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I Gift to You

@restlessandordinary OKAY, two things. One, I had this idea in my head and it is probably WAY different than you originally planned. Sorry about that. Two, this is later than I told you I would get it out. Sorry about that. Three, if you’ve got an AO3, I would like to have it so that I can gift this to you, since it is longer than a normal drabble and can stand as a oneshot. 


               The first time it happened, Draco swore it was just a slip up. He wouldn’t do it again. Nope. Potter certainly didn’t deserve his generosity. Because that was exactly what this was. People didn’t give him enough credit when it came to being nice.

               It’s just that the sight of the eleven-year-old in glasses that weren’t fitting his face, were horribly old, fading in color and just not aesthetically pleasing, had him wanting to rectify this travesty immediately. This wasn’t because he cared or anything. Nope. This was doing everyone else a favor. Really. It benefited society by no one having to see the hideous specs.

               Draco timed it perfectly. He knew that Potter tended to spend longer eating than everyone else. Certainly, longer than Weasley. The redhead inhaled food quicker than he did air. So, when Potter was about to leave for his morning class, Draco signaled the school owl that he had trained to wait for his mark. It took weeks to train the bloody bird. The only problem was that the bird was now attached to him. Which hadn’t been previously intended. At least the owl had proper taste.

               The brown barn owl swooped down, catching the attention of a few stragglers but otherwise the notice was limited.

               Confusion was the first expression that Draco could make out. He knew that the Gryffindor probably wondered why his snowy owl hadn’t delivered the mail, but the boy was too curious to not open it. Not exactly the smartest thing to do but that was just his own suspicious nature coming forward.

               The confusion quickly bled into shock before a genuinely pleased glint appeared in the brunette’s eyes.

               Instructions had been placed in the package, because Draco knew that intelligence was the reason the reckless idiot hadn’t been placed into Ravenclaw. The glasses were charmed to stay on his face until the wearer wished them off. They would mold to the user’s needs, whether the eye sight got worse with age or not. Not to mention, the frames would change to match the user’s outfit, ensuring that they remain elegant at all times. Which was a deal breaker in his opinion.

               Draco’s resolve to allow this to be a brief moment of weakness and a onetime instance, shattered at the flush on Potter’s face and a shy grin flickered on the Gryffindor’s lips.

               Salazar, this wasn’t supposed to happen. The git wasn’t allowed to make him feel like this. Draco Lucius Malfoy doesn’t do sappy feelings.

               Angrily, Draco made his way swiftly towards the entrance, inwardly cursing Potter’s existence. It wasn’t until he almost reached the door that he heard Longbottom’s question.

               “Oh, wow. Those are pretty expensive. Who sent them to you?”

               “No idea.” Potter’s tone was a little awed. “The note just says, ‘To fix your face, finally’.”


               Draco was determined that the second time still be counted as a slip up. This wasn’t going to be a regular thing. Nope. Not at all. Because that was just silly. Draco Lucius Malfoy doesn’t do nice things for other people. Especially to Potter.

               Unfortunately, the delivery was not as well timed as last year’s gift. The other two members of the Idiotic Trio were still around.

               He watched his the school owl struggle to carry the packages and it caused a twinge of guilt inside Draco. He couldn’t trust any other owls to do the job, so the bird would have to do it alone.

               When Potter looked to the owl, it was clear that he recognized the bird. The Gryffindor reached out a hand to softly pet the owl before opening the packages with gusto.

               Draco couldn’t hear what was going on from where he sat, but he could tell that the other boy had gasped. It was the way the eyes widened, and his mouth dropped open slowly. Which was a great reaction so far. He knew that his gift would mean something. Not that he cared about that.

               The silence was killing him. He needed to know what was being said. Draco slowly made to the end of the table, pretending that he was listening to a few of his housemate’s conversations before using that as a reason to go a different route towards the exit.

               Just as he passed, he caught the beginning of Weasley’s questions.

               “What is it? Why would someone send you books full of scribbles?”

               Draco rolled his eyes and sighed heavily. Scribbles. That one actually hurt.

               “It’s not scribbles, Ron!” Granger corrected. “I think it’s in Parseltongue.”

               “It is.” Potter whispered, fingers running over the title of the first book. Behind the Wonders of Parseltongue Volume I: The History of the Snake Language and Why it’s a Blessing and Not a Curse.

               “Why do you think they sent it?” Weasley asked, eyeing the book warily.

               “To send me a message.” Answered Potter, placing the book in his lap, only to pick up the second one. Behind the Wonders ofParseltongue Volume II: The Astonishing Accomplishments that Parseltongue has Brought to the World.

               “What message? Because they think you are Slytherin’s Heir?”

               Draco wasn’t going to even bother coming up with a mental reply for that one.

               “No.” Potter shook his head. “So that I can love all parts of me. Even the ones that are perceived as evil.”

               The insight had Draco fighting off a flush. That was not his intention… not exactly. He just hated the thought of others degrading Potter’s ability just because they don’t understand it. There is nothing wrong with being a Parselmouth. It wasn’t dark, vile or even evil.

               “Does the note say who it’s from?” There was suspicion in Granger’s tone, which had Draco scoffing internally. If he had wanted to harm Potter, he would have. It’s not like the brunette even spell checks the gifts. Which was actually pretty moronic, but that was just Draco’s thought on the matter.

               “No, it just says, ‘To learn something, for once’.”


               The evidence against this being a onetime incident was becoming a reach, even in Draco’s own mind. But that was beside the point.

               So far, this would probably be his worst idea yet. This was getting rather personal… but he couldn’t allow this year to continue with the mass hysteria that everyone walked around with. Not when it was a farce to begin with.

               This time, he chose to have Russet—not that he named the infernal bird—deliver the gift during a nighttime study session the Idiotic Trio were having in the Library.

               When a light scratching drew Potter’s attention to the window next to him, Draco stepped into the shadows of an alcove.

               “Oh, it’s you.” Potter’s voice took a happy glint to it.

               Draco watched him rip of the packaging and freeze. This was a normal reaction, but he just hoped that the brunette wouldn’t become angry.

               News clippings, articles posted in obscure news outlets, court records and even statements made by the accused where staring up at Potter.

               He watched Potter’s brow furrow slightly with each passing minute until he was full blown frowning as each parchment was leafed through.

               “Hermione!” Potter whisper yelled as his voice cracked.

               “What? What is it? Oh, your anonymous friend sent you something?” Granger hadn’t looked up from her book on Medieval Flobberworms and Why They Were the Downfall of Mermish Society, as she walked down the aisle.

               “Hermione, can the Wizengamot sentence someone to Azkaban without a trial?”

               That caused Granger to peer up at him in confusion. “No, it violates several laws and is illegal.”

               Potter thrusted all of the articles harshly as Weasley came around the other side of the table and read over their shoulders.

               “Oh.” Granger whispered, blinking rapidly. “This isn’t good.”

               “Black is innocent, isn’t he?” There was a miserable confusion in Potter’s tone. But Draco couldn’t have admitted that he knew from his father that Black truly hadn’t been a Death Eater, without revealing sources.

               “Let me guess.” Weasley began sarcastically. “There’s no signature?”

               “Just a note that says, ‘To provide the proof that has always been there, idiot’.”


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peppermint-chocolate-cherries  asked:

On the topic of the rocky mountain oysters, what is the worst food any of the Anglos have forced the others to eat? (Scones don't count.)

