was exactly what i wanted it to be

Today is my birthday and all I wanted for it was a book a cactus plant and your presence by my side. All I have got is my dark room and loneliness.
Some would say I have got exactly what I have deserved.
—  voks

so a good while after rose and kanaya start dating on the meteor rose comes up with a plan to try and get kanaya to spend the night with her. she relays her plan to a very distracted and Definitely Not listening dave who at the end of it tells her how great it is.

Her elaborate plan immediately goes to shit since it relied on her asking kanaya to cuddle and kanaya Was Not Sure What That Meant thus leaving rose to  decide if kanaya was trying to pull something on her but she eventually explains, while trying to hide how embarrassed she is, thats its sort of like a hug but longer. kanaya agrees because Hugs Are Very Nice I Will Give It A Shot but she also asks where exactly this is going to happen because she cannot so a pile anywhere that you can lay on.so rose,who doesnt want to make kanaya uncomfortable, grabs as many blankets and pillows as she can find to make a pile from them.

when kanaya puts her arms around rose and rose has another little gay breakdown because she Is Not Used to hugs and she’s afraid but after a few minutes of talking rose falls asleep in kanayas arms hoping she doesnt mind.

kanaya doesnt and she thinks rose is very cute when shes asleep.

Maybe it’s better that Bellamy and Clarke were separated this ep tbh I don’t know how Bellamy could’ve handled Clarke’s hair down without brushing it away every four and a half seconds

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Ashley you said that so well. I agree. I don't think he hates the idea of superstardom and fame and being that. He hates the idea of what that makes people think of him. I personally think he likes the attention but doesn't like how people interpret who he is and how he was branded to be because of his fame. He wants to be more than that. And I think this album will me much more him and I'm so so excited for that.

yes, exactly. he was definitely very at odds with the type of person he was portrayed to be in the media while he was in 1D and he fought it as best as he could. but yes, i think harry really does want to use his celebrity power for good and inspire people and just put out Good into the world. and i’m very excited for him to be able to do that :)

I used to work at a pizza place, and we sold cheese sticks, as most pizza places do. But we call the fried mozzarella cheese sticks AND our breadsticks with cheese on top cheese sticks. And both of them are on our menu under appetizers. I bet you can guess where this is going?

A guy came in and ordered cheese sticks with his order. Normally I remembered to ask if they want fried mozzarella or breadsticks with cheese, but I just forgot this time. The guy leaves and comes back because I put down breadsticks with cheese cheese sticks and he wanted mozzarella cheese sticks. I apologize profusely and explained that we call both cheese sticks and I offered to make the fried cheese sticks immediately.

He wants to talk to a manager. He literally spent another 2 or 3 minutes telling her the story, and she said and did exactly what I said and did; apologize, explain the confusion, offer the right thing. He said that he pointed to the picture on the menu, but I was typing on the screen I wasn’t looking at him. I have no idea what the dude wanted because he just kept complaining? All we can do is make the right thing or refund you or give you a credit. As soon as he started talking to my manager, I went and made the fried cheese sticks anyway, so I went and plopped them on the counter in the middle of his rant and went back to folding boxes.

Why don’t customers understand that mistakes happen and it’s not the end of the world if your cheese sticks weren’t the right kind? You’ll live, unfortunately.

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Hi! How are you? can i ask what do you think about all these headline whith Lauren denying Camren? Do you think that reply it was her own decision to shut down Cs to keep her privacy and protect their relationsip or she had to do, like a part of a plan to kill camren? im confused. i really wanna know your opinion. Ah, and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

The thing is, now that Camila is solo, the PR teams can go several different directions. They always wanted to “kill” camren, more to the media than the fandom. The problem is, without Camren interaction, a big chunk of the fandom that only showed up for Camren, is fleeing. SO what do they do now? They put Camren back in the headlines. They can use them for PR and still keep Camila’s “straight” image. That’s exactly what they are doing right now. They, or some tabloid, can even “leak” a pic or video, and just counter it with, "it was a phase" or “an experiment”, or “just two young lonely girls having fun on the road"  or, "she was young and confused”. There are several ways they can play it and still keep Mila’s “straight” image.

