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Reader x Jimin

Genre: Angst? idk lol

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The sound of your footsteps echoed off the large walls of the hallways as you made your way through. It was already nighttime and your university was about to close for the night, so there were only a few dim lights on that gave a soft orange glow, reflecting off the glass walls and the marbled floors. You looked through the transparent walls as you walked and saw the small droplets of rain that began to fall and stick to the glass. You started walking a little faster hoping you would avoid the worst of the rain before it began.

You had stayed late after your classes for tutoring and to use the free wifi in the library. You weren’t done but you had work in the morning and the school was about to close anyways so you decided to head home.There were a few other students and teachers going through the hall so you pulled up your hood and kept your eyes on the ground.

As you pushed open the large double doors, a large lightning bolt lit up the sky and thunder boomed throughout the large city before the rain started pouring down. You groaned internally knowing your books and papers in your backpack would most likely be ruined in the rain.

Usually when you left school around this time, it wasn’t really busy on the streets, but it wasn’t as dead as it is right now. It was eerily empty and silent. Only the sounds of a car here and there. Maybe it was because of the rain.

It wasn’t a long walk to the subway station so you stuffed your hands in the pocket of your hoodie and went on. You were only a couple of minutes away when you heard footsteps close behind you. You didn’t think much of it until you heard a second pair of feet join the first. You tried to speed up a little without being suspicious. Suddenly you felt a hand grab the handle on top of your backpack and pull you backwards. The man who grabbed you spun you around and grabbed your arms pulling you towards him. Without thinking, you kicked the guy in the stomach. He let go of one of your arms but the grip on the other arm was weak so you shook it off and ran. The second man caught up with you and grabbed your backpack again but you shrugged the straps off and kept going. Soon you heard the first guy catch up.

“Hey!” you heard someone yell.

One of them had grabbed your arm and stopped you.

“Hey, get off her!”

A third guy came running you and quickly grabbed your other arm and yanked you behind him. He kept his hand on your wrist and backed up slowly as the two guys walked towards you. Quickly he spun around and ran into the nearest alley behind you, still holding onto your wrist. In shock, you stumbled blindly behind him as he tugged you behind him.

“Come on hurry up!” he yelled.

You quickly snapped out of it and began to quicken your pace. He pulled you around the corner of the building once you got to the end of the alley. By now it had stopped raining. He had taken you to a busier part of the city with more lights and people.

“Act normal, okay? Follow me.” he said letting go of you. You tried to get a look at him but her had his hood up and it was casting a shadow over his face  under the bright lights.

“Should I really be following this guy?” you thought as you pushed your hood off your head. “What if he’s like one of those guys?”

“In here.” he said directing you into a coffee shop.

He held the door open and you walked in. He nudged you over to the line and stood next you. It was pretty busy in there but you were grateful for that just in case they caught up with you. It would be almost impossible to do anything.

You looked over to the guy and saw him pushing his hood off and running his hands through his damp black hair. He had big pink lips, a small pointed nose, and cubby cheeks.

“What do you want?” he asked looking down at you.

“Um, nothing.” you replied. Why would you want coffee at a time like this?

“Are you sure?” he asked. You nodded. “Okay then.”

You walked further down the counter as he ordered. He came down next to you and picked up his coffee when it came.

“Let’s go.’’ he said walking toward the door. “Where were you going? The subway station?”


“Let’s go this way. It’s quicker.”

“Wait,” you said stopping where you were, “Are you sure we lost them?” you asked nervously.

“Positive.” he said as he kept walking without even looking back.

You walked quicker and caught up with him as he turned around the corner into another alley. You walked in silence until you reached the entrance to the subway station.

“Well I guess I’ll see you around.” he said as he started to walk away.

“Hold on,” you said. He turned around again. “Who are you?”

“Who am I?” he looked genuinely caught off guard. He looked down at the ground then back in your eyes, “I’m Jimin.”

“Thank you…Jimin.” you said.

“No problem.” he replied.

You both stood there looking into each other’s eyes for a second before he turned around and  you watched him disappear back into the dark alley

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Things the signs would enjoy doing outside

Aries: watching the sunset/sunrise
Taurus: sleeping on a hammock
Gemini: laying out on the beach
Cancer: swimming in a lake
Leo: playing hide and seek
Virgo: going on a hike with friends
Libra: going on a bike ride
Scorpio: playing with glow sticks in the dark
Sagittarius: walking their pets
Capricorn: walk around at a shopping district
Aquarius: going to the park
Pisces: playing in a field of flowers