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This weekend I took a few hours off work to write, but this happened instead. I swear I’m really gonna try to write next time.

Can I be a little proud of his eyes? I’m a little proud of his eyes.

Apps For Witches Masterpost Pt. 2

*All of the apps on this list are free*

PlantNet - For Apple and Android. PlantNet allows the user to catalog plants using pictures and notes. You can also browse through a database of thousands of plants and use pictures and descriptions to identify your unknown plants. However, the app currently only deals with flora of 4 areas: Western Europe, Indian Ocean, South America, and North Africa and you can only browse one of these areas at a time.

Best Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Guide - For Apple. This app allows you to choose essential oils for different healing purposes and gives directions on how to use essential oils properly. It also includes a database of oil blends for certain purposes.

Spellcaster! - For Apple and Android. This app comes with a spell book that is occasionally updated. The spells in this app include a blessed water recipe, a spell to increase psychic abilities, and a depression ward. You can also view your daily horoscope and visit the app creator’s blog.

Drawing Desk - For Apple and Android. While this app isn’t geared toward Witches it is very useful when designing sigils. The app allows you to incorporate photos, doodle, and sketch. It very easily allows you to draw sigils over photos which can be very useful.

Mercury Retrograde - For Apple (there are similar apps for Android). This app tells you when Mercury is in retrograde and when it is going into retrograde. While this app is sort of a one trick pony it can be useful for those who are especially affected by Mercury in retrograde.

SkyView - For Apple and Android. This app lets you look through your phone at the the stars and planets. It shows you where the planets and constellations are in the sky and gives you information about them. Not only is it just super cool in general but it is immensely useful for planetary witches.

Stop, Breathe & Think - For Apple and Android. Breathe is a guided meditation app that includes sections with helpful information and tips. You can also keep track of how you’re feeling and track your progress.

Safety Note + FREE - For Apple. Another app that may not seem inherently Witchy, Safety Note allows you to keep notes safe by requiring a pattern to enter the app. It’s perfect for those who want to keep their spells and notes protected discreetly.

Dear Aesthetic/Moodboard Bloggers

To those of you who find your images off of google or through people’s blogs:

Instead of having to fish around for images, either ask around all the time or use pictures without permission, having to make a mile-long credit list or not letting anyone know who went out to take these pictures – maybe consider supporting my patreon?

I’ve been taking photos of weird shit around me for five years with my Nikon camera and I’ve got a wide variety of pictures a bunch of different things, and I’m going to be putting an assortment of them up on my patreon to download for anyone supporting me with three dollars a month or more.

This is good for you because you’d get access to more pictures, good for strangers because their pictures won’t be used without them knowing or being credited, and good for me because I will have a bigger chance of, you know. Staying alive. To take more pictures! Good times all around.

I can’t guarantee I have pictures of EVERYTHING, but I do have pictures of a LOT of things. And if there’s anything specific you need, shoot me a message and I will see what I can do.

Things you’ll be allowed to do:

  • Use the photos for: Aesthetics, moodboards, icons, backgrounds, headers for your personal blog, all that kinda stuff. Print them out and tape them to your forehead if that’s what you like.
  • Use the photos as reference for drawing and paintings, AND SELL THAT! If you make your own stuff BASED on the photo, you’re free to sell that left and right! Woo!
  • Edit the photos. Filters, balance, twists and turns, that kinda stuff. Have fun, go wild
  • Print them out and tape then to your walls. Use them for collage. Which, by the way, I would consider being doing “your own thing” with the pictures, so if you DO make a collage with other stuff included as well, I’d be chill with you making a profit off of that.

Things you are not allowed to do:

  • Sell stuff that uses the actual photo. You can’t take the picture and put it on Redbubble or something. That’s not allowed.
  • Sell the pictures to others. You can’t share them for two dollars a month via your patreon, okay, that’s my job. I need to buy food so I can stay alive and take more pictures.
  • Print them out, roll them up, and throw them at strangers. That’s harassment.


Young parents ( Fetus Harry Styles x Reader)

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A/N: Neither the GIF nor the picture above belongs to me! Photo belongs to @huedpacks! Thanks for allowing me to use it! <3 I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes and typos. Hope you enjoy this imagine. You can also check out my other imagines! Love you!