Peridot, and Nurturing

(Or, bellsingur re-examines her unconscious beliefs)

SO through a quick skim of Ao3 College AU, I found that a majority of people would headcanon Peridot as a Engineering Major (Electrical, Biological, Mechanical, etc), and to a lesser extent, a Computer Science Major. 

Makes sense. When we first see Peridot, she’s got all these cool tech things. She has cool artificial limbs. She does cool tech things. She builds and fixes things.

So most of us immediately categorize her as a typical science and math minded nerd. Peridot’s smart, she’s logical and analytical, she’s a technician. 

The more we know about her, like once we find out she’s a Kindergartener, we modify our perception of her a bit, but it remains the mostly the same. 

(Assuming everyone had the same thought process as me, sorry)

But here’s the thing: Though Peridot might be good at, yeah, engineering and technology, it seems her passion is nurturing things. Nurturing life, making gems, planting. She relates her job as a Kindergartener to farming, probably in that it both requires growing things. 

She would actually likely be an Agricultural Sciences major (imagine her social media full of farming memes lol), maybe even Obstetrics or Child Development Psychology. 

And I love that. 

When we think of nurturing, we think of children and mothering and all these soft and gentle emotions. Characteristics like kind and affectionate. We think of Rose and Steven (plant superpowers too), of Pearl. Delicate and more on the feminine side of things. When we think of plant-lovers, they’re loving of all life and caring. Balls of sunshine. 

Peridot…is not. She’s brash and arrogant, she’s all logic and rationality, she’s grumpy, she seems to tend towards the more hard science side of things. When I - shallowly, without much consideration - think of her as a Child Development Psychologist, it’s like…will she act just like the kids, or will she make them cry? She’s not maternal, she’s not feminine in the way we think of Pearl and Rose, say. (Again, assuming most everyone fell into the same mental trap I did).

Tvtropes lists this trope for Peridot:

But the actual trope name is Caring Gardener


Peridot is nothing if not a very serious and hard worker. She’s determined and she takes lots of pride in her job and doing it right. She was very committed to the Kindergartens, which she once saw as the generator of life. She cultivates a whole plot of farmland and those plants look very healthy and fresh. She wants to protect all life to the point of defecting her Homeworld. 

I’ve gotten used to plants everywhere. Bugs and breeze and sunshine…

The definition of ‘nurturing’ is just: “care for and encourage the growth or development of”. Peridot might not act in the image of what we think ‘caring’ looks like (but that might speak deeper about how we as a society views acceptable expressions of ‘caring’), but she’s exactly that. Caring and encouraging of growth. A nurturer. And a good, dedicated one at that. 

She’s the true mom of the show. 

I feel victim to a lot of stereotypes, ones indirectly, but at its one of its cores, about gender roles and traits. I thought ‘logical and calculating’ = technology and hard sciences, masculine, and in the opposite side of things, ‘emotions and caring’ = caregiving and soft sciences, feminine. “Haha, Peridot is a Kindergartener, what a silly name; Peridot is a farmer, what a weird hobby. Haha, Peridot is a mechanic, not a midwife.”

She’s both. That’s who she is, all that and more, a complex individual with distinct personality, worldview, hobbies, passions, that needn’t to align with the categories we construct in our minds. 

Thank you, Steven Universe, and Rebecca Sugar, for exploring the possibilities. 

Not my Jacket - Part 2 - S.P

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Part I , Part II

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“Lovely Y/n, how nice to see you again”

Penny peabody smiled at you, a wicked grin on her face. He blonde hair was straightened to perfection, as her navy blazer was crisp. The woman looked at her with wild eyes.

“You know the deal. Join the serpents, pay off your debts, and your boyfriend-”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Sorry” She sneered, “your friend, won’t get hurt”

You sighed;

“What do I have to do?”

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Cherry Blossom Boy|1|

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Genre: Fluff, romance, future angst and smut, tattoo artist reader, soft Jeongguk

Word count:2.3k

Pairing: Jeongguk x Female Reader

A/N: Thank you for the wait and all the cute comments💕I’ve been excited for this fic💕feedback is appreciated💖Shika💞

Jeongguk has to be going crazy, Jeongguk has to be insane. He can’t believe he’s doing this just to prove to his parents he’s not perfect. But Jeongguk is perfect, he’s got the best grades and has a promising future ahead of him. That’s all a guy needs, but no he just can’t let his pride down, can he?

Jeongguk scolds himself, breath hitching as his doe eyes gaze at the intimidating font on the shop front. ‘Chiller’ he notes and then mentally hits himself for knowing every single font from Microsoft word. He attempts to pull open the door and is confused when he gets a fed up look from a young man at the counter. In realisation he bites his lip and awkwardly pushes the door, almost falling in and tripping.

“What can I do for you?” Jeongguk’s eyes shoot up to look at the guy, he’s pretty, but his hairs too long for his face and one of his earrings is longer than Jeongguk’s fingers. But when the man gives him an unexpected smile, Jeongguk’s poor bi heart melts and his face seems to be in awe.

“Uh, um, I-I want a tattoo!” He claims, weakly stamping his foot. The man chuckles and Jeongguk flushes, embarrassed at his childish actions.

“I’ll get Y/N out in a second for you,” the man stands and Jeongguk catches a glimpse of his name tag, ‘Taehyung, wow pretty’ he thinks, fingers playing with the hem of his sweater. “You can have a look at some designs, love.” Jeongguk almost faints at the mans casual use of such a beautiful and lovely term of endearment.

“Oh, oh, um, thank you.” He stutters out, eyes staring as the tanned man walks away to another room.

Fuck’ is the first thing that comes to Jeongguk’s head as he watches two plump ass cheeks, unfortunately, covered by black skinny jeans. Jeongguk shakes his head and gets back to examining designs. But they’re all scary and ugly and something a six foot guy in a screamo band would get.

“Are you up next?” A feminine voice calls out from behind and Jeongguk wants to die because were all people that worked in tattoo shops this attractive?

“Uh, yes?” He looks around and notices he’s the only one there.

“You don’t have to sound so unsure, kid.” Ugh, kid, that word makes him feel, well like a kid, if it was anyone else he’d complain, but Jeongguk is infatuated with her eyes and lips and nose and everything.

She gestures for him to follow and rolls her eyes when he only stares in awe. “Follow me kid.” She sighs in an exasperated tone. Jeongguk stands and stumbles after her, trying to keep up with her fast strides. She stops and opens a door, the same one Taehyung had disappeared into. “Sit here kid.” She points at an intimidating black chair standing next to an even more intimidating table which has design sheets and tattoo guns spread over it.

“What you want kid?”

To kiss you’ Jeongguk is thrown out of his daze when she slightly shoves his shoulder.

“Uh, um, something big.”

“Big?” She raises her eyebrow and massages her temple in annoyance.

“Y/N, don’t get so annoyed. It’s his first time, he’s probably nervous.” That’s when Jeongguk notices Taehyung sitting behind a desk sketching in a book.

“You’re right, you’re right.” She nods and grabs his arm, Jeongguk flinches. “Do you at least know where you want it?”

“Uh, um, m-my arm?” She rolls his sleeve up and feels up his arm.

“And how big you want this thing?”

“As big as possible and I want something scandalous!” Jeongguk suddenly says.

“Scandalous? Good word kid.” She pats his head and giggles, the sound is so sweet. It sounds like fairies are singing and Jeongguk feels as if all the weight has been lifted of his shoulders.

