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JJ Abrams answers fans questions about the possibility of a gay character for Star Wars
The Star Wars universe is a pretty big place, containing hundreds of characters of different races, creeds and colours. Many fans have been wondering whether an openly gay character will appear in the galaxy far, far away anytime soon, and JJ Abrams thinks its definitely going to happen.



I can’t stop laughing……. Americans are so annoying.. the red arrow is pointing at the Strait of Hormuz. IRANIAN SHIPS. IN THE STRAIT OF HORMUZ. LOCATED IN THE PERSIAN GULF. AKA RIGHT NEXT TO IRAN.

If the American navy doesn’t want to run into Iranian ships then why not just go home. Like.. literally go home.

Like what’s next…. “Iranian Air Force found minding its own business while flying directly over Iran… could this be a war aggression?” Lmaoooo

Baneful Aspects of the Cosmos 🌌

This is a list of celestial bodies that have baneful associations - these correspondences can be good for curses, hexes, and banishing magick. 


  • Mars - aggression, war, power
  • Saturn - chaos, justice, revenge
  • Neptune - illusion, chaos, confusion
  • Pluto - death, mystery, crisis

Asteroids, Comets, & Minor Planets:

  • Eris - discord, strife, revenge
  • Lilith - fear, suffering, conflict, crisis

Lunar Phases:

  • Waning Crescent - banishing
  • Dark Moon - destruction, banishing, justice

Other Celestial Bodies:

  • Black Holes - banishing, destruction, darkness
  • Comets - stillness, isolation, stasis
  • Supernovae - destruction

Mars is the planet of war and aggression. Mars is your fighting strength. Mars is your anger, your lust, your will power. Mars is the type of warrior that is inside of everyone. Mars is your energy. Mars is your drive to succeed. Mars is the courage that is inside of you. 

Mars in Aries: strong will power. will fight till the death. quick to anger. passionate. hot headed. loves to be in action. impulsive. loves challenges. impatient. bold. prone to selfishness. brave. likes to chase lovers. not a sensual placement. may not like foreplay too much.

Mars in Taurus: stubborn. determined. strong will power. slow to be angered but once they are angry then you better run. very patient. loves possessions. dependable. practical. good endurance. prone to jealousy. sensual. loyal. loves foreplay. easy going.

Mars in Gemini: easily bored. likes to argue. restless. cunning. quick witted. loves to talk. social. sometimes unfaithful. sex is seen as fun and not deep. curious people. try anything once. flirtatious. love love loves mental stimulation.

Mars in Cancer: passive-aggressive. likes security. oversensitive. dependable. protective of loved ones. loyal. good memory. can be moody. sensual. sex without love doesn’t appeal to them. likes romance. may be turned on by the idea of making a baby.

Mars in Leo: strong-willed. can be bossy. impatient. prideful. confident. independent. make good leaders. very opinionated. stubborn. playful. generous. impulsive. faithful lovers. can be jealous. enthusiastic. enjoy the excitement of new love.

Mars in Virgo: practical. disciplined. critical. organized. hard workers. perfectionists in what they do. restless energy. subtle. respectful. attentive to their lovers. devoted. faithful. can have high standards or can like people with flaws so that they will be needed to take care of them.

Mars in Libra: passive-aggressive. hates conflict. likes to keep peace. indecisive. procrastinate. good at compromising. need motivation. romantic. likes to please their partner. can have a hard time saying no. they don’t like to voice when they feel as if they are being treated unfairly. can have high standards in relationships.

Mars in Scorpio: focused. strong will power. determined. quiet. disciplined. slow to anger but have a fierce anger. hold grudges. passionate. sensual. intense sexually. faithful. can be possessive of their lovers. they don’t like to share their lovers.

Mars in Sagittarius: impatient. restless. adventurous. love physical activity. passionate. don’t like serious situations. enthusiastic. not very practical. confident. risk takers. can be unfaithful. don’t like commitment too much. sex is like a game so they enjoy it to be fun and interesting.

Mars in Capricorn: reserved. likes to be in control. determined. ambitious. not quick to anger. afraid to lose control. can be materialistic. disciplined. practical and realistic. hard workers. responsible. set in old ways. serious. they like to take their time with sex. can control sexual urges very well. they have a lot of endurance.

Mars in Aquarius: independent. stubborn. rebellious. lots of mental energy. strong willed. value freedom and space. not sentimental. detached. makes a good leader. non-conformists. quick to anger but can let it go easily. likes unusual or weird sex. will try anything once. sex is more for fun and not so intimate. faithful until they get bored.

Mars in Pisces: passive. easily taken advantage of. gentle. go with the flow. lack of discipline physically. can be shy. romantic. loves affection. likes sex when there is an emotional connection. sensual. willing to please. loves fantasy. faithful as long as their lover is making them happy.

Humans are scary.

Commander! There is a vessel requesting help! It is about to emerge from Hyperspace!

What species does it belong to? 

 It’s a human vessel Commander.

 Aren’t we at war with them? 

