was disappoint

Kara and Lena: stare lovingly at each other, are supportive of each other, save each other’s lives on multiple occasions, help each other make the biggest decisions of their lives, smile at each other like they just won lottery, compliment each other (+bonus when it’s behind the other’s back), help each other see a different perspective, save the world together two or three times who’s counting tbh, make exceptions for each other that they wouldn’t make for anyone else […]

hets: aww friends :3

Lena and Winn: spend like 5 minutes building a device together

hets: okay so is Lena Winn’s new love interest? that would be so cute uwu #otp


What rivalry?

Disappointed but not with the episode...

Well looks like I’m in the very small percentage of people that actually liked The Final Problem.

The amount of time and effort that it takes every single one of the people that work on that show counts for something and for people to be slating them and saying ‘they’ve let every one of their fans down’ and that 'they should be ashamed of themselves’ is disgusting to me. They deserve better than that. Was the episode perfect? No, course not. Nothing ever is but it was a damn good episode and if people can’t see that then there’s something wrong.

I know a lot of people (not everybody) are saying the show was 'queerbaiting’ to which I roll my eyes. I’m aboslutely on the side of the lgbt community being represented in the media and in tv shows but do not blame a show and it’s writers for something not happening that was never promised to you in the first place. No ship is ever promised so when it doesn’t happen do not throw a tantrum and say you’ve been 'let down’ or that they’ve 'taken the right from you’. You never had the right. Nobody ever said it would happen.

Was Johnlock hinted throughout the show? Maybe. Maybe not. I know people that have watched the show and never even seen a hint of Johnlock and the idea of it is ridiculous to them. I, as a Johnlock shipper, have maybe looked into subtle things that I have considered hints. However, just because I have looked into that and considered it in a Johnlock context does not mean that the show intended for that. For example, I’ve seen the quote from Sherlock in ASiP about girls not being his area being used as an example of Moftiss 'queerbaiting’ thier audience. If you choose to see it as Sherlock saying girls aren’t his thing, guys are, so John and Sherlock should be together then that’s your porogative. Others might see it as Sherlock saying I’m not into people all together. It could even be seen as simply as Sherlock isn’t good around girls. Either way, it’s dependant on the person watching and what they choose to see and what they don’t. What everybody is crying about 'queerbaiting’ I personally believe to be people looking too closely into the show.
Another example I found of this was when I was scrolling through Tumblr after The Six Thatchers was aired and someone had taken a screencap of the bus that John get’s off of while talking to the mysterious 'E’. They had pointed out how the number of the bus was the same as the date that gay marriage became legal in one of the US states (can’t remember now which one). Now maybe Moftiss fully intended to do this or maybe we as fans have become so obsessed with finding the hidden meanings and symbols that we’re looking far too closely into things?

Similarly, I’ve seen people saying that the characters were never Moftiss’s to use like that and they are 'ours’ and we know better.
All I can say to that is don’t be so ridiculous. They are the writers and creators of the show and they can do whatever they want to with it!
Just because we choose to write fanfiction, just because we can draw some fanart, just beause we have different opinions to them does not mean under any circumstances that we know better than they do. We as a fandom are being selfish and choosing to lash out at the writers for what they choose to do with their show. We have no right to get mad for our AU’s not happening or for our ships not happening. That’s what the fandom is for, so that we can create all that and take pleasure from doing it. If Moftiss just gave in and said sure do whatever the hell the fandom say then what would be the point in having a fandom at all? What fanfiction would we write if it was already being showed in the show?
Don’t claim to 'know better’ about their own creation. That’s like somebody taking someone’s new invention and showing it round town, boasting about it and claiming it as their own when they haven’t even read the instruction manual. It’s rude and just makes them look the bigger idiot.

Don’t get me wrong, the episode wasn’t perfect and I have said that I didn’t think this series was as good as series past. There were a few plot holes and the show has definitely taken a more dramatic turn, straying away from the simple 'solve a case’ layout it began with. Yet, that does not warrant the amount of hate and the vile words that I have seen going around.
I have been a huge fan of the show since the first episode and have always taken great comfort in knowing that the fandom was out there and have made so many friends from it but after last night I can honestly say that I am ashamed to be a part of it.

