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RFA + Saeran at the Zoo

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  • He wanted to take you to see different beasts ;)
  • He has to wear a hat and a mask to make sure you aren’t disturbed by fans
  • Complains that his selfies with animals aren’t as nice as they could’ve
  • Whenever they get to the bigger, scarier animals, he comes behind you and hand bites you
  • You scream in surprise and he gushes at how cute it was
  • By the fiftieth time, you’re getting really annoyed
  • You lose him in the penguin section
  • “MC! Look at them waddling! So cute!”
  • He imitates their walk and people stare, but you think it’s so cute
  • Buys you a stuffed wolf
  • Howls and nuzzles you with it
  • Gets flustered when you say you’re going to name it after him


  • You take him here as a surprise
  • Because he absolutely adores animals, and is studying to become a vet…good gift, right?
  • Lights up like a puppy as soon as you get there
  • There’s a photo booth with a green screen letting you take pictures with different animals
  • Yoosung was unfortunate and wore a green shirt, effectively making him a floating head
  • He’s so bummed, but you have to suppress your laughter
  • He rattles off a bunch of facts about all the animals
  • He’s high-key trying to impress you and show he’s been studying
  • Both of your phone storage gets full by the end
  • He has hundreds of pictures of animals, and you have hundreds of pictures of him looking at animals
  • You might take him to the zoo every week because him around animals is just soo cute


  • She’s been really stressed with work lately and finally has a weekend off
  • A new zoo opened up in town, and she says she hasn’t gone since she was a very little girl
  • You immediately get tickets
  • She’s a little hesitant and weird at first, because she feels out of place
  • Then she gets to hold a koala
  • She has a new found love for animals and gets very interested in all of them
  • She compares all the animals to Zen
  • Her favorite animal, she finds, is the peacock (you wonder why)
  • While she’s occupied, you buy her a peacock bobble head and planner for her office
  • She proclaims they are now her most prized possessions–next to her DVD collection


  • He googled “cute date ideas” and the zoo came up (dork)
  • Tells you to get dressed
  • “Wear something wild” he says.
  • “What????”
  • He actually forgoes the three piece suit for once…instead wearing only a button up and a tie.
  • The tie has paw prints on it
  • When you get to the zoo, you finally understand his comment earlier about dressing wild.
  • He’s a bit smug when you find humor in his joke
  • He buys those passes where you can go behind the glass and pet certain animals
  • He’s a bit disappointed when they won’t let him pet a tiger
  • “I’m really good with cats though.”
  • You convince Jumin to get those animal hats
  • You take so many pictures of him in monkey ears
  • He buys you a HUGE stuffed animal
  • Also brings home a few souvenirs for Elizabeth the 3rd since she couldn’t accompany you…this time


  • You get home after a long day at work
  • There’s a note on the counter and a small, pink bag
  • The note says, “They say you should buy something you wanna see your girl in. ;) See you at 3pm, babe.”
  • You’re a bit nervous and check the bag
  • Inside is a t-shirt half a tiger on it and accompanying tiger ears
  • You wear it and when he comes to pick you up, you see he’s also wearing the ears…and a shirt with the other half of the tiger on it
  • A few selfies later, you’re off to the zoo
  • It was literally like you two were the only one in the zoo with you having your own little conversations
  • Selfies with all the animals
  • You both pitch in to buy Saeran a stuffed hyena with a button to press to make it laugh


  • He needed to get away from his enthusiastic brother for the day
  • You’re both casually eating ice cream and see a sign promoting the new zoo
  • Since you both were free–and he was in no rush to get home–you decide to go
  • He’s actually really fascinated by all of them
  • You take a bunch of pictures of him staring at them, his mouth hanging open
  • They have a dolphin show that day
  • The only seats open are the splash zone
  • You. Get. Soaked.
  • Although, he tried to protect you from a few of the larger splashes
  • You really want to get something matching from the gift shop, but not being too flashy
  • He picks out turtle bracelets for you both
  • They’re so cute, and he’ll never tell you but he rarely takes it off 
Halloween Headcanons

If you sent in a Trick or Treat request and it didn’t get filled, then that character got added to this list. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the event! We will definitely do more in the future!
~Admin Emma

Asahi is predictably not into the super spooky stuff, like horror movies and haunted houses and stuff. He loves cutesy Halloween movies like ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ and ‘Hocus Pocus.’ He also really likes pumpkin carving, seasonal coffees, and the general style of the Halloween season.

Asahi is also the first person who will steal your phone for his yearly pranks; he and Kiyoko are in on it together, but he always changes people’s ringtones to spooky stuff, like the gurgly sound from The Grudge or a chainsaw rip or something. He and Kiyoko will both change their ringtones to throw others off the scent. Nishinoya is onto them, but they will never be caught.

Noya is very into Halloween. Not only is it near his birthday, but he also likes all the cool events, from costume parties to horror movie marathons to zombie runs–he loves it all. He is also the only one who is onto Asahi, but no one believes him. He is really up to doing whatever on Halloween but he does prefer something where he can be up and moving around. He will stay out all night, though, so he’s relying on you to keep him responsible. He doesn’t really care for drinking this time of year, though. He is all about that pumpkin spice life, though.

Once Noya is a parent, though, he completely shifts gears. He does all the kiddy stuff, and Daichi’s parties are always mandatory stops. He adores seeing his kids all dressed up in their cute little costumes. He is that guy who will plan a family costume, like the Addams Family, the Voltron Cast, or the Sailor Scouts.

