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Hey whatever you’re doing right now is important and all, but we need to talk about a Fake AH Crew AU where Ryan introduces Meg to the rest of the crew

At this point they are all still kinda scared of Ryan. He’s the freaking Vagabond, like shit my dudes. They’ve been working together for long enough though that Ryan has shown them his face a few times but they are still more than a bit scared of him.

They’re about to rob a place with a very specific and unique uniform and need to blend in. They’ve tried to get the uniforms through their usual connections but it just isn’t happening. They’re just about to ready to give up when Ryan quietly informs that he knows someone who could help them.

So, that evening they get into their car and Ryan drives them into the trendy side of the city and to an apartment building. The other guys are a bit “?????” because this definitely doesn’t look like a place they usually do business at. Also, anyone Ryan has connections to has to be a real bad guy so this seems…off.

They get to a door and before Ryan even knocks the door is opened by this petite girl with purple hair that goes “Rye-Rye!” and just hugs the dude. The others freeze because, like does this girl know that Ryan once broke someones wrist when they touched him without permission?

And then they pretty much piss themselves with fear because this girl just straight up reaches for Ryan’s mask and pulls it off. She’s like “You know I hate that you wear that thing all the time. You know it’s really shitty for your skin. You’ve been using that cream I gave you, right?” 

And they are even more shocked when the fucken Vagabond just looks nervous and goes “….I’ve used it a bit.” and seems to shrink when this tiny girl glares at him.

So they go inside and they all instantly like Meg, but are also a bit confused about how this friendship or whatever it is between these two unlikely companions started. They start discussing it, and by discussing it I mean wildly speculating in groupchat, about how these two could have met. Michael is sure they’ve pulled a heist together, Jeremy is suggesting that maybe Ryan saved Meg from bad people, Geoff is suggesting that Meg saved Ryan from bad people, Gavin thinks the girl is cute, and Jack is mostly just impressed with the room decor.

Ryan and Meg have a very casual banter going on as Ryan explains what the costumes they need are and even laughs a couple of times after which Michael fills the chat with about 243 question marks. The girl seems to think that making elaborate outfits is easy, but hey, Ryan has to know what he’s doing if he trusts this girl. Meg also assures them with a laugh that she had recreated harder to make outfits before.

So they eventually start to relax a bit, and can’t help but to notice that this Ryan is basically a different person than the one they know. The guy they know likes sharpening knives, this one is changing the lightbulbs in Meg’s kitchen because she can’t reach them.

Meg is taking their measures when Jack oh-so-casually asks how she and Ryan met. “At an anime convention.”, she answers like it’s the most normal thing in the world to make friends with someone on the FBI’s most wanted list at an anime convention. Geoff laughs so hard that he pees his pants.

And that is how Meg meets the Fake AH Crew. 

Manspreading (Epilogue)

Word Count: 4k

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The air was filled with the fragrance of a thousand flowers, just like it always was inside of your delivery truck, in your house, and most of all in your flower shop. They say the more frequently you smell something, you grow habituated to it and you stop registering it, and maybe that’s true but in the seven years you’ve been a florist, you have yet to take the sweet, cleansing smell for granted.

It has been a long time since you drove around delivering the bouquets yourself. You had stopped doing it ever since your small business grew a little and people started seeking you out personally for the unique designs you poured your soul into creating, and you had to hire a driver to do the delivering for you so your creative process wouldn’t get frequently interrupted.

You started this business out of passion. It was something you chose for yourself, entirely on your own, and so the sheer amount of effort that went into it never felt tiresome to you. You never made two bouquets alike, and you incorporated even the very hard to come by flowers if it meant getting your vision translated into reality just right, and so what little extra money you made -you were adamant on not overpricing your bouquets no matter how successful you got- immediately got spent on improving the little green house you bought and cared for, but that never bothered you. You weren’t in this for the money.

Even though your shop and the green house felt like your little slices of heaven, the chance to deliver some bouquets today, as suggested by Namjoon, was a lovely change of pace. You had forgotten how excited this part was, getting to see the jovial expressions on your clients faces after handing them the final product, and witnessing first-hand the happiness such a simple thing can bring to a person’s life, if even for a moment.

There was only one bouquet left to deliver, and it was the best one yet. A class of second year kindergarteners were graduating to elementary school soon and they wanted to surprise their beloved teacher with a little farewell present. That was the most precious thing you’ve ever heard and you couldn’t wait to see the surprise and happiness on the teacher’s face as the little ones proudly presented the flowers to him.

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it’s a war zone♡

Characters: Jeon Jeongguk x Reader
Genre: Suggestive Smut + Fight me Jeon
High School AU, RichKid!Jungkook, Asshole!Jungkook
Based on this vine by @1randomkpop, this is two weeks delayed, IM SORRY BUT ENJOY. 

Tick, Tick, Tick.

I tapped my pen on the desk impatiently staring blankly at the paper in front of me. Class had started hours ago however my mind was still lost and distracted. I looked around the classroom at the familiar faces of my classmates. They all looked uninterested at whatever the professor was talking about. They all were waiting for something too. They were waiting for class to end. Hell, probably every person in this room was counting down the seconds till the class ended.

Every person, except me.

I was counting down the seconds till still I saw him again.

Jeon Jeongguk.

The door to the classroom clicked open causing my head to snap in its direction. As if my thoughts were heard he walked in, head held high, a small smirk playing on his lips. His dark hair perfectly styled, not a strand out of place. His uniform perfectly crisp, his shoes polished. His appearance didn’t provide hints on what he was doing that caused him to be late. Or should I say who he was doing.

His eyes raked the classroom almost as if he was searching for something. His gaze met mine and then shifted to the empty seat in front of me. For a fraction of a second, it looked like his smirk grew but as quickly as it had, it disappeared. He held my gaze as he walked towards me, not even blinking as his hand reached up to straighten his already perfected tie. My gaze wandered to his hand adjusting the tie. The flash of his golden Rolex through the cuffs of his shirt caused heat to pool at the pit on my stomach. I clenched my legs tightly, gulping in process. I looked back towards his gaze only to see his smirk returned. He winked at me so swiftly it was almost as if I had imagined the whole thing.

