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Hey whatever you’re doing right now is important and all, but we need to talk about a Fake AH Crew AU where Ryan introduces Meg to the rest of the crew

At this point they are all still kinda scared of Ryan. He’s the freaking Vagabond, like shit my dudes. They’ve been working together for long enough though that Ryan has shown them his face a few times but they are still more than a bit scared of him.

They’re about to rob a place with a very specific and unique uniform and need to blend in. They’ve tried to get the uniforms through their usual connections but it just isn’t happening. They’re just about to ready to give up when Ryan quietly informs that he knows someone who could help them.

So, that evening they get into their car and Ryan drives them into the trendy side of the city and to an apartment building. The other guys are a bit “?????” because this definitely doesn’t look like a place they usually do business at. Also, anyone Ryan has connections to has to be a real bad guy so this seems…off.

They get to a door and before Ryan even knocks the door is opened by this petite girl with purple hair that goes “Rye-Rye!” and just hugs the dude. The others freeze because, like does this girl know that Ryan once broke someones wrist when they touched him without permission?

And then they pretty much piss themselves with fear because this girl just straight up reaches for Ryan’s mask and pulls it off. She’s like “You know I hate that you wear that thing all the time. You know it’s really shitty for your skin. You’ve been using that cream I gave you, right?” 

And they are even more shocked when the fucken Vagabond just looks nervous and goes “….I’ve used it a bit.” and seems to shrink when this tiny girl glares at him.

So they go inside and they all instantly like Meg, but are also a bit confused about how this friendship or whatever it is between these two unlikely companions started. They start discussing it, and by discussing it I mean wildly speculating in groupchat, about how these two could have met. Michael is sure they’ve pulled a heist together, Jeremy is suggesting that maybe Ryan saved Meg from bad people, Geoff is suggesting that Meg saved Ryan from bad people, Gavin thinks the girl is cute, and Jack is mostly just impressed with the room decor.

Ryan and Meg have a very casual banter going on as Ryan explains what the costumes they need are and even laughs a couple of times after which Michael fills the chat with about 243 question marks. The girl seems to think that making elaborate outfits is easy, but hey, Ryan has to know what he’s doing if he trusts this girl. Meg also assures them with a laugh that she had recreated harder to make outfits before.

So they eventually start to relax a bit, and can’t help but to notice that this Ryan is basically a different person than the one they know. The guy they know likes sharpening knives, this one is changing the lightbulbs in Meg’s kitchen because she can’t reach them.

Meg is taking their measures when Jack oh-so-casually asks how she and Ryan met. “At an anime convention.”, she answers like it’s the most normal thing in the world to make friends with someone on the FBI’s most wanted list at an anime convention. Geoff laughs so hard that he pees his pants.

And that is how Meg meets the Fake AH Crew. 

Gorillaz Aesthetics
  • Murdoc: Leather jackets, bruised knees, high heels, lips red from biting, piña coladas, Berlin, a rain soaked cigarette, old telescopes, scratched vinyls, whips, broken guitar strings, grandfather clocks
  • Russel: A slightly deflated basketball, marching bands, wheat, the embers of a campfire, the smell of cologne, stacks of CDs, used bookstores, skyscrapers in sunset, static on the TV, velvet jackets, silent films
  • Noodle: Fireworks, sequinned skirts, laughing so hard your chest hurts, bubblegum, a freshly sharpened carving knife, sailing boats, Polaroid photos, modern art, cat fur, smiling in anger
  • 2D: The smell of thrift stores, video tapes, Froot Loops, crumbling red brick factories, Camden market, humming quietly, silk shirts, Lego, bits of weed ground into the carpet, battered Converse, Sunday roasts, handwritten notes, diners
Normal Horoscope

Aries: You could use a drink. Both.

Taurus: Grilling with your family is strangely meditative to you, it hearkens back to something old.

Gemini: Try surfing one day, you may fall in love.

Cancer: The pain in your fingers is the result of things that happen in your dreams.

Leo: Carry some sea salt in your pocket, it will keep you safe.

Virgo: Think of your notebooks in three dimensions, it will enlighten you.

Libra: The fabric of your lost clothing is being woven into a tiny historical tapestry.

Scorpio: One of the puddles outside your home has no bottom. Be careful.

Sagittarius: Hard work is its own reward unless it degrades what we think of as a self. That said, take the dagger to a sharpener, there should be one at your local farmers market.

Capricorn: The bottle of cola in your fridge has sand from the valley of kings. Use it to store used matches.

Aquarius: Trust the little turtles in the creek near your home. They are thankful for your company.

Pisces: It seems youve misplaced a bit of your soul, ask a friend to help you look. Check under the cabinets.

Homecoming: Part 2

Rating: E

Summary: Cassian really misses his feisty mate.

(Post-bonding. Post-Hybern.)

A/N: In which Nesta’s back and Cassian gets super clingy! Not that Nesta minds her big bad bae wanting all of her attention even if he’s being zero chill about it.  

Go to: Part 1 

Read it on AO3

Cassian couldn’t stop kissing her, couldn’t stop touching her, couldn’t stop breathing in his mate’s intoxicating scent like it was some kind of ambrosia.  

“Mongrel,” said Nesta.

