was feeling the cam love


– Guess this is our only way out.

– After you, then.

Lupin III: Jigen’s Gravestone | dr. Takeshi Koike

If somehow Lance does die future seasons I want to every reaction from everyone on the team.

Every. Single. One.

They will not be able to just brush off this they have to show it.

They can’t pull a Galra Keith on this shit I want to physically hurt when they show it too. I want my heart to fucking break.

I want to be able to feel their fucking tears if any are shed you hear me

As the show closes, Cameron is preparing to leave San Francisco and head east; although she and Donna contemplate starting something new together, their brainstorms come up empty. Then in the final minutes of the show, it happens. Donna glances across the room and the light bulb turns on; she races out to the parking lot, stopping Cameron’s exodus with four simple words: “I have an idea.” You can feel it, in that moment, the frisson of excitement that is not about what they might make or earn or even how they might change the world, but how it feels to be two points of light racing towards an unknown horizon—how it feels to do this with someone you love.
—  Laura Hudson

The Last Shadow Puppets
I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
Webster Hall, NYC


Stargate SG-1: Beachhead

chaoslaborantin  asked:

I would like to ship Cameron x Gisa with you, but as they've never even talked in canon yet, I don't know where to start. Do you have any headcanons?

This took me a while to answer because I was debating on whether or not I should answer with the outline of the fic I’m working on or just simple hcs. I decided on the latter.

• the height difference is that of a water bottle and a soda can
• Cameron will punch you into the sun if you disreprect her gf
• Gisa steals a bunch of Cameron’s clothes
• Cameron knows when this happens because she’ll find Gisa in a hoodie that’s down to the middle of her thigh
• They both like laying on the ground underneath the stars and pointing out constellations
• Gisa is the more flirtatious of the two, naming the North Star after Cameron after saying that people used it to find their way home
• But Cameron has compared Gisa’s freckles to the stars more than once
• Mare thinks this relationship is adorable and teases them both about it constantly
• Gisa may seem calm but hurt Cameron and she’ll cut you
• Cameron gets sick pretty often from breathing in smoke for 15 years, but always denies that she’s sick until Gisa basically has to drag her to Sara
• Julian is low-key scared to sass Cam
• They were each other’s first kiss
• Gisa sewed a heart with her name in it into one of Cameron’s jackets
• Cameron got Gisa a bright yellow earring for her 15th birthday

Tom Holland

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A/N: Based on Cashmere Cat - Quit ft. Ariana Grande (Sort of)

So many people disagreed with what you were doing and had gotten yourself in. But you just couldn’t quit. You couldn’t quit Tom. You knew that one day you would regret being with him, that it would end up hurting you, but you just couldn’t walk away. Every time he looked at you, your knees went weak and you were back in his arms, in his bed.

It was late at night and you watched as Tom was sleeping. You stayed up late thinking about everything, about everything people said. You would listen to his hear beat as it beat the same way yours did. But still that small voice in your head told you you should leave, that this wasn’t good. Everyone around you always said he would hurt you, that he will ruin you, but they didn’t know what happened behind closed doors. The desire, the lust, It wasn’t nothing that you had ever felt. His arms would rest on your waist, just that made your heart raise up. You knew he would be the death of you one day, but as you slept there, late at night looking at his sleeping form.You replayed what happened few hours before and that you didn’t regret. Somehow you had become addicted to him and his touch. Touch that could drive you crazy. There had been times you would actually quit on him and leave, but when his lips met with yours, all of it went away. He had was once again taken control over you.

Tom had made you feel things you never thought you’d ever feel. He actually made you feel loves and desired. That wasn’t something you wanted to let go, just as you thought that Tom turned his head and looked at you

“Hey why are you up?” he said in a raspy voice,

“Just couldn’t fall asleep” he moved and wrapped you in his arms and again the same feeling cam back, the love the lust. You could feel his heart beat and it slowly put you to sleep. This might not be the perfect relationship, but it was something you loved. You loved how you felt with him, let there was nothing you couldn’t do and that wasn’t something you were going to let go. Do you fell asleep in a dreamless night, making you have the best night sleep. Like always in his hands you had the best sleep.


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“I worry because I care. Gods help me, I know I shouldn’t, but I do. So I will always tell you to be careful, because I will always care what happens.”