My jaw slacked as he wordlessly sank down into the seat in front of me. I couldn’t see his face but I knew the smirk was still present on his face.

Two can play this game Jeon, and you just declared war.

I narrowed my eyes staring intently at the back of his head. His posture was perfectly straight as he listened to every word the teacher was saying with undivided attention. A small smirk of my own emerged on my face, I quickly unfastened the top-most button of my shirt, readjusting it. I licked my lips and crossed one of my long legs causing it to hit the back of Jeongguk’s chair.

I gasped dramatically when he turned around and stared at me questioningly. His gaze unnerving as it locked with mine. I leaned forward, my gaze still fixed with his. His eyes smoothly shifted from my face to my revealing cleavage and back. As I placed my hand on his back, my fingernails raking the fabric gently, I noticed him visibly gulp.

“I’m so sorry Jeon,” I said, biting my lip in order to hold back my smirk. His gaze shifted from my hand to my face and back before he nodded and wordlessly turned around.

I frowned, I was expecting more of a reaction than that. I huffed and crossed my arms returning to my previous activity of glaring at his back. Suddenly, his perfect posture slacked and he leaned back in his chair, his hand raking through the back of his hair, his head bent forward. His new posture exposed the back of his neck. I leaned forward unconsciously making it seem as if I was taking notes, my gaze transfixed on his neck. I felt a sudden rush of possessiveness flow through me as I noticed a kiss mark on his neck. I gritted my teeth pressing my pencil too hard on my notebook causing it to break.

As I stared blankly at the broken tip of my pencil another smirk played on my lips. I sharpened my pencil and then leaned a bit forward to blow off the bits of dust on the pencil point. I blew with a little extra force causing my warm breath to cascade along Jeongguk’s neck. He shivered, a barely audible groan escaping his lips. He turned around to stare at me once again, his gaze questioning. I parted my lips letting a small gasp escape my lips. 

“Oops,” I whispered and held up my pencil to show him what I was doing, suddenly the pencil slipped from my fingers and slide across the desk. Both of us watched it fall, not attempted to stop it’s course. The pencil fell right next to his foot. My gaze snapped to his and I tilted my head at him, silently asking him to return my pencil.

His bent down lower than necessary to pick up the pencil, his head practically ducking down under the desk. I watched him as his fingers grasped the pencil and then as his gaze fell on my bare legs. The school’s uniform had allowed him a fantastic view. His eyes raked painstakingly slow along my legs and the rest of my body until they met my gaze. He straightened his posture and handed me my pencil. My fingers brushed against his causing a sudden charge of energy to flow through me.

“Thank you,” I said softly, trying to pull my pencil from his grasp. He held it tighter, the back of his his thumb running along the inside of my palm. 

“No, thank you.” He smirked back at me, suddenly he letting go of the pencil and turning back around in his seat.

“By the way,” I leaned forward in my seat to whisper in his ear, I ran my hand along the back of his neck, where the kiss mark was located, “you missed spot.”

As I was retracting my hand and retrieving back into my seat, his hand shot out and grabbed mine. He turned in his seat, his playful gaze met mine, his signature smirk on his lips. 

“You jealous baby?” He said licking his lips as he looked between my lips and my eyes.

“Yes,” I said calmly causing him look at me dumbfounded, “of her lipstick shade. Ask her and let me know, okay babe?”

 I pulled my hand out of his grasp as I winked at him causing him to roll his eyes and turn back around in his seat. 

The loud ringing of the lunch bell caused me to jolt in my seat. Everyone scrambled to their feet, rathering their belongings and rushing out the door. Everyone except Jeongguk and I. We took our time, until we were the only ones left in the classroom, even the teacher had left. Our eyes didn’t meet but we seem to be aware of the other’s presence. Our hands busy gathering our things, but also aware of the other’s actions.

As I straightened up grabbing my backpack, I noticed Jeongguk had stopped his movements and was currently sitting on the desk. His legs spread apart, arms crossed observing me. His eyes raked my figure shamelessly, not even bothering to hide the evident lust that was coursing through his being. 

My gaze drifted between him and the open door. I licked my lips and walked slowly towards the entrance. My hands slowly grasped the door, eyes scanning the empty hallway as I silently shut it. I turned around slowly and lifted my gaze to meet his. 

Jeongguk tilted his head and smirked at me, raking his fingers through his hair. I bit my lip silence observing his actions. His gaze examined my body from the curve of chest to the length of my legs and back again.  His hand unconsciously reached towards his tie fixing it. As his gaze met mine a small smile played on my lips.

“I have a theory,” I said dropping my bag beside the door, I cross my arms and lean against the door. Jeongguk’s eyes drift to the swelling of my chest caused by my gesture and his hand fixed his tie yet again.

“Go on,” he said, raising an eyebrow at me, I smirked pushing myself off the door and walking towards him,

“I think you fix your tie every time a dirty thought crosses your mind,” I say expressionlessly. Jeongguk stares at me, unblinkingly and suddenly bursts out laughing.

“You’re definitely not like any of the other girls I’ve ever met.” He says, his hands rubbing against his thighs as he stares at me. I walk towards him slowly making his gaze travel down to the length of my legs until I stand between his legs.

“This uniform is very becoming on you, Jeon,” I said grasping his tie, his eyes rake upwards from my legs painstakingly slow, meeting my gaze, “but then I would be too.”

His hands reached forward and grabbed my hips, his fingers spaced digging into my skin through the fabric.

“Don’t you want lunch, [Y/N]?” he murmured, leaning forward, his thumb stroking the sensitive skin of my lower tummy through the light uniform shirt. My hand reached up to stroke the side of his face lovingly.

“I’d rather have y-“ before I could finish my sentence he crashed his lips against mine. As soon as our lips touched, my entire body jolted awake. There was nothing loving about the way Jeongguk was kissing me. This was a battle, a battle for dominance. As my fingers ran through his hair roughly ruining it’s untouched state, his hands roamed my body. His hands searched until the finally grasped my ass under my skirt, squeezing it. His suddenly rough contact with my bare skin caused a squeal to escape me. As my mouth opened for him, he tilted his head, slipping his tongue in-between my lips. His lips curved into a small smirk as a low moan erupted from me. His hands cradled my face, as his kisses grew slower, more passionate. Almost sweet. 