“I love you, baby girl.” I cooed to the little bundle of joy in my arms. Rocking her slowly back and forth, I whispered sweet nothings to my two month old baby. I have never felt happy in my entire life. She was the best thing that could have happened to me. She looked very much like her father. Brown curly hair, mesmerizing green eyes, her lips. Everything about her looked like the young man that I loved whole-heartedly.

I have to admit, the beginning of my new life as a mother was not very easy. Our baby had been a surprise actually. She was not planned to be created. Especially at our young age. Harry has become a father at the age of 17 and I was sixteen as he got me pregnant. I didn’t know how it could happen. We always used protection while making love to each other but I think the last time we did, we weren’t cautious enough. I didn’t put the blame on him though, not at all. Having kids with Harry was something I’ve always dreamed of. It was only a bad timing, I guess. However, I didn’t regret anything of it. He gave me the precious creature on earth. Our daughter.

As I found out about my pregnancy, I panicked. With tears in my eyes and heavy sobs escaping my mouth, I ran over to Harry’s, holding the positive pregnancy test in my hands. I felt desperate, not knowing what to do. My body was filled with fear. Fear of confronting Harry with the news, fear of looking into my parents eyes. Fear of meeting Anne, Robin and Gemma. What would they all think of me? We were so young to become parents.

I still remembered the expression and Harry’s face as I showed him the result of the test. The color in his face vanished rapidly, turning completely pale. His whole body trembled slightly. He was as helpless as I was but nevertheless he remained strong, pulling me towards him and wrapping his arms around me.

“It’ll be alright.” He murmured into my ear. “We can do this together. I’ll take care of you.”

We told our parents that evening. I was so afraid of their reaction but Harry, Harry was more courageous and tougher than I could have been. Of course, we did expect their terrified and shocked reactions. My parents looked at me with a disappointed look on their faces. They told me to consider abortion as an option to get rid of that child, which made me even more shocked than I already was. I was afraid of them abandoning me if I didn’t do what they told me.

“It’s not your decision to make.” Anne interfered with anger evident in her voice. “If she wants to keep the baby, so she should do it. I admit, I’m not very happy about my son becoming a father at such a young age but nevertheless Robin and I are going to support them no matter what happens. If you’re not willing to support your child nor cooperating with us, then you should leave. We will take good care of (Y/N) and the baby. She has already become a part of our family.”

I admired her persistence in that moment. Anne being Anne, she saw always the positive way of life. And I loved her for it. Whatever she did to convince my parents, they apologized to me and became supportive during my pregnancy stage. Harry was my rock, he tried to be there for me as much as he could. We spent lots of time together, more than we usually did. The best moments were those where Harry started to talk to my baby bump, peppering it with kisses, stroking it and singing to it with his angelic voice.

“I can’t wait to hold her in my arms.”He told me. “Once she’s here, I’m going to spoil her as much as I can. I’ll treat her like a princess. I’m going to protect her. I’ll try to be the best father she has. I promise.”

I never doubted everything he said to me. He worked hard in the bakery to earn money, taking lots of shifts that he could. I appreciated his effort, I really did, but I also felt guilty. I knew he had dreams. He wanted to go to X-Factor to fulfill his biggest wish. Becoming a singer. But with the baby on its way, I kinda felt like an obstacle in his life.

“Don’t you talk like that, love.” He said sternly, as I told him my worries. “Neither you nor the baby are keeping me away from anything. Believe me or not, this is everything I wished and everything I could ask for.”

He was only 17 but so optimistic and excited. I could tell by the way he looked at me and my growing belly.

“I see a bright and happy future ahead us.”

Now that our baby girl was finally here, I was more excited for the future.

“Who’s the most beautiful baby in the world?” I whispered, caressing her cheek. “That’s you my love. Mommy loves you so much. Daddy loves you even more. We love you, Darcy Anne.”

I knew Darcy was a name he wanted to give his first daughter so we did. I also wanted to name her after her Grandma because she helped us a lot. Without her help and advice, we wouldn’t know what to do. I owe her so many things. She was my second mum.

