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You know what is sexist af and we don’t really talk about? How Supergirl writers view female vs male heroes.

Kara is a hero because she sacrifices in a selfless way for what is important. For others. Over and over again. She sacrifices herself whenever she is put in a dangerous situation, she sacrifices her emotional health, prioritizing others’. She sacrificed her love interest. She sacrificed her career to give people the truth. She is literally always sacrificing parts of her or her life in order to be a hero.

Yet somehow Mon-El is a hero without sacrifice? That is literally the whole plot he had. He did not sacrifice himself by protecting people, in fact, he barely did any fighting and the fighting he did do he was selfish and protected only the one person he wanted to fuck. He refused to find a job that required any type of sacrifice for others. He did not sacrifice himself when Kara was being tortured and he could have stopped it with the only consequences being that he would reveal his lies. He did not sacrifice himself when his parents showed up and he could go on to rule his people in a kinder, better way and free their slaves. He went with his mother to her spaceship, allowing her to kidnap Lena, then proceeded to not sacrifice himself when Kara told him to go, deciding instead to finally listen to what she said unlike all other times because finally, it was something selfish that he would willingly do, leaving Kara behind when he knew Rhea had Kryptonite and she could end up dying. He did not sacrifice anything in the finale, yes his mother died but he didn’t even seem to care much about that, in fact, knowing Kara’s history and loss, he still chose to make her click the button and murder thousands.

So why is he a hero? Why does Kara have to constantly sacrifice herself and what she loves to be a hero yet Mon-El is called one when he did not sacrifice anything in any way?

List of Pokémon that are Raid Bosses in Pokémon GO

Raid Battles occur when a Boss Pokémon takes over a Gym. Your goal is to defeat this powerful Pokémon. If you and your fellow Trainers are successful, you’ll be rewarded with special items and a chance at catching that Pokémon.

Raids are divided into 5 levels, which can be seen when a Raid Egg first takes over a gym. Although you won’t know which Raid Boss is taking over a gym until the Raid Egg hatches, seeing the Raid Level will help you determine how tough the upcoming battle will be.

Below you can find a list of the Raid Bosses that have appear so far. It’s possible that more Raid Bosses could appear soon.

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What would Tem!Frisk's attacks look like?

Or not-

First form strategy:
Tem randomly changes your soul to match any of the 7 souls which then you’d be faced with a random onslaught depending on what soul you become. 

Blue: You have multiple platforms while Tem fires multiple snowballs at you, some are blue (None are ever green though)

Orange: Tem will suddenly throw directional options at you (Think DDR) you have to input it correctly or you take damage (You are locked in the center of 4 directional buttons)

Yellow: You can move around and shoot at will (You cannot hurt Tem in this stage) Orange and Blue bars will cross the box from the top, you can shoot them

Purple: You are locked on the beginning of a ladder game, it changes what your soul colour is

Light Blue: The majority of attacks cannot harm you, Tem will throw things at you but as long as you don’t move, you’ll be safe (Except, y’know, reflexes… OH AND THE LAVA) You have gravity like the blue soul but the ground becomes lava, you will have to climb but also stay still for Tems attacks

Red: Easiest (Probably) You just have to dodge all the stuff Tem throws at you

Green: Locked in place, there are 5 boxes and you are randomly teleported to any of them, all other mechanics are like Undynes fight

Final Boss Form: Button Hell Tem Frisk

Tem loses the throne and souls but is now floating in front of you… Tem will generate a button and press it, unleashing a random attack.

Your soul will stay red the entire time, which might be great for some battle modes but it will be any random attack that you have had in the entirety of Undertale.

Surviving this, you will defeat Tem… and unleash the special ending

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so the other day at work, this old lady said to me ‘is there a strong man that can help me?’ and i asked her what she needed and she said she wanted one of those 36 pack of water bottles (it was too heavy for her to carry) and i said i would get it for her and she said 'oh i don’t think you could do it’

and in my mind i was like fucking WATCH me and lifted it straight in her cart and she said 'ooh you’ve got muscles!’ and i’m just


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I am so happy to say that I finally finished my most recent drawing, “Destruction of Troy.” It took me around 1350 hours to complete over the course of around three years. This is by far the greatest achievement of my life so far.

The drawing itself is drawn freehand with a mechanical pencil. It is 10 feet long by 3 feet tall.

It is a depiction of my interpretation of the walls and gates of Troy as they are being destroyed by the Trojan War. The monster to the right of “Destruction of Troy” represents the “Horse” and it is destroying the city. The locks on the gates each represent a different Greek god on the Greek side of the Trojan war, symbolizing that the gates betrayed the city by letting the horse in. I have architectural entities floating in the sky as well, each one representing a Greek god on the Trojan side of the war as though they are lamenting the city. I have the whole thing crumble down into the ruins found today at the hypothetical site of the Trojan War. I also hid various messages in the drawing coded in a language that I created that combines my favorite mathematical sequence (the Fibonacci sequence) with sheet music.