“I want a lady.” Jeongguk blushes slightly as utters his next sentence, “I want a naked lady, with big, um, those things.”

“Those things?” The girl muses, looking confused as to why he was so red. “Oh, you mean tits. Right kid?” She snorts as he covers his face.

“Y-yeah, those things, sure whatever you wanna call them.”

“Come on, be a big boy and say it with me, T-I-T-S,” She sounds out shamelessly, cackling at the horrified expression on his face.

“Y/N,” Taehyung warns, “be nice.”

“I’m sorry, this kids too cute to be here.” She chuckles and Jeongguk brightens up.

“That’s exactly what I want. Right here, on my arm, really big.” She nods, still looking a bit unsure. She starts slipping on some gloves, humming a soft tune mindlessly.

“So what made you wanna get tits on your arm kid?” Jeongguk flushes again, rolling his sleeve to his shoulder.

“Just stuff, parents, people, you know.”

“I get it, you’re golden boy. Everyone treats you like a saint and your parents keep pushing you to aim higher, you want to show everyone your not so perfect, so you come here.” Jeongguk listens in shock as she basically repeats his life story.

“How’d you know?” He watches intently as she cleanses the needle on the gun.

“Look at you kid, you’re cute. You’re wearing circle glasses for fucks sake.”

“Please just get this over and done with.” He whimpers out and she nods walking over to him. The needle is pressed to his skin and Jeongguk’s mind is sent into panic mode, the word ’fuck’ is making an appearance.

“You don’t have to do this.” For once her tone is gentle and her eyes look kind, but Jeongguk shakes his head.

“I want too.” The words slip past his lips and before he knows it the sharp pain is everywhere.

“What the fuck! Why does it hurt so much?”

“There’s a fucking needle like a few centimetres deep in your skin.” Taehyung points out the obvious and Jeongguk lets out a girly scream. “I like his screams, you should give him a whole sleeve Y/N.” Taehyung teases, giving a cheeky grin to Jeongguk who is now suffering with a stroke from that smile and from excruciating pain.

“It’ll be done soon kid.” She says softly, free hand stroking his thigh, he tenses up, confused at her gentleness.

“Hang in there!” Taehyung grins, now standing up from his desk to look over the flesh of his arm. “Wow, those are big tits.” Taehyung raises his eyebrows and nods in approval and then Jeongguk starts regretting his decision.

“Can I get this thing removed?” He asks, choking out breaths and whimpers.

“Painfully, yes.” Taehyung smirks and gives him a thumbs up, “Y/N-Ah knows what she’s doing love, I’m sure you’ll love it when you see it.” Jeongguk doesn’t really think anyone but guys who were misogynistic, and like those sexist Instagram posts with women being called toys and dolls, could like the tattoo he is getting.


“It’s done.” She calls, hands pulling away the needle and standing up to stretch her arm. Jeongguk winces, fingers going to strike the raw flesh on his bicep. “Don’t touch it.” His fingers freeze and he pouts, watching as she grabs a wipe and starts dabbing at the sensitive skin.

“Fuck.” He whispers under his breath, eyes screwed shut and fingers clutching the arms of his seat. She finally starts to wrap a piece of bandage around his arm. “W-wait! Can’t I see it?”

“Just wait until you get home. I recommend two hours and then you can take it off.”

“How much is it?”

“It’s on the house kid,” she smiles down at him, “I’m doing you a favour, now go.” She ushers him out and Jeongguk smiles dopily at her retreating figure as he shuffles out the door.

Jeongguk can’t wait, he’s been trying to stop his prying hands and greedy fingers but curiosity is getting the best of him. “Fuck it.” He doesn’t hesitate to rip it off, chucking the wrap on the floor somewhere and taking in a breath to look in the bathroom mirror. “Wow.” He whispers in awe, fingers brushing against petals which seem to come to life and blow in the wind. Jeongguk falls deeper in love when he realises the girl isn’t as harsh as she comes off as, he sighs in absolute relief as he stares at the branches wrapping around his arm and the flowers blooming on his shoulder. Now he wishes he’d got her number, he’d like to thank her for not tattooing a cringy naked lady onto his arm, but instead an oriental and delicate cherry blossom tree. Jeongguk feels his inner weeaboo coming out and he feels sentimental as he remembers his trip to Tokyo with his ex-girlfriend. “Wow,” he finally says as he runs his fingers over his shoulder and down his bicep, “wow.”


Jeongguk wakes the next morning and his bicep is still throbbing and sore, he probably should’ve kept the wrap on. He is tempted to just lie in bed for another hour but he remembers the essay he needs to give in and all the classes he has lined up, he’s regretting staying up and watching reruns of the first season of Sailor Moon. The sunlight is bright and he feels warm inside as he lays his eyes upon the ethereal blossoms that are sprawled across his arm. “Yah, Jeongguk! You’re gonna be late to class!” Seokjin bursts through the door and Jeongguk rushes to cover his half naked body with the sheets.

“I know, I know hyung. Just give me a second.” He flushes red as Seokjin gives him unconvinced look.

“There’s no time to fucking masturbate you little shit. I can see your boner, get the hell up.” Jeongguk groans as he stands, ushering his hyung out the room in embarrassment. His hands feel the urge to slip into his boxers, but when he glances at the clock, Jeongguk is already in the bathroom shoving his toothbrush down his throat while trying to pull on his jeans and pee at the same time.

“Hyung! Hyung,“ he calls out, words muffled by the foam gathering in his mouth, “Can you make me toast?” He hears Seokjins distant 'yes’ and relaxes, chucking some water at his face and running out the toilet. Seokjin is buttering a slightly underdone piece of toast, but Jeongguk has no time to complain, snatching the bread and rushing to slip his shoes on. “Bye hyung!” He yells, toast stuffed in his mouth.

“Jeongguk, you still have five minu-“ the door slams and Jeongguk is already gone.


“Guk, you’re not late, why are you sweating so much?” Jihyo checks him up and down, fingers tightening her perky ponytail.

“I ran all the way here.” Jeongguk’s breaths are laboured and his palms are clammy. “I swear, Jin hyung is switching the clocks around to try and make me leave the house earlier.” Jihyo shrugs, now checking her reflection on her phone camera. Jeongguk spots her boyfriend creeping up behind her and he wants to roll his eyes as he covers her eyes and says a cutesy ‘guess who?’

“Jimin?!” Jihyo squeals and her boyfriend spins her and kisses her like boyfriends do. But Jeongguk feels like crying, his little feelings crushed and forced down deeper into his heart, he tried to ignore them, fingers clutching the straps of his rucksack tighter. He clears his throat and the two jump apart, Jimin sending him a wink and cheeky grin. Jeongguk feels his insides twisting and his heart is fluttering as he shyly smiles back.

“I’m gonna head to class.” He mutters, biting the inside of his cheek to hide the huge smile which could’ve slipped out. He turns and BANG! All his things clatter to the floor and his round glasses fly off his face.

“Ow, watch where your going kid.” He recognises the tone and his hopeless romantic mind instantly turns on a switch for possibilities of love, after all that how all romance books started, right?

“Y/N-“ he remembers her name and goes to apologise, cut off by some grumbling from her side.

“Noona.” She corrects, Jeongguk stops, surprised when he spies her looking down at her lap bashfully.

