was a little ~meh about watching it but i'm glad i did

because of all of the talk about klaine and disney princes, i just had to do this uwu it’s probably not very good, but meh

summary: kurt has always said that he’s going to marry a prince

When Kurt is five, Elizabeth introduces him to the Disney musicals such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast. He sits in front of the TV, eyes glued to the screen and video case clutched in his hands tightly, almost fiercely. When the characters start singing, he always hums along, smiling.

Sometimes Elizabeth watches with him, and Kurt rambles about how pretty Belle is, or how Beast shouldn’t be mean to her, or points out that Prince Charming spotted Cinderella from across the room.

For the last one, Kurt always looks back at the screen with a sort of awed expression on his face, eyes wide like saucers and a small smile on his face.

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csheary  asked:

ahhhh hope your exam goes well!! i don't really have any ideas for a prompt but how about...a ghost au...(for either patater or nurseydex i dont mind)

It went pretty great man thanks!! See I could make this really angsty but lbr… it’s me and I just wrote angst so have some patater ghost fluff!! (still a little angsty lol whoops)

Alexei doesn’t mind being dead, really. He could have chosen a nicer way to go than dying in a car accident, but the afterlife isn’t really so bad. He haunts his little section of road and is pretty content. He’s right by a forest and he finds the trees and the sounds of wildlife calming. 

It’s a bit lonely though.

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