I do think Lauren has tried to protect Camila, but the sad truth is, Management has total control of their official social media accounts. They can do and say whatever they want through them. Management already achieved their goal. They got Lauren and Camila both out, so to speak, without it being linked to Camren, now they can use it any way they want. The girls have no control over how Management chooses to control and use their image. (for now) The girls are just along for the ride, and we get to sit back and ride along with them.

I do know, when you get this much media attention on a topic, something almost always comes out about it soon after. We basically just have to wait and see what happens next.

Dealing With Werewolves by foolish_mortal

[2565w | General]

In which Stiles runs away to live with the dragons and meets a werewolf.

Note: This is apparently an AU involving a book series I’ve never heard of, and something like that would usually put me off. But since embracing this blog’s mindset of giving every fic a chance no matter what, I gave it a read. And I’m so glad I did. It’s seriously good. I never wanted it to end.

Basically, Stiles has gone to live with a dragon (perfectly cast as Lydia) and an unending string of knights turn up at the door planning to slay the beast and win his hand, no matter that Stiles is happy exactly where he is. And then along comes Derek.

I really cannot stress enough how wonderful this fic is ;v; Give it a go!

Things I loved about David's Rational Mind


• Rational David’s British accent (Dan Stevens regular accent).

• When told to imagine a chalk board, David immediately conjures up a huge lecture hall style room with 6 huge chalk boards, and if that doesn’t describe David’s personality idk what does.

• The animations on the chalk board.

•When regular David attempted a British accent, it sounded exactly like Patrick Stewart, which was either intentional or not, but still a nice nod to the fact that in the comics, Legion is P-X’s son.

• That moment when he questioned if he was given away because of Faruqh or if his parents just didn’t want him.

• “I am pretty, I am loved.”

EXO - Reaction to seeing you interact with supportive fans.



You: “Xiumin, you’re smiling a lot today.”

“I’m just really happy that you and the fans get along.”


 “Do you mind If I join the conversation?”


“There are certain things which I really hope you’re not telling the fans.”

You: “Like…”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about.”


*Finds it great that you’re talking to the fans but is slightly worried because he wants you to be safe and knows that not all ‘fans’ aren’t going to be respectful.*

“You know I love you talking to the fans but just be careful, okay?”


*He’d try his best to join in with the conversation but would end up confused about what you were talking about, leaving him to just nod his head to everything you say.*


*Gets slightly jealous when you’re not giving him as much attention.*

“I’m here too!?”


*Communicates with the fans like he would normally, the only difference being that you’re there.*


*Attempts to sneak up on you as you talk to the fan but the fan warns you.*

“I thought you were meant to be on my side.”


*Stands back and lets you interact with the fan on your own, watching you and occasionally giggling at the both of you.*


“I.. I’m so proud of you.”

*Starts to get really emotional.*


*Tries to make you and the fan laugh with really childish humour, which would him laugh way more than you or the fan.*


“I’m jealous; no one wants to spend time with me.”

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What kind of person would daichi, sugawara and kuroo confess to? Thank you


I personally see him having a crush on someone that’s slightly more independent. Someone with maturity and just know what exactly they want to do with their life in the future. Daichi would like someone that thinks ahead of themselves and actually work for it, he finds that incredibly sexy. Of course, like everyone else, they should be able to put aside their work to have fun too. One of Daichi biggest dealbreakers is when they’re too selfish and can only think for themselves and not others.

Being a captain, he would really like someone that cares and loves with all their heart. Maybe someone that’s clumsy too, cause’ he finds that adorable. And when Daichi is committed to a relationship, he expects his partner to feel the same way, not a one-time fling thing, that’s why he’s really picky when it comes to dating.