“Noona,” He copies, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there and since when did you come here? I’ve never seen you around before, have just joined? Because if so I’d be ha-“

“Kid, it’s my second year.” She looks amused as she stands up, automatically brushing her knees down. She offers him a hand, “I think I’m capable.” He takes her hand, she pulls him up a little too harshly and Jeongguk tumbles right into her, head smacking against hers. “Fuck kid, you need to be more careful.” She groans, rubbing her head.

“Sorry noona.” He says, looking so miserable that she has to give him a consoling shoulder rub.

“It’s okay kid, stop apologising so much.”

“Sorry, I mean sorry, shit I’m sorry, oh god, sorry.” Jeongguk stops his mouth from moving, annoyed at himself. She giggles and once again Jeongguk can feel his mind floating to heaven, the sound is so feminine and different compared to her usual manner. “I-I just want to say thank you, noona. F-for the tattoo, you really did me a favour and I owe you, noona. It’s beautiful and thanks for not listening to my stupid fucking words. Seriously, could you imagine if you actually gave me that tattoo? I’d grow old and, and wrinkled and there would always be this picture of boo-“

“Hey, kid, I get it. But you don’t owe me anything, I just don’t like giving cute guys ugly tattoos.” She winks and Jeongguk can practically see her hair blowing in the wind in slow motion with the song ‘Oh my love’ playing in the background.

Jeongguk is in love and he’s utterly screwed.


Wolf! Exo reaction to being in heat and horny for their s/o? If you do nsfw


★never likes to voice how needy he is 

★so he’ll just mope around 

★until you take control 

★and pull him into the bedroom

★you’ll have to take charge for the first few rounds

★but once his being relieved enough

★he’ll be frantic

★his hips will pound into yours

★while his fingers grip the skin of your hips

★he wouldn’t moan

★just let out grunts of your name

★burries his face in your neck when he cums

★knows you have limits though

★so he’ll stop after round 5

★he’ll hold you close

★and stroke your hair

★he’ll make sure you’re fully recovered

★before pleasuring the both of you again 


★knows when he gets in heat 

★so he has everything arranged for it

★fresh sheets on the bed

★plenty of snacks in for when you’re done

★bath oils ready to relax you

★and your pyjamas on standby 

★no matter how needy he is 

★he’ll make it all about you

★he’ll be able to keep it slow and loving

★until you give him the okay to be as rough as he needs

★then boi 

★you’re going to be unable to do anything but moan his name

★the noises you make make him go faster

★when you can’t moan anymore

★he’ll stop 

★go get the bath filled

★and relax with you

★you’ll end up having sex in the bath

★several times


★he won’t touch you until you want him to 

★even though you hold the key to his release 

★he’ll still respect you greatly 

★and try his best to make it about you

★he’ll probably masturbate alot

★so he can control himself around you

★he’s a loud

★so you’ll know

★and you’ll offer

★which he slowly agrees to 

★he’ll be v slow

★and soft

★but at your command

★he’ll do what he needs to to get some relief 


★he ain’t playing around 

★he needs release 

★and you’re going to give it to him 

★all signs of playful baek are gone



★’don’t what me’

★his tone would be low

★letting you know exactly what he wants

★you turning to see him with his erection pressing against his pants make you laugh

★’do you think this is funny?’

★he’ll push you back onto the sofa

★pull your clothes off as fast as possible

★and fuck you raw

★he isn’t stopping

★not until he’s had enough 


★he’d be clingy  

★but also a huge tease 

★he’d come behind you and rub himself on you 

★’do you feel that? all for you’

★sex with him would be so playful

★he’d make sure you’re both smiling and enjoying it

★’i think you better call in sick’   

★’sick of you’

★he’d giggle alot

★and press kisses all over your skin


★masturbates alot 

★but it doesn’t do the job right 

★and he also gives it away 

★bc he’s loud

★’why don’t you just come to me?’

★’because it’s embarrasing’ 

★’it’s not embarassing’ 

★he’ll slowly relax

★and have v sweet sex with you

★he’d be heart eyes at you the entire time

★he’d also hold your hand

★asks if you’re okay every other minute


★like baek 

★he needs relief from the agonising boner in his pants 

★and you’re going to give it to him 

★he won’t fuss with your normal foreplay

★straight to bending you over the counter and fucking you

★he’d actually be vocal

★grunting words of praise in your ear

★’you’re making me feel so good’

★’you’re doing such a good job’

★he’ll even grumble your name when he cums


★he’d be whiny  

★he’ll stick close to you 

★he’ll snap when you ignore him 

★and pull you away from what you’re doing

★’get in the bedroom’

★’i’m trying to do something’

★’i’m tring to do something too!’

★he’ll be v clumsy

★it’ll take him longer than usual to get you both undressed

★but once he’s got his act together

★he’ll give you the most mindblowing sex 

★he’ll growl

★bite you

★moan your name

★his face would be screwed up in pleasure


★whines alot  

★’make love to me’  

★’i’m busy’  

★’why are you rejecting your baby boy?’

★he’d rub himself against you

★while his whines get louder

★’it hurts, y/n’

★he’ll end up getting himself off by rubing on you

★when you’re done with your task

★and finally ride him

★he’ll be so happy

★his hands will rest on your hips

★while watching your face

★calls your name when he cums 

★’thank you for this. i love you so much’

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When Karen pulls away from Frank in the elevator because she wants him safe, if you look at Frank, he looks SO SCARED. More scared than ever. She uncovered this layer he didn't know existed anymore and he doesn't know what to do with that. Heartbreaking how much they don't want to leave each other. Their looks tell each other how much they long to stay by each other's side.

Couldn’t agree more. I love this moment because it perfectly captures exactly what Jon and Deb have been saying, how this relationship is defined by gestures and glances and this intensity that can’t be put into words. It’s two hurt and lonely and broken people existing together in the same space and that’s a powerful thing. I literally wouldn’t change a thing about it.

And I really love your observation about Karen uncovering something in Frank he wasn’t sure he could feel anymore because I think that’s a revelation that he has to come to terms with throughout the show. Even early on when Karen hugs him in her apartment, the expression on his face, the way his eyes close and he almost buries his face further into her shoulder but you can tell he’s still holding back and AHHHH JUST KILL ME NOW.

BTS reaction to finding their girlfriend crying, but it’s because of her period

I kind of altered this to them crying over the pain of the cramps, because that’s easier for me to write then them crying from mood swings, since I have never experienced mood swings while actually on my period. i hope that’s okay! Hope you enjoy!

Scenario: You had arrived the day before to surprise them by spending a couple of weeks with them while you were on break/vacation. Since they had know prior knowledge, they were unable to take the day off to spend with you. After a long, grueling day of dance practice and recording, they finally arrive back home, ready to bring you into their arms and just cuddle for the rest of the night. Those plans are forgotten when they see you curled up in their bed, crying.


“What’s wrong?” Jin would immediately rush to your side and brush your hair off your forehead, caressing your face as he waited for your answer. Once you managed to speak through the pain, and tell him your period had come and you were cramping, he would nod in understanding and excuse himself. He would call his mother and ask for tips on how to care for you, taking her advice on making a hot beverage, tea of hot chocolate, and placing a heating pad on your stomach.

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Yoongi would quietly enter the room and join you on the bed, slowly pulling you into his arms, but stopping when you cried out at the movement. “What-” He would start but you would cut him off, telling him that your stomach hurt too much to move. He would be confused at first, but then realize you must have been on your period. He would bring his hand under your shirt and lay it across your stomach, rubbing soothing circles into the skin to help relax you enough that you could cuddle into him. He wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of his plans to cuddle you.

