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Maybe It’s All Gone Black But You’re All I See    

The war for Verona has begun, and Rosaline and Benvolio are not going to sit idly by as it rages on. 

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Summary: In which Jongin goes a lilllll too hard during sex and hurts you, slight aftercare and stuff

Type: im….. not sure. fluff? lmao

Length: 1.4k 

gif unrelated i just love jongin and wanted to leave a small fic for y’all before i go on a writing binge and prob won’t post a full story till tues/weds

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“It hurts.” You pouted, you were rolled on your tummy, fingers playing against the sheets in the dim room.

Jongin sucked in a breath, his eyes a bit wet with worry as he examined your body up and down.

It was tinged a variety of different colors, pink, red, some purple intermixed with the older bruises. The skin seemed to vibrate with a soft hum next to the silence of the entire room.

“I’m sorry.” He choked out, gnawing at his bottom lip.

He hadn’t meant to grip so tight, to use so much force, he didn’t mean to draw blood in some places, he didn’t mean for any of that to happen.

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Random happy rant

Hey guys, so as many of you may not know, I’m in a bit of a tight spot when it comes to money this past month. Recently I’ve started up college for this year and it has been a ton of work, I moved across coasts, had to deal with a major depressive episode partially due to that and my tablet broke so I had to dip into my savings to buy a new one. My tuition, my rent, my food, and my impulse Amazon purchases are all paid for by myself. I don’t have family that can help me and I do it all from freelancing.

So last night I was thinking about this. How I’m super stressed, just need to make a bit more money to pay off my last tuition bill November 1st and then, though I still have to work hard, I can relax a little bit more. And after being stuck in a state of constant worry the past couple weeks I realized how genuinely grateful I am for the support of you guys. Like, I try to be as grateful as I can with each client and supporter I work with but a lot of you didn’t see me when I was struggling to make enough money to just feed myself. I was almost homeless, and literally was a starving artist. Remembering what I’ve been through puts things into huge perspective and it was quite eye opening how much I forgot I struggled in the past. So remembering all this and realizing how my problems are no longer fears of going homeless or finding another meal but now just trying to avoid late fees or my credit going down by just a little, I’m forever grateful to you all!

So I guess I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who reblogs/retweets and shares my art and then a slightly extra thank you for people who invest money into me, helping me out financially, and trusting me to produce illustrations and drawings that hopefully end up being significant to you! I used to hate doing commissions, and while I always prefer to do personal art I am glad to say that now working on commissions I do still feel a genuine joy for creating pieces for others and I wouldn’t have been able to fathom that 4 years ago.

Thanks for reading haha. I guess I wanted to rant cause I keep to myself when it comes to the internet and a lot of people probably have no idea who I am personally. I also just wanted to help you guys see how genuinely grateful I am for the support. It really means so much to me. Thank you!

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okay wait i'm v confused, but are you saying that bc dnp are at marzia's birthday and since it's associated with f*elix it makes them bad people?

you know what i’m saying? i’m saying that this is a stark reminder that surprise! this fandom is also not welcoming for black people, these people also don’t particularly give a shit about black people, a large majority of the people that follow me don’t give enough of a shit about black people to even see why this might be even a little bit hurtful because they’re too busy worrying about the precious feelings they will never ever know.

because that’s what people, what *you* are saying when you ask me really leading questions about whether or not Dan and Phil are “bad people” or not. You’re saying that I don’t even get the space to maybe feel some kind of way about people being friends with out and out racists.

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aaaaa a a a a could i request hcs for polnareff, josuke, and rohan with an s/o who is a bit hairier than average ? particularly on the arms and belly ? i have pcos and hooooo boy being hairy is Not All That Great, but reading ur hcs and scenarios makes me feel more confident ! you and your entire blog are lovely, so pls keep doin you 💙

i love u anon!!! <3

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Law with his S/O injuried

Heeeeeeeeeey ! Hollidays !!!!!!!! Hum hum… I have a lot of work, as I thought, so I will probably not be able to post something every day, but when I will have some time, I will try to write something. Plus I’m kind of depressed (wanted to make me bleed, if you see what I mean) soooooooo it’s  bit difficult, I’m sorry. But I’m alright for now, so here we go.

