was actually a good friend

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if you dont mind me asking what happened between you and your bf? im sorry if this is too personal

it’s none of ur business man


I can’t words.


Alright, after staring into space for a solid minute, I think I understand now.

Those crazy teleports Homura can do. They aren’t teleports. She’s stopping time. It just looked like she teleports from our perspective.

When she killed Kyubey just now with that simple handgun. She stopped time and fired multiple times, making him swiss cheese in a single instant. That’s why all those bullet casings were already on the ground.

Fucking fuck


Homura is actually good fucking friends with Madoka and has been time-traveling repeatedly until she gets herself in a timeline where Madoka never once becomes a Magical Girl. So they can be friends in peace.

But because of Madoka’s extreme potential, Kyubey hounds her with fervor. And Homura can’t even kill Kyubey because he has “plenty” of other bodies.

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Super curious, how come you put meteos in Hufflepuff and sneakers in Slytherin? And Jensen, although I kinda get him lool. Do u have any headcanons for the rest of (old) c9? :o

gonna give credit to kay on this since she’s the one with the ideas when we were jokingly sorting them. WE AINT BOUTTA PSYCHOANALYZE REAL PPL THAT WE DONT KNOW so this is like based off their internet personality and just for fun!!

  • meteos is super loyal to c9 and his friends and always asking sneaky to duo with him. even the recent transfer to p1 was as a favour to jack, he didnt like actually wanna leave c9 but because jack is a good friend of his he’s willing to help him out. textbook hufflepuff if u ask me!
  • sneaky is the chillest slytherin because hes like LOWKEY really ambitious, lowkey wants rank 1, always plays the meta champs/whatevers OP because he wants to win, and blows off meteos to talk to his viewers since they give him money (METEOS CALLS HIM OUT ON THIS IN LIKE A FEW OF THE DUO QUEUE VIDEOS ITS SUPER FUNNY)
  • jensen is more textbook slytherin. definitely knows what he wants and will do anything to get it. also ddos’ing games to win easily is Very Slytherin. 
  • bunnyfufuu is ravenclaw. kay described him as a luna lovegood type? “so far in his own head everything he’s doing looks stupid from the outside but occasionally the brilliance shines through”
  • hai is a slytherin, altho this one is debatable? feels right tho
  • RUSH IS A GRYFFINDOR. he stopped streaming even tho he was making BANK because he wanted to be on a good team, but its more driven by pride than ambition? also his league playstyle.. when he walks past a ward and kills darshan anyway like he doesnt give a FUCK
  • addendum: 

this is long, thanks for reading OTL here’s a silly doodle

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i feel you so bad on that str8 people thing. i was at a nice dinner with one "auntie" that gossiped with my mom today that how supposedly kaczyński (one of our most conservative politicians, pretty much trump but less significant) is gay, because of course every bad person everyone hates is secretly gay (of course its not true). she always talks sht about gay people and is bigoted in every way and my mom just smiles and nods instead of saying anything because she doesnt want to kill the vibe.

ughhhfh yeah its THE WORST like when im w my straight friends it KILLS me inside when they start saying that shit and i usually just…go kinda quiet but i also dont have the guts to say anything?? bc i dont wanna ruin the vibe as u said….like one on one my friend actually is p good listening to me but when im outnumbered i just..cant say shit lmao

D̴͓͉̭͎̻̠ͣͣͣi͉͍̼̼̟̲̠̝̘̋͒ͫ͂̂̒̚̕D̹͖͎ͪ̊͛ͤ͆ͫ̀͜ ̨̀ͣͤ̋̌ͧ͐ͪ͏̶̮Ÿ̛͔̭̠̗̯̠̓̃́o̜͍̣̮͉̯̯̪͚̿ͥ̆̽͋̈ͣ̅̇U̖̜̝̭̩̲͈͌͐̐͑ͨ̓͋̉̚ ̶͔̩̟͍̫̙̭ͨͧ̎̍̔̌͢M͇̗̻̹̮͇͙̹͐͌̑ͭ͒̀̐̀͟͝ͅi̸̢̧̠̬̩ͬͪ͒̂̅͒̚̚ͅS̫͖̲̳͖ͦ͗͂́̕͞S͖̘͇̦̫̼̾ͨͬ͌̚͢ͅ ͉͈̪͈͋̓̍͡m̧̬͌͆͌̋̄ͤ̑ͅE̸̢̻̞̺͒ͫ͋̈́ͅͅ?̨̖̬̘̝͚͋͊̓̑̇̇͒ͅ

  • Nico: Did you know that 1 out of 4 people are gay?
  • Uno: That means 1 of us is gay
  • Nico:
  • Rock:
  • Jyugo:
  • Uno: I hope it's Jyugo. Jyugo is cute.

When u about to surprise bae but u find him with another man

What's wrong with being a multifandom fan?

Absolutely nothing.

I don’t understand why people feel the need to leave another fandom in order to like or listen to other groups.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a multifandom fan.

Hell, most of the time, the groups we listen to are actually really good friends with each other.

Enjoying the music that one group produces doesn’t make you any less of a fan of another group that you stan. 

It is as simple as that.

Who even decided that McHanzo was a thing, like who first saw that there Cowboy and that hot ass Japanese man and said, “they’re in love”. My knowledge on Overwatch as a game and its lore are still limited but like apparently they’ve never actually MET in canon, or at least their official interactions are never given for the plot. Yet. So that makes this ship even more obscure, but from what I’ve seen it’s relatively popular? when did this even happen??

I started shipping it bc I saw it on my dash one day and laughed at a comic like “oh yeah, I’ve heard of this thing! That’s cool” and it just got progressively worse like ok I full on ship these two now.