I hummed a lullaby, causing Darcy to fall asleep. She loved when you sang to her. She loved it even more when Harry sang to her.

“Hey.” I turned around and was greeted by Harry, leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed. He smiled at me adoringly.

“How long have you been standing there?” I inquired.

“Not too long. Just came in and caught you singing to her.”

I put Darcy into her crib, covering her up with her pink blanket. Harry joined me as we both watched our baby girl sleeping. Her tiny chest lifted and fell with every breath she inhaled and exhaled and believe me it was the cutest thing ever.

“Isn’t she lovely, Isn’t she wonderful, Isn’t she precious, Less than one minute old…” Harry sang, wrapping his arms around my waist. I had to grin, laying my hands on top of his.

“Have you made your decision yet?” I asked him.

“About what, darlin’?”

“Applying to X-Factor. I know you still want to go, Harry. Do whatever your heart desires, my love. I’m going to support you as much as I can. And don’t worry about me or Darcy. We won’t be alone. We have our parents who are there for us. So, please Harry, do it. I could never forgive myself if you can’t fulfill your dreams.” I was being honest with him. I couldn’t forgive myself for holding him back from something he really loved to do.

“Thank you (Y/N).” Harry responded, kissing my temple gently. “I will think about it. But now, I just want to spend time with my family as much as I can. X-Factor can wait. I mean, Darcy isn’t going to stay like this forever and I don’t want to miss anything in her life. Her first everything. Her first steps, her first words, her first teeth. To experience those things means more to me than X-Factor.”

I smiled at him, cupping his cheeks and kissing his lips softly. We stood there another few minutes, staring at our baby girl with pure love, adoration and admiration in our eyes and our hearts.

“My little family.” Harry murmured.


After a wonderful Wolves Birthday Party, a hearty group joined us for windy Howl Night. Kimber noticed a scratch on Fiona’s belly, nothing serious. Keeping our wolves comfortable with special handling makes it better for the wolf and the handler. Taking a photo allows us to monitor Fiona’s condition. 

At Howl Night, we usually spread some rank perfume for the wolves to scent roll on. Fiona gave her review of tonight’s flavor.
Bicho got to howl tonight while Kanti was howling a few yards away and Fiona was howling with Dana.

A nice Howl Night and Happy Birthday to our wolves!


Foreign aid isn’t effective without reliable census data. The solution? Satellites.

  • Holes in census data can lead to skewed research and a misunderstanding of populations around the world.
  • In the U.S., census data is often collected through mailed surveys with phone and email follow-ups. It’s an imperfect process — in 2000, for example, the U.S. Census Bureau missed 6.4 million people.
  • Now, researchers are figuring out ways to supplement flawed numbers by using computer learning algorithms and remote-sensing data to examine human settlements.
  • Some of the technology used is similar to what allows Facebook to detect faces in photos and then automatically tag specific users.
  • But instead of looking for human faces, scientists are able to detect homes and settlements from the satellite images.
  • The process allows them to get more than a rough headcount or a sense of urban density — they’re also able to collect information about wealth and class from human settlement patterns. Read more (5/9/17)

