The villains of the week in Himitsu Sentai Goranger were almost unfailingly weird, being basically an object attached to a human head as a mask. Only two of them had a vehicle attached to their head and those were Locomotive Mask and Warship Mask.

 I just love these two because they commit all the way to their gimmick with Warship mask firing the cannons on his head and carrying a giant anchor for a weapon while Locomotive Mask looks like he’s got Thomas The Tank Engine’s pissed off cousin for a head.

We just don’t get monster designs like these anymore, for better or worse.


Ah the Pre-Dreadnought battleship era, that weird time in naval development when designers where unable to let go of the broadside armament, even after the fully-rotating enclosed turret was introduced, giving us these bizarre and overloaded machines that more often than not suffered from wet decks as the sea simply got in through the barrettes.

Still, they look so mean with all those guns sticking out everywhere you can’t help but love them!