Your mongrel,” he purred into her neck. “You love it when I’m all over you like this. I can tell…”

A red flush bloomed across her cheeks, making him greatly aware of where else he could make it appear on her body. Cauldron, he was half-hard already from her squirming in his lap—no matter that they were in their High Lord’s tent and thus in plain view of anyone who happened to walk by.

Apparently, there was no shortage of busybodies eager for a glimpse of his fearsome mate.

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it’s a war zone♡

Characters: Jeon Jeongguk x Reader
Genre: Suggestive Smut + Fight me Jeon
High School AU, RichKid!Jungkook, Asshole!Jungkook
Based on this vine by @1randomkpop, this is two weeks delayed, IM SORRY BUT ENJOY. 

Tick, Tick, Tick.

I tapped my pen on the desk impatiently staring blankly at the paper in front of me. Class had started hours ago however my mind was still lost and distracted. I looked around the classroom at the familiar faces of my classmates. They all looked uninterested at whatever the professor was talking about. They all were waiting for something too. They were waiting for class to end. Hell, probably every person in this room was counting down the seconds till the class ended.

Every person, except me.

I was counting down the seconds till still I saw him again.

Jeon Jeongguk.

The door to the classroom clicked open causing my head to snap in its direction. As if my thoughts were heard he walked in, head held high, a small smirk playing on his lips. His dark hair perfectly styled, not a strand out of place. His uniform perfectly crisp, his shoes polished. His appearance didn’t provide hints on what he was doing that caused him to be late. Or should I say who he was doing.

His eyes raked the classroom almost as if he was searching for something. His gaze met mine and then shifted to the empty seat in front of me. For a fraction of a second, it looked like his smirk grew but as quickly as it had, it disappeared. He held my gaze as he walked towards me, not even blinking as his hand reached up to straighten his already perfected tie. My gaze wandered to his hand adjusting the tie. The flash of his golden Rolex through the cuffs of his shirt caused heat to pool at the pit on my stomach. I clenched my legs tightly, gulping in process. I looked back towards his gaze only to see his smirk returned. He winked at me so swiftly it was almost as if I had imagined the whole thing.

My jaw slacked as he wordlessly sank down into the seat in front of me. I couldn’t see his face but I knew the smirk was still present on his face.

Two can play this game Jeon, and you just declared war.

I narrowed my eyes staring intently at the back of his head. His posture was perfectly straight as he listened to every word the teacher was saying with undivided attention. A small smirk of my own emerged on my face, I quickly unfastened the top-most button of my shirt, readjusting it. I licked my lips and crossed one of my long legs causing it to hit the back of Jeongguk’s chair.

I gasped dramatically when he turned around and stared at me questioningly. His gaze unnerving as it locked with mine. I leaned forward, my gaze still fixed with his. His eyes smoothly shifted from my face to my revealing cleavage and back. As I placed my hand on his back, my fingernails raking the fabric gently, I noticed him visibly gulp.

“I’m so sorry Jeon,” I said, biting my lip in order to hold back my smirk. His gaze shifted from my hand to my face and back before he nodded and wordlessly turned around.

I frowned, I was expecting more of a reaction than that. I huffed and crossed my arms returning to my previous activity of glaring at his back. Suddenly, his perfect posture slacked and he leaned back in his chair, his hand raking through the back of his hair, his head bent forward. His new posture exposed the back of his neck. I leaned forward unconsciously making it seem as if I was taking notes, my gaze transfixed on his neck. I felt a sudden rush of possessiveness flow through me as I noticed a kiss mark on his neck. I gritted my teeth pressing my pencil too hard on my notebook causing it to break.

As I stared blankly at the broken tip of my pencil another smirk played on my lips. I sharpened my pencil and then leaned a bit forward to blow off the bits of dust on the pencil point. I blew with a little extra force causing my warm breath to cascade along Jeongguk’s neck. He shivered, a barely audible groan escaping his lips. He turned around to stare at me once again, his gaze questioning. I parted my lips letting a small gasp escape my lips. 

“Oops,” I whispered and held up my pencil to show him what I was doing, suddenly the pencil slipped from my fingers and slide across the desk. Both of us watched it fall, not attempted to stop it’s course. The pencil fell right next to his foot. My gaze snapped to his and I tilted my head at him, silently asking him to return my pencil.

His bent down lower than necessary to pick up the pencil, his head practically ducking down under the desk. I watched him as his fingers grasped the pencil and then as his gaze fell on my bare legs. The school’s uniform had allowed him a fantastic view. His eyes raked painstakingly slow along my legs and the rest of my body until they met my gaze. He straightened his posture and handed me my pencil. My fingers brushed against his causing a sudden charge of energy to flow through me.

“Thank you,” I said softly, trying to pull my pencil from his grasp. He held it tighter, the back of his his thumb running along the inside of my palm. 

“No, thank you.” He smirked back at me, suddenly he letting go of the pencil and turning back around in his seat.

“By the way,” I leaned forward in my seat to whisper in his ear, I ran my hand along the back of his neck, where the kiss mark was located, “you missed spot.”

As I was retracting my hand and retrieving back into my seat, his hand shot out and grabbed mine. He turned in his seat, his playful gaze met mine, his signature smirk on his lips. 

“You jealous baby?” He said licking his lips as he looked between my lips and my eyes.