Iwaizumi is actually not super into Halloween, but Oikawa is one of those guys who is like October=Halloween, so he’s sort of had to get used to it. He’s down for whatever on Halloween–movie night, party, haunted houses, or just vegging out and doing nothing. Oikawa will likely drag you out of the house to do something though.

Because Oikawa is all about Halloween. He loves it, and he wants to do it all. He spends most of the year planning his costume. Are you super into Halloween? Awesome, he can gush with you. Are you not super into Halloween? Well, he’s putting your costume together and he’s dragging you out to all the parties, all the haunted houses. Everything. This boy is exhausting this time of year.

However, Oikawa can’t really handle horror movies. He is that guy who’s hugging a pillow and burying his face in it, screaming when something scary happens. He physically fled from the room during the exorcism scene of the Conjuring.

Matsukawa is another chill Halloween guy. He has little cousins and siblings he’ll sometimes take out, but if he doesn’t have anything to do, he’s up for a chill night with friends or his s/o. He and Hanamaki are fucking vicious pranksters, though, so for the entire month of October, watch your back. They’ll do anything, from something harmless (like changing your ringtone) to something genuinely terrifying. If you legit can’t handle it, though, he’ll back off. He’s a meme queen, not a monster.

Tsukishima is a low-key horror nut. He has a huge collection of horror movies, ranging from B-Movies to some of the best stuff the genre has to offer. Don’t get him started on talking about it unless you want to be hearing about it for hours. But if you suggest a horror movie marathon for Halloween night, he won’t be disappointed. He is one of those freaks that can fall asleep during a horror movie, though.

Kuroo actually volunteers at an animal shelter for most Halloweens. He knows that shitty stuff happens to animals on Halloween, and especially cats (and black cats in particular) so he always helps out. He also tells any friends with animals to keep them inside and keep them safe.

That being said, Kuroo also loves the dress-up portion of Halloween. When they were kids, the only time he could get Kenma to participate was the promise of cosplay, so he goes all out. He has a closet full of costumes that are insanely elaborate and look better than the things they are from, 99.99% of the time.

Kuroo and Bokuto low-key love elaborate cosplays for Halloween parties. They both have Commander Shepard armors with actual props; they light up and move and look incredible. They always break them out when they’re going to a costume contest because they spent an entire year putting them together.

Bokuto is like a little kid when it comes to Halloween. Honestly, he just wants to spend it with his friends and s/o doing fun stuff. Dress up? Absolutely! Especially if you’re wearing something cute! Horror movies! Definitely! Especially if it means he gets to snuggle you when you’re scared! (Spoilers: He’s always the one that ends up scared) Candy? Try and stop him! Actually, you should stop him–he and sugar don’t agree with each other and he tends to get a little (read: a lot) hyper.

Aone doesn’t much care for Halloween, actually, but he is more than happy to spend time with you, no matter what you want to do. He doesn’t like big crowds, though, so he hopes you won’t drag him out to parties and stuff. You know your gentle giant well, so you most likely plan an annual night in, binge watching a show on Netflix or something. To him, that’s the ideal.

Suga always throws the most elaborate parties for Halloween. Strobe lights, music (sometimes even a live band, depending on the location and feasibility) costumes… the whole shebang. He adores Halloween and his parties always go really REALLY late into the night because no one really wants to leave. People usually wake up in his house the next day and it’s trashed, but he doesn’t care. It’s the one night a year he gets truly 100% wild.

Daichi, on the other hand, is super low-key about Halloween. He usually goes for the simple costumes like policeman, fire fighter, or nurse (you always swoon either way… he makes those costumes look so damned good), hits up Suga’s party for a couple hours, and then heads home. But once he has kids, he’s throwing elaborate parties of his own; these ones are geared a bit younger, though. He adores seeing all the kids in their little costumes.

Terushima actually doesn’t care much for Halloween. He’s kind of a party kid, but he doesn’t eat candy, he doesn’t like horror movies, and he doesn’t really like to dress up. Honestly, Halloween might be the one night a year when he’s totally cool with staying in and doing nothing. He does like to hit up parks and stuff with seasonal coffees, though. He likes to see everyone else dressed up.

Saeko is that one friend who will always help you with your costume, be it shopping, helping you sew, hot-gluing something to your body, or raiding your closet–whatever you need! She’s also helping with hair and make-up for parties and costume contests. She’s also big on parties–she is not shy, and she always helps Suga throw his parties. That being said, she also always helps with cleanup afterwards because she is a responsible nee-san.

Semi low key loves haunted houses and cheesy cemetery tours. He also loves those ghost hunting TV shows. He’s one of those weirdos that loves getting scared. If you can’t handle it, he’ll try something else, but he’s super into weird stuff like that. He won’t tell anyone, but he wants to go on a ghost hunt. Just once.

The episode was so good and I’m not even disappointed or angry that they pulled the J’onn as Supergirl thing. Because it had a purpose. Not only to show Cat that Kara isn’t Supergirl, but everything Kara mentioned. She needs this job, and she wouldn’t have it anymore had they not done that little stunt. 

Cat would’ve been far too proud to ask for Kara back (even though she already missed her, I’ve seen your longing glance to her desk, Cat, you can’t fool me), and I believe she is still not really convinced. I don’t know why, but something about her posture or demeanor just didn’t sit right with me.

And now we as a fandom can have a field day with how the real reveal will take place. :D