was craving it afterwards


Date night last with my cousin.

Watched Beauty and the Beast at Megamall. There were a lot of people and the line was really long. She bought our tickets while I lined up to get us food. It was just one of those spontaneous nights. I was heading back to the dorm when she invited me to watch Beauty and the Beast. She also invited me to hangout last Friday at the Pool Club but I wasn’t able to make it and since I’m only 15 mins away from megamall, I said yes. 

Beauty and the Beast was amazing by the way. I saw some comments online saying negative comments about Emma Watson’s getting the role of Belle. People kept on criticising her singing and how they wished that a different actress played the role. I don’t have anything bad to say about it. I love how it is and every bit of the movie. 

We decided to grab something to eat afterwards. My cousin was craving for sushi so we head out to Sushi Nori. I haven’t really tried it out yet but my friend says it was good. You can choose either Temaki Handroll (sushi cone style) or the usual Sushi Roll. I ordered two kinds of the Temaki Handroll (Crazy Kani & Guardian) while my cousin had California Maki. 

At first I was like “What? 6 pcs for sharing? I could even finish 8 pcs of it in just one sitting”. But then I saw the serving I was like “Damn, that is one big ass maki”. Hahaha. It was good tho. The Sushi Roll costs 169 php while the Temaki Handroll costs 129php (for the Crazy Kani) and 149php (for the Guardian). They also offer Poke Bowls and the photo looks so good. I’ll definitely try it next time.

7stepsfromhome  asked:

what you said on your snapchat about your body adapting to crave what you eat often is soooo damn true - it's gotten to the point where if I go a couple of days without eating broccoli I feel like I'm gonna die... meat-eating me could barely stomach broccoli!!! what a revolution!!!

Right! I was trying to eat an ice cream milkshake concoction today and told @amandaducks that I was craving approximately 300 vegetables afterwards haha
As a kid the only vegetable I would eat was iceberg lettuce

after the two attend a high school dance together (due to riley promising charlie she’d go with him again), maya and lucas go to a hole in the wall type diner afterwards. mostly because maya’s craving cheese fries but also because lucas follows her around like a lost puppy. typically, if riley were to go with them, she’d be sitting in the middle, so she could be in the center of the action. except she was off with charlie, who she didn’t mind being with. after maya finished her fries, she smiled at the boy who was openly staring at her. “what’s up, ranger rick?” she asked, bouncing slightly in her dress. “don’t you feel something between us?” he blurted out, his eyes focused on the table. once she thought for a moment, maya answered honestly. “there’s absolutely something between us. right now it’s riley.” except lucas already thought she would mention that, and he fired back immediately. “there’s no riley between us right now.” he moved closer to the blonde girl to prove his point. “there’s just you, me, an empty basket of cheese covered fries, and an equal playing field.” he laughed. “i don’t know what im doing here, maya, but i do know riley isn’t between us. there’s something much more dangerous that could end up hurting us both a lot at stake. nothing a harmless as riley is on the line.”