“Yes,” I said calmly causing him look at me dumbfounded, “of her lipstick shade. Ask her and let me know, okay babe?”

 I pulled my hand out of his grasp as I winked at him causing him to roll his eyes and turn back around in his seat. 

The loud ringing of the lunch bell caused me to jolt in my seat. Everyone scrambled to their feet, rathering their belongings and rushing out the door. Everyone except Jeongguk and I. We took our time, until we were the only ones left in the classroom, even the teacher had left. Our eyes didn’t meet but we seem to be aware of the other’s presence. Our hands busy gathering our things, but also aware of the other’s actions.

As I straightened up grabbing my backpack, I noticed Jeongguk had stopped his movements and was currently sitting on the desk. His legs spread apart, arms crossed observing me. His eyes raked my figure shamelessly, not even bothering to hide the evident lust that was coursing through his being. 

My gaze drifted between him and the open door. I licked my lips and walked slowly towards the entrance. My hands slowly grasped the door, eyes scanning the empty hallway as I silently shut it. I turned around slowly and lifted my gaze to meet his. 

Jeongguk tilted his head and smirked at me, raking his fingers through his hair. I bit my lip silence observing his actions. His gaze examined my body from the curve of chest to the length of my legs and back again.  His hand unconsciously reached towards his tie fixing it. As his gaze met mine a small smile played on my lips.

“I have a theory,” I said dropping my bag beside the door, I cross my arms and lean against the door. Jeongguk’s eyes drift to the swelling of my chest caused by my gesture and his hand fixed his tie yet again.

“Go on,” he said, raising an eyebrow at me, I smirked pushing myself off the door and walking towards him,

“I think you fix your tie every time a dirty thought crosses your mind,” I say expressionlessly. Jeongguk stares at me, unblinkingly and suddenly bursts out laughing.

“You’re definitely not like any of the other girls I’ve ever met.” He says, his hands rubbing against his thighs as he stares at me. I walk towards him slowly making his gaze travel down to the length of my legs until I stand between his legs.

“This uniform is very becoming on you, Jeon,” I said grasping his tie, his eyes rake upwards from my legs painstakingly slow, meeting my gaze, “but then I would be too.”

His hands reached forward and grabbed my hips, his fingers spaced digging into my skin through the fabric.

“Don’t you want lunch, [Y/N]?” he murmured, leaning forward, his thumb stroking the sensitive skin of my lower tummy through the light uniform shirt. My hand reached up to stroke the side of his face lovingly.

“I’d rather have y-“ before I could finish my sentence he crashed his lips against mine. As soon as our lips touched, my entire body jolted awake. There was nothing loving about the way Jeongguk was kissing me. This was a battle, a battle for dominance. As my fingers ran through his hair roughly ruining it’s untouched state, his hands roamed my body. His hands searched until the finally grasped my ass under my skirt, squeezing it. His suddenly rough contact with my bare skin caused a squeal to escape me. As my mouth opened for him, he tilted his head, slipping his tongue in-between my lips. His lips curved into a small smirk as a low moan erupted from me. His hands cradled my face, as his kisses grew slower, more passionate. Almost sweet. 

No, this wasn’t supposed to be sweet.

I smirked against his lips and leaned my hands forward to rest against his thighs. His lips stopped moving against mine as I drifted my hand closer towards his belt. I grabbed his belt and pulled a centimeter away from his lips, allowing my gaze to meet his. I grasped his tie tightly with my other hand.

 “Fucking kiss me like I’m your enemy Jeon, this isn’t paradise, it’s our war zone.”


Manspreading (Epilogue)

Word Count: 4k

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The air was filled with the fragrance of a thousand flowers, just like it always was inside of your delivery truck, in your house, and most of all in your flower shop. They say the more frequently you smell something, you grow habituated to it and you stop registering it, and maybe that’s true but in the seven years you’ve been a florist, you have yet to take the sweet, cleansing smell for granted.

It has been a long time since you drove around delivering the bouquets yourself. You had stopped doing it ever since your small business grew a little and people started seeking you out personally for the unique designs you poured your soul into creating, and you had to hire a driver to do the delivering for you so your creative process wouldn’t get frequently interrupted.

You started this business out of passion. It was something you chose for yourself, entirely on your own, and so the sheer amount of effort that went into it never felt tiresome to you. You never made two bouquets alike, and you incorporated even the very hard to come by flowers if it meant getting your vision translated into reality just right, and so what little extra money you made -you were adamant on not overpricing your bouquets no matter how successful you got- immediately got spent on improving the little green house you bought and cared for, but that never bothered you. You weren’t in this for the money.

Even though your shop and the green house felt like your little slices of heaven, the chance to deliver some bouquets today, as suggested by Namjoon, was a lovely change of pace. You had forgotten how excited this part was, getting to see the jovial expressions on your clients faces after handing them the final product, and witnessing first-hand the happiness such a simple thing can bring to a person’s life, if even for a moment.

There was only one bouquet left to deliver, and it was the best one yet. A class of second year kindergarteners were graduating to elementary school soon and they wanted to surprise their beloved teacher with a little farewell present. That was the most precious thing you’ve ever heard and you couldn’t wait to see the surprise and happiness on the teacher’s face as the little ones proudly presented the flowers to him.