 Yes Commander we are but I don’t think shooting it down would be a good ide…




The ship is bigger than our space station. 


The scans have also finished and it’s classified as a “Star Destroyer”. 


I said.. 



The crew requests an explanation to this sudden loss of your morale!

Just tell them, the Humans are coming.

*a sudden bwommm echoed as the Craft emerged from Hyperspace, casting a shadow 10x the size of the space station. * 



The crew understands.

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I love love love this shot of my Hera taken at SWCO by @FuryZhil on twitter.

This was right as Celebration was shutting down on the last day and we were slowly inching our towards the exit

I guess I’ve been doing a better job of avoiding the worst of the left here because I honestly didn’t know that many were still insisting that evidence of connections between Russia and Trump’s administration, and of Russian interference in elections in the US and Europe to prop up right-wing candidates, are just elaborate liberal fantasies AND a pretext for the US to go to war with Russia. Because…imperialism. Or the Deep State. Or both.

it’s like when I see comments from people enraged that democrats haven’t prioritized introducing a health care bill that mandates single payer. I’m wondering, have you all not caught up to 2017 yet? Or is this what happens when your primary sources of information are the Intercept and tumblr posts by teenage communists?

Happy May the Fourth

Reylo is a crack ship that perpetuates racism, homophobia, misogyny, sexualization of incest (I’m looking at you Cousin Ben Week participants), rape romanticism, abuse apologism, poor coping mechanisms, pedophilia (I’m looking at you Reylos who talk about adult Kylo falling in love with child Rey before he destroyed the Jedi academy), and zero accountability for the mentally ill (I’m looking at you Reylos that say Kylo ain’t in control of himself because he’s been manipulated and therefore can’t be blamed for his actions.).

The 5 Types of Fuckboys

So a while ago, I came up with this theory. Because all fuckboys are assholes but not all assholes are fuckboys.
There are 5 types of fuckboys:

Type 1- The Prep
Usually includes MOST football players(and other sports), as well as most rich guys. Will deny to the ends of the Earth that they are fuckboys.

Type 2- The Stoner
Looks perpetualy high. Often has shit grades. Is probably higher than your self-esteem. Will deny to the ends of the Earth that they are fuckboys.

Type 3- The Mexican Fuckboy
(Subject to your area) Usually plays soccer, walks around saying Spanish cuss words. Sort of naturally short. Calls most teachers “Mr.” Or “Mrs.” Will deny to the ends of the earth that they are a fuckboy.

Type 4- The Lowkey Fuckboy
Possibly the most dangerous type. They don’t wear confidence on their sleeve nor are they cocky right off the bat. But don’t be fooled you won’t know they’re fuckboys till you been played. Will deny to the ends of the universe that they are fuckboys.

Type 5- The Wannabe
The most annoying type. Isn’t cute enough, smart enough, clever enough, or charming enough to be a fuckboy but they usually hang around them and act like a douche to everybody as if they are. Only there cuz they’re friends with a fuckboy.

Many guys can be two types so refer to them through slashes. EX: “He’s type ½”

Educate yoself kids

The Mars Series: Mars by Sign

Hi, I’m going to start a Mars series. I will discuss Mars by Sign briefly and then later will go into more detail by aspects in natal charts.

Mars is the planet of war and aggression. It is a red planet. I have written in the past that Mars on the Asc or in the 1st house can give a “reddish” appearance to someone ( blush easily, red tones to hair, ruddy complexion, lean ). I myself have Mars in the 1st house. Mars represents our sex drive, our ambitions and what we go after we want. It represents how aggressive, assertive or passive we are. It represents athletics and sports. Traditionally Mars represents what kind of man a man is and what a woman finds in a man. However, that doesn’t mean a woman doesn’t see the Mars in herself. A woman with a strong Mars present in herself will find her Mars personality strong. Examples of a strong Mars: many well aspected planets to Mars, lots of planets in Aries, Mars in Aries, Mars in 1st house, Mars conjunct the Asc, etc.

For the purpose of this article I will write how Mars influences personality, whether you are a man or woman. This is not necessarily about attraction or anything. You may find some ring true to you and some do not.

Mars in Aries people can be quick to anger but they are quick to forget. They are fiery. Can have temper tantrums, especially during childhood. There is a likelihood that this person likes to be active and outdoors. They like to keep moving; always seems like they are in a hurry.Can be impatient and rude at times even if they aren’t trying to be. Can be mean at times. These people are blunt and direct and know what they want. They know how to achieve their goals. They are not afraid of starting projects; may come off as “pushy.” There is a high sex drive; likes things quick and dirty.

Mars in Taurus people can be slow to anger and can keep their anger pent up. When anger is finally released it comes out like a volcano! Mars in Taurus people are driven to make money and have stability. They are rocks. They can be very sensual and may like to be outdoors like an Aries Mars person, but appreciate nature and trails/birds/wildlife more so. Weight lifting, yoga can be a good way for these people to stay in shape. These people are generally more patient than the Aries Mars person.

