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Jungkook’s weird habit of putting his face close to the camera … LOL

anonymous asked:

I know that everyone has a concept of 'boyfriend' Lauren but if honestly seems like Camila is the more protective one even if they both really care about each other

Oh no Lauren is without a doubt the most protective one. But I also do believe that she has a very vulnerable side that she doesn’t let many people see and that in a way Camila is a safe place for her, she can completely be herself and kinda let go of the whole tough act when she’s with her, that’s why she goes all puppy when she looks at Camz.

I live for protective Lauren 

cadencekismet  asked:

How do you make your dialogue sound like real people talking while still managing to avoid bogging down the plot?

Dear cadencekismet,

In my first draft, I write terrible, on the nose dialog. Characters say exactly what they are thinking and the purpose of the conversation is incredibly clear. In real life, of course, it never happens that way, but if I don’t start out there, especially with high stakes conversations (i.e. fights over the tops of Volvos), I write myself around in circles trying to figure out what I actually need out of the conversation.

So instead I begin with what I need from the conversation, and when I circle back around on the next round of edits, I use observed speech patterns to fragment and color it. I often write down interesting or specific turns of the phrase when I hear them, and I always read my dialog out loud in the final rounds.



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Is luresong dead

luresong isn’t dead, but i do apologize for the long hiatus. i didn’t work on it for a while mostly because of my overwhelming workload and the fact that it was killing my desire to draw. its hard for me to push myself to work on something that comes from the place i draw luresong with when i’m super uninspired and low, but thank you guys for still caring about it. it means a lot to me how much its touched people already and if i ever do decide that i don’t want to continue it, i would tell you guys immediately

with that being said, i hope to update within the week (and heres a little peak)