was feeling a little nostalgic today


Feeling a little nostalgic today. These pictures were taken in 2016. That Saks couples shoot has always puzzled me, and I have often wondered why we never saw the rest of these. The second was over the summer, and they were plastered together once again.

So, my question is this….why are they trotting out this “other SO” narrative now. yet we had these pics and more (October was ALL Sam and Cait!). And, how in the Sam hell will they explain this if it comes out they have been a couple all along? A very tiny part of my brain says they are no longer together, and maybe it was all too much for them. But, my larger, more logical brain says there is quite a bit of manipulation going on, but I really cannot fathom why. I know about all of the theories, and they make sense, but it feels like overkill for two people who really are not that big outside of the OL world, regardless of the branding, charitable endeavors, etc…..

Just having a Sam and Cait moment, and wishing they would would just enjoy themselves, and their fans again.

SIF's birthday messages for Yohane's birthday

-Kurosawa Ruby: Happy birthday, Yoshiko chan! Ruby is one of Yoshiko chan’s little demons…

-Kunikida Hanamaru: Oh, being together with Yoshiko-chan this really makes me feel nostalgic… Yoshiko-chan, happy birthday zura

-Tsushima Yoshiko/Yohane: Today is Yohane’s nativity festival ♪ Little Demons, let’s celebrate with all we’ve got! Aw, don’t call me Yoshiko!

-Takami Chika: Little demon, Takami Chika! Today I want to sing Yoshiko chan’s happy birthday song!

-Sakurauchi Riko: Little Demon, Sakurauchi Riko. Yoshiko-chan… Oops, Yohane-chan. Happy birthday ♪

-Watanabe You: Little Demon, Watanabe You! For Yoshiko chan’s birthday party I harvested lots of mikan (oranges)!

-Matsuura Kanan: Today’s Yoshiko’s birthday! The yo character in Yoshiko means good, like the yo in good child, eh? She’s a good kid!

-Kurosawa Dia: Yohane or whatever she says but, I consistently celebrate the birthday of Tsushima Yoshiko; that’s what it is right?

-Ohara Mari: Yohane’s nativity festival! That’s good, right!? Let’s celebrate everyone becoming Little Demons!

*Translation by @HarryPulley on twitter, reposted with permission


20.10.2016 | Thursday’s vibes

Today was super busy, but also super nice as I got to have coffee with this awesome human, had a great time on biochemistry, had some time to plan this (insanely busy) weekend and still got to go to bed before midnight.

Although biochemistry will most definitely not be my favourite subject, I must admit that practical classes turn out to be much more fun then I expected them to be (and actually made me feel a little nostalgic as they remind me so much of chemistry in high school). Also we met with Zuzia in an awesome coffee shop I showed here before and decided that we should make those tiny coffee dates a regular thing, so get ready to see more pictures of us together soon 😁

Weekend is going to be quite hectic with all this work, but I hope I’ll be able to finally write a longer post about my impressions (so far) of second year of medschool- it’s actually written on this insurmountable to-do-list, so I should get to it sometime on Saturday 👌🏻

Also, it was my 20th birthday yesterday! Had a great day (both yesterday and today actually), got many amazing gifts and 3 cakes (which is great because I love cake 🎂). Nevertheless, it’s quite weird knowing I’ll never be a teen again..

Have a great Friday everyone, keep going no matter what! 🍃🍂


tiny tip #8: study moods for reading

Last month’s Tiny Tip was a bit of a downer, so here’s a light listicle that will also prep you for the last stretch of the academic semester!

Always doing your readings, annotations, and paper outlines in your bed or in Starbucks? Feeling in a bit of a rut? Here are a few fictional characters and their picturesque reading environments that might give you some ideas for breaking out of your bubble.

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If you want to post your art online for the first time but is unsure about it, my advice is to just go on ahead! 

Its ok if your art sucks or you get few reblogs/likes, you have to start somewhere at the bottom for someone nobody knew about yet. 

It takes time and lots of efforts, and people will gradually started to notice you, little by little, and then more and more.  

Begin your journey by chasing the artists you aspire to be to the point where you’re right beside them. Do lots of trial and errors. Create your own identity to distinguish yourself from the others. Always be kind and learn from mistakes. Be interactive with your fellow followers. Always share advices and tips for those who needs them like how you needed it before.

