could reblog this or tag anyone you know who’d be interested in these items, I’d really appreciate it.

Batkids and fundraising

Idea came from @atomicnightbear
- In school (or at least when i went to school) there was always fundraisers for like PTO or new school items.
- Now the batkids would have to particpate because well they are school students.
- Bake sales are the easy option, or so they think.
- Dick learned it firsr, but Alfred insist the kids help with making the food since it was for their school.
- No matter how many times they destory the kitchen or set off the smoke alram Alfred sticks by this rule.
- Jason impressing all his classmates with browines.
- Jon wanted to join in, so he made Puppy Chow with Damian for his schools bake sale.
- When it comes to selling stuff like wrapping paper or cookie dough, they totally use Bruce.
- Like he leaves the sellling sheets in his office and with his secretary.
- Needless to say they usually meet their goal.
- Duke proving he can do it without Bruce and raising a lot of money.
- 13 year old Dick convincing everyone to buy cookie dough.
- Tim now working at WE when Damian does the fundraiser and getting himself a few tubs of it and telling Bruce to not let Alfred know.


I have decided to sell some of my albums since I am not really into these groups anymore and I could use the money for other things. Every album was opened once or twice and they are in good condition. All photo cards will be included with the albums. All purchases will be done through PayPal. If you are interested, please message me! (serious buyers please!) Will ship out to the US and Canada!

(SIDE NOTE: the 4minute album I bought as is since it was slightly damaged, so I discounted it a few dollars for damage)




Low Craft Grade Goat Skull

This guy is a desert friend that was found a while back. He was partially nature cleaned, partially sun bleached, and very chewed on. Some of his faults include being a little greasy, and just a little flaky here and there.

He would make a good crafting skull for painting projects, or something similar to that! He’d also make a great skull for anyone looking for a broken buddy!

All teeth are included in the skull minus the few that are missing (Bottom left). The very tops of the nasal bones have been glued on so they won’t fall off.

Since he is so extensively damaged, This little guy is only going to be 10USD shipped. Just PM me if you’re interested!