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Smitten Kitten (Chapter Nine)

Bucky and Steve FINALLY figure their shit out in this chapter. Finally.

I hope you guys are enjoying this :) Trying to add everyone to the tag list, let me know if I miss you :)


It was going on three weeks now of Tony being stuck in a partial shift and he was tired of it.

The longer he was in a half-cat state the more he struggled to talk normally, to have regular sleep cycles, and even to control his emotions. He had Steve and Bucky at the ready at all times to drop what they were doing and hold him, but it was really starting to wear on him, and they both felt bad about it.

Bucky wasn’t expecting to find Rhodes in the lab when he went looking for Tony to see if they could spend some naked time together, but there the colonel was, passed out on the couch with Tony dead asleep next to him, their arms wrapped right around each other, Tony’s head buried in Rhodeys chest.

“Hey did you find–oh.” Steve pulled up short next to him. “Those two are just friends, right?”

“Right.” Bucky nodded slowly, and motioned Steve back several feet so they wouldn’t disturb the nap. “Pretty sure.”

“And they sleep together? Like that?”

“You know Tony needs the extra sleep right now. Besides, Rhodes says they used to share a bed in MIT all the time.”

“But… platonic, right?”

“I guess so.” Bucky cleared his throat a little uncomfortably. “I understand wanting someone in your bed for physical comfort. Like we used to.”

“Yeah.” Steve looked down at the floor, then out the window- anywhere to avoid Bucky’s eyes. Then, “I miss you.” he blurted. “I miss… you. You moved out of our room, and now we can hardly be around each other without Tony there, and I hate that. It’s like we’re barely even friends anymore and I hate that.”

“I miss you too.” Bucky admitted. “You’re my best friend, Steve, this isn't… easy on me.”

“You’re my best friend too.” Steve said quietly. “But weren’t we… weren’t we trying for more than that?”

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anonymous asked:

could you do a tutorial on how you do picspams please ? thank you !!

hi, lovely anon and sure! ^^

how i make a picspam from this

to this

tutorial & all the resources are under the cut. also English is not my first language so  i’m sorry in advance for any mistakes and please like/reblog if you find this useful, thank you

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Next to you (part 2)

In an AU where Regis has passed away of old age and the mantle of king has fallen to Noctis only recently, you’re a regular citizen of Insomnia who’s managed to move into a new place with a friendly neighbour who you never see. part 1 here

Summary: A friend tells you she’s leaving.

Originally posted by anime-scenery-tofy701

You huffed lightly as you played on your phone in the lobby of the corporate building you worked in. It was pretty typical of your friend to make you wait, but every time you tried to match their timing and leave a little later to meet them, you’d still be early and left waiting.

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I’ve received a couple of asks about how I make my icons so I’ve decided to make a small tutorial!! Honestly, I’m the most unprofessional person and trust me when I say they’re easy to make. Also, I’ve made this at 11pm (after work) yesterday because I have work all day today + the day tomorrow. I apologise in advance for any miscommunication lmao.

  • I’ll be using Photoshop CS5
  • Basic PS knowledge preferable
  • Feel free to ask any further questions

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goldcaught  asked:

kc + “caught you changing and you have wings bound on your back” fallen angel au

AU, set sometime after after the ritual that freed Klaus from his curse.

Caroline’s fingers tug into the sun warmed earth, head dipping low as she shuddered through the agony of her change. The sun was slowly setting, the not quite dusk sky still warm and vibrant. All around her, the leaves were changing from green to red and gold, the first fingers of autumn a wild canopy of color brilliant against the deepening sky.

Head dropping low, a pained whine escaped her as her spine violently spasmed against her will. She’d put off changing too long and now her body was punishing her, but the move back to her mom’s hometown had left her uneasy. Mystic Falls was lovely enough for small town USA, and was supposed to be a fresh start for them after the horrors of the past few years. Now that Bill was dead, and this time Caroline made certain he’d stay that way, a chance to blend in and be normal.

But the pretty town had an undercurrent that bothered her. There hadn’t been a new missing person’s case since her mom had started her new job as a deputy, but Caroline had seen the stack on Liz’s desk. It was an unsual number of files for such a small town, and there hadn’t been a shred of new evidence in months. Cold cases weren’t her mom’s specialty but the Sherrif hadn’t cared. Caroline wasn’t certain who Alaric Saltzman was but anyone who brushed off missing kids either had something to hide or was incompetent.

Caroline was pretty sure she knew which she was betting on. Particularly since she’d finally figured out the occasional scent of old blood and the sweetness of magic in his office meant. Sherrif Slatzman was involved with a vampire.

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Who’re Ya’ Running From?

McCree is running from Gabe’s death and finds himself in New York City, bartending at a cowboy-themed bar where he befriends a quiet Hanzo who frequents the bar while he’s working. When Sombra, McCree’s adopted younger sister starts to pester him about being all alone out in New York, McCree agrees to visit home and asks Hanzo along to prove that he’s making friends in New York only to discover they’re more alike and connected to each other than either ever thought. 

This is the McHanzo AU I’ve been working on for a few months now! I’m really enjoying writing the story, and I hope you all like it just as much! Also, happy McHanzo Week 2017! Here’s the start of my fic as a part of Day 2: Canon Divergence || AU day!