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Hoseok would freak out at the sight of you crying, his mind jumping to the worst possible scenarios, including ones where you were dying. However, when you realized he was in the room and asked him to cut out your uterus to bring you peace, he quickly understood what was going on. Having an older sister, he would think back to try to remember things she would have done to alleviate her cramps, and tried to implement those. If he was unable to recall them, he would probably text his sister for help.

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Namjoon: He would be extremely worried at first, but would quickly notice the way you were clutching your stomach and realize what was wrong. He would quietly leave the room before you noticed him and leave to go to the store. He would return with chocolate, pain relievers, and a movie that you had been dying to see. He would set everything up and climb into bed with you, settling in to watch a movie, not daring even attempt to take some of your chocolate no matter how badly he wanted some.

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Jimin would be similar to Jin with immediately rushing to your side to find out what was wrong. However, he would not be quite as calm as Jin when it came to taking care of you. He would be too shy/embarrassed to ask his hyungs for help, or even to call his mom. Instead, he would would pull Taehyung to the side to ask him for help. All Taehyung did was pull out his phone and google what to do, something Jimin could have done himself.

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Like Yoongi, he would enter the room quielty. He would rub your back and wait for you to tell him what was wrong. After you did, he would ask Jin or Namjoon for help. If that failed, he would call his mom. Either way, he wouldn’t stop until he knew exactly what to do to make you as comfortable as possible.

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As soon as he saw your tears, he would walk back out of the room, seeking out the first hyung he saw. After they informed him that he could not help him without knowing what was wrong, he would re-enter the room and say, “so…uh, I want to help…but…I need to know why you’re crying.” After you told him through the pain and tears, he would say “thanks” and leave again. After he informed whoever he had gone to for help, they would smack him on the back of the head for leaving you alone. Still at a loss for what to do, he would decide that his best bet was to go on with his original plans, cuddling you for the rest of the night. Thankfully, that seemed to help.

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Jealousy At It’s Finest

Summary: Y/N could have any other guy, that lives a normal life but she still continues to leave with Dean making him question what’s so special about himself. 

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2,004

Warnings: Insecure Dean, but everything is pretty fluffy. 

A/N: This was requested by a lovely anon, who asked for an insecure, jealous Dean. This is what I came up with, please let me know what you think of this. Thank you so much for requesting! I want to give special thanks to @jennylovelyheart for helping me out, love you! 

Feedback is welcome and is much appreciated ♡

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Dean always thought he wasn’t a jealous type. He always said that he didn’t care when others looked at his partner, it only made him feel proud that he was able to score someone who turned heads. But that changed once he started dating Y/N. Ever since then, he hated when guys stared at her like she was a piece of meat. However, he didn’t like to show his jealousy, because it wasn’t only jealousy that made him think dark thoughts. It was also his insecurities that tied into his jealousy that made him question the reason to why Y/N was still with him.

The thing is, Y/N is everyone’s dream girl. Not just with her looks but with her personality as well. She was kind, generous and humble, especially when people complimented her looks. Her cheeks would flush with redness, as she giggled at the sweet comment. Even though she looks made Y/N the most confident it also made her want to scream since most of the time people looked at her looks. They never cared about how smart she was or how she was a responsible, independent women. It annoyed her when others assumed that she didn’t eat or that she was stuck up; making them hesitate to even start a conversation with her. Which resulted in her not having a true friend nor a real boyfriend since every guy assumed she was just an easy lay. But that everything had changed ever since she met the Winchesters.

Ever since they saved her from a dragon, Y/N had been the happiest version of herself. She had a loving boyfriend, Dean, who constantly made sure to shower her with love every day. He always wanted to keep her happy because that’s what mattered the most. It wasn’t only him who brightened Y/N’s life, there was also his brother, Sam, who grew to be Y/N’s best friend and the older brother she always wanted. And then there was Cas, who managed without a fail to make Y/N smile with his innocent comments and acts. Together, they were a family. But most importantly, Dean and Y/N were each others’ best friends.

The two were two peas in a pod. They told each other everything, no matter what; even if it was the grossest thing to share. They loved going on supply runs together, as a chance to spend time with each other. Which confused Dean because he never thought he could have a real relationship with someone who wasn’t a hunter. And sometimes he hated himself for dragging Y/N into this life; a life that was on the road filled with every kind of monster. He managed to avoid listening to those dark thoughts, whenever Y/N smiled at him or held his hand. However, there were times where his mind kept on reeling on how happier Y/N would be with another guy.

But Y/N wasn’t completely blind to what was happening. She knew there was something, especially when Dean’s mood would turn sour. He would stop making random jokes or sing whatever song was playing in his mind. Often times, his knuckles would turn white from how hard he was holding the steering wheel which confirmed that there was something wrong. Yet, each time she asked, he refused to tell Y/N what was going on in his mind; fearing that she would find him childish to think that way. So, he kept his thoughts to himself until their recent hunt that made him spill all of his secrets.

It had been awhile since Y/N joined the brothers on a hunt. Since she wasn’t raised as a hunter, Dean found it safer for her to either to stay back in the bunker or back in the motel they were staying at. Y/N didn’t mind, she knew Dean just wanted the best for her and it worked out perfectly since Y/N loved doing research. Her favorite part was reading about the different creatures and monsters that existed. Most of the time, Dean would find her asleep on one of the lore books as she spent night reading. This week was Y/N needed this break with the brothers. She hated how stuffy the bunker was getting and knew she was in desperate change of scenery. And hoped for alone time with Dean which unfortunately didn’t work out since they ended up sharing a room with Sam. Despite that, Y/N still had fun with Dean; laughing with him at the programs that were playing on the old television. It was a fun, happy trip, that ended at the local bar as a celebration of the successful hunt. Y/N wore her casual outfit that consisted of her favorite pair of jeans and a flannel; which made Dean’s mind and heart race. He felt like he didn’t deserve Y/N and hoped, that tonight would end on a good note.

Dean stiffened once they entered the bar as he noticed a couple of men drawing their attention to Y/N as a whistle came from a man in the crowd. A tug on his left hand pulled him from his thoughts as Y/N and Sam found the perfect table at the far corner of the bar. The three got situated as they waited for a waiter to come there way. While Y/N and Sam were having their own conversation, Dean was in his own world as he could see a couple of men blatantly staring at Y/N as if they never saw women in their life. Y/N could see that Dean wasn’t in the same mood that he was in when they left a motel. She gave him a sweet smile but the only response she got was a half smiled, as he went back to picking at the table. She assumed he was hungry and hoped that his mood would lighten up after he ate. However, she truly hoped that he would open up to her; wanting to take away his concerns.

After the three had their food and their fair share of drinks, Sam and Dean made their way to the pool table; having a friendly competition with each other. While Y/N sat at the side, laughing at the brother’s tactics, but it wasn’t long till a waitress strolled up towards Y/N with a drink in her hand.

“Uh sorry, I didn’t order this,” Y/N smiled.

“The guy at the far end of the bar did. He told me to pass on the message that if you need some company, you’re more than welcome to sit with him,” the waitress pointed at the guy who held up his drink making both, Dean and Y/N glace up at him.

“Can you do me a favor? Can you give it back to him and tell him that I already have company?” Y/N smiled once again, as she gestured to the Winchesters.

“You came with the two of them?”

