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The Paladins at Pride {Headcanon}

This is just a quick headcanon for pride month {on the last day of pride month because I’m trash and I fell asleep before I could upload anything last night}. I had this idea when I was drifting off to sleep and I was too tired to wake myself up to write it. I hope you all forgive me, aha.

Enjoy! Love, always.


        • He’s a bit hesitant at first, not enjoying the crowd at first.

        • He doesn’t know the meaning of ‘day off’ so he’s walking around trying to figure out what work he hads to do for the next day.

        • And then he just sees the protesters on the corner, realises how god damn sour they are and he just suddenly feels like he has to prove them wrong or something.

        • So he hops up on one of the floats and starts dancing. Like, leaning against the wooden masts and just popping it.

        • Ends up in a tutu with face paint on his face, his arms wrapped around a bunch of people singing at the top of his lungs.

        • “Why did we never think of going here before?”

        • He gets a little bit drunk, let’s be honest.


    • He pretends like he doesn’t want to leave the ship, but he’s so excited.

    • He used to walk past pride parades when he was on his own, and just envy everyone. Because like, yes. Show who you are. Be who you want to be. He can respect that so much.

    • Once he arrives, his mood immediately changes. I can imagine him grabbing Pidge and forcing her to dance with him, because even though he’s excited, he’s still Keith. He can’t be seen dancing on his own.

    • He’s one of them people who sit by the side of the road when the floats are going past, and he’s just yelling like, “YASSSS.”

    • Him and Lance dancing together.

    • He sees people who look even mildly uncomfortable and he grabs them and just starts twirling around because enjoy yourself!

    • At the end of the night, he’s known as That Guy Who Refused to Let Me Take A Break, because he just didn’t stop dancing.


      • He’s probably on one of the floats immediately.

      • Flower crown.

      • Face paint.

      • A rainbow shirt – the whole thing.

      • He’s probably offering to paint other people’s faces.

      • “Lance, you’re not even allowed on the float! Get down!”

      • He’s not even drunk, even though he looks like it. He’s just so happy.

      • He’s one of them sweet people who like help parents carry their children after the floats.

      • Making everyone hype af.

      • Buying so many banners and holding them all up at once.

      • Singing at the top of his god damn lungs.

      • Buying people who came in plain clothing rainbow shirts.

      • Probably gets in a dance battle and ends up breaking a bone.



      • He’d be so adorably excited.

      • Like he’d be clapping.

      • He’s probably always with somebody during the entire event, but he stands out nonetheless.

      • Since he’s tall af, he’s GLOWING.

      • He’s the banner holder, since he’s tall and it lets everybody see the banner he and Lance made the night before.

      • Wearing a rainbow shirt.

      • Face paint.

      • Handing out colourful sweets.

      • People come up to him and ask him for pictures even though nobody knows who he is. He’s just the really tall, happy dude that everybody’s been talking about.

      • Dancing really slowly at first, kind of awkwardly.

      • Then some dude comes up and offers to dance with him and he just loses control.

      • Like, he’s giving people lap dances.

      • He’s just lost it.

      • Turns out Hunk can jump into a split and he’s actually flexible as all hell.


      • Would probably be so shy at first.

      • “I don’t understand. Why is everybody wearing rainbows?”

      • Asking so many questions. She’s never even heard of a Pride Parade before.

      • Eventually, Shiro has to tell her to stfu, basically ordering her to just enjoy herself.

      • She takes a good hour just buying things that she sees appropriate. Nothing is in her size, so she ends up with oversized bangles and shirts and leg warmers, but she loves it.

      • Giggling uncontrollably as she dances.

      • People dance with her. Like, random people are just lifting her up onto their shoulders so she can see over the crowd.

      • She’s probably part of the group of people who are dancing in front of protesters, just showing them that she’s having a good fucking time.

      • She’s so proud of her other friends, who have all let loose and are just dominating the god damn parade. She’s like, “YAS THAT’S MY BOYS!” and it’s cute as hell.

      • Probably takes part in drinking games.

      • Turns out she’s the opposite of a light weight.

      • “This isn’t my first drink, lads.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey dude I've been following your blog for a while and you got some really cool animations. I myself am trying to learn how to animate but I don't know where to start. So my question to you is where do I start to learn how to animate? Like are there any books I should read or tutorials you would recommend. Thanks for your time man I really apreciate it.

First off, thanks for the compliment and thanks for following me!