Chapter 1:

The first time that McCree actually managed to talk to Hanzo beyond taking his order was a dare. He sauntered over to Hanzo who was glaring at his computer which he’d daintily place on the bar when he’d perch on one of the tall stools earlier in the afternoon. There was no reason for a man of such pride to be sitting in a cowboy themed bar on a wednesday and now McCree was about to antagonize him at the suggestion of one of McCree’s coworkers.

He set the shot near Hanzo’s hand, taking care to set it within reach, without getting it too close to his laptop. McCree had been chastised before, but otherwise Hanzo was perfectly agreeable, and always left a good tip, so there was no real reason for anyone to dislike him, but he was a bit quiet and could look intimidating. Hence why Lúcio had convinced McCree to try to talk to him, as if Hanzo might bite.

“I did not-”  

“Everythin’ okay?” McCree cut him off, “You look like the laptop dishonored your family.” McCree wasn’t really sure how Hanzo would take it, but the man took himself so seriously, there had to be something that would make him laugh. Hanzo stared at him for a moment, and then McCree caught a flicker of the processing expression before Hanzo looked down at the shot to pick it up.

“I am trying to write a,” Hanzo paused, seeming to mince words in his head a moment, “difficult, e-mail.” He downed the shot and sighed, “It has been a rather difficult week in general.” McCree raised his eyebrows, he certainly wasn’t going to let this conversation drop just yet. He had to prove that Hanzo could talk after all.

“Difficult how?” McCree asked. Lúcio was staring wide eyed from the kitchen now, but only McCree could see him, luckily. McCree could bite, Hanzo seemed like he might be willing to tell him if he was asked. Plus, McCree relished the idea of being the first to actually find out what Hanzo did for a living. He’d had a pool going for the better part of two months with Lúcio and some of the servers about what kind of job Hanzo could have that allowed him the leisure of sitting in the bar a few times a week, sipping a drink while he e-mailed people.

“I am trying to inform my client that her taste in design is terrible.” Hanzo paused, narrowing his eyes and McCree stared. “Without sounding like a dick.”

McCree blinked and then found himself laughing, laughing hard, and Hanzo looked fairly satisfied with that for a moment. “Good luck,” he said, a chuckle still rolling through his voice, “you do design then?”

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One day I'll write a oneshot that isn't smut.

“Do you imagine the taste of me as much as I imagine how your bite will feel?” Ciel’s voice is rasped and panting, sex-raw. He shivers in delights as his monster leans over him, trusting slowly and deliberately. Ciel’s hands fist again into the sheets, and he laves his teeth down the back of his hand, whimpering, chest pushed down into the mattress. There are claws scratching at him, pulling at his hips, and he gasps into the air as if his question did not deserve an answer.

“I don’t have to imagine, my little one.” He nips along the back of the boy’s smooth, sweat-slicked neck, leaving behind the kiss of rough, sharpened teeth. “Am I… am I of satisfaction?” Ciel asked quietly, sheepishly. He moans around the fingers now stuffing into his mouth, bitting and sucking as they slide past his kiss-swollen lips. “Only because it is you, my greedy little imp.” His voice is dark and deep in his ear, whispered straight over the dainty, translucent skin.

Ciel’s eyes roll to the back of his head before falling closed, a whine of pleasure escaping his lips at a particularly hard thrust. “You would- ah! You would admit that it is not just my soul that you want?” He whispers breathlessly as those fingers retract from his mouth to grip and spread his sore, abused bottom. Sebastian chuckles darkly, sucking at the child’s back, and darkness blooms under his touches, spreading black and blue bruises across unmarried skin and spread, open thighs.

Ciel doesn’t want to hurt, except when it is it Sebastian hurting him, and spilling so much ambrosial pleasure through his veins that he cannot help but crave the release it brings.

He doesn’t like pain, unless it is this kind.

“Would a rose, by any other name, smell as sweet?” Sebastian replies easily, releasing one hand to grip and tug at the boy’s hair; still damp and glistening from his bath.

Ciel cannot reply, except for his high-pitched cries of pleasure as he arches into the bed below them. He closes his eyes, lost in the pleasure-pain, and sighs.

Headcanon: Jason Todd

Honestly, this was a little bit hard for me to write mostly because I did not want to offend anyone which is why this is written in some sort of headcanon form instead. Also because my mind has been pretty occupied with work-stuff and the meetings I attended today. It was long and very draggy but we managed to get a lot of work done so that’s pretty good for me. 

If there are any mistakes or if none of my sentences make any sense, that’s probably because while writing this, I must have fallen asleep a couple of times. Moral of the story: never write anything while you are super-duper sleepy. That aside, I really do hope this is alright and that you enjoy reading it.