“Yes but I’m with only dating one of them.”

“Which one? The tall one or the short one?” The waitress asked and Y/N could tell she was eyeing Sam. “Cause if you’re not dating the tall one, can you do me a favor?”

Y/N chuckled, “Of course. By the way, his name is Sam. And I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thank you so much,” the waitress tanked as she abruptly hugged Y/N and made her way back to the guy while Y/N went to work her magic with Sam. It didn’t take long for her to convince him to go talk with the waitress. As for Dean, he grabbed his jacket without announcing what was going on, making Y/N wear a confused look as she followed closely behind him.

“Where are you going?”

“Back to the motel,” Dean replied making sure to give the car keys to Sam before heading towards the door; leaving Y/N clueless. She tried her best to keep up with him as he strolled down the sidewalk and once she managed to catch up, she looked up at him to see him focused on the little pebble he was kicking.

“Why did we leave?” Y/N asked but Dean only responded with a shrug. “What’s wrong with you? Did something happen?”

“No,” Dean mumbled, not paying attention to Y/N who had fallen behind.

“Wait, Dean!” She yelled as she grabbed Dean’s arm making him turn towards her. “Please tell me what’s wrong. I hate when you’re like this because I’m supposed to be the one you tell everything to. So please talk to me.”

Dean sighed, “Fine. Do you want to know what’s wrong? I hate when guys look at you like who all these assholes were staring at you.  

“This is all because you’re jealous?” Y/N scrunched her brows, she didn’t mean for it to come as a tease but she was genuinely confused on why Dean needed to be jealous.

“You see?! That’s why I didn’t want to say anything!” Dean stuffed his hands in his pockets.

“Dean, you do know there’s no reason to be jealous. You do know that I’m yours and yours only, right?”

“Yes, but Y/N, half of these guys could give you the things I can’t give you,” Dean started and when Y/N continued to look he continued. “A life that doesn’t consist of monsters, a life that isn’t on the road. A life that is normal that consists of having a family and a fricken pet. So, sue me that I hate when guys look at you but it’s because we both know you wish to have a normal life.”

Y/N continued to stand there, stunned by everything she heard. She didn’t care for a ‘normal’ life; she cared a life with Dean. “Dean, I don’t want a normal life. I don’t want the boring, everyday life that has a routine. This life with you, Sam and Cas, is different and fun and speac-.”

“But admit Y/N, it’s dangerous and annoying. Anyone would’ve accepted that drink from that guy,” Dean cut Y/N making her huff. She needed Dean to see the truth, to see what she felt.

“Who did I leave with?”

“What? What does that have to do with anything?” Dean groaned.

“Just answer the question, Dean. Who did I leave with?”


“Exactly. I left with you because I love you and I don’t care about other guys and what they have to offer because they can’t offer me a life with you,” Y/N’s eyes brimmed with tears. “You are my best friend, you are the only person in my life who cares so much about me and that is worth everything in the world to me. I don’t need a family because you are my family and that is enough. This life with you gave me so much, but most importantly it gave me happiness. So, no Dean not everyone would’ve accepted that guys offer. At least not me,” Y/N finished off wiping a tear that rolled down her cheek and leaned upward to place a kiss on Dean’s lips. She could feel him loosening up as they deepened the kiss and only breaking apart when a honking of a car ruined their moment. The couple let out a soft chuckle as their foreheads leaned stayed connected.

“I love you too, Y/N. Thank you, baby,” Dean sighed, thanking the stars for sending him someone like Y/N. “Now, let’s go back to the motel and take advantage of Sam not being there,” Dean smirked as he wrapped his arm around Y/N’s waist; no longer in a sour mood. As they walked back to the motel, Dean’s mind wandered into another thought. One that was brighter, one that consisted of making Y/N his forever. One that would make her his wife.

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loving you {leaves me hurt}

A/N You should probably listen to Drive by Oh Wonder to clue in even earlier about Logan and Roman’s positions in this fic. Also, I really like this one.

Pairing: background/mentioned moxiety, one-sided royality, one-sided logince

Genre: angst, some hurt/comfort (but mostly angst. even when there’s comforting there’s underlying angst whoops.)

Word Count: 1640

Warnings: putting self in dangerous situations, swearing, crying… ANGST


Roman can’t understand why Logan cares because he thinks he hates him. Logan doesn’t disagree, but he also doesn’t leave. 

Roman blindly grabs a blade from his collection and lets his room fade into a training arena. Opposite him is a straw dummy, held together with strings and rags. With a snap of his fingers, music starts blaring, and he charges at the object.

He swings his sword with no precision and little care, letting his hurt fuel his rage which in turn fuels his strikes, effectively destroying his creation in mere moments. He waves a hand and it resets, and he goes at it again, relishing in the tearing sound the rags make and the clang of the sword against the metal pole holding up the dummy. The jarring pain of his arms whenever this happens gives Roman something tangible to focus on, and he finds himself hitting the pole more. He can’t distinguish whether or not he’s doing it on purpose, but it doesn’t matter, because the dummy is unrecognisable again.

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GA member here (i'm more of a marvel movies gal and altho i'm ok with destiel i'm not actively part of fandom; spn isn't even my fave ongoing show i just watch it casually when i have nothing else to do!) but i just wanted to say that whole 'i don't know what to say' 'i do' was the perfect pre-1st kiss setup, it was screaming-at-the-top-of-their-lungs obvious???? (1/2)

(2/2) throwing these 2 contrasting sentences highlighted the difference between the feelings/attitude Sam and Dean each hold about Cas, all whilst Dean walks towards Cas with fire in his eyes, looking so resolved and determined feels like a fanfic scenario i still can’t believe they pulled it on screen just like that. the moment is exactly framed how 1st kiss scenes go down in movies, it’s totally the moment the hero gathers up resolve to let the romantic interest know about his ROMANTIC feelings.

PS. as GA i totally got the framing they tried to convey, the message they wanted us to catch, precisely because as a GA member i didn’t even need to think deep. no need for me to try reading meta on the framing. they threw it out there unfiltered clear as the day cause they know GA would quickly make the connections without even need to engage w/ interpretation outside the actual show. ofc dean knows what to say (to do), different from sam, Dean is IN LOVE w/ Cas

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(I’ve seen so many of these on tumblr and twitter, there’s so much GA awakening. People genuinely are like “I thought Destiel was just a fake ship but it seems really real now!” “I didn’t get it before but now I totally do” “Are they a couple? what did I miss?”. Then of course all the people who knew Destiel was a ship and are now like oh, cool, I didn’t think they’d go there but they are!). 

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I think poledancing is so very cool but I'm not exactly thin or fit so I'm really scared to actually start doing it

Dude - you DO NOT need to be thin OR fit to start doing it. And you’ll get more fit, and maybe more thin (if that’s what you want) the more you do it. There are girls that I’ve seen even in advanced levels that are not thin - heck, even one of the instructors of the studio I go to, is not by any definition thin. But you know what? She’s HELLA STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL. You definitely do nooooooot need to be fit to start, either - it certainly helps you progress farther faster, yes, but most people I’ve seen in level 1 have no foundation for core or arm strength. That’s why it’s so fun - to feel yourself slowly gain strength the more you do it!! I would highly encourage you to try it out anyways!! 

Why does the writer encourage us to hold fast to our hope(verse 18)? If our holding fast was obtained and irrevocably secured by the blood of Jesus, then why does God tell us to hold fast? The answer is this:

1.What Christ bought for us when he died was not the freedom from having to hold fast, but the enabling power to hold fast.

