was biased by it :)

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aaaa i gotta ask- what's your fav Hisashi Midoriya (Izuku's dad) headcanons/theories? i know Inko tells Izuku he works away in America but like,,, i always liked the thought of Izuku having a pretty angsty childhood (disregarding Katsuki's+other classmates bullying) due to his father's absence, idk.

i’ve always been pretty neutral about izuku’s biological dad (dad might is the only pa for me), so i don’t really pay attention to any theories about him? the only headcanons i have in regards to hisashi is that izuku resents him for leaving his mother alone (not necessarily bc he wants his father in his life). like, isn’t that man??? supposed to be with her??? through sickness and health??? till death do them apart??? izuku’s not impressed at all, but the midoriyas’ hearts are so big that they can live without hisashi.

Quotes by my 10 year old today that came out of the blue.

On Chris - “Nanny wants to read TLOS now because I’ve told her all about them and she thinks they sound great - we should buy them for her”.

On Darren (whilst watching the Flash, musical episode) “Darren Criss really needs to be on TV more doesn’t he mummy”?  

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wait so do u know this fic where like Y/N has hanahaki cuz she fell in love with jimin or something and jungkook had hanahaki too so jungkook and Y/N get a surgery that removes heir feelings and then the fall in love and they set yoongi, who also had the surgery, up with another bts member

this sounds so complex and i had to read it like 3 times to understand lol, but no i’m sorry nonnie.

if anyone knows the fic please comment it!!


【羽・WINGS・Park Jimin】



make me choose (harry potter edition): @queenis​ asked — luna lovegood or ginny weasley

“Yeah, size is no guarantee of power,” said George. “Look at Ginny.”