“I met him once, really briefly. It was lovely, big hug”

Talking about Dunkirk, Harry Styles, stormtroopers and dogs in a new interview with Vanity Fair ~

… Dunkirk, which stars Hardy as a spitfire pilot, also stars young One Direction singer Harry Styles in his first film role. Unfortunately, the pair didn’t really work together on the set. “I met him once, really briefly. It was lovely, big hug,” Hardy says. “He’s very polite and just a sweet guy.” Nolan, however, was “very effusive” about Styles, 

Hardy continues. “And that’s not easy, to come in from a very specific department in the industry, and cross over. So poor guy is gonna be judged. I wouldn’t want to be in those shoes, but from what I hear is that, actually, it’s gonna be a very comfortable transition for him, because he’s done such great work—which is really a testament, not only to his skill as an artist, [but] also Christopher’s part in that as well… . One Direction aside, do you know what I mean? Which I can’t say I know an awful lot about.” 

After working with Nolan on three films now, Hardy is an expert at handling secretive sets and rumors—like one whisper campaign claiming he’s set to appear in the next Star Wars film as a stormtrooper. “That’s like Nolan territory. I can’t tell you anything. And it’d be good to know myself,” he says with a laugh, denying the gossip.

Read the article ~ “Professional Liar” Tom Hardy Knows How to Handle Hollywood’s Shit Sandwiches ~ at vanityfair.com @vanityfair

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This ‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ rumor needs to happen

  • SPOILER ALERT: According to a report from Making Star Wars, the planet that Luke Skywalker resides on could be inhabited by some intelligent alien creatures.
  • You see, Lucasfilm is using the real-life island of Skellig Michael, off the coast of Ireland, for the planet Ahch-To — and the island is inhabited by puffins.
  • Per the report, Episode VIII could actually include at least one puffin in modified, CGIed form as “protector of the island(s) on Ahch-To.”
  • The rumor adds that the creature could be a mixture of “the terrifying and the adorable,” with razor sharp teeth, akin to some combination of a bird and a Gremlin. It will also apparently be speaking with Luke.
  • Amazingly, this isn’t the most absurd Star Wars rumor to come out of the report.  Read more

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I NEED OXYGEN. I mean, take this with a grain of salt, but I sure hope it’ll happen. Nevertheless, with this potential trailer and Rogue One, December is going to put me in a coma.

What do you guys think the title should be?

The Kylo Ren Cape-r

Alrightie then. Or should I say alrightie, Ren?

This week, I have for you, scandalous Kylo Ren gossip.

(Still, still not feeling the classic lit. Maybe I’ll do one a month, followed by a theory, if I get the groove back)

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the latest hearsay.

Especially as published in the sordid magazine: Elect Galaxy Monthly

You’ve never heard of Elect Galaxy Monthly, you say? That’s funny. I think Cap’s office subscribes to it. But then again, they get a lot of strange space hobos in there.

So, I just browsed the articles, but apparently Kylo Ren is so distraught about Rey not joining him, kicking his booty, and escaping that he’s resorted to more desperate Vader copying measures.

It seems if one cannot be as strong as Darth Vader, one can at least look the part.

Fake it till you make it, as they say. Although I’m not sure this coping mechanism is healthy.

To add insult to injury, capes aren’t even “in” this season…but poor Ren doesn’t care. He’s tried on hundreds, but none but Vader’s will do.

There’s also a strange rumor that he’s looking for the remains of Vader’s downed TIE Fighter. Perhaps, like his father, Han Solo, he has a fondness for ships that are little more than ancient relics. No word on if the former Ben Solo inherited a liking for restoration and repairs, or the impressive piloting skills noted on both sides of his family.


- “I know you don’t remember,” she said, “But I’m here… and I would save you at any time again. I know you forget it all, but the time is coming soon to say ‘Hello’ again.


Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen addressing dating rumors on Ellen


“Hey can you do an imagine where Luke thinks you died but you’re alive and its all fluffy and cute??

Warnings: Lots of tears. Mention of death. Sadness but eventual cute. 

Nothing could really console him. Luke Skywalker knew better than to believe rumors… but there were just so many. Rumors floated all around that you, his love, wouldn’t be returning from your mission. One week ago the rumors started to surface, and he knew something was wrong. Everyone would stare at him with sympathy and sorrow in their eyes, and it was only until he pestered Han enough then he learned the truth… or was it the truth? It might not be the truth. You were a fighter, he thought. You would make it out. His love would come back to him like so many times before. You weren’t dead… you couldn’t be dead. Luke laid under the covers of his bed, these thoughts intrusively hanging in his mind like a dark cloud of pessimistic possibilities. The tears would not end, and all he could do was lay on your side of the bed and wait until he either saw your beautiful face, or heard the news that would shatter his soul. Just then, Luke’s door creaked open. It was his sister, Leia. She knew of the rumors floating around, she knew that her brother loved you, and she knew that the mere thought of losing you broke him. Luke knew that it was his sister that had entered the bedroom, but he still didn’t move his gaze from the white wall of his room. Leia sat down on the bed next to her crying brother, causing him to glance up just enough for her to notice his tears.

“Wha-at?” Luke sniffled. He turned around and saw Leia staring at the black carpet of your guys’ room, causing him to become even more alarmed.

“The Jedi will be arriving home today. We have no word on y/n.”

Two hours later commotion sounded in the apartment, and that woke up the drowsy Luke from his sleep. Noticing the light brimming from under the door of the dark bedroom, he remembered what Leia had told him and immediately jumped out of his bed, eager to see if you were one of the people making commotion in the living room. He swung the door open, taking in the light of the living room. Once his eyes adjusted, he saw you sitting in the recliner, talking with Leia.

Your heart jumped when you saw Luke standing in the doorway. There was a brief pause, and you jumped out of your chair to meet your love. Luke met you, wrapping you in a massive hug. Tears were streaming steadily down your face, and he had his face buried in your shoulder, sobbing.

“Hey, hey…” You ran your finger through his hair trying to comfort him. Leia told you about the rumors, and his reaction. You were planning on heading into the bedroom to see him, but he beat you to it. Eventually the sobbing lessened, and Luke began peppering your face with kisses.

“I..” “Thought..” “You left me..” He continued to kiss you, before speaking again. “God, I love you so much, y/n, please never leave me… I love you so much… I thought you were gone.”

You held his face in your hands, looking up at him.

“Look at me, Luke Skywalker.” He stared into your eyes.

“I will never leave you.” You kissed his cheek. He nodded at your words and kissed your forehead. 

“I love you so so much, y/n.”

Luke tightened his embrace around you.

Later that night was spent laying with him. Your arms were wrapped around him as he lay on your chest, listening to your heart beat. It was his favorite sound, and it was the sound that calmed him best. Your heart was proof that you were alive, and on that day especially your heart beat sounded like a gift. The both of you felt love radiating from each other. You ran your fingers through his blonde hair as he asked questions about the month you were away.


Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie talking about Chris Evans left boob grab

Tom Hardy coyly addresses Star Wars: Episode VIII rumors

Tom Hardy coyly addresses Star Wars: Episode VIII rumors

By Sean Wist Rumors started around May of last year that Tom Hardy would play a cameo of sorts in STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII (a la Daniel Craig in FORCE AWAKENS). There’s even a breakdown of the scene, if you want you to check it out HERE. Of course, there hasn’t been much said on that front since, but in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tom was asked about that role again. His…

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