No, this wasn’t supposed to be sweet.

I smirked against his lips and leaned my hands forward to rest against his thighs. His lips stopped moving against mine as I drifted my hand closer towards his belt. I grabbed his belt and pulled a centimeter away from his lips, allowing my gaze to meet his. I grasped his tie tightly with my other hand.

 “Fucking kiss me like I’m your enemy Jeon, this isn’t paradise, it’s our war zone.”


I’ve received a couple of asks about how I make my icons so I’ve decided to make a small tutorial!! Honestly, I’m the most unprofessional person and trust me when I say they’re easy to make. Also, I’ve made this at 11pm (after work) yesterday because I have work all day today + the day tomorrow. I apologise in advance for any miscommunication lmao.

  • I’ll be using Photoshop CS5
  • Basic PS knowledge preferable
  • Feel free to ask any further questions

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anonymous asked:

could you do a tutorial on how you do picspams please ? thank you !!

hi, lovely anon and sure! ^^

how i make a picspam from this

to this

tutorial & all the resources are under the cut. also English is not my first language so  i’m sorry in advance for any mistakes and please like/reblog if you find this useful, thank you

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Jealousy - Peter Pan AU

Warnings: Fluff, angry Pan, almost rape, Cliché af 

Summary: You and Peter had always had a connection. You both felt it when the Shadow dropped you on the island. You soon became his possession even tough you made him clear that you weren’t an object. Everything was fine until a new arrival came to the island. 

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader 

Request:  Can you do an imagine where y/n is rejected by pan for the new girl and y/n is hurt so she run into the woods and pirates kidnapped her and pan is all angry and fluufff, please. Sorry if its too confusing:( - Anon 

Notes: Y/n = your name - y/e/c = your eye colour - y/h/c = your hair color

The sun blinded your eyes as you got out of your tent. It was going to be a great day. You made your way over to breakfast, greeted by several Lost Boys. As you sat down at your usual spot you looked over to Peter’s to find it empty. Which was strange, he would always be the first to sit at the table. You turned your head to Felix asking him where their leader was. He told you that he felt a new arrival at dawn and that he had not returned yet. You thought nothing of it and consumed your breakfast with the usual jokes at the table. 

As soon as you were finished you got up and started to do you work. You sharpened your knives, went on a lonely hunting trip and picked some berries on your way. Things you would normally do with Peter f he wasn’t busy with beating Lost Boys. This made you a little bit upset but you understood tough. Peter had an island to rule and this new Lost Boy was probably a hard nut to crack. 

You returned to camp and gave Alex the fox you shot. He took it with a big smile and he complimented you on always taking care of the food. You smiled and walked out of the kitchen, eating some berries. That’s when you saw her. 

Long curly dirty blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, a cute nose, naturally red lips. She was beautiful. She was talking with Peter, constantly giggling with what he was saying. He was looking down on het with a grin. He was looking at her with so much affection. He was looking at her how he used to look at you. 

You decided not to think about it too much, he was only being friendly to her, and you walked over the fire, sitting down on a log next to Felix. “Hi Felix.” you happily said. He didn’t respond. You looked over to where he was looking and your face dropped. He was looking at her. You looked at the other Lost Boys and noticed that they were also looking at her. It made your blood boil. 

“That’s it.” you said. You stood up and made your way into the forest. As you were walking away you could feel his eyes on you, he didn’t come after you tough. You scoffed and walked even further into the woods. After twenty minutes of walking you hear a sound in the bushes near you. “Peter?” No answer. “Guys this isn’t fun!” You looked around in search of one of the boys. 

You quickly understood that you were in danger, you put your hand on your hidden dagger and waited till the enemy would come out. You walked further as if there was nothing going on. Suddenly two men grabbed you. You quickly drew your dagger and killed one of them. “We need help over here!” shouted the man that held your right arm. Two pirates appeared and tried to overmaster you. You knocked one out but eventually you got caught. They tied you arms and feet and carried you to their ships. 

You tried to escape but the ropes were too tight. “Let go of me!” The captain looked at you and laughed. “Oh but dear, we will let go of you if we are satisfied, you see we haven’t seen a living girl in months.” As soon as the words left his mouth the fear took over you and you started to scream. The captain looked at you with anger and knocked you out. 

You woke up, bounded to a bed. “Ah, our little lady is awake. Fun time.” The captain grins and his men laugh. You pulled at the ropes, but they wouldn’t budge. “Let me go!” “Shut up!” The captain stormed forward and gave you a hard slap on your cheek. You instantly felt the shape of his hand on your cheek. A single tear left your eye and all the men laughed at it. “He will find you! And he will kill you!” “You wish.” The captain climbed upon you and forced you into a kiss. “I would listen to the girl if I were you.” His voiced beamed trough the room. You looked at him and you felt scared. He looked as if he wanted to kill everything that was breathing.

The captain flew off your body and slammed into the wall. The other pirates drew their sword and got into a fighting stance. You watched as he quickly killed them all. He rushed over to you and freed you. You flew into his arms, sobbing. “Shh, it’s alright. I’m here now.” He hold you as long as you needed. “Thank you.” you quietly whispered. “I would always have your back.” “I thought you wouldn’t notice me being gone.” He pulled out of the embrace and looked at you. “What do you mean?” 

“You were so busy with the new girl and nobody noticed me leaving so I just gave up.” “I would never let you get hurt y/n. Of course I noticed that you were going into the woods but I just thought you were going to the lagune to take a bath. When you didn’t come back I send all the Lost Boys on a search party for you. I would never let anyone harm you, y/n. Never.” You looked at him with tears in your eyes. “Nobody could replace you, my queen.” He took your chin between his fingers and kissed you. “I love you Peter Pan.” “And I love my feisty Queen.” 

Imagine (9) - Percy Jackson

pokenjnshakanavdns said to imagine-unicornys:Can you make a Percy Jackson imagine in which the reader is a daughter of Aries, but does not look like one. So Leo decides to tease the reader that she does not look like a child of Aries; you can choose the ending.