Some of the hate directed mainly towards Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffatt is absolutely disgusting and I can only hope that they see some of the positive comments coming from the few fans out there who don’t feel the need to completely disrespect the writers, actors and crew of such an amazing show.

I hadn’t intended to go on a rant but last night, after scrolling through the Sherlock tag, I was left with a sour taste in my mouth that had nothing to do with the episode, only the fans.

Here lies the Sherlock Fandom, that used to be the best of the best. the most united and the less hating fandom. There were no haters and no insults. We used to be united. We used to cry, laugh, fantasyze and theoryes togheter. I’ve been a member of this fandom since the end of series two.

Now, it’s becoming one of the worst. Everyone is arguing, insulting and hating. Just because the end of the series didn’t brought them what they wanted. But to be honest, this fandom had been doomed since it became so big, so popular. You cannot please anyone. And since the majority of the members were Johnlock shippers and can’t get over the fact that Mark and Steven never fucking changed the faith of the main charcters, it was clear that there will be a lot of hating.

I’m sincerelly disappointed in them. Not in Moftiss, but in this fandom. Which used to be so great…

You know that dating show “the flavor of love” with flava flav and they were all making dinners for flava flav and Hottie cooked her chicken in the microwave because there’s a button called chicken and she had put like a whole carrot and marshmallows and jelly in it?

Quality television. And everytime I watch worst cooks I’m reminded of it

utterly disappointed in season 4 of sherlock

and it has nothing to do with any of the ships 

Character development: This was a pretty double-edged sword. Mrs. Hudson turned totally badass, which was great. John Watson cheated (many people seem to have forgotten this), which is still completely unforgivable. Mycroft was humanized, which I felt distracted from his function but was well presented. I was pleasantly surprised at Mary, who I hated in S3 but loved in S4. Her self sacrifice showed her as a layered character. Molly and Irene were completely ignored. But, to me if you give Sherlock too much emotion he is not Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective. He strays too far from everything he is supposed to be. However, the emotional side of Sherlock, though in my mind over done, was presented well and I would have been fine with it if it was balanced with his logic and brainpower. It was not. There was no show of his phenomenal abilities, just of his newfound emotions. The writers were so close to making an incredible logician with profound emotions, but instead made a former deductionist emotional. 

Plot line of season 4: Basically non existent. Within each episode and especially in the first two, there was basically plot hole after plot hole, with no explanation given as to why the events were even happening or how they furthered the overall “plot”. Between each episode was even worse. They all seemed like one offs, entirely separate with no connections between them. The only thing was a vague Moriarty theme which 1. is beating a dead horse (Moriarty is my favorite villain but you can’t drag him on for two seasons after you killed him) and 2. horribly resolved (aka Sherlock’s Super Secret Sister™ kind-of-sort-of knew him for five minutes and surprise! Moriarty’s game was actually hers but is still supposed to be Moriarty’s…..somehow). Actually, everything was pretty horribly resolved. Like how was Sherlock supposed to be haunted by water imagery if he didn’t know his friend drowned in a well? What was the “13″ on Mycroft’s fridge? What was the purpose of Eurus flirting with John? Why was Mary’s death so sloppy? I could go on for basically 270 minutes. 

Sherlock as a whole: If this was a series of any other show (Blacklist comes to mind) it would have incredible. Honestly, it was a good series in terms of pure entertainment value (so disregarding the plot holes and inconsistencies). But Sherlock has always been unique. The writers, especially in season 1 and 2, set the show apart by focusing on the cases and the deductions. Sherlock is (or rather was) adventurous and dangerous, but subtle and thought-provoking. That’s why it stood out. This last season was a rehash of every overly dramatic psychological thriller in the history of television. There were no cases, no deductions, nothing to tie the story to the original novels besides the character names. In my opinion, S1 and 2 were groundbreaking – this was anything but.