I don’t really think there’s any one way, but…

As far as books go, I’d say Preston Blair’s Advanced Animation is probably the best place to start. The name’s pretty misleading- It atcually starts form the very basics. It’s where I started when I started getting more serious about animation, and I’d say it has probably been my biggest help. Learning good construction skills has helped me tremendously with my animation and art. You may have a lot of awesome ideas in your mind, but that won’t help much if you can’t translate them to paper (or tablet, or whatever you may use).  Learn about construction, how lines and features wrap around forms, clear and distinct poses, perspective, etc. Don’t trace the examples, but make your own copies of them step by step and compare them to the images given. Your copies don’t have to be perfect- what’s most important is that you’re learning how and why something looks the way it does.

When I first started copying I made the mistake of trying to make my drawings look exactly the same as in the book, causing frequent frustation. I’d spend forever on one drawing, not really absorbing and understanding what the goal was. Now, that doesn’t mean you should be careless about it… You do want them to look close. Just make sure to go step by step, checking your progress along the way. You’ll get better the farther you go.

You might have taken a look at those pages and thought “Well, that’s interesting and all, but I don’t exactly plan on drawing these old ‘40s Disney-style characters any time soon…”

That’s totally understandable and perfect because the next step is to use the tools you learned from copying those drawings and apply them to your own drawings. After all, what’s the point in copying and learning all those principles if you aren’t going to use 'em? I’d also recommend some life drawing every once in a while. Draw people and objects and learn what things actually do look like and not just what you think they look like. Once again, apply these principles to your own drawings.

Like I said before, though, there’s no one way. That’s just the way I happened to learn. Some people can pull off amazing drawings and animation without a bit of construction!

As for learning actual animation… Watch and study the best! Take influence from both classic and modern animation. I love watching old Warner Brothers cartoons- especially those by Bob Clampett, Tex Avery, and Chuck Jones- and seeing how skillfully they move their characters. I also love anime, too. There are TONS of talented Japanese animators with unique styles and techniques. I have so many favorites I can’t even list them all, but SakugaBooru (occasional 18+ content there so beware) has a huge selection of awesome animation gifs and webms from just about everybody. Whenever you get a chance, browse around the site. Watch and analyze different animators’ works and study the underlying principles. Learn to recognize what’s great and what isn’t. Go frame by frame and see how things move, then try it out for yourself. If possible, check out rough animation too. Preston Blair also goes a little bit into animation (walk cycles, squash and stretch, etc.) later on in his book. I’ve also heard a lot of people recommend The Animator’s Survival Kit, but I haven’t really taken a look at it.

So, yeah, this is a big post coming from somebody who hasn’t had any type of formal training. Please don’t take my advice as the end-all be-all (…is that right?) Everything I’ve learned about animation so far has come from the internet, and I’m still just scratching the surface. There are still tons of things that I need learn and get better at (walk cycles still scare the heck out of me), but I’m going for it. Just look around and explore, both here on Tumblr and the rest of the internet. There’s quite a bit of treasure out there.

Some random tips and stuff:

-When animating, start with the basic forms first. Animating something that has a lot of details can be tricky and I find it easy to lose myself. Starting with the simple parts helps a bunch.

-This is probably just me, but I seem to have some sort of issue when it comes to erasing parts of a drawing. I tend to just draw over it, and over time that gets messy. Soo…. er, don’t be afraid to erase.

-If you’re making a project that’s a bit longer or more complicated than the usual gif or something, have a plan. Srsly. Storyboards help. I’ve learned that the hard way.

Miscellaneous recommendations:

-John K Stuff. Say what you will about him, but he gives solid drawing advice. Tons of information here that has also been a huge help in my learning. Also has some great animation lessons. I’d recommend it for those 16+, though.

-Animation Resources. They have the whole Preston Blair book uploaded.