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College!AU Yoongi
  • major: political science 
  • minor: photography 
  • sports: LOL no
  • clubs: sometimes he submits his photographs anonymously to the campus art journal because he’s like ?? id rather my name not be on anything idk that or he just likes being mysterious and doesn’t want to admit it
  • alright so first things first: yoongi DOES NOT want to be a political science major he is just doing it because his parents expect him to get a job in the government and their ultimatum was basically you do mathematics or political science: you either become an accountant or a desk job worker for the government and yoongi didn’t have enough time and or money to rebel so now he’s in this program and he’s Dying
  • well he’s not /dying/ because he still gets to minor in what he really wants to do which is photography and he even kind of makes a part-time job out of it photographing as free lance work
  • and slowly, but surely he’s scraping up the money to possibly move off campus and drop polisci and switch to photography for good
  • his parent ofc don’t know that so for now he’s coping with all the super hard texts and politically fueled discussions the best he can
  • and not to say he isn’t smart or good at it. actually a lot of his photography is inspired by the political and social movements that are surrounding him on campus, from activists he photographs to other pieces of art that come out of people’s discussions and thoughts about the world around them
  • and he’s doing pretty good in the major, a lot of the professors think he’s really quite good at phrasing his opinions and backing them up with evidence but he’s also sometimes just very
  • out of it
  • being as though a lot of the conversation is grounded in political history that yoongi could kind of give less of a thought of reading up on he sometimes just sits back in class and (if the teacher isn’t looking) naps
  • but yeah as for photography yoongi is so sO SO very passionate about it it’s like the one thing he can just talk about for days and yoongi isn’t the kind of person that talks a lot
  • and his dorm is filled to the brIm with rolls of candids, stacks of polaroids, large print outs of his favorite pieces, and strings upon strings that hang from one side of the wall to the other with the photos he deems the best clipped onto them
  • and his most favorite thing to photograph is the body and the sky. what i mean by the body is yoongi loves taking photos of snippets of people’s bodies that tell stories, so birthmarks or hands or dimples. the small, important things. and then as for the sky he loves taking wide angle shots of it. he wants to manage to put it all, the glory of the sky night or day, into a photograph. it’s kind of an interesting dynamic
  • but a lot of his like jobs that he gets requested to do have nothing to do with that. sure he takes photos of like parties, weddings, graduations and that’s people but that’s like groups of people and that’s not his interest. every now and then someone asks for him to take photographs of like products they’re trying to sell and that’s yoongi’s least favorite because he’s like great i get to take photos of a bunch of customized dog sweaters again
  • but his favorite job, let me spoil it for you now, is when he gets a call from you and you ask how he’d feel taking photos of the bridge between peoples eyebrows and your voice is shaking over the phone because you think this is probably the weirdest request he’s ever gotten and yoongi is silent on his end of the phone until you hear, to your surprise a delight;
  • “sure! where and at what time should i bring my camera?”
  • and so you and yoongi meet for the first time face to face at a park near the campus where you’ve brought three of your friends along and they’re all like “the part between our eyebrows? like? what the heck?” and you’re trying to explain that this is for one of your core art classes, the teacher was like make a project about the part of the body you think is underappreciated and you were like……the part between your eyebrows
  • and all your friends are like side eyeing that concept but you’re like please just let the nice dude take your photos and when you turn and see yoongi coming toward you with like his duffel bag of equipment
  • well one you’re like) thank god he’s normal because you got his number off a bulletin board near the science department and the flyer next to his was a dude looking to sell his pet iguana and two) he’s actually …..super freakin cute…….
  • and yoongi also in his head is like 1) thank god this person is normal and doesn’t have some eyebrow space fetish thing going in,,,,,at least you look normal 2) actually you look better than normal you’re also mcfreakIN adorable to yoongi
  • but seeing as though you two have a business agreement you push the cuteness of each other to the back of your minds and yoongi asks if your friends are the models for the project