(not my gif.)

(and sorry, I don’t really know who people usually fan cast as Leo :( )

Leo Valdez

“It doesn’t make any sense,” Leo creased his eyebrows as he stared intently at you.

“What doesn’t make sense?” You asked, taking a breather from sharpening your sword.

Nothing,” Leo bit his lip, trying hard to contain his words. If there was one thing he had learn from interacting with the children of Ares, it was that they were not to be meddled with.

You rolled your eyes at him, and directed your attention back to your sword.

Leo suddenly chuckled and you noticed that he was still looking in your direction.

“You have a problem with me?” You glared at him, causing Leo to realise what he was doing.

“Nope, no problem,” said Leo and attempted to pull on a serious face.

“You and I both know that it is a lie,” you replied, getting more annoyed.   

Leo sighed at the thought of coming clean.

“Well, here goes nothing,” he thought, and sent a prayer to his dad, hoping that you wouldn’t slaughter him.

“I just don’t understand how you’re a daughter of Ares,” he blurted out and awaited for your reaction, preparing himself to run for Jason and Piper’s help should you decide to kick his butt.

“Excuse me?” you uttered, in a state of confusion.

“What do you mean by ‘how you’re a daughter of Ares’?” You asked, not getting his message.

“I mean, you don’t look like one,” Leo clarified. He made a mental countdown before realising that you weren’t running after him. As soon as he concluded that you were in a good mood, there were no boundaries for him to cross and he went loose with his words.

“I look at every child and I’ll be able to point out who exactly is a child of Ares. As for you, I’m not getting that Ares vibe,” He explained.

“Stereotyping people eh Valdez?” You replied. He was lucky you had won Capture the Flag earlier today, thus being in a good mood. Otherwise he’ll probably be injured right now.

“Don’t you get that often?”

“Are you outcasted by the rest of Cabin 5?”

“Are you sure Ares claimed you? Did he claim you immediately?”

“You don’t seem like you have good combat skills,”


Nobody had dared to insult your combat skill. Not even Clarisse.

“That’s it, nobody insults my combat skill,” you stood up, wielding the newly sharpened sword on one hand.

“Time to test this baby out,” you smirked at Leo. 

As soon as he realised what you were going to do, he ran and attempted to escape. 

He hid behind a tree, and heaved a sigh of relief when you were out of his sights until-

“Caught you,” you appeared out of nowhere and apprehended Leo, tying him to the tree trunk with a rope.

“Yeap, definitely a daughter of Ares,” Leo remarked and made a helpless expression.

“Tell me Valdez. If I’m not a daughter of Ares like what you thought, then whose child exactly am I?” You asked as you walked slowly around the tree, trying hard to contain your laughter when you witnessed his expression of fear.

“Uh,” Leo looked down on the ground. His expression of fear instantly changed to a flustered expression.

“You know the thing about children of Ares, is that they kill without hesitation,” you joked as you drew out your sword right in front of him, but Leo didn’t know that you were joking.

“Alright alright, I’ll tell you!” He exclaimed.

“I thought you were the daughter of afirozkiamdite” he mumbled, hoping that you’ll let him off.

“Still trying to play jokes eh Valdez?” you asked.

“I thought you were the daughter of Aphrodite, alright?” Leo admitted and looked down. He always thought that you were a daughter of Aphrodite, since every beautiful demigod he had laid eyes upon in Camp Half Blood were mostly from Cabin 10. It was only until today when he saw you hanging out with the Cabin 5 kids in the dining pavilion that he discovered that you were a child of Ares.

“Oh,” you uttered.

“Well, I hope today taught you a lesson to not go around stereotyping people,” you said and walked off.

“Are you going to leave me here?!” exclaimed Leo. 

“You wouldn’t, would you?” he added. 

“You’ll figure it out Valdez!” You exclaimed back. You couldn’t untie him. He would have notice the blush you still had on your face and that would certainly be embarrassing for a daughter of Ares.

Still, it felt good to be mistaken as a daughter of Aphrodite once in a while.

adilynia  asked:

What life lesson has been the hardest to learn?

The question seemed to catch the knight a bit off guard, and brought his hands to a steady halt when he looked up. He’d been tending to a small chip in the keen edge of his blade, sharpening and filing it down to restore its cut. His thumb brushed over the very edge of the steel surface, the slight ting of contact between skin and metal as he looked to the reflective surface in quiet thought. A long breath drew on the smells of the camp, filling his lungs with equal measures of smoke and stale air.

“That no matter what we may want, or how hard we may wish it to be, that times will come and go where we are powerless to make them so. It is a humbling thing to be felled to one’s knees and weep for what is, rather than rejoice at what could be. The loss of a loved one ripped away from your arms, the fall of a comrade who a moment before had breathed the air of victory, the changing tides of battle…the end of war. We are plagued each day by what is, and we must accept that what could be may never come. That is not to say that there is no hope, for what purpose is there in life but to strive toward one’s dreams? We sacrifice many and more things in our struggle, but along the way I think we each find something we never expected. Hope, resolve, kindness, understanding…Though we may lament the loss of a dream at times, it has never been the destination in life that matters, but the journey along the way and your experiences therein, that are truly what make your life..your life.”

New Bits of New Fic

Right after I tallied up all my unfinished Laviyuu works and see how much is left, what do I do? START A NEW ONE OF COURSE!

Sometimes I want to shoot my brain. Only sometimes.

You want some vague semi-poetry-like prose? You got some vague semi-poetry-like prose!

Assassin!AU like no tomorrow.

Bye Bye Blackbird

A gun. Metal cold on soft skin. Carotid pulse throbs. More pressure. Hard enough to bruise.

A click.

A knife. Sliding against exposed back. Up and up, freshly sharpened. Tiny pinpricks of pain, all the way to the base of the skull.

A hiss.

The room was dark save for the streetlight from the windows. In this part of town no one would bat an eye at tumbling behind closed doors. Which was what they were doing – trying to, at least, with one hand occupied for each. The gunholder had on an eyepatch. He was stripped to the waist, straining against his opponent whose back was to the wall. The knifewielder was cocky, smirked like the devil. One of his legs was planted firmly between the other’s. The knee slid up, slow, sensual, the wall his anchor.

