#ootd @weareroyalty “Always on Top” Raglan / @nike AJ “Bred” IV / @rueco_ “XIII Stars” SnapBack available inside the #WARstore or on our online store. (at We Are Royalty)

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New promo vid for @weareroyalty inspired by the marketing man @jetmade_ . Come by the #warstore today and pick up our new Heather “Hands”
Hoody (open til 8pm) (at We Are Royalty)

To all my dj followers I’m slowly selling my vinyl collection at the @weareroyalty #warstore. $2 crate is out on the floor, you can ask for the private $5 stash. Open til 8pm today (at We Are Royalty)

A huge thank you to everyone who supported @iammrwar and myself in the first day of @weareroyalty . I’m so excited for the journey ahead of us. I seriously can’t thank you all enough who dropped in, whether you made a purchase or not, we are very thankful of being there. I also have to shout out all my DJ friends who regardless of other places to be, they came in and DJ’d for us out of love. I thank you. And lastly thank you to my family, parents, @prettypinkmel and @nellychavez for all your hard work. Day 1 is in the books, and now you know where you can find us. #weareroyalty #warstore #warfam (at We Are Royalty)

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There is not one thing at the @weareroyalty store that @iammrwar and I didn’t try to do ourselves. And even though some things may not be perfect, we can say we did that ourselves. From laying down floors, painting walls, making custom fixtures, and now “The Sign”. We F***‘n did it! Can’t wait to see everyone there tomorrow. #weareroyalty #warfam #warstore (at We Are Royalty)

Watch on wordlyfe-djcity.tumblr.com

8th grade wood shop class finally came in handy. Layed down most of our flooring in the #warstore today w/ little bro Andy and some family help. One step closer. #warfam #exhausted #longday #dontdoLabor #earnedit #handmodel @weareroyalty @iammrwar