wartime art

I may not live to see our glory…

L͢͡ ̵͡͝E̵͞ ̷̨͢͡T́͘͢ ̶͞ ͜͝Ù̢͠ ̀͘͢͢S̢̧̕ ͟͡ ̷͏̴̵Ó̵̷͘ ̨U̵̸ ̷͘T̶͜͠

Ehehehe! Now he really is no different from them!
So @sarcasticasides made a wartime!Gaster design with all the SOULS he stole, and his sins are literally crawling on his back.

It made me think. We already know human SOULs have a conscious of sorts, the seven human children SOULs rebelled against Flowey and broke free…I wonder what would happen if they weren’t as…innocent? Gaster is full of SOULs of adult Humans corrupted by the war, and slaughtering countless Monsters. It would probably…..


(major kudos to anyone who can guess which song I used heavily for inspiration. Gott git that vocaloids yo)