Me? Care about a mortal? As if.  

I can’t believe I still don’t have a proper, honest to god regal and sufficiently Sith-y outfit for Radenu.

He got this comfy assassin-y work outfit that he wore throughout the entirety of KOTFE

He got this semi-formal, kind of billowy short cloaked thing that he mostly wears for cold places (and is in fact fairly restricting and therefore uncomfortable)

then he got… whatever this thing is

and then there is the Party Outfit™

I got so many outfit slots for him, and then only use like… two of them, and I’m still not satisfied.

*continues to hope that she could one day snipe one of those Zakuulan inquisitor robes off the GTN*

To many people on tumblr seem to find it okay to bully people/celebrities when they do something they find offensive.
You didn’t enter life a social justice warrior. You bullying people for doing something problematic is problematic itself. Please recognize this hypocritical and negative behavior. Be the change you want to see.

New special guest at 2017 Xenite Retreat: Steven Sears!

Steven gave us some of the best episodes Xena: Warrior Princess has to offer, and he continues to give to the fans year after year. Steven is well known as not just a writer and producer of Xena, but as a fan of the show and a friend of the fans.

Steven has been working with Team Awesome to give this year’s Xenite Retreat attendees something very special that hasn’t been seen in the Xenite Fandom for over ten years!

You’ll have to show up to the Retreat to find out what’s in store for you… you’re gonna love it! 


riveting…. by Stuart “Stu-Bo” Baxter
Via Flickr:
CarArt from the archives….this was one of the 1st times I saw a VooDoo Larry creations at a local car show… image copyright SB ImageWorks


*It was over 100* today and we had to find a way to beat the heat, luckily I love to swim and bathe in the beautiful, bright Oregon sun*

This is just an old suit that I keep for adventuring in ponds, lakes & rivers. I don’t even remember where I got it!

Today I felt so able and I had so much fun. I love swimming & it does wonders for my pain. We got high in the middle of the river and soaked up the sunshine.

I fell in love with the gentle Sandy River, aptly named because it has gorgeous sandy beaches & no river rocks to make my life harder.

it was a perfect day!