  • you nod and yoongi gets to work and when the last friend is done (and all of them are like send me the pics by email so i can put them on instagram) and gone you thank yoongi a bunch of times and you’re also like “im sorry you had to do this…….weird….of a job”
  • and he’s like “actually, this is probably my favorite one so far. it was interesting, i like people that appreciate the small things about other people.”
  • and you’re kinda like o,,,oh really? and yoongi is like yeah! by the way why’d you……choose that part of the body? and you’re like “well, it’s underappreciated and also…..this is embarrassing but you know how when you’re nervous and you can’t look someone in the eyes you pretend to look at them by looking at that space?”
  • yoongi takes a second to think about it but then he grins (and oh my god his smile is just the cutest) and he’s like “you’re right! that’s………that’s pretty cool.”
  • and you’re like laughing like is it?? i thought it was just a dumb habit everyone does and yoongi is like true i sometimes stare at the forehead too and you’re like yeah!!!
  • and you guys are legit bonding over ways to cope with nervousness. this modern love
  • but yeah yoongi is like im going to send the photos to you digitally tonight after i clean them up and you’re like thanks!! and then you know the dreaded question you’re like how much do i owe you??
  • and yoongi kinda mauls it over in his head and shrugs and he’s like “it was fast, and it was actually fun so how about this if you allow me to use these photos for my own art - i won’t make you pay anything.”
  • your eyes light up and you’re like sure!!!! wow oh my god are you ok with that though we’re all starving college-
  • and yoongi’s like shaking his head like nah nah it’s fine. do we have a deal?
  • and you’re like yes!! and it’s sweet he like puts his pinkie out for you to cross with your own
  • and ok tbh he gets embarrassed at himself for doing that and he gets super red and you’re like ok he’s getting cuter and cuter by the second
  • and it’s bittersweet when he waves goodbye and you watch him leave with his stuff out of the park and you have to sit on the bench and just reply all the cute scenes of him when he was in front of you taking photos
  • and you’re like once you get that e-mail from him, that’s it you guys won’t have a reason to talk again
  • but that night yoongi is fretting in front of his laptop because he wrote out the email and everything but he also is contemplating if he should maybe invite you out to get coffee sometime or if that’s too creepy after a first meeting
  • and honestly he’s about to delete it when his roommate jin just leans over him and clicks ‘send’ and walks away sipping his chai tea and yoongi is staring at the screen in horror like
  • sEOKJIn HY U N  G W H  A T T H E H  e  LL 
  • and jin is like “you’ll thank me when they say yes.”
  • and honestly you almost scream a little when you see his little invitation in the e-mail and you’re just like !!!!!!!!! so excited and ok the photos turned out just perfect too and you’re like 
  • oh my god is this happening heheu
  • and you finally like calm yourself to reply and you’re like “love the photos! thank you so much and coffee sounds great, do you have a favorite place?”
  • and before you know it you and yoongi upgrade from emailing (because this isn’t the late nineties) to texting and you agree on the following week at this little cafe you both really like 
  • and it’s all perfect and planned and you and yoongi are giddy even though yoongi is trying to make a show that he’s indifferent
  • jin is even like “you were smiling at your phone for an hour AFTER they fell asleep on you in the chat so shuttup you’re excited”
  • BUT then on the actual day of the date you’re sitting at a table with your coffee and you have a cute outfit on and you know you’re rEADY yoongi is gonna fall in love on this damn date
  • but instead of coming in and waving to you he RUNS in and his duffel bag is over his shoulder and his hair’s a mess and he’s like 
  • and you’re like it’s fine!!! and he’s like frICK i NEED to CAtch THE BUS right nOW and you get up and you’re like let’s go!! and yoongi is like yes let- wait what
  • and you’re like if it’s ok with you,,,,,can i come along and help?
  • and yoongi is half confused, half super excited because well he’s never had anyone come and help him (or even offer) but he’s also like he feels bad for just dragging you along to some strangers event
  • but you’re like nudging him toward the door like let’s go mr. photographer
  • and yoongi’s like im going im going and it’s cute you two like talk a little more on the bus you learn about yoongi’s parents and his major and like you tell him about what you’re studying
  • and once you get to the event yoongi’s like im here!! and it’s cute they’re not mean about his slight lateness and you help yoongi set up the pod for the camera and you like help him wipe some lenses and it’s just nice between you two
