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so there was this british show from 2006 called the numberjacks, about these sentient numbers who live in a sofa and go out in the real world to solve problems caused by 'the meanies'. there's the problem blob, shape japer, numbertaker, the puzzler, and the spooky spoon (who is literally just an anthropomorphic spoon).


NOORA: It’s… It’s just like… Okay. Because I feel like we’ve… Just talked about everything. That… That we just… He just opened up completely. Do you understand? I don’t know what I was doing before, but I understand how he thinks now. Sana Bakkoush, this is the best thing you’ve done. Thank you. 

Protip: Don’t tag an artist’s work with backhanded compliments. “I dislike/hate X but I like the art/etc.” is a backhanded compliment. The artist drew X because they like X. So to see people reblog their work of X saying they hate X is annoying and unwanted.