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❝ “Anyway.” Even smiles, a small, rueful curve of his lips. “She also asked if there was someone new. Naturally.”
Isak’s heart isn’t sure whether it should be rising or falling right now. He isn’t sure, either. “Is there?” Isak says. “Someone new?”
Even’s smile melts into something softer. Something unbearably sweet. “No,” he says. “Not someone new.” ❞

I hope I don’t bother you when I’m upset. I don’t usually tell people things, so I’m sorry I let everything out all at once and just hope you can make me feel better.

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How could Toriel not know that she Trapped some of the Spiders in the Ruins? Did she know and not care?

(undertale spoilers)

The locked doors are the least of the spiders’ worries. The true obstacle is Snowdin.  

However, it’s not just the spiders that are trapped within the Ruins – plenty of other monsters are, such as Froggit.

Toriel is aware that are others monsters are locked in the Ruins with her. After all, she teaches Frisk how to peacefully resolve conflicts with monsters.

Considering that Toriel wants to keep Frisk in the Ruins, she is preparing Frisk for when they encounter other residents of the Ruins. It’s unknown if she was aware that other monsters lived in the Ruins before returning to her old home. The Snowdin Shopkeeper seems to believe the Ruins should have been empty. Perhaps Toriel had thought so as well.

Another interesting thing to note is that the other monsters are intimidated by Toriel. 

Ribbit, ribbit. (Just between you and me…)
(I saw TORIEL come out of here just a little while ago.)
(She was carrying some groceries.)
(I didn’t ask what they were for…)
(We’re all too intimidated to talk to her.) Ribbit.

She may be purposefully aloof and cold toward the other monsters to keep them from questioning the locked doors. The monsters in the Ruins may not even know it’s Toriel who locked them, considering how the Froggit says “Seems like the RUINS have finally opened up,” as if it wasn’t aware that Toriel locked them.

Toriel knows she’s trapping other monsters with her, but there is a logical reason behind it. If any monster had free access to and from the Ruins, news of a human in Toriel’s care would eventually spread, even with the best intentions. As soon as news reaches New Home, Asgore would be forced to take action as per his promise to monsterkind. So long as Toriel keeps the doors locked and nobody knows any better, Asgore can continue to feign ignorance as well.

BITCH blair said that he and jamie are the ones that improvise the most together and the bit in ep 3 when blink says, ‘are you having a stroke?’ and ‘oh this is your thing’ miss jamie chung improvised that! 


Happy Birthday to the Best Boy in the Universe

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  • Saeyoung: Saeran! Tell MC I love her but she's too reckless!
  • Saeran: Gross. Tell her yourself.
  • Saeyoung: We're fighting!