was actually a good friend

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Did Phitchit and Yuuri meet when they were babies? I wondered how mama bird reacted when she saw her son playing with a merman since she's so protective of her babies

They actually met when they were adults! :D
Became good friends ^w^
Hahaha, she would probably be concerned at first!
but at least Phichit isn’t a human XP

Questions I’m hoping Hiveswap will answer

(Feel free to comment/discuss these and add any questions)

(Yes I copy pasted some of these from another one of my posts idgaf)

-How rare are twins?

-Is it common for them to get culled?

-If so how did these two escape?

-How did they not wander away from each other at birth?

-Is it normal for lusii to take in both twins when it happens?

-Or does one usually get abandoned?

-If that’s the case why didn’t it happen this time?

-Did the egg they were hatched from itself split into two or did the stuff inside the egg split in two?

-Were they actually hatched from the same egg or are they just good friends? (I hope to god they’re from the same egg, and their matching horn and telepathy deal makes me think they are)

-Is telepathy a thing all twins can do or is it specific to these two?

-If it’s specific to these two, why do they have it?

-Is telepathy caste specific?

-Can they control which thoughts go through or do they have to put up with each other thinking about porn all the time?

-Can one egg be fertilized with two trolls? (Fraternal twins)

-How do lusii choose a troll (actually kinda developing an hc about that)

-Are steps taken to ensure that trolls don’t get separated from their quadrant mates when they’re sent off-planet or is it just Tough Luck if your kismesis/matesprit aren’t there during Drone Season?

-How does Drone Season work? (Do you have to make sure you’re with your kismesis and matesprit at all times or do you get a forewarning of some sort?)

-How rare are male jadebloods?

-Does every troll get a title? (Or is it only the ones who do something noteworthy? My hc is the latter, if not then that’s a lot of 8 letter names to come up with and hand out)

-Does Dammek have the animal communion powers?

I will add more as they come to me


Phichit might be the biggest Victuuri shipper, but there’s no way he’s going to let Victor whisk his best friend off to Russia before a few rounds of merciless teasing.

Phichit: And then he started crying! I can’t believe he felt threatened over that. It’s like he forgot he’s the one you’re choosing to marry!

Yuuri: Ha ha…Victor can be a bit extra sometimes.

Phichit: Yes, he is. You two are made for each other.

Yuuri: ?


You are not to be underestimated, Claire.
Hell, I’m still getting used to bringing the hurt instead of fixing it.
Well, for what it’s worth  I’ve never had a student progress as fast as you have.
Guess I got tired of people doing things for me all the time.
Tell me about it.

D̴͓͉̭͎̻̠ͣͣͣi͉͍̼̼̟̲̠̝̘̋͒ͫ͂̂̒̚̕D̹͖͎ͪ̊͛ͤ͆ͫ̀͜ ̨̀ͣͤ̋̌ͧ͐ͪ͏̶̮Ÿ̛͔̭̠̗̯̠̓̃́o̜͍̣̮͉̯̯̪͚̿ͥ̆̽͋̈ͣ̅̇U̖̜̝̭̩̲͈͌͐̐͑ͨ̓͋̉̚ ̶͔̩̟͍̫̙̭ͨͧ̎̍̔̌͢M͇̗̻̹̮͇͙̹͐͌̑ͭ͒̀̐̀͟͝ͅi̸̢̧̠̬̩ͬͪ͒̂̅͒̚̚ͅS̫͖̲̳͖ͦ͗͂́̕͞S͖̘͇̦̫̼̾ͨͬ͌̚͢ͅ ͉͈̪͈͋̓̍͡m̧̬͌͆͌̋̄ͤ̑ͅE̸̢̻̞̺͒ͫ͋̈́ͅͅ?̨̖̬̘̝͚͋͊̓̑̇̇͒ͅ

sometimes you grow up and look back and the people you used to look up to seem different. it’s a messy feeling. the singer you used to idolize turns out to be just a person, and sometimes a bad one. your best friend isn’t actually that good of one: she treats you like you’re incapable of anything because she’s used to being the better one. the girl you loved is selfish and never loved you back; just loves it when she’s getting attention. the boy you grew up with doesn’t share anything in common with you.

sometimes you try and force these things to fit. sit in cafes with them and realize that you have nothing to say and nothing to do. blame yourself for being tired or hungry or distracted or all three. that this person you loved is in the right. it’s you who is wrong about everything.

but at a certain point you’re standing there and holding these precious things and you realize they need to stay precious. that if you keep trying to force them to be what they used to be, you’re forcing yourself to be who you used to be, too. and you’re different now. a better you. sometimes things need to stay in the past so they can stay good. and sometimes perspective gives you the chance to say “you know what. i think leaving is good.”

it’s not a great feeling. i’m used to being left behind. don’t like being alone. loyal to a fault. but the truth is it’s better to realize it sooner. that there are people it’s not worth it for. that you’ve been trying to see the best in but who will never open the door. that at one point you were maybe right for. 

but they stayed put while you move forward.


..and then they got eaten by mama dragon. the end.