  • From the very first time you had met Red Hood or Jason Todd, the two of you have never gotten along well at all. There is just something about the way Jason is always seemingly looking down at your own abilities and the way he is always keeping his eyes on you that gyrates your nerves all the damn time!
  • Jason’s favourite words to you are “can you even do it?” as well as “try to keep up!” and he never says this nicely at all. He still can’t accept the fact that you are still new to the whole vigilante life and you are an arm down. Like how are you supposed to protect yourself with just an arm?
  • Most of the time, you try not to lose your cool because you know the moment you do, you will probably play right in to his hands and you don’t want to give Jason that satisfaction. So instead you try to refute him as dryly as you possibly can and one of the things you normally tell him is: “Just because I have had my arm amputated, it does not mean I am completely hopeless.”
  • Technically you could have gotten a prosthetic arm but you want to try and work on your weak points. Which is why you had been training really hard to sharpen your skills and try to live your life with just an arm, instead of two. “No use in dwelling over what has happened over in the past.”
  • Missions are always a little bit hard for you mostly because Jason doesn’t ever stop trying to make you feel down – you probably would have think that he was only worried about the safety of his own team but the way he says those words are never nice and it always sound very condescending to your own ears. You have always wanted to show him that you can pull your own worth.
  • To you, losing an arm did not mean you are not able to fight. To you, losing an arm also does not mean you cannot live the life you have always wanted to live. It just means you have to think of ways to overcome it and make your weakness into a strength! Which is why after you had your arm amputated, you continued to train harder and consistently so that you are able to move about quicker than before.
  • Truth be told, you actually find Jason very handsome despite his very annoying attitude towards you but you don’t want to do anything with your feelings because you don’t want to date someone who don’t even believe in your abilities. So you always tell yourself that Jason’s not worth your time.
  • Jason thought the same thing too at first. He had thought you look really easy on the eyes – definitely a sight for sore eyes – but because the way you carry yourself just rubs him the wrong way sometimes so it just escalated from that and Jason finds himself nitpicking almost everything you do.
  • But that one mission where you had saved him, literally blew his mind. Like he is still trying to wrap his head around the idea that you have just single-handedly saved him and managed to knock the villain unconscious in the span of less than a few seconds. Jason would probably just stare at you in disbelief. “What the hell.”
  • You would smirk at him and this is literally your “I TOLD YOU SO” moment and the feeling of proving Jason wrong is something you cherish a whole lot because Jason had always looked down on you and your abilities but when you finally are able to show him just what you can do despite your lack of arm, it makes you feel extremely happy.
  • If anyone asked, you probably will tell them it had been adrenaline. Adrenaline had been the reason you pull Jason in for a kiss – one that left your stomach tingling with newly awaken fire and judging from the look on Jason’s face, he probably experienced the same thing too.
  • “Apologize and I’ll even consider going on a date with you, Red Hood.”
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Your EDC knife is only as good as the steel in its blade. A knife made of good steel will be sharp, stay sharp, and won’t break on you. On the other hand, knives made of dubious steel are unreliable and downright unsafe. They tend to dull easily and end up chipping and breaking when you need them most. There’s a lot of blade steels to pick from, and each has its own set of advantages to consider for your EDC. In this guide, we’ll go over what to look out for in a steel before buying your next blade. To make things even easier, we’ll give a few examples of our favorite knives made of each type of steel.

What to Look for in a Good Everyday Carry Blade Steel

  • Hardness and durability: You want a durable knife that won’t bend because its steel is too soft. You don’t want a steel that’s so hard that it becomes brittle and chips over time either. A good mixture of these two qualities is best.

  • Sharpness and edge retention: You want a knife that can get real sharp and stay sharp through repeated use. A knife that is easy to sharpen and maintain is also good. How hard a blade steel is also affects how sharp it can get. That’s determined by the amount of carbon in the steel. Other elements can affect how well a blade can hold that edge through repeated tough use too.

  • Corrosion resistance: This determines whether your knife is stainless or not. Non-stainless steel knives need oil and maintenance to keep rust away. Stainless steel knives are more forgiving, but they can still end up rusting if neglected. The amount of elements such as chrome and vanadium present in the steel alloy help this out.

Knife manufacturers have a wide set of names for each kind of blade steel. The specific alloy used in making a knife is usually disclosed, letting you judge the quality. Generally beware of dubious knives that do not advertise their blade steel. Unknown steel should raise a red flag in your mind when you’re trying to buy a knife.

Now that you have a general understanding of blade steels, let’s look at specific examples of 10 good steels.

1095 Carbon Steel

1095 is a non-stainless carbon steel, with approximately 0.95% carbon in the blade. This makes for a tough knife that holds an excellent edge, but it’s prone to rusting if you don’t take care of it. Frequent lubrication and proper storage will keep things in good order. 1095 blades also tend to be thicker because a thin knife made of hard 1095 can be too brittle.

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Example: TOPS Bartender Defender

The hardness of 1095 steel is great for making fixed blades, and the Bartender Defender is an excellent example. It’s a sharp and compact EDC knife that’s also pretty handy because it packs a bottle opener as well.

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D2 Tool Steel

D2 is a steel normally used to create large industrial tools needed to cut and stamp softer forms of steel. Because of that it’s incredibly tough and wear resistant. It’s a bit more resistant to corrosion than carbon steel but it’s not truly stainless. And while it makes for a very hard, yet durable knife, it can be difficult to sharpen without the right equipment.

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Example: Schrade SCH601TI

The blade on the Schrade SCH601TI features both a drop point and recurve design that makes it very versatile and suitable for your everyday cutting tasks. It also sports a solid frame lock construction as well as a gorgeous textured ergonomic titanium handle.

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420HC is an old-school high-carbon stainless steel that you’ll mostly find in classy gent’s knives and outdoors hunter designs. It’s not as hard as some of the steels on this list, but it’s great for knives that go through constant hard use. It’s extremely easy to sharpen; in a pinch, even the unpolished bottom of a ceramic plate will do.

