wars of the diadochi

Battle of Gabiene, 316 BC.

Before the clash, a silence fell upon the field and the voice of Antigenes, commander of the Argyraspides, was heard as he spoke to Antigonus’ phalanx, composed of younger soldiers: “Wicked men, are you sinning against your fathers, who conquered the whole world under Philip and Alexander?”.

Then, his veterans began advancing and smashed his rivals once again.

The Wars of the Diadochi: Boeotia vs. Athens

Diodorus XVIII
Chapter 11


Athens has raised an army to fight Macedon. Her ambassadors now tour Greece to try and win the support of the other city states…


And they were very successful in their mission. Here is Diodorus’ list of who joined her crusade.

Athens’ Allies
Acte* - all
Aenianians - all
Aetolians - all
Alyzaeans - all
Argives - all
Athamanians - all
Carystians - all
Dolopians - all
Dorians - all
Eleans - all
Illyrians - though only a few
Leucadians - all
Locrians - all
Melos** - all, excl. Lamians
Messenians - all
Molossians - only those subject to Aryptaeus
Oetaeans - all, excl. Heracleans
Phocians - all
Phthiotis*** - all Achaeans excl. Thebaens
Sicyonians - all
Thessalians - all, excl. Pelinnaeum (Gk. Pelinna)
Thracians - though only a few

* i.e. all who lived on what is now Mount Athos
** The text refers to ‘the Melians except those of Lamia’. As Melos is an island to the south of mainland Greece and Lamia is in central Greece I am not wholly sure that my Melos can be Diodorus’ Melians but have no alternative suggestion as to who they might be
*** The home of Achilles


As can be seen from the list and map above, Alexander’s death brought about a general uprising in Greece against Macedonian rule, and the first battle was not long in coming.

Athens sent 7,000 infantry (2,000 of which were mercenaries) and 500 cavalry to Leosthenes. He wanted to march north through Boeotia but had a problem - they were on Macedon’s side.

After destroying Thebes, Alexander had given Boeotia her land. The Boeotians knew that if Athens defeated Antipater, she would restore the city and give her back her land. To ensure this didn’t happen, a Boeotian army was sent to face Leosthenes in battle.

Diodorus says no more of it than that Leosthenes won, erected a trophy, and ‘hurried back’ to the safety of Thermopylae. It may have been over in a blink of an eye but Boeotia vs Athens remains significant as the first battle of the diadoch period to take place in mainland Greece.

The Wars of the Diadochi
I. Greek Settlers vs. Pithon AWAY WIN (by default)
II. Boeotia vs Athens (incl. Allies) AWAY WIN