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Hey! I'm a huge fan of your mafia au! I was wondering, how long does it take you estimated to make one strip?

Hello Hello OuO
Glad that you like the AU so much!!! <3<3<3
And, it depends :D
Some installments have more pages than others ^^
But, each page takes about 3-4 hours :O
And I usually don’t get a chance to draw it all at once, I kinda open it up whenever I get the free time between studying, classes, and work ^^;;;
So, take some time :3

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favorite shakarian fics? i need recs i just got into masseffect and am halfway through the second one, (dont worry abt spoilers my sis already spoiled me)

OH JEEZ, i’m really bad at reading fics, tbh? i prefer writing fic over reading it, but i certainly have some recommendations, although not many.

New Game by alden is a favorite, especially because I love the characterization and banter. Heads up: it is not without its conflicts. If you’re looking for fluff, it shouldn’t be your first choice. (I drunkenly offered this author money, and I still plan on paypalling them at least 20 dollars one of these days.)

Entropy by jhoom fucked my life up for at least 2 weeks. I’ve reread it 3 times, and posted about it before. Again, this should not be your first choice if you’re looking for fluff. It does have a happy ending, though! 

gethsemane by legendaerie is my favorite oneshot. Garrus-centric, and more of a character study than anything else. I love it because it’s the poetic meta-fic about Garrus I had plans to write, but they did it first. (and god knows I love being able to read the content I want without writing it.) 

limit of the flesh by damalur was a fic I’ve had bookmarked since I started ME3, but max @137calibrations strong-armed me into finally reading it. Totally worth it. A Shepard-centric fic with an interesting look into her psyche and a slow(er) look into a post ME3 shakarian romance. 

ghost by theherocomplex is one I haven’t finished yet, because I’m trying to savor it. I vividly remember bawling my lungs out during this one, so be warned. Starts after Shepard’s death in ME2, and goes from there. A crazy-cool idea, and the author pulls it off with a good plot and better writing. 

red streak by thunderheadfred makes me think of my months-old bookmarker’s note. “I hope I can absorb some of ThunderheadFred’s talent when I print this fic out and eat it page-by-page.” VERY nsfw at times, but they do a great job with marking the chapters so you can skip it. Great writing, and an interesting new take on Shepard and Garrus’s characters. 

last but (definitely) not least: future imperfect by mizdirected. Another one I haven’t finished, but if you’re looking for the longest fic you’ll ever read, full of literally everything you could think of, this is it. Canon-divergent, and honestly the most impressive story-centric fics I’ve ever read. This is the fic I dreamt about writing in highschool, when I still had a drive to write thousands of words a month. 

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Please consider, in the actor AU: Sid in one of those super artsy, black and white films. There's a nude scene. People gasped aloud in the theater when they saw his butt. That scene alone makes it one of Geno's favorite movies. (And Jake's!)

Jake: It’s a classic film and it’s one of the greatest pieces of our generation.
Olli: The movie or the butt
Jake: The but–the movie, of course the fucking movie. 

(At the Crosby-Malkin’s pool party)
Jake, sees Sidney’s butt in swim trunks, bending over to pick up his child, whispering: Oh my God there it is
Sidney, with his daughter in his arms: Where’s what?
Jake: Nothing. 

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Can you imagine the night they get engaged? After all the love making and the excitement of what's to come, they throw on the TV and 'The Wedding Planner' is coincidentally on and they just start planning their dream wedding and he's looking at her with the biggest heart eyes because he loves her and he gets to marry her and keep her forever. Xxx 😍😭


They’re extra giggly and smitten and just laying on each other, laughing into and breathing in each other’s skin and pushing the hair out of each other’s flushed faces. Harry kisses her chest and her hip and kneads a palm across her belly as he gets up to take the condom off. She lies there completely sated, trying to even out her breathing. 

“Come back here, I’m cold!” she whines.   

“Cold, are ya? I can fix that. C’mere.” He crawls back into bed and pulls her into his arms, pulling the blankets up with him. She nestles her head on his chest and tangles her legs with his. “Better?” 

She nods, a fingertip swiping circles over the still flushed skin of his chest. “So much.” 

And maybe he can’t stop looking at the ring on her finger. It gives his heart a little thrill every time it catches his eye. “Lemme see.” He takes her hand and holds it up so he can get a good look at it in the light. “You’re sure you like it? Not just saying that to make me happy, are you?”

“No, I love it so much.” She kisses the corner of his lips. “It’s my favorite engagement ring I’ve ever received.” 

He quirks an eyebrow, smirking. as his eyes shift over to her. “Oh, so there’s been others, huh?”

So many suitors,” she teases. She nuzzles his neck. “But you are my favorite.” 

“Oh, good,” he giggles, fingertips running up at down her arm absently. “I was worried there for ah moment.”  They share a look, and little grins, before she curls up tighter against him. 

“Do I get to pick what we watch?” 

“Yes, but…” he says, cautiously handing her the remote. “Nothing horror. I’ll never fall asleep.” 

“I’ll spare you.”  

She flicks through the channels, carefully weighing each option. “Oh! I love this movie! I haven’t seen it in forever.” 

They settle in, Harry runs a hand down her back rhythmically,  and smiles when he catches her eyes getting heavy, eyelashes nearly swooping down to tickle the bare skin of his chest. 

“I think he’s onto something, not eating the colored M & M’s.”  

She smiles drowsily. “They’re still dyed brown.” 

Harry frowns. “Heeey. Don’t ruin it for me!” 

She giggles. “So sorry.” 

“Thought I was really on tah somethin’!” 

“Would you save me from a rogue dumpster?”

“I’d save you for a rogue dumpster any day, baby.” 

“I’m going to surprise you with my dress,” 

Harry grins. “No peeks?” 

“Not one.” 

“Can we have cupcakes?” 

“Of course.” 

“Should we go away for it? Destination?”

She shakes her head. “No. We should save the adventure for our honeymoon.”  

“Where do you want to go?” 

“Surprise me.” 

Harry raises his eyebrows. “You want me to choose? 

She reaches, skims a thumb down his cheek. “You’ve been everywhere. You have to know a good spot.” 

“Alright.” He brings her fingers up to his lips, kissing softly. 

“I want to get married on a rooftop. Or a pretty garden,” she decides. 

“A garden would be nice,” he agrees. “Can we drive off in a classic car?” 

She grins. “I’d love that.” 

Harry listens to her go on. She wants to wear royal blue shoes, she wants to get married somewhere they can see the stars. She wants peonies in her bouquet She wants to write her own vows. And Harry just gazes at her as she talks excitedly about what’s to come. He feels the smile pull at his lips. His favorite thing is that nothing has changed. She’s still his best friend, and the love of his life. They’re still two kids. He feels gooey in the middle as the thought passes through his mind that she’s the one he gets to wake up with for the rest of his life. It’s real now. 

“What?” she says, with a grin, pulling him out of his thoughts as he notices her eyes on him. “I see you smiling over there, Green Eyes.” 

“Jus’…” He feels like he might burst from the contentment. “I love you.” 

“I love you too.” His lips move so easily to hers. A kiss for his lips, a kiss for shoulder.

Mrs. Styles,” he tries out, letting the unfamiliar dance across his tongue. It sends a warm trill through his belly. 

“You like it?”

He kisses her forehead. “I love it.”