Defiantly more of the risk taker type! Contrary to what others believe, I’d like to think that Sugawara is into someone that’s adventurous and leans slightly towards the sporty side. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t date the academic type. I think Sugawara likes going out on dates like mountain hiking or skiing or what not, but he will worry. A lot, for that matter.

Similar to Daichi, Sugawara would date those that are responsible and mature, someone wise, preferably. He doesn’t mind whether his partner is smart or not, he only cares about the personality.


He will literally date anyone. Nerd, preppy, jock, artist, whatever, Kuroo doesn’t have a ‘type’. As long as you don’t have a shitty personality, then he’ll go for it. Of course, Kuroo would prefer someone that would appreciate his lame jokes and find at least some humor in it. I think Kuroo would subconsciously be more attracted to someone that likes or plays volleyball.

I think as long as you’re able to make Kuroo laugh till his side hurts, then he’ll be automatically attracted to you. Also, being able to get along with Kenma is really important to him, because the two of you are his closest friends to him.

The Only One For Me - Minghao Fluff/Angst

Originally posted by minghaeo

Request: Hi! Can you do maybe do a Minghao angst where another girl is relentlessly trying to get him to cheat on the reader with her but Minghao is loyal and says no but all the reader sees is the girl flirty and stuff with Minghao and not him saying no to her? Sorry if this is confusing (also sorry I request a lot of stuff, you just always write exactly what I want!)

Word Count: 1515

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Member/Group: Minghao (The8) of SEVENTEEN

Summary: A day out at the mall was needed for you and your boyfriend to get some well needed rest, but an unwanted visitor may just ruin that.

A/N: Hey guys! I just wanted to say, I am running low on requests since the last time I asked, so please send in more. Make them a pretty detailed outline of what you want, and don’t be afraid to use anon! Anyway, sorry for any errors, I’m too tired to bother editing this right now.(It’s 11:30 here.)xx

 Minghao leaned over the kitchen table and sighed, munching on his partially soggy cereal. Today was his first day off in quite a while, and he had planned to spend it with you until you had to inform him of your half-day at work. It was better than a full day shift, but it still left Minghao alone for a solid four hours. That all lead to him eating his breakfast alone and wishing you could be there to crack some jokes as he ate.

 As he spooned the last spoonful of sweet deliciousness into his mouth, he got out of his chair to walk over to the sink to wash the now dirty bowl. The water cleaned the last of the soggy crumbs from the bottom of the container and he placed it on the dish rack to avoid breaking it. He was going to walk over to the couch and scroll through his phone when the annoying shriek of the doorbell ringing invaded the silence. Quickly, his sock covered feet pattered over to the door and he pulled it wide open, expecting the person outside to be a deliveryman or a neighbor in need of assistance.

 “Hi, Minghao! I heard you were free, and I was wondering if you wanted to go to a cafe or something for some ~alone time~!” The annoying girl that sat on his doorstep was definitely not the mailman, but he probably would have been happier to see him. (G/N) had dark hair that was stuffed into to massive pigtails and what looked like 50 pounds of makeup distributed unevenly across her face. Her outfit screamed “I’m in my twenties but desperate to cling to my escaping youth by chasing younger guys,” which is a statement so accurate that it made Minghao laugh just to think about it.

 “Um… my girlfriend is going to be home from work soon, so I have get ready. I’m sorry, maybe go ask somebody else?” His nails gently swiped the back off his neck as his eyes trailed to the ground.

 Her lipsticked scowl grew, and she nodded slowly before backing away from the door. “Yeah, just tell (Y/N) hi for me I guess…” Her shoes clicked against the floor as she sashayed away from the door, hips swinging in an attempt to catch the long man’s eyes. A sigh of relief escaped his mouth, and he turned around to go back to the living room.

 “Babe!~ I’m home from work!” You walked in and set your large bag on the wooden table. Minghao ran into the room and immediately, his arms were around your waist.

 “I missed you so much! It’s so boring here without you. Plus, the weird girl on the first floor came to the apartment and basically tried to get me to go on a date with her…” Laughing at Minghao’s misfortune, you placed a kiss on his lips.