  • and then yoongi is off taking family photos and photos of the mom and her husband
  • and you’re like watching yoongi in action and even though he had mentioned before that he’s never really a fan of the jobs he gets, you can see that he feels most comfortable with a camera at hand
  • and like on your way back from the shower yoongi is like “i at least owe you dinner or something.” and you’re like no no you should keep the money, you have to save up for your own apartment like you told me” but yoongi is like listen at least let me get you some ramen from the 7/11
  • you agree and you two find the 7/11 off campus still open and yoongi pays for your instant ramen and you two stand in the little section towards the back and eat and laugh about this and that
  • and like it’s definitely not a usual first date, but it honestly couldn’t go any better.
  • and after that you and yoongi have some actual dates like movies and museums or whatever
  • you meet jin once when you’re coming back from a date and jin’s like hello!! you’re the person yoongi is dating right? and yoongi is like jIN we- we haven’t decided that yet but jin is too busy smiling and shaking your hand and being like
  • “do you read the campus art journal??” and you’re like “um sometimes, why?” and jin gets this big smile like “oh! you should read this month’s issue, the anonymous submission in the photography section is actually yoongi! he was telling me how the photos he took the day he met you-”
  • and yoongi jumps up and puts his hand over jin’s mouth like !!! that’s enough hyung!!!
  • but it’s cute you like find a copy in the library later that day and see that it’s true yoongi did use the photos and he made them so pretty and you’re kinda like ,,,,,, yoongi is so much more sweeter than he likes to let on
  • and after a while you two officially begin to date and it’s adorable you like become the focus of a lot of yoongi’s photos and all the pictures he had on his wall of like the sky, nature, his friends like slowly more photos of you also make it up onto the wall
  • and you also get into the habit of helping yoongi out on any jobs he has if you have the time!!! you consider this just cute dates but yoongi’s always like noooo i have to treat you now the real date is going back to his dorm and ordering pizza after LOL
  • yoongi you learn loves using you as a pillow if he can he’ll just knock out on your shoulder or on your lap
  • sometimes yoongi falls asleep standing up on the train and you’re just like,,,,,how,,,,,,
  • and it’s when yoongi announces that he’s finally saved up for his own little place in the city that you two celebrate by going over to see the apartment
  • and like all yoongi has there is his camera and a mattress thrown onto the floor with some pillows and blankets and you guys eat take out and you help yoongi hang the first photos 
  • and it’s a small studio one room and a kitchen but the windows give him a view of the night sky and you open them to let some cool air in
  • and you don’t notice the way yoongi is looking at you as you lean against the window like how your outline looks against the swirling vast stars
  • and you only notice from the corner of your eye the way yoongi lifts his camera up and takes a photo of you and the sky
  • and then he’s coming closer and he sets his camera down and he kisses the back of your shoulder and slowly his arms come around your waist
  • and he’s tugging you gently toward the mattress 
  • and yoongi has never been demanding of you ever but now his kisses against your skin feel just a tad more heated than before
  • and he whispers into the crook your neck that you’re the more beautiful than any view he’s ever seen before
  • and yeah it’s romantic as heck and like perfect
  • and in the morning you like get yoongi awake by sitting on his hips with his camera and zooming into different parts of his face and neck and snapping photos and yoongi’s like groggily like put,,,that down,,,you don’t know what you’re doing,,, 
  • but you’re like no im gonna take all the blurry cute photos of you my min yoongi
  • and he covers his face with his arm, but you can see his smile peeking out
  • honestly how freaking aDORable
  • as yoongi moves all his stuff into his new place you find yourself spending more time there than at your dorm like you even have your own part of the closet because like half your stuff is over at his apartment
  • and the day yoongi finally drops polisci and declares photography his major you just run into his arms outside the administration building and cover his face with kisses
  • and yoongi is a smiling at you and leaning in to kiss you
  • when you hear the lady from inside the office be like nO PDA and it’s like ma’am this is college not high school and you and min yoongi are adults who are totally gonna make out now because everything is finally feeling
  • PICTURE PERFECt ba dum tssssss