So, mister Law…

  • If his S/O isn’t seriously injured, he will be a bit angry and worried, but not too much. He is a doctor, he can deal with it, but he doesn’t like to see her in pain. He will maybe scowled her a little, and will be grumpy for a few days. The injuries could have been worst, she could have died, and he can’t loose anyone anymore. He will probably avoid her for a few days, not really because he is upset but because it’s the only reaction he can have. After a while, he will slowly come to her and ask her how she’s doing, if she’s still in pain… He will gently lay with her, almost shy, not really at ease for a moment. He will ask her why she hadn’t stay in the submarine during the fight, why she let herself be injuried, not because he is angry but because he can’t accept the fact that she could have died. He will stay all the night long with her, not really sleeping (he hasn’t really slept the past days), he will gently stroke her arm, her hair, her cheek, one hand on her breast to feel her heart beating.
  • If she is seriously injuried… God, he will be worried as hell, not even angry, he can’t be angry when his S/O is on the verge of dying. He will not sleep until he is absolutly sure that she is out of danger, and even after, his insomnia will not let him close an eye. What if he couldn’t save her ? What if he looses her ? What if it was all his fault ? He wasn’t able to protect her, he isn’t able to protect anyone, and he can’t live without her… He will stay with her all the time, barely eating what Bepo bring him, and he just watch her sleep, waiting for her to open her eyes. He is worrying all the crew because he is ruining his health, but no one dares to tell him anything. When his S/O finally opens her eyes, he is so relieved that he almost passed out. He didn’t thought his body will be that weak, but he doesn’t care. He will ask her how she feel, if she feel pain anywhere. He will eat a bit more, and sleep with her but whenever he feel her move, he opens his eyes and makes sure that she isn’t in pain. He will not be angry at all, he was too worried for that and he is too relieved that she’s okay now. He makes her swear that she will never do that ever again (even if it wasn’t exactly her fault)

Looking back one thing I liked about Madoka Magica was that even outside of the main 5 girls there were important female characters. And I only realize I like this so much bc I feel like RWBY really lacks in that respect. In PMMM Madoka’s mom played a prominent role compared to her father and even the only teacher we see is a woman, and she even has meaningful dialogue. RWBY has the 4 main girls but nearly all the adults and role models who are actually important and present are men, and that makes me both a bit disappointed and a bit worried.

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First name: Ryan Nickname: non that i know of Age: 16? Gender: other Sexual Orientation: pan? Nationality: america Relationship status: dating two lovely girls Likes: stevie and kaitlyn (that's how you spell it right?) Dislikes: homophobes biphobes transphobes etc Random fact: a cool poly d00d

Good one on other XD
Also its spelled Kaitlin (took me a bit to figure to spell it too no worries XD)

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what wpuld the creeps think about a S/O that loves them back but is really afraid that they eill get bored of them so they push the creeps away

(I forgot to add the pushing away part don’t shoot me *hides* )

Toby- explains that if grandparents can stay together for decades then so can you two

Ej- Is a bit caught off guard but then genuinely expressed that he was worried you would feel the same way after awhile. You both laugh it off .

Tim/Masky- Tim is A little offended. You think he worked this hard to just drop you?

Brian/Hoodie- Brian is more like Toby, explaining love doesn’t die, and that lust is for boys while he is a true man.

Kagekao-is estactic that he’s liked back for once but nearly choked on his drink when he learned you thought he would leave you. Silly thing!

Slender- you like him back? Well isn’t he a lucky being! But to live this long and leave his soulmate? Preposterous! You have lived beside him for centuries, each time in a new body! What makes you think he’ll leave this form of you?

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Wait, I'm a bit a slow here. So... Despite your bio saying requests are closed, we can still send them but they'll be slowed or halted? Or should I be resoectful and wait until your personal issues are settled, which I'm totally cool with.

Don’t worry about it, it is a bit confusing. “Requests are closed” = don’t send requests. They’ll be deleted. I try to have posts ready to be once-per-day to get requests out at a consistent rate, but recent personal matters mean that I don’t have time to finish enough to restock my daily queue. When I get the number of requests down to a reasonable amount (it’s at 35 now, so let’s say 10-15), then I’ll allow new requests. The point of that post before was that daily posts aren’t guaranteed for the next few weeks, meaning that requests will take longer to open up again.

Thanks for checking before sending a request btw. You’d be surprised by how infrequent it is for someone to be so considerate. Hope this answered your question!

No one will ever know the difference. 

Keep the real one hidden away. 

Nothing to worry about.

n͈͓̦̤͙͉ot̬͓̝̟̠̖h̙̻͇i̠͇̟͕ͅn̠̭g̝̫ ̹̼no̼̫̙̞̩ṯ̙͉̭͙̥̫h̠̜͚̲͖̜̭i̺̲ng ̙̯̱̹͎͓n̬o̗̝̦͈t̮͈͈͓̜͇h͚͔i̮̯̗̖̬ͅn͈̳̳̰͔̦͕g͇̮̞̫̳̱

  • Gryffindor: Don't take this the wrong way, but relax. School hasn't started yet.
  • Ravenclaw: I've never known relaxation. My brain is on a constant cycle of things I need to do and then never doing them, so I'm still worrying about getting them done.
  • Gryffindor: ....okay....
  • Gryffindor: You need to lay off the caffeine