was bored and watching this show

One thing I liked about those last five minutes though:
other shows: *People make big speeches during big moment/fight how this can’t be it and how they have to fight and push hard to not let this be the end* *everyone is super emotional and dramatic and anxious and doesnt wanna die*
Z Nation: *bombs falling everywhere* Sarge: Are we gonna die? 10k: *super chill and bored* Looks like it. Doc: *puts on sunglasses like he’s about to watch a 3d movie in a cinema* Murphy: *comments on the pretty scenery of bombs falling*

Trollhunters is so good. It’s so underrated too. I think it might be getting more popular but still it’s not nearly recognized enough. All the people who enjoy cartoons such as Miraculous Ladybug, Star VS the Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, Adventure time, Gravity Falls etc. should really watch this. The first two or three episodes are kinda boring and when I first watched it I actually stopped because of this but if you push through those you won’t regret it. Also Trollhunters is created by freaking Guillermo del Toro! The same guy who made Pans Labyrinth and The Devils Backbone! So if that doesn’t say something to you about the quality of the show I don’t know what would.

hiii i’m mathea! i’m from norway, and i’ve done this like 100 times but i still don’t have any ibfs sooo i’m doing it again! i’m pretty boring i guess, pretty much my only interests are tv shows: the walking dead, stranger things, brooklyn nine nine, one day at a time, lucifer etc. so if you like one of those we will probably be good friends! i’m also an infp, and probably the most introverted person out there, so i try to make friends online because that’s easier than irl. here’s what i look for in a pen pal:

- watch at least one of the tv shows i watch, so we have things to talk about :) i also like conspiracy theories, astronomy, feminism, blm etc. so it would be nice if you were interested in some of that too.

- be female and a part of the lgbtq+ community. i myself, identify as queer/gay.

- try to put an effort into our friendship! but don’t be afraid if starting conversations is hard for you, it is for me too. we can both try our best!

- maybe be willing to videocall eventually?? i have social anxiety so i know it can be difficult, but i’m sure it’ll get better with time

- be 13-19.

- just send me an introduction of yourself and we can be friends! :)

you can find me on tumblr @presumptuousmax

ps: i make vine references


He was handsome. He was a step above handsome and he smelled nice and was clean shaven and didn’t trip over the leg of any of the dining chairs as they made their way to their table. He was nice and smiled a lot and had a smooth laugh. 

But he was boring. 

He kept droning on and on about sports and how he makes really cool montage videos of touchdowns and home runs on YouTube. He even pushed aside her food to show her one of the videos that she watched with the fakest smile to ever touch her lips. 

Usually this was something she could look past. He was the type of guy she could go home with and slip out in the morning making up some excuse about how she needs to babysit or feed the lizard she doesn’t have. But during dinner instead of thinking about being underneath him she thought about how she’s rather be home eating a packet of one dollar ramen while watching trash tv. 

anonymous asked:

Have you ever seen Sofia the First? It’s on Disney junior but it’s not like a ‘boring kids show’. It’s really good and addresses stuff like gender roles, classism, and is v good and has great character development and just watch it it’s super fun it’s on Netflix!


     I do not really understand why dad, after more than twenty years of marriage, still keeps arguing about mom’s decisions.

We were here, in family watching a quite boring show on TV, so dad took the remote and changed the station to a football match they were broadcasting.

Mom ordered him to change it back.

He didn’t do it, arguing the show was boring and the match important.

Mom asked him to chage the station again, but this time, in a bit louder tone of voice.

        I was there, staring without saying a word, of course. I know how bossy my mom is.

Dad replied that he wanted to watch the match and in a quite defiant tone, complained about she always choosing the TV station to watch.

    I think that was too much.

 Mum stood up, and asked dad to discuss the mater in the privicy of their room.

Dad, blushed and with no words, he stood up and went straight their room.

     As result, those “swish”, “snap”, “ouuuch” sounds I so often have heard coming from their room during all my life, starts again.

When I was a child, those sounds scared me. Now I perfectly know they are just from mom caning dad. Nothing to worry about.

      In a moment, they both will come back to the living room, dad hobbling a bit and putting a cushion on his chair before he sitting again, and we all will going on watching the boring show of mum’s choice.

 That’s how things work in my house.

some adhd Moods
  • having a new tab open for a half hour bc u went to look smth up and then forgot what the fuck you wanted to look up
  • subsequently going thru ur dash/feed backwards trying to trigger the memory of what u were gonna look up
  • forgetting ur adhd meds for like 4 days in a row bc u have adhd
  • wanting to do smth (read, watch a certain show, ect) and immediately losing interest after 2 minutes
  • Tonight I’m Going to Rearrange My Entire Room and Move My Life Forward and Achieve My Goals
  • nm i just moved my dirty clothes pile from one corner to the other
  • i have 10 fics open in different tabs
  • i had this great idea for school/work that i just have to tell- oh nm it’s gone now
  • leg
  • leg
  • getting bored halfway thru posts like these even tho u had some other points planned bye

Little chatterbox Seung Jae

I have an AU I call the “Boring Modern AU where nothing Bad happens except for when they lose Ciri at the mall” and mostly I tweet about it instead of talking about it here but anyway here’s an awkward Halloween picture I mostly wanted to draw because I had a lion costume when I was five (Geralt made hers though)


The Preath Head Tap™️️ 2013 vs 2016


Asexual characters on tv shows:

Lord Varys from Game of Thrones || Raphael Santiago from Shadowhunters

if danny phantom were ever to get a live action spin off, i want it to be something like stranger things. horror and full of suspense, but also cheerful and funny at times, with a nice retro vibe. get those edgy cw dramas out of my face. i want actual 14 year olds playing 14 year olds ok

NaNo Prep: How Understanding Conflict Will Make Your Plot Explode

November is almost upon us, and in the build up to NaNo, we’ve asked for guest contributors to share their advice on how to craft great stories that will engage writer and reader alike. Today, author Cari Noga tells us why “GMC” should be in everyone’s vocabulary, and how it’ll help drive your plot. 

Fiction is conflict.

You’ve probably heard something like that before, and filed it away with other writing advice. Take it out, shake it off, and prop it up it next to your coffee mug. Besides caffeine, you won’t find a better buddy on your NaNo odyssey.

First—a definition. Conflict is the obstacle(s) between a character and his or her desire. It varies with novel genre: the enemy agent out to kill the hero; Mom’s new job that forces the middle-school kid to move and change schools; the character’s yearning to spurn expectations and do what she really wants. Conflict is fundamental to advancing plot, setting it back, twisting and turning it, as the characters wrestle with their particular nemeses. It’s also crucial to reader engagement. 

In the best stories, we become invested in a character overcoming their conflict. We root for them to get what they want, worry when they seem to succumb, and, above all, keep turning pages to see which way it goes. Steven James, one of my favorite writing coaches and a bestselling thriller author himself, puts it this way: You don’t have a story until something goes wrong.

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