find namjoon’s ver (here), jimin’s ver (here), taehyung’s ver (here)
and jungkook’s ver (here)~
college!au vixx can be found (here) 
and please look forward to the rest of college!bts soon~

anonymous asked:

How do you make your phone backgrounds?


Canva is my go-to website when it comes to making anything. Simply sign up and you’ll be able to use the many aspects of this site.

After experimenting, I have discovered that 540 by 960 works well for a handful of some mobile/handheld devices. Unless one wishes to have specific dimensions be used for their device, 540 by 960 is what I commonly use.

You will start off with a blank canvas. There are multiple ways to decorate your canvas. For instance, the site allows you to upload your own photos. Connecting your Canva account to your Facebook account will allow you to transfer your photos from FaceBook to Canva. There is also the option to purchase some photos from Canva. Now, I do not have a bank account so I do not buy any photos. However, do not fret, for Canva provides an immense amount of free vectors and items to use.

The backgrounds tab allows you to chose from gradients and patterns to chose from. Now, I don’t use them quite often, but they are still quite useful. You are able to use a solid color from the pallet. However, I do not find the given colors attractive. Therefor, I make my own color using the color pallet. 

{Note: To get a specific color, lets say the green from Rantarou’s jungle of hair, I suggest going to Pixlr and use the color picker tool to pick out your desired color from a photo}

Clicking on the text tab allows you to chose from a variety of fronts and font layouts to chose from. Now, you are able to upload for own fonts. However, like many sites, you have to buy membership {Which to me is extremely useless to one unless you start a business, interacting with one another. The only good that can come out of the membership is being able to resize a design or upload your own fonts.}

{Note: Go to FontMeme to generate text with the desired style. Once it has been generated, it’ll be saved as a photo. You may copy the photo and crop out words to best suit your plans. However, Canva offers many fonts, so I highly doubt you may need to visit FontMeme.

There are a variety of ways to fool around with the text. You may change the font, color and size within the text. Adding bullets and aligning the text to the left, center or right of the box are also options. You can even edit the spacing and height of the letters.

This is where the fun begins. Clicking on any of these folders will acess you to an endless amount of vectors and items for you to chose from. I will not be going over each of these folders for two reasons;

  1. This explanation is already too long for my liking.
  2. I want you to explore this grand site for yourself!

If you are interested in creating grids or collages, the layout tab is a tab of great priority. Simply click on the layout that best suits your liking and click-n-drag your desired photo onto the grid. You may also double click the photo toreposition it on the layout. Be warned - any previous items on your canvas will be gone unless you delete the items first before adding the layout.

The final tab Canva offers is the search tab. If you do not wish to search through the folders to find what you wish to find, simply go to the search tab and type in any keyword that comes to mind.

Photo Options

I will be using Himiko Yumeno from NDVR3 to demonstrate the photo options. You are able to move around the photo on the canvas. The circles adjacent to the cursor enable you to resize the photo. Now, a white tab appears when you click on your photo. In order from left to right, the tabs’ abilities are listed;

  • Filter - Filter allows you to add filters to your photo {as well as determine the intensity of the filters}, add color tints to your photo, change the brightness, change the contrast, change the saturation, blur or sharpen the image, and add vignettes and x-processes.
  • Crop - Pretty self explanitory. You crop the photo by dragging the arrows. Be warned, at times cropping can be tricky. If your screen gets stuck, click the Esc key on your keyboard.
  • Flip - Allows you to horizontally and vertically flip your image.
  • Copy - Copy your photo as many times as you like.
  • Arrange - Layer your photos and bring them forwards or keep them behind.
  • Checkered Box - This box allows you to change the transperency of your photo by clicking and dragging. 
  • Link - The link allows you to “link” websites to your photo. Unless you are using Canva business wise, the link tool is deemed useless.
  • Trash Bin - To get rid of your image, simply click the trash can. To get it back, Ctrl+Z or click Undo at the top of your screen.

I do hope you find this useful to you, as well as anyone who is interested in making wallpapers on Canva. If anyone is interested on the other websites I use for wallpapers, don’t hesitate to put that in my Ask Box. 


Queen Elizabeth hosted a ceremony celebrating the 40th anniversary of Motability on April 25, 2017. 

“Motability, established in 1977 by Lord Sterling and the late Lord Goodman, a charity that enables disabled people, their families and carers to lease a new car, scooter or powered wheelchair using their mobility allowance.” 

Photo by Jonathan Brady - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Introducing Similarity Search: A New Way to Search and Discover Photos on Flickr

By Xanthe Travlos, Head of Flickr

With billions of photos on Flickr, finding the ones you want – by searching based on tags and descriptions – only gets you so far. Today, we’re introducing similarity search, which uses advanced technology to allow you to discover visually similar photos without much work on your end. 

Here’s how it works: after your initial search, whether you’re looking for your favorite succulent or the perfect image of a ‘67 Mustang (not the horse), just click the “…” in the upper right of the photo you’re excited about. We’ll surface similar images for you.

