warsaw's burning


It was a particularly cold day in Warsaw. It made the burn of the liquor down his throat feel surprisingly pleasant. Things were really getting exciting; plotting about taking over the bank he was working at with some of his colleagues—— and realistic plots they were which only made it more exciting. And things were going well, they already started negotiations. He deserved a drink to celebrate the successes of late. And besides, this small, crowded bar was much warmer than his own big and empty home. 

His finger was tracing lazily over the edge of his glass before he leaned back with a content sigh. Yes, this had been a good day for Ezra Caspary. And it perhaps it would become even better. 

Eyes followed a lady in a red dress until she reached the bar, close to where he was sitting. He raised his cigarette to his lips, inhaling slowly, eyes not leaving her form. When he exhaled he was got almost frustrated with the smoke that clouded his sight. 

“How much red will it take to get you satisfied, miss—?”