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i love your jashi art! any hopes for more? :3

Many more “assassination attempts” followed.
Ask and ye shall receive! Haha, I suppose this is a follow-up on the previous one (in my own alternate universe of @sallychanscraps‘ alternate post-canon ED //whew what a mouthful). As you can see, I am quite the perv. 

I’m not 100% sure but…

I’m thinking that Ashi had already realized at this point what killing Aku in the past would mean for her. Maybe she knew what Jack completing his quest would mean even before that and decided it was worth the sacrifice on her part. She and her sisters are the ones least likely to exist again in the new timeline, after all. Pretty damn heroic of her and actually, that was pretty much her choice to make a portal. Jack didn’t ask her for a portal at all, it was Ashi who realized she could make one and then immediately made the choice for both of them.

It’s still weird that she remained as long as she did after Aku died, though. It’s possible she was able to hang on through sheer force of will and lingering power from being Aku’s daughter(even though he had withdrawn from reality, I wouldn’t be surprised if some dregs of his power remained in her for a while. He’s a being powerful enough to manipulate time after all, and Ashi was able to do the same because of that). She wanted that happy ending too, she was hanging on as long as she did in the hopes that some miracle might happen that would allow her to stay, but in the end she was living on borrowed time and just couldn’t keep it up. Maybe she kept that knowledge from Jack because she didn’t want her final days with him to be marred with mourning over her inevitable fate(I mean, it must’ve taken a while at least for all the far-flung wedding guests to arrive, let alone getting Jack’s home to look as nice as it did after Aku destroyed it!). At least she got to see some of the Aku-free world’s beauty before she disappeared, and see that her sacrifice was worth it in the end.

Now it’ll be up to humanity alone to ruin things! :D

Loud shrugging.

Idk, just my thoughts on that particular matter. I’m trying to make my peace with the finale as much as everyone else is. I like to think that somehow, Ashi and her sisters will also be reborn in the new timeline but next time into a happier, fuller life.