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[TRANS] 140703 Seungri and Taeyang on Starcast Live

Note: I just compiled it and may not be in order.

YB: SR always tells me that my song is good. It’s kind of embarrassing but it makes me happy.

SR to YB: Everyone around me loves Eyes, Nose, Lips. They always play it and ask me to show Taeyang hyung to them.

R: I think the starcast staff really likes me. I didn’t have to be here but they asked me to be here (laughs)

YB to Ri: You called GD and Daesung last time on Naver Starcast, but you didn’t call me.. why?

Seungri: I’ve been traveling abroad and cooling my head. I watched your promotion videos while I was there.

Taeyang: My mom is really happy about my long-delayed album and I am really happy.

SR: YB hyung and I live in the same apartment. It’s cleaning day every thursday, and my mom and his mom always hug each other!!

Seungri: Taeyang’s mom always says “Thank goodness his album is successful! x 3” Taeyang: *laughs*

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