2.What he bought was not the nullification of our wills as though we didn’t have to hold fast, but the empowering of our wills because we want to hold fast.

3.What he bought was not the canceling of the commandment to hold fast, but the fulfillment of the commandment to hold fast.

4.What he bought was not the end of exhortation, but the triumph of exhortation.

He died so that you would do exactly what Paul did in Philippians 3:12: “I press on in order that I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus.” It is not foolishness, it is the gospel, to tell a sinner to do what Christ alone can enable him to do; namely, hope in God.


Chapter 35 Part Two

A/N: This is a TWO PART CHAPTER! Make sure you have read Part One HERE before you read this! Hope you enjoy! Hearing from you guys after this would mean the world to me! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

“I want you to trust me…” Those words pulled at her heartstrings, as she too needed to trust Harry in return. How could she ask Harry to tell her about Afghanistan when she was the one hiding something in return? It was now or never, she needed to tell him about Jake.

“I want you to see that you can trust me, that we need to trust each other more because you are right Harry. I am holding something back from you and I am terrified to tell you…” Her confession made Harry’s face form a confused expression.

What exactly was she holding back? What did she mean?

“Harry uh…” Addy searched for the words to tell him. Releasing a tension filled breath Addy figured it was best to just say it.

“Jake came and saw me when you were in Afghanistan and proposed again…”

“What did you just say?” Harry’s eyes flashed towards her seething with anger. “Jake proposed to you again?!” The car veered into the other lane as Addy reached for the wheel begging Harry to pull over.

“Harry please stop the car. I- I shouldn’t have said anything while you were driving.” No matter how angry he was in that second, Harry knew it was best for him to pull over so they could talk about this new revelation.

This gave Adalyn a few moments to search for the right words to explain herself to Harry.  Dropping a bombshell on him while he was driving was the worst possible thing for her to do. Gulping down a lump in her throat she dared not to look at her boyfriend even though she felt his hard gaze staring at her as he put the car in park.

“You never said anything…” His voice was cold and laced with disappointment.

“Henry….” Addy turned her head towards him cautiously, fearful of what she would be greeted with. “I know I should have told you sooner…” The rain started to beat down harder on the windshields making the deafening silence between them more bearable.

“Tell me what happened.” Harry demanded, still unable to look at Adalyn. How could she have kept this from him after everything? It must have been months on end that she hid this vital piece of information from him. A part of Harry started to quickly build an invisible wall between him and Adalyn as he questioned if he could really trust her again.

“It’s not what you think Harry. Nothing happened I swear.” Adalyn tried to reassure Harry, but failed to do so in the way his eyes darted towards her with anger. This was the moment she had to prove to Harry that she was going to trust him, no matter how badly she wanted to look away from him and shut down.

Looking directly into the depths of his blue eyes she told him. “Jake was waiting for me outside of my flat a few weeks after you deployed.” Pausing to try and gain the confidence to continue, Addy took in a deep calming breath.

“We talked… and then all of a sudden he proposed to me and apologized for everything that he did to me.” Harry’s face contorted with pain hearing the words fall out of her lips.

Harry had never been so angry with Adalyn before in his life. The bubbling anger was waiting at the surface ready to explode. Focusing on his breathing to calm his anger he remained silent, fearful she would not finish telling him what had happened in his absence. Gripping the steering wheel he had to look away from Addy.

“I refused it immediately Henry. I didn’t want any part of him anymore.” She begged him to find some understanding. “I told him that I had found someone else and was happy with them, with you.” Tears started to form in her eyes seeing the way she was hurting Harry with each word, hoping that she could turn it around somehow. “I should of told you sooner, but I was just scared Harry…”

Addy’s hand reached out to touch him, but Harry lifted his arm in refusal. “Did you cheat on me while I was gone?” Harry’s eyes slowly turned to lock in her gaze.

Angling her head at him Addy shook her head firmly. “Of course not!” She spat out in anger. “How could you even think that of me Harry?!” A stray tear trickled down her cheek, stinging her cheeks painfully at the thought. Did Harry really think I was even capable of doing that to him after what Jake did to me?

“Yeah. It’s possible.” Harry mumbled, lowering his head to the ground.

The sound of the door opening caused him to lift his head hastily. Adalyn undid her seatbelt and put the kittens in the back seat. Climbing out of the passenger side in nothing but a shirt and jeans, Adalyn felt the rain instantly soak her as she slammed the car door shut as hard as she could.

“Addy!!” Harry hollered after her, suddenly becoming concerned for her welfare. The rain had gotten worse over the past few mins as Harry was barely able to make out her figure walking away from the vehicle through the windshield.

“For fucks sake Addy.” He spat out before quickly opening his door and running after her in the rain.

“Addy! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!” His voice called for her from behind, but she refused to stop.

She had been terrified to tell Harry that Jake was stalking her. She didn’t know how to tell him without it ending in a fight. Addy had to admit that she was wrong to keep everything about Jake from him, a mistake she truly regretted in this moment.

Of course Adalyn would never even think of cheating on Harry. He truly had no idea how he had made her life better. How happy he had made her with each passing day; how her heart was finally able to beat loud and fully with each second. The thought that he now thought of her in that way caused a cascade of tears to stream down her cheeks.

The rain beat down on her hard, instantly soaking her clothing and chilling Addy to her core. Harry continued to yell and chase after her, eventually catching up with her.

“ADALYN! GET BACK IN THE CAR!” He yelled against the pounding of the rain. Grabbing her arm he pulled her around to face him meeting resistance as she pulled her arm back.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!” Adalyn screamed at him as her voice broke.

His chest was heaving with each breath, unable to control his anger. Closing his eyes he couldn’t look at her green eyes staring back at him. He knew she had been crying, and he was the cause of it.

Harry should have known better than accuse Addy of cheating on him. It was a dick move on his part and he already knew the answer before she even spoke a word. It was a dark part of him that wanted to cause her a little pain for keeping such information from him. But now seeing her drenched in rain, pieces of her brunette hair slapped wetly across her face caused his heart to soften and ache at the same time.

“I want you to tell me it all…” Harry closed in their proximity, stepping closer to her small shivering frame. “I am sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. I know you would never do that to me Addy.” His hand cupped her cheek making her hold his gaze steady. His hard blue stare softened as he ran his thumb over the cool flesh of her cheek instantly leaving a trail blaze of fiery sensations in its wake.

“It’s what I was thinking about earlier…” Addy pursed her lips together knowing she had to tell him everything. “After I rejected him I started getting flowers delivered nearly everyday I was at work….they came with little notes and were always signed anonymously.”

Addy stepped closer, placing her hand on Harry’s chest feeling his soaked clothes lying taut against his chest. “I thought they were from you… until you came home and said you never sent them.” Pausing, Addy was terrified to tell the prince about how Jake was stalking her.

“It was Jake wasn’t it?” Harry calmly asked, seeing her clearly in distress being terrified in telling him all this. Nodding her reply she shivered from the cold rain chilling her.

“Harry… I am scared.” A profound fear was laced in her voice sending a new set of chills up the prince’s spine. Her green eyes circled with panic unlike something he had never seen before in Addy. Searching for her hand Harry gripped it hard, squeezing it.

