Happy birthday, deviltail!

IT STILL COUNTS IF IT’S NOT MIDNIGHT IN MY AREA, RIGHT? Anyway, ahhh–I really hope you had a great birthday; sorry it’s late! I know these aren’t all your muses (I probably wouldn’t be able to fit them all), so I just chose the ones that I recall seeing over the past few years!

Was supposed to be for Deviltail as a gift, but ughghgh, I’m just so bad at drawing Albel on the computer.  I need to do it on paper where I have more control OTL.

I need a scanner…

I-I PROMISE I’LL DO HIM JUSTICE, AND MAKE YOU SOMETHING SPECIAL TO TRY AND PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE.  Because no one deserves to frown all the time, and no one deserves the situation life has put you in.  You have an amazing girlfriend however, and I know she’ll be your light in your dark times.  <3

ugh gosh, I hope I didn’t overstep any sort of boundary with that.  I have a habit of treating anyone in the star ocean fandom like family.  You amazing people. <3

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Totally forgot about this, so here goes! 1. If you could get rid of something forever, what would it be?
Tough one! I’d like to be optimistic/idealistic and say our impending resource crisis.
2. What do you hate the most?

People who bring others down simply for the sake of having company in their own misery.
3. Have you ever been so mad at someone that you wished death upon them?

Oh, yeah. A billion times. I loathe my brother.
4. If you could ask for ONE wish, what would it be? (except more wishes, obviously).

The ability to contribute something which would help everyone collectively.
5. Are you in love with someone right now?

Not romantically, but platonically. They’re very dear to me.
6. Why are you in love with that person? 
They’ve been by my side through the best and worst, and I can honestly say our relationship has evolved to a point where I deeply cherish them.
7. What’s your ultimate OTP?

Haha, this is problematic. At the risk of unveiling my lack of fandoms or confusing my audience I always shipped Yuki/Akito from Furuba or Fruits Basket. Although I also agree with TNG on Akira/Shiki.
8. What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

I indulge way too often in icecaps, basically a frozen caffeinated beverage sold by the Great Canadialand industry of Tim Hortons. I also tend to like instead of reblogging a lot of dubious homo material, haha.
9. Do you believe in love?

Yes, and no. I don’t believe in the exclusive western idea of love, that it has to be romantic or driven by a ‘pure’ root. Desire and passion, even lust can be swept under love.
10. Do you hold faith in humanity?

Despite the easy cynical answer of no, I do. I think we’re gradually moving forward, even if it seems like we’re stumbling too often along the way.
11. If not, why?
Yaay, hope in humanity. Questions questions.1. If you had the chance to meet one historical individual, who would it be?2. What would your superpower be?3. What is your biggest flaw?4. What do you aspire to be?5. Who makes you smile the most?6. What do you do for shits and giggles?7. What is the one pairing you hate, but everyone seems to ship?8. Favourite memory?9. If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be? (Can be Fictional)10. What flower would you use to describe your blog?11. Favourite series that isn’t a recent one?