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Welcome Foolish Mortals! by Eddison Esteban
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The undeniable beauty of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion at night.


Juan couldn’t believe that she was so pissed just because of some stupid little snapchats. But nonetheless he had to make it up to her, he had been out in some ‘meetings’ and now that he was done with them, he went over to his spanish style mansion which he had inherited from his father. The mansion was crawling with beautiful women whom he had special likings to. None of them were miserable because well Juan would let them come and go as they wanted, he knew that these girls were money hungry and they’d come back the moment they needed something. His footsteps echoed through the house signaling the help that he was here and everyone was to his orders, he was in a rush so he dismissed them and went into his private office. In there, he grabbed a couple more bags of the good stuff for Nichole. He had been selling drugs to her for a while and each time he became more and more infatuated with her. Soon he was on the road again and on his way to see her, he texted her to meet him in the usual spot. 

A Warren Worthington Prompt: “Just stop. Stop pushing me away.” & “You are all that I can think about.” & “Kiss me.”

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Shame. His nightmares included the thing he had done being a Horsman. He felt shame and his self-loathing rose each day even more. (Y/N) tried to approach him, to make him trust her enough to open up and lift his heavy burden. But he kept pushing her away, fearing he might break another beautiful thing.

Warren’s screams and sobs echoed to the empty mansion. It was the period of summer holidays and since he didn’t have a family to go he remained there. The girl was there, too, to help him if he needed her, and to look after him. But she used homework as an excuse.

The girl shot up from her bed and run to Warren’s room. The door was already half opened and she didn’t bother to knock as he sobbed again. She approached him and softly took a seat next to him. His pained form tortured her. She carefully took his head and rested it to her laps as she started petting his hair lovingly with one hand and rubbing his naked back with the other. She started humming her favourite lullaby as she watched him frown and sob.

Soon his sobs were quiet and less frequent and his brows were unknitted. She smiled to his calm form and carefully as the beginning she put his head back to his damp pillow after she changed it side. She was ready to get up and leave when his strong arm drawn her close to his bare chest forcing her to cuddle the sleeping ‘Angel’. She looked up only to see Warren still sleeping and sighed in happiness as she let the sleep take her to his lands.

Warren fluttered his eyes and looked around. He smiled as he saw (Y/N) like a kitten, cuddled to him chest. (Y/N)? His eyes widened in shock. He quickly released the girl from his grip and scooted away from her. The girl woke up from the sudden movement, muttering ‘good morning’ to him.

“What are you doing in my bed?” he snapped. The girl was now fully awake taken aback by his rude tone. “You had a nightmare. I came to check up on you and you held me here.” she said, her voice a bit hoarse. “Leave now.” he commanded. The girl got up and sat on his bed. Her expression was an annoyed one and her eyes shot glares at him. “Just stop that, will you? Stop pushing me away.” she said enraged. “Cause obviously it is not working.”

“I didn’t ask you to care.” he spat. “I didn’t think I needed your permission.” sarcasm obvious to her voice. “I care about you. Either you like it or not. Cause I am in love with you.” she blurted. Realizing what she said, she covered her mouth with her hands and run away, leaving him stunned.

Warren didn’t lose time and after recovering he ran after her. “(Y/N), wait!” he shouted. She turned away to face him as she stopped running. “You are all that I can think about.” he confessed, as now it was (Y/N)’s time to be stunned. “I just don’t want to break you too. i have made so many mistakes. And I don’t want to make one involving you getting hurt or worse.” this was the longest time he had ever talked to her. “You won’t break me Warren.” she promised for both of them and put her hands around his neck. Her hands grazed his wings slightly, making him shiver.

“Just kiss me, you fool.”


So i wanted a little manor house to use peacemakers BEAUTIFUL new build set …. super loosely based off the playboy mansion Facade.

Also now have a Snob, Materialistic ,Loner Sim to live here

get the build set here