“What do you mean Addy?” His blue eyes narrowed with confusion trying to place the fear evaporating from his girlfriend. “You need to tell me…” Harry’s mind was flying in every possible direction trying to find out why Adalyn was so petrified.

“Jake’s been stalking me Henry.” Adalyn forced out between breaths.

Harry repeated her words again in his mind. Jake’s been stalking me Henry.

Before he could even reply Addy started going off. “I think he’s going to do something Harry… I know it. I have felt him watching me… I am so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”

Harry’s blood started to boil, coursing this newfound anger within him throughout his entire body. Jake had been stalking Adalyn for months and had been getting away with it. How dare he terrify her still to this day after all he had put her through? Adalyn didn’t deserve to be living in this fear.

How did he not see it sooner? How did he miss all of this? Did Adalyn feel like she couldn’t come to him? What held her back? Addy answered that question in his head for him.

“I didn’t want you to worry more. I wanted you better…” Tears were streaming down her cheeks beside the raindrops beating down on her.

My PTSD… she couldn’t tell me because of my PTSD.

“You should have come to me…” Harry cupped both of her cheeks forcing Adalyn to look at him. “I don’t care what is going on in my life Addy. I need to know things like this… I need you safe.”

Her hands ran up his arm placing them over top of each of his hands as she nodded her head. “I’m so scared Henry…” Addy repeated for the second time making his own fears become real.

“Addy…” Harry’s deep voice commanded. “I swear I am never going to let anything happen to you.” Her shaking hands gripped his wrists firmly as if she was holding on to a lifeline.

“I promise you, you are safe with me.” He did everything he could to calm her fears and to see her eyes slowly start to evaporate the terror she held. Bringing her body tightly close to him, Harry wrapped his arms around her protectively. Against the beating rain he held her there keeping her safe in his arms from whatever came their way.

Adalyn curled into his chest, feeling a sense of warmth in the confines of his arms. She wished she had told Harry sooner about Jake, she would not have had to go through this all on her own. A mistake she profoundly regretted.

It was the first day since she had found out that Jake was indeed the one that sent her those flowers that she truly felt safe. Addy’s hand traveled to the prince’s neck holding it in place so she could start a trail of kisses up to his lips. Inches away from finding their intended target she paused to look up at his worried blue eyes staring down at her.

Pressing her forehead against his she smiled. “Thank you for looking after me…for making me feel so safe.” Tears started to form in her eyes again feeling an overwhelming sense of love for the prince. All she wanted in that moment was to tell him how she felt about him. How she loved Harry. Not wanting to hold anything back anymore, she took a leap of faith.

If Harry was the next one to break her heart, it would be worth it.

“I love you Harry…” Adalyn confessed smiling up at him with green eyes. His blue eyes smiled back down at her as his lips spread into a beaming grin.

“I love you too Addy.”

Hearing him speak those words caused her hear to flutter. Addy never thought that she was even capable of loving someone again after what happened with Jake, but Harry took her heart and put it back together.

Piece by piece, he picked up the pieces Jake had left her heart in and sewed it back together with each loving strand. He had continued to show her an endless love she never thought was possible, but she loved how he proved her wrong every time.

That love is capable after heartbreak.

That love always wins in the end.

That this, is their love story.


Arching her back Addy moved her hips flush against Harry making his member drive in deeper. Capturing her moans Harry lavished her with endless kisses. Opening her green eyes, Addy slowed her movements as she wrapped her legs around the prince.

Harry couldn’t help but smile down at the woman beneath him.

“I love you…” He spoke those three little words again. It felt right, perfect to say them to Addy. He meant every single one of them.

Crashing his lips down hard on Addy’s, Harry’s hands trailed up her body roving over the curves that made her who she was. Harry captured her whimpers while he drove his hips slowly into Addy. Her head tossed back against his sheets giving more access to the succulent skin on her neck.

“I love you more.” Addy whispered in his ear softly while squeezing her legs harder around him, digging her heels into his ass to make him go deeper inside of her. It was a relief to have finally spoken what her heart was feeling for Harry, no matter if it seemed that she had fallen quick for the prince. It still felt right, felt perfect to say.

“Not possible.” Adalyn melted under his trailblazing touch as he explored every inch of her body. Biting down on her lower lip she moaned loudly as his mouth sucked on one of her nipples.

They took their time, basking in the moment of their confessions of love. Every kiss, every touch brought them closer and closer together. It was as if their confessions brought them together on a deeper level, farther than they had ever imagined possible.

Harry grabbed her hands pushing them above her head, keeping them firmly in place with his. Interlocking their fingers Harry thrusted harder into Addy making her clench tighter around him. They became desperate to climax together as Addy whispered to Harry that she was close.

His hand flew to her cheek, cupping it with a soft grip. “Look at me Addy.” Adalyn’s eyes flew open to see Harry’s lust filled eyes. “I want to see you when you cum.”

Biting down on her lower lip Addy’s eyes drifted down his body, taking in the view of his naked form. Nodding her head she locked eyes with Harry.  “Don’t pull out this time…” she searched his eyes for approval.

“Addy… are you sure?” Harry had nearly taken Addy in his front entrance, eventually moving to his bedroom. Completely forgetting to put on a condom, Harry couldn’t wait after their long drive back home.

“It’s ok Harry, I took birth control.” Addy reassured him that they were safe enough.

Within a matter of a few minutes Harry was ready to burst, holding on as long as he could for Adalyn knowing she was nearly there as her moans grew with each thrust. His hot breath blew across her soft lips as he attacked them one last time.

“Cum for me Addy.” Her toes instantly curled as she met his last thrust signalling her climax.

Harry held her trembling body close, as he stared into her eyes watching her sweetly unravel and clench around him. Unable to hold back Harry released inside of her groaning loudly trying to catch his breath. Addy’s legs crumbled weakly around his waist as her body continued to shake.

*End Mature*

Brushing away a piece of her brunette, Harry couldn’t stop the smile forming on his lips. Leaning down he kissed her forehead softly. “You are so beautiful Adalyn.”

An instant smiled graced her lips. Addy had never been this happy before in her entire life. A stray tear trickled down her cheek before feeling a thumb quickly brush it away.

“Hey hey…. don’t cry gorgeous.” Harry kissed the trail her tear left.

“I’m not…” Addy ran her fingers through the tufts of his ginger hair. “I just never thought that it would be possible for me to love someone again…” His head lifted to lock eyes with her.

“But I am so happy I did Harry.” Adalyn bursted into a beaming smile. “I am so happy that it’s you.”

“What? And not Ed Sheeran?” He teased Addy causing her to give him an eye roll.

“At least Ed can sing!”

“Hey!” The prince sat up crawling up beside his girlfriend. “I too can sing… just not very well.” Harry mumbled the last part eliciting giggles from the brunette beside him.

Inching her way close to Harry, Adalyn snuggled into him resting her head on his chest with a stray leg draped around his front. Harry gently stroked his finger slowly up and down her arm while they fell into a comfortable silence.

Closing his eyes the prince felt his body relax into his bed. Feeling her body close to him brought Harry more peace and comfort than Addy knew. His mind could not stop drifting to the image of a soaking wet Adalyn standing in the rain with petrified green eyes telling him how scared she was.

His arm unconsciously brought her closer to his body wanting to ensure she was as safe as possible. He vowed that no matter what, she was his priority until Jake had been dealt with. He made a promise, that he would not let anything happen to her and he meant it.

He would do anything to keep her safe.

To keep Addy in his arms.


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