 “Well, if she bothers you again I guess I’ll just have to make sure you don’t leave my sight.” He laughed at your joking words. “I can be your personal bodyguard.”

 “Ok, (Y/N). So, what do you want to do for the day? Lunch? Maybe go shopping or something?”

 “Minghao, you know me way too well. Let’s do lunch then we can go walk around the mall if that’s good with you.” He nodded and released you from his vice grip. “I’ll go get dressed in normal clothes, and we can leave.”

 Minghao locked the door behind him before lacing his fingers with yours. You smiled up at him, and you both walked down the long hallway to the stairs. It may have seemed childish to others, but Minghao swung your hands back and forth as he hummed a familiar tune. He continued this all the way out of the building and to the bus stop. When you finally got onto the bus, you both found seats adjacent to each other and sat, making a comment or two to the other ever so often. As the beautiful scenery of the busy city flew by, so did the minutes. Before long, you reached the large complex of buildings that housed all your favorite stores and restaurants.

 “Here, Jagi, I’ll hold your bag so you can tie your shoelace.” Minghao’s considerate nature beamed as you quickly fixed the loose shoelaces on your left sneaker.

 “Thank you, Minghao!” You pecked him on the cheek before walking through the large glass doors, fingers intertwined. 

 Overplayed pop music blasted from each storefront, but the two of you quickly made your way to the food court and payed for two meals. As soon as the trays were sat down in front of you, it seemed to magically disappear. Minghao eagerly devoured his meal and waited for you to finish.

 “Okay, where do you want to go first?” You leaped up from the plastic seat and walked with Minghao to dispose of your trash.

 It had been a solid hour, and you had begged Minghao to let you visit Forever 21 before you left. He had already taken a seat in the appointed ‘boyfriend chair’ when you had slipped into the sea of clothing. As he scrolled through his emails, a familiar annoying voice pierced his eardrums.

 “HaoHao! What a coincidence! I guess fate wanted us to meet up today!” (G/N) batted her mascara coated eyelashes and leaned over the poor boy. “Why don’t you come with me, and maybe we can go to somewhere like Victoria’s Secret? I need your opinion on some new clothes.”

 Minghao fidgeted uncomfortably as (G/N) pushed her clothed chest closer towards him in an attempt to grab his attention. “No thank you, I’m waiting for my girlfriend to finish shopping…”

 (G/N) huffed and crossed her arms before lurching into a series of high pitched whines. Minghao instantly began spouting more excuses over the sound of her complaints, when (G/N) suddenly slipped forward. She landed in a jumbled mess across Minghao, which must have looked even worse when he started moving his arms to try and push her off of him.

 “What the fuck, Minghao?” You walked over and were shocked to see your boyfriend in such a compromising position. (G/N) smiled at you, and leaned forward before planting a kiss on Minghao’s cheek. “I thought you said you didn’t like her in any way! I’m going home, here’s the hoodie I bought you! Jerk…” 

 Minghao stuttered as the thick article of clothing hit his head and you stomped away. Immediately, he harshly shoved (G/N) away. “I hope this was worth it for you.” (G/N)’s smile faltered, and he sprinted in your direction.

 Tears streamed down your cheeks, but you still continued the search for the key to your apartment. Realizing your search was futile, you slumped against the door and let strong sobs rack through your body.

 “Hey… I’ll unlock the door.” Minghao quietly began to put the key in the lock and opened the door to let you in. “I’m sorry. She was pushing herself on me, (Y/N), I swear I would never hurt you like that.”

 Saying nothing, you pushed past him. He followed you like a lost puppy, until you eventually turned around to face him. “I know. Just let me be alone for a bit, okay? I didn’t want to see my hag of a neighbor flirting with my man today, and your lack of any type of explanation at the time did nothing to help.”

 “Wait, (Y/N)-” The door to the bedroom slammed shut, creating a barrier between the two pity parties taking place at the moment.