A smile.

“We’re really gonna do this?”

“Tch. Of course.”

(more to come)


the dear @redfailure asked me to show them how to make my promo and i didn’t save the .psd file because i’m a dumbass so i made a new one and thought i’d share my instructions!! 

so first off i dragged in all the layers i wanted to start off with, two for the background, and one screencap of matt. then i used a hard brush to cut him out and set him on the background —- for now, i kept his hair kinda a bit blockish and didn’t really cut it out because often that’s one you have to carefully feather, psd depending. so until i was at that stage, i left it.

next up, i went in and sharpened everything — and from now on in, any new layers added will be sharpened. it just looks so much better. 

i don’t have a gif of it, but i then went and used the clone stamp to remove the text from the screencap that’s on his arm, and also did some damage control to try and get rid of that rune on his neck. that one i didn’t do too well on, but my advice would be to use a teeny tiny little brush that has a very soft edge. the clone stamp tool is the one with the little stamp icon, and if you’ve never used it before, hold down option and click on the area you want to clone, then use the brush along whatever you wanna cover with the stamp. i would advise single mouse clicks unless you’re covering something huge 

next up, i added a few extra layers to spice up the psd, with a texture layer over top on ‘lighten’ mode. then, i dragged in a psd i made for my icons, and then went in to some of the background layers and played around with the ‘levels’ (image > adjustments > levels) and upped the shadows so the background could be more visible with the heavy psd on top.

next up, i grabbed the gif i wanted to use, in this case of waves hitting a rock, and i dragged in all the layers (when you open the gif, make sure you right click by the eye icon to show all layers, then you don’t have to manually place them all as visible). i positioned the layers behind matt, then i used the type tool to put my url there. next up, i used the magic wand tool to select around the text and inside the little spaces in the letters (you could probably also use the type mask tool but somehow this felt lazier). then, with that selection, i manually deleted that area from every layer in the gif, until they all were cut into the shape of the text. 

after that it was a normal gifmaking process: select all the layers, ‘create video timeline’ ( window > timeline ), make frames from clips ( three lines on the upper right corner of the timeline bar > convert frames > make frames from clips ), convert to frame animation ( lower left hand corner, three small squares on the timeline bar ). make sure through all of this you have ALL the frames you want in the gif animated selected, and NO OTHERS. then, when i had those frames, i put the speed at 0.09s, right-clicked to ‘do not dither’ on the frames, and made sure it was set for ‘forever’ on the bottom for the repetition. then boom, file > export > save for web and there you go!!


Okay!  So I’m writing this up as a thank you to everybody that started following me recently, I figure, eh, maybe at every big bump or whatever I’ll try and drop whatever meager knowledge I have, and if it helps people cool, if not then it’ll just be some snazzy art. All the concepts I’m presenting have been picked up during my studies with the Watts Atelier, so it’s by no means a set in stone sort of way, this is just what makes the most sense to me (Which is probably why I gravitated towards them for further education.)

So this is a head study done over the course of 1.5-2 hours, general’s charcoal pencil on 9x12 smooth newsprint.  The smooth finish is key, if you’ve ever drawn on rough newsprint you’ll realize how much tooth there is, while smooth newsprint is a GREAT surface to work on for studies and practice.  It takes conte and charcoal really well, and I highly recommend it as that for your surface. Typically when I do studies they’re on 18x24 sheets (which you buy a ream of 500 sheets for at Dick Blick for like 15 bucks) but I picked up the smaller size recently for traveling. 

The general’s charcoal pencil isn’t my usual choice, most of the time I use Conte sketching pencils with a B hardness, but those I sharpen into long needle points so transporting them can tend to be disastrous.  The charcoal pencils, even though they smudge WAY more easily, can be sharpened with a normal sharpener and can be transported a bit easier.  Plus it’s nice to change up things every once in a while, even if it’s minute.

Okay, breakdown of everything that’s happening here.  The photos are in chronological order, so just follow along and everything will be okay.  Unless you’re following along and you ended up out in a forest, in which case dammit you’ve wandered off out into the forest didn’t you.

1) Initial layout of the head. There are three-four things you need to take care of here, otherwise from here on out everything goes tits up.  You need to capture the general shape and angle of the head, the slope and rough shape of the eye ridge, and a basic block in of the nose.  Find your most basic of basic planes and lay them out.  Nearly all of this will get covered later, so put it down lightly, but correct. You should also drop in the general neck shape too, since heads just don’t float.  At least they shouldn’t.  In this particular instance, since his beard was such a huge shape as well it necessitated putting in a general form for it.

2) Now you start to chisel away at those initial marks, and make everything a little more definite.  Your goal throughout the drawing isn’t to put down marks right the first time, but to sneak up on it and come to a level of right by chipping away at it.  Think of yourself as a marble sculptor and your statue is in 2d.  What we’re doing is taking things from very general to specific. Key areas that I dropped in next after the first round of important landmarks are the ear, the keystone shape between the eyes, eyeballs, rough box planes of the nose, and the zygomatic bone. 

3) At this point we’re shifting away from making it a head anyone can have to it being a head only this guy can have. SHAPES ARE IMPORTANT HERE. Anytime anyone says to you that a drawing doesn’t look like somebody it’s because you put down the wrong shapes. I’m defining the beard a little more, the nose is taking on a characteristic look, and I’m blocking out shapes of the shadows, which are important if you want to do mass drawing.  Line drawing is good, I’m a super linear person by nature, but it forces you to have to symbolize everything. What we’re shooting for is making a sense of things by creating abstract shapes that slot together like little puzzle pieces.  Keep this in mind as it progresses, because you’ll see me refine and add shapes as we go along.

4) Further iteration of the previous step.  Hair is blocked in on the head so we can capture the shape of the head more, and a few other minor adjustments are made.

