warui koibito ja dame


My favorite Warui side pairings :D

Extremely disappointed to find out that Akagi-sempai is the new love interest but now there’s a possibility for AkagixKousaka. Their personalities would be a fairly good match *nods*

And this would free up Hajime-nii for the Hot Pizza Delivery Guy! ^.^ I’m still a diehard shipper for them even though pizza guy only showed up for two much too short panels <3 <3 <3

Then there’s the pairing where the parties have probably never even met. But Yuu’s brother/Satonaka-sensei would be so incredibly hot, and they might be at the same college~ And I bet Nanao would make that exact face when he knows about the relationship XD (Oh, so Satonaka does sparkle outside of MnA)

However, I do have a backup pairing: SatonakaxTea. One of these days I’ll make a post with every single time Satonaka has his beloved tea (shippy ever since his first appearance) :3

Credits to Mori no Kuma Scanlations, September Scanlations, and Parallels