 After a few hours, you sat up and thought over your actions. You knew that you had overreacted, but you just couldn’t help feeling upset with how much jealousy had rooted itself in your mind at the sight of another girl and your beloved boyfriend. A knock on the door interrupted your thoughts, and a melancholic-looking Minghao stepped through the door with one arm holding something behind his back.

 “Hey.” He sat next to you, and revealed a single rose from behind his back. “Think of this as a physical apology, since I’m not so good with words or anything like that…” His shy demeanor radiated, and a small giggle escaped your mouth for the first time in the past few hours.

 “I accept your apology. I need to say sorry too, babe. I overreacted, and I should have listened to what you had to say first.” A flush spread across your cheeks as Minghao pulled your body into his thin frame.

 “It’s okay, Jagiya. Let’s never let anything like this happen again, okay? I don’t think I can handle that much stress anytime soon.” You nodded into his warm chest and let his hand rub across your shoulders, fitting together like two puzzle pieces.

It’s so easy to settle. It’s so easy to be with the guy who treats you “just okay” so that you’re not single for Valentine’s Day or every other day of the year. It’s easy to be with the guy who is “nice enough” so that you’re not the only single one out of your friends. It’s so easy to settle but I beg of you to never ever do it, you shouldn’t settle for anything in life, especially not love. You deserve someone who makes you feel like your flying, who feels like home. You deserve to be with someone who showers you with love and affection just because he wants you to know how much he loves you. You don’t deserve a guy who’s “nice enough” because when you settle you’re settling for less than you deserve and that’s exactly what you’ll get. You deserve so much, I can’t explain to you how much you deserve in this life and I hope that you get it but if you keep settling you’re not allowing it to happen, so please instead of settling wait. Wait for the guy who shows you what love really is and will make you wonder why you ever thought settling was an acceptable thing to do in the first place.
—  for all the lonely hearts, your time will come.
Birthday Suit

This year for my birthday, I decided to get myself a new body. Now, I could have done it the old-fashioned way, with months and months of strenuous diet and exercise, but nobody has time for that anymore. All I had to do this year was call up my agent at the body suit shop and describe to him exactly what I was looking for. 

I wanted a jock suit, a real All-American football player type. Blue eyes, blonde hair, square jaw, about twenty-two years old with an athletic, gym-sculpted body. 

“I’ve got one that I think you’ll love,” my agent told me. From the last few suits I’d worked with him on, I trusted his opinion.

I gave him my credit card details over the phone, and then the order was processed and shipped overnight right to my front door, just in time for my birthday. 

I have to say I’m very happy with my purchase. It’s exactly what I was looking for, and it fits like a glove. It’s going to be the perfect body suit to spend my birthday in.

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That is an interesting thought that maybe Liam wanted the attention off of him and the baby. Which is interesting and has my mind thinking a certain way. But also good point that if Liam knew Harry was announcing this, he (or someone) could have announced the baby earlier in the day. It was like oh baby Payne then oh Harry styles. Like a quick change of attention

I mean, I could be wrong and it could be pure coincidence. Harry’s stuff was clearly arranged days, if not weeks, ago (you don’t buy TV ad space in 5 minutes), and you KNOW Cheryl was the one wanting to get the announcement out exactly in time to make the cover of all the tabloids on Mother’s Day.

But what it wasn’t is a competition or one upsmanship. I’ll just never believe that.

After getting the newspaper delivered, Vato is urgently calling for Mustang. I’m not sure what exactly he plans to do or say, so maybe he just wants Mustang’s account on it.

Also, Vato is alone and only has a handgun to defend himself. I really don’t know what’s stopping Barry from killing him and running free… I guess Barry just doesn’t want to do that. Yeah, when was the last time this guy had some friends? (I don’t know if Barry got along with Slicer and Slicer’s Bro).


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imagine pride cooking for you but getting slightly distracted at your obvious sex eyes 

Requested by itty-bitty-baby-face~

Pride was obviously very excited to finally have you home. And a quiet dinner date was exactly what he wanted; a chance to catch up and just spend some quality time with you.