5) Right, here’s where we’re shifting into higher gears. I take one of two approaches to this - I’ll either map out everything once, so it’s a bunch of lines defining shadow shapes and whatnot then drop in a general, even mid tone, or I’ll pick a focal point and work out from there.  I’m doing the latter in this case, so I’m working on the dominant eye first, establishing the shape and dark tones required. I’m not bringing it up to a complete finish, but I am dropping in some of my initial darkest tones just so it sets a bar for the rest of the piece.  Remember, everything is about shapes.  Don’t think of things as “There’s a line that goes along here”, think of it as “This shape starts off as a wide wedge, but it tapers down into a very small shape as we move along it, and it butts up against this shape which is more geometric by nature.”  These are going to be partly observed, and partly invented, so this is your chance to let your artistic nature and tastes dictate how you want to make them.

6) From here on out the progress becomes more minute, so apologies if these next steps boil down to “More of the same, just refined.” We’re establishing the major shadow blocks in the rest of the areas, like under the beard, areas in the hair, the ear, the far side of the face, etc.  I’m also starting to put in halftones in the light areas, though a lot of these get shifted around and adjusted as I go along.

6b) I should mention real fast, I worked most of this piece with the side of my pencil, but towards the end when I needed to really define an area, I go up on the point and really define it. Again, it’s all about going from general to specific.

7) Establishing more shadow shapes in the beard. These are all pretty much invented, so I just went with whatever fancied me at the time.  Although the reference didn’t have a highlight in the eye due to the shadow overcast, it felt dead to me without it, so I pop in a very tiny one.  Most of the time when I put it in initially it’s too big, so I have to go back with my pencil and slowly carve away at it until the highlight is the size I want.

8) Addressing the hair on the top of his head now, it’s very much the same method used for the beard.  You’d kill yourself trying to match it 1:1, and I’m not built for seeing it that way, so better to get the general idea and abstract it down.  I’m taking my finger and rag here and there now to smudge some areas selectively to lose edges, I never use it to outright blend things.  I prefer to have the tiles be close enough in value that they blend optically.

9) Homestretch! Using the point of my pencil (which I’ve kept regularly sharpened this entire time) I go in and start to hatch some areas, tighten up others, and darken some tones that may need to be punched up a bit.  This is the final polish stage, at this point if the drawing is bad you can’t save it without starting over way back at the beginning - what your goal is at this point is to hone the areas you need to and bring everything up to a satisfactory level of finish.  I probably could have tooled around on it longer, but I get a little impatient and with my time running out on the second lunch hour I was using I decided it was at a good enough level to call it quits.

So that’s it!  Feel free to shoot me a question if you got them, or if you can think of another thing you’d like to see as a breakdown/tutorial.  Maybe I’ll do another long winded post like this when I get another hundred followers, maybe sooner.

everysonghasayou  asked:

I see that you're looking for some Halloween Klaroline prompts, so here's one for your consideration! Caroline accidentally summons the devil, who is like a genie (who knew!?) and he grants her three wishes. Catch is, she doesn't get to choose the wishes, they are her dirtiest desires. Klaus reaps the benefits.

+  mine is a combo, if that’s ok. 24,25, & 19. (bondage/restraints, blindfolds/sensory deprivation, multiple orgasms/marathon sex for the kink list prompts)

In A Spin

Juggling an armful of candles, various bowls and a couple of bulky books through the woods proves to be too much for Caroline even with the enhanced strength and coordination she’d gained once she became a vampire. She pauses when one thing slips, trying to rearrange her grip to prevent an avalanche, and fails. Everything tumbles to the ground, her overstuffed tote slipping from her shoulder to join the heap on the ground and she stomps her foot in frustration. The area is deserted and no one’s around to observe her mini tantrum and she relishes the opportunity to vent a little. Nothing had gone her way lately.

“Just great,” Caroline mutters resentfully, crouching to begin picking things up. “A squishy cherry on top of the awful sundae that is my life.”

An attempt to follow the directions in one of the books Alaric had tracked down had been a bust. She was certain that the pages had said that one didn’t need a witch to make the summoning ritual work, only needed the correct ingredients and perfect timing, but maybe she’d translated wrong. The book had been in Turkish and while her translations had been painstaking maybe she’d missed something? She’d check again, and then maybe see if she could track down a native speaker. She’d give the ritual another go at the next new moon if none of her other research avenues turned anything up.

Slicing her finger open on the silver knife she’d brought with her (of course the book had said that blood was required) Caroline curses and brings the cut to her mouth. “Ugh,” she grumbles, “Could this night get any worse?”

As if in answer she hears the crunch of leaves and the unmistakable thudding of a set footsteps drawing closer. Caroline rises slowly, tense and wary. Sure, she hadn’t exactly been paying a whole lot of attention but there’s no way someone should have been able to sneak up on her. It wasn’t possible, not with the level of quiet the forest out near The Falls is at nearly 2 AM on a school night.

She hadn’t even told anyone where she was going. Bonnie’s gone, Elena’s wrapped up in Damon angst. Stefan’s MIA and both Matt and Tyler are currently breakable. Her mom would worry so Caroline has kept much of the details of her activities private, covering up the possibly dangerous bits with sunny smiles and smooth misdirection. Alaric could have been A+ backup but he had been annoyingly patronizing about her quest to break down the Traveller magic around Mystic Falls. And, if Caroline’s entirely honest, she’s just not that comfortable in his presence. She makes sure they meet in public places even if it would be easier to go to his office. It’s hard for her to forget that afternoon he’d spent torturing her, even if it hadn’t been entirely him.

The footsteps draw closer, no attempt at stealth, and Caroline’s kind of regretting not leaving some form of breadcrumb.

She squints, vision sharpening as her human features recede. She makes out the shape of a body first, lean hipped and slightly broader through the shoulders, unmistakably male. She prowls forward a step, rests her weight on the balls of her feet, fangs bared and the knife that had cut her clutched in one hand. The figure disappears behind a clump of trees and Caroline takes it as an opportunity, speeding in his direction.

She stays low, hitting him hard and pinning him to a tree, knife to his throat.

A familiar throat, leather cords and medallions wrapped around it, two moles that she remembers kissing visible on either side of her blade. She lets out a relieved breath but quickly shakes herself. That was not the appropriate reaction. She pushes away from him roughly, “Klaus?” she shrieks. “What are you doing here? You scared me to death!”