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Example: Buck 110

Few things are as timeless as a Buck knife, and the 110 folding hunter knife is one of the classiest gent’s knives you can carry. The brass and wood grain features make it more than just a tool in your hands. It also features a traditional clip point hunter’s blade that locks into place with a solid lockback mechanism in the handle.

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Sandvik 12C27 / Sandvik 14C18N 

Sandvik 12C27 is a medium carbon (0.6%) blade steel that features a large amount of chromium in the mix. Blades made of this steel exhibit strong durability and wear resistance. It’s very resistant to rust as well. Despite the lower carbon content compared with other blade steels in this guide, Sandvick 12C27 can become very sharp if heat treated well.

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Example: Opinel No. 8 Stainless (Sandvick 12C27)

The venerable Opinel usually comes with a non-stainless blade, but they use Sandvick 12C27 for their stainless options. These knives cut at a level that’s comparable to their non-stainless brethren while being easier to maintain as well.

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Example: Kershaw Leek (Sandvick 14C18N)

If you’re looking for something with a bit more carbon but still in the same family as this blade steel, take a look at knives made of the 14C18N variant. The best knife made of this steel is by far the Kershaw Leek, a small EDC folding blade with flipper assisted opening and a modified wharncliffe shape. It’s extremely popular in the EDC community, and it’s affordable too.

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This is one of the more ubiquitous on the market today because it delivers solid performance at a cost that is very budget friendly. The name denotes the actual content of the steel, with the main points being 0.80% carbon and 13% chrome. It’s a good all-around knife for affordable everyday carry with solid sharpness, edge retention, and durability. There are variations of this steel, but knives below 8Cr tend to not hold an sharp edge as well because of the lower carbon content.

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Example: CRKT Vizzle

The Vizzle has an attractive Voxnaes design that features a 3.35” 8Cr13MoV blade with an upswept tip. With its flipper opening and IKBS ball bearing assist, it’s ready to go as soon as you need it.

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AUS-8 has similar properties to 440C stainless steel, but it features a large amount of vanadium in its creation. It’s an excellent blade steel when made properly, but its quality is very dependent on how well it is forged and heat treated. If you’re looking at an AUS-8 knife, make sure you’re buying from a maker who’s up to snuff. While it gets sharp, AUS-8 also tends to dull quickly, so make sure to sharpen it regularly to get the best results.

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Example: Ontario Knife Company RAT II

Ontario Knife Company is well-regarded for making sharp knives that stand up to hard use. Their RAT folding knife series is one of the most popular folders carried by the EDC community as well. Their latest iteration features a sharp 3” satin finished AUS-8 drop point blade and grippy G-10 scales on the handle.

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440C is a stainless steel with a durable crystallite structure and a high chromium content. It generally has a higher amount of carbon than 1095, but the chromium content makes it far more resistant to corrosion. As one of the alloy steels, it’s also far less brittle and more wear-resistant than 1095. Unlike 1095, it’s more suited for folding knives that are far less hefty than fixed blades.

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Example: Spyderco Chicago

In this example, the Spyderco Chicago is a compact folding knife made in the classic Spyderco style with a sub-2”, 440C flat ground, plain edge blade. Its ergonomic handle also sports grippy G-10 scales, giving you precise control.

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154CM is a further development of 440C stainless steel. With the addition of molybdenum, the durable alloy in 154CM exhibits superior sharpness and edge retention than standard stainless steels. 154CM is great for knives that will be used often, making it perfect for EDC. While still being tough and durable, it’s fairly easy to sharpen 154CM on your own.

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Example: Benchmade Mini Griptillian

The Mini Griptillian is a venerable knife that’s extremely popular in the EDC community. Its razor-sharp 2.91” drop point 154CM blade makes short work of your everyday cutting tasks. The ambidextrous AXIS lock and excellent grip afforded by the handle makes it a joy to use everyday.

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This is a premium high-carbon stainless steel that gets so sharp that you usually find it in some of the best kitchen knives your money can buy. Combine that with its excellent rust resistance and its ability to be forged into the waved patterns of Damascus steel and you have something that brings your EDC to a higher level.

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Example: Boker Plus Kwaiken Mini Titan

The Mini Kwaiken pairs an ultra-sharp 3” VG-10 alloyed blade with a gorgeous titanium handle. The blade deploys with a flipper assisted by IKBS ball bearings and a liner lock keeps it in place during use.

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S30V is a blade steel designed for extremely high quality knives. It’s a result of a collaboration between Crucible and Chris Reeve, of whose knives represent the grail for many in the EDC community. S30V uses vanadium carbides instead of chromium to achieve stellar toughness and sharpness. Because of the work it takes to make this steel, you generally only find it in high-end and custom knives.

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Example: Zero Tolerance 0350 (CPM-S30V)

The 0350 represents everything I look for in a knife, and it is my personal EDC daily driver. It has a beautiful organic modified drop point blade that has a huge belly, increasing its cutting surface. The 3.25” blade’s S30V steel gets sharp and stays sharp. SpeedSafe assisted opening ensures it’s out quick, and the ergonomics make it a joy to hold.