I hope that wasn’t too long. If you or anybody else has any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


genderswap awakening kids!! finally finished

i uploaded the first six before and i was going to do the next six on a separate post but i kind of like them all together

again, if you have any better name suggestions please don’t hesitate to tell me! i’m still a bit iffy on yarne’s name but i really wanted to keep with the fabric theme of their names and really nothing is similar to yarne at least tartan rhymes ish

nah was originally noh but my brother suggested nuh-uh and i couldnt stop laughing so i put that in instead

im so in love with bridey help

i have a lot of sketches ready to upload. i’m uploading this one separately simply because it’s the only one from this particular sketch dump that is in “bad pearl au”. lately i really started to enjoy making these super simple pixely drawings with limited palette.

as for the rest i’m still hesitant, because some of these are getting a bit… spicy, and i’m really not sure if i should upload them here, i don’t want to flag my blog so my stuff is visible to everyone, but i don’t want someone to see stuff they don’t want to see. also i have no idea how many people i know irl are seeing this, you feel me

i’m probably being overdramatic (as always) but hey, it’s a big deal for me

this was scribbled in a very short time, excuse any mistakes. i cannot seem to keep consistent art style, i cannot seem to keep aNYTHING consistent in my life

The purple flame burns brighter than ever

Artist’s comments under read more, because this is a very important picture to me. For that reason, you may not (more so than any other picture I made) upload this picture on other websites, alter, edit or claim it as your own in any way. 

Now on Pixiv too with the individual pictures. Please consider bookmarking/rating my work if you like it! Thank you!

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Helllloooo!!!!! I’m pretty sure that I’ve figured out how to upload audios, so expect those soon. Just clarinet, and possibly flute audios to start. I’m a wee bit hesitant to upload bassoon recordings, to show my progress, because the bassoon that I’m using is in dire need of repair. Anything below a low A-natural comes out incredibly gross. Plus there are some fun harmonics that can be heard occasionally. It’s rough.


This is my new Ever After High Oc. She doesn’t have a name yet, maybe it will be Nocturna or something like that.

She is the daughter of the Queen of the Night, from Mozart’s Magic flute.

I know, the actual daughter of that queen is in that opera (Pamina) but… you know… the next gen of the characters… Just keep it like that and don’t think too much about it ok? :P

I used that galaxy pattern that’s so inn right now and all moon and night themed. 

Hope you guys like her and tell me in the comments here, or liking and reblogging ^^

Oh and thanks again for the amount of notes Rosabelle and Bunny got, I’m so happy <3 I will keep drawing Ever After High canon characters and OC.

Comissions are open in my devinatart page: http://airinreika.deviantart.com/

Don’t hesitate to send me asks, I will answer them happily ♥

EDIT: I chanmged her a little bit. After uploading her I saw some moon crown references on teddybearbones’s tumblr and I totally loved those! So I used them as a reference for designing a better crown for this character and now she wears earrings. I also decided on her name: Selene Night! What do you think about those changes? Maybe I should accesorize her a little bit more (sure a ring or a bracelet)

ukulele clichés

genre: *spins wheel* it landed on fluff again. what a Surprise.

warnings: mentions of alcohol

summary: Dan Howell plays the ukulele and he’s working on his first album, ever. He’s a bit in love with Phil Lester, an animator making his first movie who’s constantly stressed. It takes a drunken love confession for them to start playing around each other and honestly, Dan enjoys the game way too much.

a/n: big shoutout to my friend Ryu who supported me when I was like “THIS IS SHIT AND I HATE IT”. love you. Can you believe this entire thing is written on mobile? Stressful. The other  YouTubers mentioned can be found here.

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You’re My Best Friend

Prompt: ((thank you for sending yours in!))

Genre: angst, fluff, smut ((wow the whole package go kyra))

Warnings: grinding, swearing, self hate, homophobic slurs, bullying

Word count: 1818 ((god damn it kyra this is a simple prompt why))

A/N: okay this was supposed to be really fluffy and smutty but then i haven’t written angst and i threw this thing up. also the italics are time flashbacks with the exception of the end. hope you like :)

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Going Public With G Dragon

This is just something random I wrote a couple weeks ago and I forgot to upload…Anyway, I hope you like it even though it’s on the short side.

P.S: Please respect G Dragons privacy, he’s a human being and he deserves some privacy…I feel so sorry for him lately, I hope he’s okay. :(

