Luke telling Han what happened when he was blinded by carbonite
  • luke:and then jabba put leia in a bikini with a chain around her neck, but later she killed him, so...
  • han (excited):really?
  • luke:yeah.
  • han:what did it look like?
  • luke:erm, the bikini was red and gold and-
  • han:no. when she killed jabba. what was it like?
  • luke:she strangled him with the chain.
  • han:how did her biceps look? i bet she was really flexed.
  • han:*sighs* *stares off into the distance* i bet she got that really gorgeous look of murderous rage when she's about to do something heroic for democracy and freedom...
Star wars according to autocorrect

Luke Skywalker (wow nice one)
Leia Oregano
Ham solo
Earth Vander
Oh I want Kenobi
Emperor Palestine
Sneaking Skywalker
Peake admirals
Quick Hon Jones
Jar jar blinks
Panel Parisian
Count Roomy
Bobs felt
Mango felt
Mace windy
Babbage the hut

:/ 8
Poe Cameroon
But my favourite
Yolo den