External image

Want to find pictures of tabby cats? You can search for the keyword “cat” and filter by color, but you’ll likely have to scroll through pages and pages of images before manually picking out the photos that match what you’re looking for. Now, simply hover over an image of a cat and click the  “…” menu. From there, we’ll show you photos that look similar. No more guessing the search terms that would give you the most relevant results!

Do an image search and give this new similarity tool a try! 


What I Pack For a Convention Day

Most comic-cons and conventions typically have their rules posted on their website. Make sure to check ahead of time to avoid the hassle of an issue regarding types of bags allowed and what items are allowed.

First off, pick a bag you will be comfortable carrying all day. Do what you think will work best for you, maybe a crossover/messenger bag, or a tote and a fanny pack might work. I don’t like to carry a separate purse, so for me, the bag needs to have multiple compartments and room for smaller items I might purchase.

Water. Super important. I live in Phoenix so I have been well trained to always carry water with me. For a day at a convention, I would suggest freezing a bottle and then only freezing half of a second bottle, then topping it off before you leave for the convention. This is where reading the rules in advance come into play. Maybe you need to have bottles factory sealed etc. I have a friend that brings her refillable bottle and uses the water fountains. For me, I don’t want to worry about misplacing it, so I bring two plastic bottles. Do what works for you, but if you are allowed, you should pack water. (Who wants to pay for bottled water there? Not me!)

I pack my two waters wrapped in paper towels and place them into a plastic bag. This helps deal with the icy bottles “sweating” and you don’t want them to get anything nice in your bag wet. I like using see-through bags. Just in case you need to have security check your bag, this helps put them at ease and makes things easier.

Snacks. Conventions can be long days and you don’t want to spend time in line just getting something to carry you through. Having a small variety of granola snacks and treats help a ton and they allow you to save money for more special purchases.

Phone and charger(s). I always pack portable chargers along with a wall charger. You might not have planned to be live tweeting or texting with a friend from Tumblr you plan to meet up with, but it happens and you need to have that phone charged. Make sure to pack all cords needed.

Your wallet. You will want to buy stuff. Have your wallet in a safe, designated location in your convention bag.

Mints. I tend to live off of mints at conventions. So I pack more than maybe most would.

Toiletries.  I utilize a small makeup bag for these items. It’s  great to have something like this for a long day. These items would include, but not limited to: feminine products, aspirin etc., bandaids, eye drops, toothbrush, toothpaste, earbuds, coin change, pen, hair tie, cough drops, nail file, makeup, etc.

Other items I pack near wallet for quicker access: Chapstick, Kleenex, hand sanitizer and wet wipes

Any items you like to have autographed. Keep these items in their own plastic bag. You want to protect these items the best you can, but also have quick access to them.

Working Markers/Pens. Depending on the situation, you might need to provide a pen or marker. Be ready. If it’s a paint style pen, prep it.

Schedule. I like to pack a highlighter or even post-it notes to help mark what events I want to attend. If the convention has a phone application, that can be awesome too.

A book or magazine to read/something to do. There might be downtime and your feet might be too sore to walk the exhibitor hall. I don’t like to waste power on my phone, so I typically will pack a book. You never know if you will get stuck in a longer than expected line or you just want to relax for a few minutes. Just don’t pack something too heavy, you have to carry this bag.

Your tickets! If they are physical tickets, printed or on your phone. Make sure you have them! If you are buying at the door, make sure you know if they take your form of payment and that they still have tickets available.

Other things to consider:

Items for cosplay. Are you going to be in costume? Be prepared so you don’t end up with a massive wardrobe malfunction. I pack: Mini sewing kit, glue, extra pantyhose, back up parts/pieces and any needed makeup or hair items. For Phoenix Comicon, I knew I would be taking public transit. I packed a pair of thin flats to change into so I didn’t need to wear high heel boots on the light rail in 100+ degree weather.

Prescribed Medications. This will be a long day, be ready with anything you might need.

Camera. I typically just use my phone, but if the convention allows photos and you want to get some nice shots, pack it. Remember though, you will be carrying it with you all day and you might have to remain in your seat during panels. 

Feel free to add any tips/suggestions you may have when you reblog this post!