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Example: Chris Reeve Small Inkosi (CPM-S35VN)

With the addition of niobium and a few more tweaks to the formula, S35VN makes for an even sharper version of S30V. The greatest example of this blade steel in current production is of course Chris Reeve’s Small Inkosi. It features a sub 2” hollow ground blade that’s sharp enough to cut through most anything you throw at it. The handles are 6Al4V titanium and feature the signature Reeve integral lock. It’s absolutely stunning, and it’s definitely worthy to sit alongside the Sebenza line as a grail knife for everyday carry.

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You’re bound to encounter more kinds of blade steels on your hunt for the perfect EDC knife, but by now you should be familiar with the most popular of the EDC-worthy options out there. What’s your favorite steel and why? Let us know in a comment below.

Jealousy - Peter Pan AU

Warnings: Fluff, angry Pan, almost rape, Cliché af 

Summary: You and Peter had always had a connection. You both felt it when the Shadow dropped you on the island. You soon became his possession even tough you made him clear that you weren’t an object. Everything was fine until a new arrival came to the island. 

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader 

Request:  Can you do an imagine where y/n is rejected by pan for the new girl and y/n is hurt so she run into the woods and pirates kidnapped her and pan is all angry and fluufff, please. Sorry if its too confusing:( - Anon 

Notes: Y/n = your name - y/e/c = your eye colour - y/h/c = your hair color

The sun blinded your eyes as you got out of your tent. It was going to be a great day. You made your way over to breakfast, greeted by several Lost Boys. As you sat down at your usual spot you looked over to Peter’s to find it empty. Which was strange, he would always be the first to sit at the table. You turned your head to Felix asking him where their leader was. He told you that he felt a new arrival at dawn and that he had not returned yet. You thought nothing of it and consumed your breakfast with the usual jokes at the table. 

As soon as you were finished you got up and started to do you work. You sharpened your knives, went on a lonely hunting trip and picked some berries on your way. Things you would normally do with Peter f he wasn’t busy with beating Lost Boys. This made you a little bit upset but you understood tough. Peter had an island to rule and this new Lost Boy was probably a hard nut to crack. 

You returned to camp and gave Alex the fox you shot. He took it with a big smile and he complimented you on always taking care of the food. You smiled and walked out of the kitchen, eating some berries. That’s when you saw her. 

Long curly dirty blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, a cute nose, naturally red lips. She was beautiful. She was talking with Peter, constantly giggling with what he was saying. He was looking down on het with a grin. He was looking at her with so much affection. He was looking at her how he used to look at you. 

You decided not to think about it too much, he was only being friendly to her, and you walked over the fire, sitting down on a log next to Felix. “Hi Felix.” you happily said. He didn’t respond. You looked over to where he was looking and your face dropped. He was looking at her. You looked at the other Lost Boys and noticed that they were also looking at her. It made your blood boil. 

“That’s it.” you said. You stood up and made your way into the forest. As you were walking away you could feel his eyes on you, he didn’t come after you tough. You scoffed and walked even further into the woods. After twenty minutes of walking you hear a sound in the bushes near you. “Peter?” No answer. “Guys this isn’t fun!” You looked around in search of one of the boys. 

You quickly understood that you were in danger, you put your hand on your hidden dagger and waited till the enemy would come out. You walked further as if there was nothing going on. Suddenly two men grabbed you. You quickly drew your dagger and killed one of them. “We need help over here!” shouted the man that held your right arm. Two pirates appeared and tried to overmaster you. You knocked one out but eventually you got caught. They tied you arms and feet and carried you to their ships. 

You tried to escape but the ropes were too tight. “Let go of me!” The captain looked at you and laughed. “Oh but dear, we will let go of you if we are satisfied, you see we haven’t seen a living girl in months.” As soon as the words left his mouth the fear took over you and you started to scream. The captain looked at you with anger and knocked you out. 

You woke up, bounded to a bed. “Ah, our little lady is awake. Fun time.” The captain grins and his men laugh. You pulled at the ropes, but they wouldn’t budge. “Let me go!” “Shut up!” The captain stormed forward and gave you a hard slap on your cheek. You instantly felt the shape of his hand on your cheek. A single tear left your eye and all the men laughed at it. “He will find you! And he will kill you!” “You wish.” The captain climbed upon you and forced you into a kiss. “I would listen to the girl if I were you.” His voiced beamed trough the room. You looked at him and you felt scared. He looked as if he wanted to kill everything that was breathing.

The captain flew off your body and slammed into the wall. The other pirates drew their sword and got into a fighting stance. You watched as he quickly killed them all. He rushed over to you and freed you. You flew into his arms, sobbing. “Shh, it’s alright. I’m here now.” He hold you as long as you needed. “Thank you.” you quietly whispered. “I would always have your back.” “I thought you wouldn’t notice me being gone.” He pulled out of the embrace and looked at you. “What do you mean?” 

“You were so busy with the new girl and nobody noticed me leaving so I just gave up.” “I would never let you get hurt y/n. Of course I noticed that you were going into the woods but I just thought you were going to the lagune to take a bath. When you didn’t come back I send all the Lost Boys on a search party for you. I would never let anyone harm you, y/n. Never.” You looked at him with tears in your eyes. “Nobody could replace you, my queen.” He took your chin between his fingers and kissed you. “I love you Peter Pan.” “And I love my feisty Queen.”