Remember back when I used to draw Acno and Anna as childhood friends and Acno collecting lizards as a hobby? So I was throwing out some things and found some old sketches of this, and since I still have a soft spot for this au why not use them?

in midnights, in cups of coffee by suspendrs (15k)

“Sorry about the sugar,” Louis says, backing toward his own flat. “Bundle up before you go out.”

Harry smiles so sweetly then that Louis can’t imagine he’ll even need the sugar, if the muffins aren’t sweet enough just because they were made by him. “Thanks,” he says, eyes lingering a little longer on Louis before he lets himself back into Gemma’s apartment, and then Louis is just standing in the hallway by himself.

Or, Louis is overworked and cold, Harry is stressed out, and they might be in love.

There are definitely many things worth criticizing in Steven Universe, but it’s weird because one of the biggest criticisms I see is something I personally love about the show?

It’s a lot of criticisms that basically boil down to “pacing”. 

Like “They keep setting up this big mysteries and then not paying off on them!” or “A big thing happens and then we get right back into filler episodes!” and like

Yeah? Exactly. IDK what to tell you. 

Rebecca Sugar is like reverse Steven Moffat, I almost feel like. She sets things up without you even knowing anything is being set up, so it doesn’t build tension, but then when you get the payoff it’s satisfying and obvious. Or, alternatively, she introduces a big plot element, and it’s like “Are we ever going to address this?” and then, eventually, when it naturally comes up, we finally do. 

We saw Connie’s glow bracelet in episode 1, and didn’t even know it was foreshadowing until we me Connie 8 episodes later. We didn’t learn Garnet was a fusion until 50 episodes in. 

We met Lion in episode 10, and there were SO MANY QUESTIONS. What is he? Where do his powers come from? What is his connection to Rose? And we never directly got answers to those questions - instead they were indirectly answered in a “filler” episode about a historical Beach City in episode 106 that really only raised more questions than it answered, followed by the most recent episode, 132, which was about Lars and Homeworld and also, you know, incidentally answered the entire Lion mystery. 

Over three years after it was introduced we finally learned what Lion’s deal is, and it wasn’t even in a Lion-centric story. But you know what? It was still satisfying. At least, I thought so. 

I don’t get the feeling that that explanation was made up. Watching it, I get the feeling Rebecca Sugar knew three years ago what was up with Lion. She just wasn’t going to incorporate it until it became immediately relevant. 

It’s slow, honest, sprawling worldbuilding that I can really fucking get behind. The writers know what this world is and who these characters are, they just aren’t going to force exposition or explanations where they wouldn’t naturally occur if they can avoid it. 

IDK, the whole “we just introduced this big new thing, but now the characters are just dinking around? Living their lives? Why???” thing is, to me, at least a solid half of the draw. I like the show is approachable, that the tension is present but not overbearing. 

It feels like life. Big, life-changing, worldview shifting things happen. And at the same time that it changes everything, it doesn’t actually change very much at all. 

A good friend dies suddenly, you still have to make yourself lunch. Your parents are getting a divorce, you still hang out with your friends and maybe even act like everything is normal. And maybe even forget while you’re hanging out with your friends what is going on at home. You get arrested, get out on bail, know you have a huge case coming up that could determine your whole future, you still play video games for a couple hours the next night, you still go to work the next day. You’re working with your lawyers and everyone to put together your case, of course, but normal life doesn’t stop. It rarely ever does.

IDK, I see these criticisms like “They introduces Bismuth and then just benched her!” or “They introduced the cluster and then it didn’t actually do anything” and it’s like, yet. I have no reason not to trust that those things won’t be coming back around. Everything else in this show has, in time, come back around so far. From seemingly insignificant side characters, to weird locations, to random trivia. 

There’s an old saying, “things change slowly, until they change all at once”, and it has, in my life, generally proven to be true. And it seems to be the Steven Universe approach to story pacing. And I, personally, really really like it. And it’s cool if you don’t. But I don’t think I’d like the show as much if it weren’t so chill. It’s a show that drips along in tiny, soothing, sentimental increments. 

It’s fine if that’s an aspect of the show you don’t like. I have preferences and there are things I don’t like even though they’re arguably good. But I keep seeing people propose it as an aspect of the show that is bad writing. And, I just can’t wrap my head around that? It’s perfectly fine writing. It’s even, often, great writing. I prefer a slow and quiet accruement to a plot-heavy infodump any fucking day. Not that there isn’t often call for the latter, depending on the story you want to tell and how you want to tell it. But I prefer the former. 

So far I haven’t been given any indication there isn’t a planned followthrough for all the many, many threads Steven Universe has laid. They’ve successfully followed through enough times before, often on things we weren’t even aware we should be looking out for, that I imagine they’ll keep doing so. The only reason I ever see the show failing to do so, and having a rushed and unsatisfying end, is time. If they get prematurely cancelled, or prematurely decide to end things out of personal desire to work other projects, then yeah, SU could end badly. Lots of stuff could end up unexplained or given a quick unsatisfying end. But there’s no evidence of that yet, so right now I’m going to take the pacing choices as just that. Choices. Good ones, that I like. Even if they aren’t to everyone’s taste. 

someone!!!! please!!! watch the stars!!! with me!!!!! we could rest our heads against a blanket & just look up while holding hands & point out constellations & be star geeks together