Mars in Gemini has a nervous energy. Can be a busybody. Likes to talk during sex. Likes to talk in general. They like exercises in which they can talk to people; maybe running in groups. Running is a good exercise for these people, but maybe not long distances. Short, fast spurts of running in addition to other forms of exercise. Variety is  the spice of life and that includes sexual partners, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Needs to be busy and moving around.

Mars in Cancer can be moody. There could be angry outbursts when upset. Mars in Cancer people when they like sports they always prefer the home team. They are traditional. They are sensual, caring and like to meet their partners’ needs. They are very protective and will fight if anyone threatens their loved ones. Men with this placement may be attracted to very feminine women who would make good mothers. I think this placement would make a good father, if a man. Mars in Cancer person can be patriotic and would take great pride in fighting for their homeland.

Mars in Leo, like any fire Mars, is quick to anger and quick to respond. While a Mars in Aries may quickly let go of anger, a Mars in Leo person may hold on for a little longer. Mars in Leo is a fixed sign, so there is definitely some stubbornness and a slight tendency to hold grudges. While Mars in Leo may enjoy sports and being active, they also can have a laziness streak. Mars in Leo is driven by pride, their ego and looking good/keeping appearances. That being said, they can be very charming when they want to be! They are overall very likeable! It is possible that they get bossy.

Mars in Virgo does not get angry easily. While Virgo is a sensitive sign, they do not easily show. Mars in Virgo is not showy with emotions or anger for that matter. When they do get angry, it is often manifested in a more irritable manner. They can be perfectionists with athletics, their diets, sex, etc. If they are angry with you, they will pinpoint your every flaw and won’t make you forget it. But this is only because they can be sensitive themselves. Mars in Virgo likes order and structure and routine. Eating well is important to them, as well as having a routine for exercise.

Mars in Libra prefers balance and tries not to anger easily. They are driven by cooperation and friendliness. Mars in Libra can be very flirty, even if they have no intentions of being with you sexually. They are naturally very friendly and want to get along with people. Mars in Libra men tend to care about their appearance and like to appear clean cut. Mars in Libra may fight for equality and fairness in marriage, love, gender rights, etc. They may not be the most intense, but they can hold conversation and can be charming.

Mars in Scorpio can be very intense. Can be very moody. Anger can be an issue here, but not in the same way for a fire Mars. Can hold in anger until it explodes and becomes unpleasant for everyone. Can be brooding. High sex drive, though, even if he/she doesn’t get it all the time. Is very passionate. Can be a doting partner, but very intense and may scare people away. Can be powerful and delegate tasks easily. Do not want to cross this one when they are mad! I think this is a good placement for endurance sports, but may be taken to the extreme. May overdo exercise, or get obsessed with it. Can become obsessed with sex, or sexual partner/s.

Mars in Sagittarius is generally fun loving and likes to move around and be active. Like all fire Mars, they can be quick to anger but are quick to forget. Can be impulsive. Sports are generally a good placement for Mars in Sagittarius… sports of all kinds. Mars here is freedom loving and relaxed. A high sex drive here as with many fire signs. May be attracted to different lands or foreign men/women.

Mars in Capricorn can be icy. They are not quick to anger, but are generally more patient than other Mars signs. They are steady and work at their own pace. They have their own methods for doing things; they like to be busy and have order. They like to make money. They are not the most showy when it comes to sex and affection, but prefer to keep things private. Some things are best to be kept to the imagination. Not the most affectionate, but very loyal. Sexual encounters may come later in life, maybe a late bloomer. Can lack confidence in early years, but confidence grows as the person gets older. Likes structure. Good for endurance sports. If you are financially secure, this is a turn on.

Mars in Aquarius, like Capricorn, can be very cool and in some people cold. When they are angry, it can come off as indifference and aloofness. They do not like anger and are uncomfortable with emotions. Aquarius is a thinking sign. Aquarius is driven by fairness, justice, equality and will fight for the underdog. They can be fanatical about their political opinions. Could sleep with someone after discussing politics or sleep with a political “foe”. Intelligence is a turn on. They are caring yet cool. Sex lives can be erratic; may have  alot during a period of time, then none. They are freedom loving.

Mars in Pisces is driven by creativity. This is a creative position. A good position for creating art or music. Mars in Pisces is generally a soft position, but the downside can be moodiness, emotional ups and downs, and indecisiveness. Can be scared to ask for what they want. Can cheat on partners or be cheated on. Can appear soft or weak, even if person isn’t. Can be passive aggressive. Can be hot or cold. But these are people who are very caring and do not want to hurt anyone. They can be doting partners. People who make art or music is a turn on. Artists. Sometimes this can indicate drug use to escape but not always.

finnrey cuddles

with rey being unused to physical touch, it takes a while for her to get used to finn’s presence, and to feel comfortable with intimacy. it’s a long road, but finn doesn’t regret any of it, even when they cuddle at night, rey nearly suffocating him with her arms, drooling on finn’s neck, and snoring loudly in his ear

in the end, it’s worth it

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