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Jackstrawz Harbor Vampire

No moon did light
As I strolled into town
This soulless one
Makes not a sound
Feeds on flesh
Cares not less
Leave them wanting, tic tac keep score
Dancin’ bloodletting vampire whore
Hibernates company, share not, his rule
In winters ice tomb, grinding the tool
Glassy eyed lit, glaring led screens
Livingdead plots, sickening screams
Biding his time, sermon of greed
Hyperspace, hyperbolic hedonist biz
And rhyme, shrink waist, and so, it is
Frought filled faces, want just to feed
Spring’s almost here
Day walker power
Sun, still it stings
Mind now the hour
Bones fill his home, flesh seeking flesh
Lewd and reckless, phenom his guise
Head full and hard, full flagellum fest
Numb are his bits, none more the wise
Still, he ponders, teeth sharpen skills
Hunger pang, pains…pills for his ills
Eats his fill, of women and wine
But wanderlust calls, time passing time
Beans and greens, just ain’t the same
Strengthen body, vamps eat well said
Blood, is his aim the morrow to bleed
For memorial day
He lifts the lid
Spiffys up
Tidys crib
Stocks his shelf
With amber rum, and grey goose too
Count on it
He’ll soon find you
Ontario, Great lake his lair
Named by the Huron
Harbours there
A host in waiting, vampire fare
He’ll seek them out
He’ll breed his brood
Summers fling
Fancy food
This vamp does dance
Takes their hand
Makes sweet love
You understand
Not all is lost, lest you feel frought
When soul is stolen, from one just 18
To never age old, oh blood hits the spot
Unending goal, dont shed tears for me
No youth are born, no child to raise
For loins of these, bear only malaise
Culling the youth, hearding my sheep
Bed, passion spent, need not of sleep
Lust filled, he pounces
Smug, and well fed
Fair maids awake
Oh BTW, now they’re dead
To all of you, who dare me a dance
A toast I make A parting glance
A token wave, a shot cross bow
Warning fair, I make no bones ‘bout it
No need for cell numbers, not one at all
Got it, y'all? I dont give a shit
I own you… now, you’ll heed MY call
On Summer nights
I dance with fury
Women like, my shakin’ booty
And for a dance, you’re mine, no worry
Beaches, peaches, boats n ho’s
My harbor fare, and fair harbor home
I garden, swim, and meter my prose
I live forever, love me do’s lovin’ those
I was born, of mother fair
My ‘rents are kind folk, tought lovingly
I’m not all bad, forsaken only by one
A Man, 18 forevermore, yet undone
Children I spare, We play, and splash
I like them lots, they bring happiness
Turn 18 years, I’m not playn’ catfish
From buddies become, feast of fleshes
So if you stumble, into my town
No round trip needed homey
You’re hangin’ ’ round
I need to feed, loamy fertile ground
You’ll get the gist
Tend to my garden
Join the hunt, I grant no pardon
For lust made you, there’s no bargain
No quarrel, quibble, say, “not by choice”
Your chose to enter, so shut your voice
You get to walk in daylight too
Partake my drink, and merriment fool
We’ll sail the lake, clambakes on sand
Say Hi! To neighbors, they understand!
That somethings better left alone
Like, you and I, slugs under stones
And feast on flesh, fresh each night
Curl your toes, sharpen sight
For partners not, we’re just aquainted
Leftovers get you, if slow to bait ‘em
This might seem harsh, or even cruel
I didn’t make such soulless rules
But, ponder this : you live forever!
18-28 our goal for slaughter
Family nought, we’re just cellmates
Empty is womb, price you paid all told
You HAD “Labor day”, come ‘round fast
Cast stones, ha! For bones you did roll
Equinox Autumnul, celestial ecliptic
Redneck northeners, humble staple Gaze in mirror, for naught dwell in it
Take souls raw, blood drenched fable My brood has grown, a vanity fare
Damn, it can get touchy, close the door
God’s made creatures, such a bore
I made ‘em, still they don’t like to share
If you think those peaches I mentioned
R meant for all seasons, hunger grows
Peaches not, that’s only in Lewiston
Winter comes ‘round, with it less feedin’
So to Lewiston we travel days between
The “ girls ” and I pimpin’ every one
We sought peach queens ripe eighteen
Drank fill, winters chill, hell be undone
For winter is harsh, flesh is best warm
Feed on ourselves, watch price is right
Lets make a deal, brave you the night
Threshold, cross not, lest enter a storm
So stray, stay or wander : go forth few
Safe to say, I like flesh, I like to chew
Wanderlust, fills my brain, tell you now
Pretty thing? I’d feed on you, anyhow
Grateful Dead lyricist, Robert Hunter
Tells of mice and men, Shannon was I
He’ll tell it for you, his point of view
Jackstrawz, Harbor Vampire says ‘gnite
I added a Z, my Instagram handle
My given ones Michael, or just Mike 2U
The tale of my “making”, no big clue
Dare dance with me, like a gamble?
So here’s my story, I rose from earth
A shadowland, mud caked filthy hole
That bastard pal, he took my soul
Might rue the day, Jackstrawz afterbirth
If I get home before daylight
I just might get some sleep, tonight
Michael P. Mooney Copyright©2017

#mpmooney #mpmypoetry
Blood Is Thicker Than Water - EXO Wolf AU (10/10)

(A/N: Slightly late, sorry! I think I’m going to cry, this series is my baby! I just wanna say thank you for all the amazing feedback and support you’ve given this story, I couldn’t be more grateful! I won’t be doing a sequel, as I feel like the ending here is pretty final, sorry! Okay… So, without further ado, I give you the final part of Blood Is Thicker Than Water! I hope you like it!)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 Part 7 | Part 8 Part 9

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Circle Gif on Image Tutorial

An anon recently asked how I made the sidebars for blackbirdrph.  I don’t have that particular graphic saved so I made a new one that’s pretty much the same thing.  So below I’m going to show you how to make this:

You Need: Photoshop (I use CC, though any with gif making capabilities will do), 1 Background Texture, 1 Gif, 1 PNG, and 1 Misc Texture.