He talked as he cooked, occasionally throwing a smile your way. It was hard not to smile. But he finally recognized that look in your eye; a mischievous look. And it definitely was not the first time Pride has seen it. So he knew what it meant.

He tried to concentrate on dinner, though. Tried to concentrate on cutting these carrots. “I wanna tell you a dumb thing Christopher did, just last week.” Pride said, looking up to you. But his throat closed up just a little. Damn that look. And damn you for not waiting until after he made dinner.

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27 dresses logyn

I haven’t seen the movie, but based off what I know of the trailer an idea started forming in my head. Hope it’s okay.

Over the years Sigyn had been a member of the wedding party in no less than a dozen ceremonies. Aside from all her mother’s marriages, which tended to blur into one giant mistake, Sigyn had been a bridesmaid for each of her five older siblings, and each time the happy couple said their wedding vows Sigyn felt a jolt of excitement course through her – it was that much closer to her turn to get married, and she knew exactly who she wanted to ask her; Theoric Ulrikson.

Theoric was a handsome soldier from a good family who had recently been promoted into the ranks of Allfather’s Crimson Hawks. After such a boon to his professional life, he must surely be on the lookout for a wife to build a home for him, and every time he came into her father’s armoury Sigyn felt herself blush when he smiled at her and couldn’t help but wonder if today would be the day…

It had been a month since her older sister Dagmara’s wedding and Sigyn was growing impatient with Theoric – he hadn’t even asked her to take a walk with him, let alone speak with her father. To make matter’s worse, the Crimson Hawk hadn’t been into the armory all week and her father was pressuring her to take an order to the palace.

“I can’t leave,” Sigyn whined. “What if he comes in while I’m gone?”

“Then it’ll be his bad luck,” her father grumbled, shoving a parcel into Sigyn’s arms. “Now, take these to the palace. Give it to no one but the queen herself, I need to know she’s happy with the craftsmanship. If not, I’ll redo it at half the price, but don’t tell her that unless she’s truly unhappy with them,” he added, patting the parcel and pushing his daughter out the door.

Sigyn practically ran to the palace in the hopes she could return within the hour, but when she was redirected to a sitting room and the minutes started to tick by her hopes began to flicker and wane. After what seemed like an age one of the queen’s ladies-in-waiting appeared and invited her into the parlour. All Sigyn’s irritation evaporated when the golden queen smiled at her.

“Sigyn, so nice to finally meet you,” she greeted warmly, ushering the flustered girl in.

Sigyn struggled awkwardly as she tried to curtsey and hand the queen the parcel at the same time before attempting one and then the other. The queen smiled and stifled a chuckle at Sigyn’s nervousness, directing the girl to sit down across a small table from her as she opened the parcel.

“Oh, yes,” the queen beamed as she inspected the metal vambraces. “My son will love these.”

“My father will be glad to hear it,” Sigyn replied, finding her voice.

“I doubt he needs to be assured of the quality of his work,” the queen teased. “The only thing he shows more pride in his daughters.”

“Oh,” Sigyn blushed. “I hadn’t realised that you were so well acquainted with my father that he’d had the opportunity to talk your ear off about us.”

“I seek him out from time to time for custom orders when I struggle to find something worthy of a name day gift for my own children. He speaks of you quite highly,” she smiled. “And he mentioned the last time that we spoke that you were in need of a tutor.”

“A tutor?” Sigyn stammered.

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Megan knows EXACTLY who Don is like she even knows she’s his side piece when he’s still dating Faye yet she still marries him after what, like 2 weeks of fucking? Why??? WHY? and then she can’t handle how awful he is later on and it’s like girl you had all the evidence! Why did you do it? Money? Looks? You just wanted three screwed up children to coparent? Like I’m not saying the way Don treats her is her fault at all but I think she got into the relationship for the wrong reasons and the whole time they were together every “sweet” moment they had felt so weird like they were playing house and it’s because they were!