Once you’ve reached the point where you feel satisfied with yourself, look back at your beginning. Look how far you’ve come.

 And you know whats the best thing about the entire journey as an artist? Its when the people who supports you at your bottom came up and say: 

“Your art improved so much! I’m so proud of you!”.


I realized today that I haven’t really run in over a month and it finally hit me how much I miss it. Over the past 10 years running track and field and cross country has been my everything and has brought me such immense joy. I was feeling a little nostalgic and looked through all my old pictures and decided to compile some of my favorites. On my worst days, I sometimes forget all the wonderful things that have happened to me because of running. Such as winning the 400 meter state championship first as a freshman, and again as a junior; to crossing the finish line in the hardest and last 6k I’ve run just a few months ago in my final collegiate race. For now I’m letting myself heal and recover; but this sport is my world, and I can’t wait to get back to it.

two weeks ago today i saw walk the moon in concert (for the second time). and nick did the little speech before i can lift a car ( as he always does) but i dont know what about it made me sob my eyes out.  the people around me were some of the nicest people i have ever met.  walk the moon has some of the most kind and helpful people that follow them. they really are something to be proud of and i am so thankful that they are just so involved. walk the moon is just a really nice band and the fans are just so nice okay if you ever feel unsafe i guarantee you will feel safe in this bandom.

Fic: At Last

I was feeling a little nostalgic about Glee last night and I realized that I have never posted this fic on Tumblr. It’s dedicated to my friend Jess, and without further ado, here it is. AO3.

Based on this: “My little sister came home from school one day and demanded I take her to the library so she could get books on sign language. I asked why? She told me there was a new kid at school and she wanted to befriend him. Today, I stood beside her at their wedding, watching her sign I Do.”

Deaf!Kurt. *Note* : I am not an expert on sign or ASL.

Cooper often found himself laughing at his little brother, and today was no exception. Cooper watched from the kitchen window as Blaine excitedly bolted from the school bus, his Power Ranger light-up shoes sparkling with each pounding step. Seconds later, he heard the door fling open. “Mama!”

“Not here,” Cooper yelled back through a mouth muffled by peanut butter and jelly. He walked into the hallway where he was met with eager brown eyes, unruly curls, and an outfit that looked too clean for an eight year old returning from school. “What’s up, short stuff?”

Blaine frowned. “I’m not short.”

Cooper laughed and held his hand out above his brother’s head. “Sure.”

Blaine glared at Cooper for a moment before his face brightened again. “I wanna go to the library!”

“How’re you getting there?” Cooper asked as he shoved the rest of the sandwich into his mouth.

Cooper didn’t even have to look at his brother to know what he was doing. Blaine’s wide eyes were innocently gazing up at him, the corners of his mouth turned down just enough to puff his bottom lip out. “You?”

Blaine’s brother laughed and turned around. “Fat chance.”

A defiant voice spoke to his back, clear and surprisingly confident. “If… If you don’t take me, I’m telling Mama what you really did with the money she gave you for school supplies!”

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Where is this place?

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What a great day.

It wasn’t enough for the god up there that Nao had to skip dancing today to collect medicinal plants for Konoha’s hospital, a huge branch fell in her head and made her faint in the middle of the forest.

Tobirama would be so disappointed with her dodge skills…

But at least, no one found her, so she could pretend that the incident never happened. Lifting the bag with the plants, she touched the head, noticing a little of blood there.

“This could have killed me…”

Shrugging, she started making her way back to the village, with a strange nostalgic feeling, and the disquieting sensation that the place was slightly different from before.

Could it be that someone moved me from the place I fainted?

It was an unlikely option, but nothing was stole from her, all the weapons were still in the same place.

Hearing some footsteps, she stopped, thinking about taking information with this person, after all, we can’t trust in an injured head.

Today I was watching all mvs from bangtan since the debut and some bangtan bombs, and I feel so nostalgic and the same time sad and happy. The time pass so fast, scare me sometimes. Bangtan is really unique. Maybe I will not have the opportunity to see them someday, but my sky is the same as theirs, it’s weird, uh? but I like to think like that. I hope they stay with us infinitely.