Difficulty: Beginner

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I absolutely love your sims, but your interiors have me dead. They are so impeccably thought out! They make me super jealous. Do you have any decorating tips? And how do you usually take your photos? Like, angles or little tips? Keep up the good work, you're incredible & I hope you don't mind my amateur questions!

HELLO! You have me dead, like wowwww what have I done to deserve this love, it means the world to me so thank you!!! And this was super hard to explain since it’s just what I do naturally but I hope this little tutorial can help you out a bit anyways. And I don’t mind at all! Much love baby ♡♡

More tutorials by me here.

BEFORE: notice the ceiling showing… I alwaayyyys crop that out if I havn’t placed a colored ceiling (see this tutorial). Play around with the light, have a detail in the foreground to make it interesting. Think about the background out the windows.. 

AFTER: no grey boring ceiling showing, sharpening and cropping so the photo doesn’t look that dragged out. You see more of the details in a squared shaped photo. Put some nice effect on - and when I do I try my hardest to make ALL the photos in the same effects so they fit together.

LIGHTING!!!! I try to neverrrr take photos during nighttime in the game and especielly not when the lamps are on because it gives these wierd shadows. So daylight is your best friend! Even if you’re not a editing pro, you can always make it lighter, I always use Pixlr, which is super easy. Notice also that I removed the glitching from the bottles and stuff on the top shelfs. Details!

PLAY WITH ANGLES! Don’t just take a pic straight forward and call it a day, try with different angles. From the side, more detail pictures…

DOOOOONTS!!!! I never ever take pictures with the walls down, from above (if it’s not like a cool idea I have…), NEVER in build mode with the grids showing and never without any clutter. So to the decoration part: just clutter it up, make it look like someone is actually living there. Put thought in the details, that’s always what makes a difference I think. And again, never at nighttime.  

Remember this is how IIIIIIII do it, this is not how you are supposed to do it, seriously, it’s not. If you like to take pics at nighttime or with the walls down, DO YOU. The most important thing of all is 100% to be happy with it yourself!!!!

You Dreamt Of Him

Title: You Dreamt Of Him

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 867

Warnings: angst, not too graphic mentions of blood and injuries, like two mild curse words, if those even count… 

A/N: My first ever attempt at a Dean one shot! This is actually kind of sad, which wasn’t really what I wanted my ideal first one shot to be like, but it’s what I ended up writing so I just stuck with it. 

I don’t know exactly what season this is set in, but definitely in one of the later ones…

You dreamt of him, last night. 

Which annoyed you, a lot, because you thought that you’d gotten over that. You thought that maybe, since you hadn’t dreamed of him for weeks, months perhaps, that it was done. 

Obviously, you thought wrong.

It wasn’t the usual dream washed in red, your blood or his you can’t remember. It wasn’t the usual dream-sorry, nightmare-stained with his tears and yours together and it wasn’t the usual nightmare that ended in loneliness. 

It was a fairly good dream, which confuses you still because you thought those dreams didn’t exist anymore. 

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anonymous asked:

Can I request the gom kagami and hanamiya embarrassing themselves in front of their crushes? I mean they're beautiful creatures but they're all dorks deep down inside.

Generation of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi had befriended you during gym class, finding that you were pretty decent at certain sports and making sure you ended up on his team each time. One night after a long study session he had, he appears in gym class and ignores the snicker of those around him, only noticing what’s wrong when you approach him and point out that his uniform was not only on backwards, but inside out as well.

Aomine Daiki: Around you Aomine tries to act more proper, wanting to set good impressions on you in case you do end up dating him. He couldn’t stop his love of his dirty magazines or Mai-chan, though, and continues to read them behind books that he thinks you’d like. When you’re chatting with him one day a kid walking by his desk accidentally pushes the book off, causing it to fall open to the page he was on, and a full nude picture to be displayed to you and the entire class.

Kise Ryouta: Kise wants to look cool in front of you, and when he sees that you’ve stepped into the same area, he’s prepared to introduce himself and flirt a bit. He takes a sip of water from the bottle but when you unexpectedly begin to walk towards him, he gets a little too hyped up and ends up having water go down the wrong hole, choking and looking rather unattractive with is red, teary eyes and purple face as you rush over to help him (probably one of his worst first impressions).

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko chose to come to school whether he was sick or not, as he didn’t like to miss homework nor did he like days where you didn’t get to talk to each other. One winter he’s suffering from a  terrible cold and won’t stop sneezing, trying to hide his face behind his hands while he talks to you; he can’t stop the sneeze that comes, snot covering his face (and luckily not you) as you worriedly ask if he’s alright, with him pulling his hands away (forgetting the snot was there) and saying he was, which causes a snot bubble to form and pop.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima freezes as he sees you walk in the room, wondering if he should pull something selfish (to be taken out of his 3 selfish wishes a day) or if he should practice as he always did, but doesn’t properly convey this to Takao, who ends up running directly into him. As he falls Takao grabs anything he can to stop his fall, which happens to be Midorima’s shorts. Midorima feels him grip his shorts but isn’t quick enough to stop them from falling as his froggy boxers are revealed to you and the entire Shutoku team.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara had gained a crush on you through classes, where you sat next to him and had helped him on subjects that were a bit tougher on him. He can’t help but admire you, and as he comes to terms with his feelings, he finds himself watching you for longer periods of time. When he stands up one morning to go sharpen his pencil he ends up catching his foot on his own desk, falling forward and causing the room to shake with a loud thump as he belly-flopped the hard ground.


Hanamiya Makoto: Hanamiya was the king of being smooth and suave, winking at you from the sidelines during practice when you had come to watch the team with a group of friends. Seto, who hadn’t been focusing as he had hardly gotten enough sleep the night before, lazily passes the ball without thinking, and Hanamiya doesn’t have the time to adjust to the ball’s path change; he feels the pain in his nose instantly before it all goes numb, Seto shivering as he knows his very life may be in danger.

Kagami Taiga: Kagami had been talking to you for days and was happy with the development of your relationship, feeling as though being friends with you at first could lead into something, and even if it didn’t, he felt good being around you. During lunch one day he’s eating when you tell him a joke, one that he finds incredibly funny; his laughter stops only once he realizes a piece of food flies onto your face and seriously considers never eating again.