-Admin Kitty

He didn’t speak in the car, nor when you both walked into his apartment hand in hand. Letting go of your hand he headed for the bedroom and you were going to follow him, but you hesitated in the door way. “Jiyong?” You asked, softly, “Do you want to be left alone for a bit?” He nodded, giving you a small smile, “You know me so well, jagiya.” You smiled, glad to see he was somewhat smiling too, “I’ll…call you later, okay?” “No..,” He shook his head rapidly, “Please don’t leave..” He reached out for your hand in the doorway, playing with your fingers in his palm, “Stay. Empty my fridge…do whatever you want, just please don’t leave, okay?” “Arasso,” You replied, relieved when he looked at ease at your words. For the rest of the afternoon and the start of evening, you made cups of tea and worked on your college project, just trying to distract yourself from Jiyong in the other room. You tried to concentrate on the work, but it seemed all the letters on the page kept melting into the shape of his smile that had been fading from his face for a few days now and with every word you wrote on the page, along with it came worry. To put your mind at ease, you headed for the bedroom. The door was cracked open the slightest bit and you let yourself peer in just for a moment, just to check he was alright. He stood at the large window that took up most of the wall, his feet glued to the spot. He stared out at Seoul’s city and from the back of him, you tried to guess how he was feeling. His back muscles were tensed up and so was the fist that hung by his side, his other hand pressed against the glass of the window. You sighed, not good. You lingered in the doorway for a moment, but then crossed the room to him quickly.  You hesitated, but eventually let your fingers reach out to touch his side then looped your arms around his waist.

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Edit That Bit Out

Summary- Dan and Phil coming out by uploading a video titled “edit that bit out” and it’s a montage of all the times they have hugged and kissed and cuddled and been cute while making videos then said “edit that bit out”

Genre - Fluff mainly

Warnings - nothing really


“Are you sure you want to do this?”

Phil sighed and hesitated before nodding and laying his head on Dan’s shoulder. The two had been planning this for ages now and they had just finished putting together every clip they’ve ever edited out, and their was a lot of clips. They watched through the video one last time before Dan hovered the mouse over the button that would change their lives, hopefully for the better. He pressed it and then shut the lid of the laptop and placed a hand on Phil’s leg which had began to shake.

“It’ll be okay, I promise.”

“What if this changes everything though? What if we were better keeping to ourselves and close friends.”

“We’ve been wanting to do this for ages, 99% of the viewers have shipped us since we moved in together; we’ll be fine.”

He bit his lip and nodded unsurely, all Dan wanted was to prove his point but he couldn’t. It was all in the hands of the viewers.


It was a week later and the couple had decided to film their first video since coming out. It was going to be a sims video, because everyone seemed to like them and it seemed a good way to ease into their relationship being public.


Phil nodded and pressed record on the camera and both their faces instantly became smiley.

“Hey DanandPhilGames…”

“No stop right there.”


“You can’t be putting this pressure on yourself, I’ve told you this before.”

“Fine, today we’re playing sims! Because that’s the only game any of you want us to play.”

“Yeah, I think I’ve gotten hundreds of requests asking when the next Dil video is so here you go!”

Phil pressed play and within minutes they were engrossed in the game, they both enjoyed doing Gaming videos mainly because they usually did them together but also because any spare moment they had they were playing some sort of video game so it meant they could upload frequently depending on how busy they were.

“I’m craving fish now.”

“We don’t have any fish, we should get a takeaway.”

“I don’t want to go and get it though.”

“Then I’ll go.”

Phil pecked Dan on the lips and smiled contently, it felt good to know that neither of them needed to edit that bit out.

Coming out meant that they were free sure, but it also meant that more hate would be sent their way. But they didn’t care, coming out meant they could cut down their editing time, meaning more time together.

“I love you.”

“Me too, only you.”

“You’re cute.”

“I’m glad we don’t have to edit that out.” “Me too.”

Small update about the body freckles ! It seems a bit blurry on the body, because the textures on the face are on a bigger resolution on the face, but there is nothing I can do about it. I created 10 variations so far, I don’t think I need more, but maybe I will need to tweak some details before uploading it !

This hairstyle look so good on Grace, too bad the Niksims colors aren’t available on this extracted version. :o

By the way, I received my first donation, but unfortunately, I don’t know who to thanks for that ! If you donate, don’t hesitate so send me a message, to let me thank you, because it means a lot for me. Anyway… thank you anonymous donator ! :D


Jackie: I know this is a bit late, but after hesitating on uploading this for the past few days, I couldn’t resist. 

In case anyone gets confused, these conversations take place between England and America, Canada, Sealand, Hong Kong, and Seychelles. Oh, the things poor Arthur will do to keep his phone from being spammed with messages early in the morning.

Happy Belated Mother’s Day, everyone!


Inside the Lola Box I gave Gerard some doodle prints, some original promarker drawings of him and lola, a letter, and a memory/data stick on which was some more art and a video of my lipsync performance :)