was exactly what i wanted it to be

  • me, thinking about the potential dynamic between keith’s hot galra mom and keith, and how keith is probably frustrated/angry/sad about his mom leaving him behind while he was just a baby while simultaneously wanting a relationship with her, and keith’s mom not exactly being the warmest of moms because of the war and the hard choices she’s had to make for it, but she’s trying in her own unique way and works hard to amend for the mistakes and hard choices she had to take, eventually leading her to become an actual parental figure in keith’s life and proving to him that she’s capable of doing what’s right for keith, and them having the potential mother/son relationship keith’s always wanted without her dying in the process: i’m fine
PLL Series Finale thoughts

Man, there’s a lot to cover. 

Okay let me start by saying…. fans had to wait 40 MINUTES INTO THE SHOW TO GET TO AD’S IDENTITY AND ACTUAL ANSWERS. 

I do not give a shit about the couples on the show at this point. Like yeah, I’m happy that Emison and Haleb get a happy ending(yes I purposely left out Ezria.) But they did the ship episodes ALL season. This was the time to actually give the answers the writers told us we were going to get ALL season. 

So, Imma skip right to what I thought was easily the best scenes of this episode. The Alex Drake/Twincer reveal. 

I’ve seen a lot of people upset by this reveal. I find that odd since so many of us wanted Spencer to have a twin, and even theorized about it. Can’t have it both ways people, either you want the theory to play out EXACTLY as you wanted/wrote it, or not at all. Personally, I wanted Twincer to be real, and I wanted Wren to know about/be helping Twincer. SO for me, I loved seeing it play out. Julian and Troian did a spectacular job. Even if Troian’s accent wasn’t the best, but I got a real Sarah Manning/Orphan Black feel to Alex and I dug it. 

Special Shout out to Troian, she carried this season and truly is the best actress on the show. I wanted Twincer to be real, specifically because I wanted to see Troian act it out and she KILLED IT. 

Wren… Wren was one of the first people I suspected as A way back in season 1. I was happy that he was able to come back for the finale. I love the chemistry he and Troian have.  I actually really enjoyed him coming back and being sorta involved with the game. He IS the sperm donor of the Emison babies. BUT I’M SO UPSET HE’S DEAD AND WE DIDN’T GET TO SEE HIM DIE :( 

One of the most interesting aspects of the finale, was the “cop” Mona called to take Alex & Mary away was actually her boyfriend in France. Like DAMMMMN girl, way to plan. 


If it didn’t happen in season 7, everything prior was forgotten about. LITERALLY everything. “That Night” has NOTHING to do with this. Aria, Emily, and Hanna had nothing to do with the motive. And next to no questions were answered. 

While I enjoyed the finale for what it was, probably because I had no expectations, I’m still quite disappointed in the lack of answers. But it wouldn’t be PLL without letting us all down one last time, and giving us no answers. 

I feel like Alex Drake should have been revealed during the earlier part of 7B, and then the writers should have spent the remaining episodes answering the series old questions and filling us in on everything. Maybe then we might have been able to see Wren die, Haleb have a baby, Emison get married, etc.

ALL that being said, even though I feel like watching PLL for 7 years was more let downs than shock, I still am grateful to be apart of this fandom. <3

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Chansaw with a drunk Chandler falling asleep in Ronnie's lap, Ronnie thinking she looks like a cute kitten, then realizing she's maybe bi?

(Buddy i love this prompt so much u have no idea. In all of the heathers rps ive been in as chandler, chandler has ended up drunk and its my favourite thing to write)
(This was sent the other day sorry for the late answer)
(Modern au)
It was late at night, at the end of some party Veronica had attended with Heather Chandler. She hadn’t exactly wanted to go, but the other two Heathers were busy, and Veronica didn’t want to leave Heather alone, because who knew what could happen to her.

(Besides- get enough drinks in Heather and she was actually nice and honest. If not a bit blunt.)

Veronica had taken Heather’s car keys away and driven her home, then struggled to get her ready for bed. She felt like a mom caring for a sleepy toddler. She set out a glass of water and advil on Heather’s nightstand for her inveitable hangover in the morning and was about to leave when Heather- who was laying in her bed -caught Veronica’s wrist.

“Ronnniiieee,” she said, her voice soft and sleepy. “Don’t goo, lay with me.”

Veronica looked at Heather and smiled ever so slightly. It was weird to see the mythic bitch of Westerburg acting innocent and vulnerable. “Heather, I need to go home.” She replied, trying and failing to gently pry Heather’s hand off of her wrist.

“Buuut Rooonniie you can go home tomorrow!” Heather said.

“My parents will be worried.” Her parents wouldn’t be worried, she told them she might stay the night at a friend’s house after the party. Heather didn’t reply this time, she only tugged at Veronica’s wrist insistently. The sober girl sighed. “Fine, Heather.” She rolled her eyes, but was smiling.

She sat on the bed and leaned against the pillows, refusing to lay down because she didn’t want to fall asleep. Heather repositioned herself so her head was on Veronica’s lap and she was curled up by her legs.

Heather looked like a sleeping cat, Veronica realized. She absently ran her fingers through the blonde’s hair as Heather dozed off. She didn’t mind this- it was comfortable and warm and.. Heather was really, really great when she wasn’t being a bitch.

There might be hell to pay in the morning, should Heather wake up and think that they slept together, but for now Veronica enjoyed the moment, and slowly dozed off.

so recently i’ve been thinking of making some form of blog (heavily inspired by @pandelabs’ leahlillith conversion list which has been a god send) to keep track of who is planning on converting what etc to help people who want to convert stuff figure out if it’s already being done

idk how it would work exactly, i guess maybe people would message to say they plan on converting something, and then that would be added to a list? maybe the lists would be broken down by creator, or whether it’s hair/objects/clothes? or something? idk anyway i’d love to hear thoughts/suggestions etc about this so just lmk!!

I saw that episode of PLL coming from a mile away. But like why the fuck did they make Spencer’s twin British? And why the fuck did she kill Wren? Like she just wanted to be exactly like Spencer and because Wren wasn’t with Spencer and was in love with the actual Spencer she wanted Toby? This episode didn’t answer many questions at all, in fact I have more. Why kidnap Ezra? What good did that do? Like I was expecting Ezra to suddenly have a twin… I’m so confused.

Thomas Writes Sins Not Tragedies - Thomas the Tank Engine vs. Panic! At The Disco (Mashup)
Thomas the Tank Engine Theme vs. I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! At The Disco. Starting out 2016 by reuploading my finest contribution to music. Acapell...

This is exactly what I want to listen to around midnight

Tonight Is... Not Great

I’m sad and being home alone makes it SO much easier to use behaviors and I want to. And like my body looks different and I can’t stop thinking about how easy it would be to make me look like I did before, like it wouldn’t take that much effort at all. And like I wasn’t that small but whatever I felt ~valid and that’s all that matters to me right now. So of course my eating disorder is telling me exactly what I should do when I wake up tomorrow and idk? Will I listen to it? Stay tuned


Anders + Looking at Hawke


I keep giggling at the thought of a villain mama trying to raise her daughter to be normal and placing her in a prestigious school but often have her villain side show up, and the teacher who is used to pompous parents totally don’t bat an eye to put her in her place

AHH First off my twin @sheisawantedman did the animation for me and it’s so cool!!! I’ve had this idea since Negan was introduced in the show and I’ve tried to do it a few times but it never came out right. (I still would like to push it farther but I’m happy with it, especially now with the animated parts!!) Hope you guys like it!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️