CROSBY STREET, Warriors of Radness, surfers, dudes and brand muses for Downtownfrombehind.

Josh Lyons, Nova Bleckley, Bradlee Coleman, Kyle Robbins, Kurt Narmore, and Levi Yaokum Prairie are Warriors of Radness. They love surfing, drinking, sunshine, women, and cool beach style that is soulful and authentic. Their clothing line has an underground following, and they seem to be collaborating with all the right people, including both Opening Ceremony and Saturdays here in New York. They’ve also just created an Endless Summer–inspired collection for John’s, their favorite surf store in Japan. Not just brand muses, Levi is a talented singer and songwriter, Kurt created a nonprofit called Hand Me Ups, Bradlee dropped out of high school for three months as stunt double for Jay Adams in the Lords of Dogtown, Kyle plays drums (as Richard Gere when in the Hamptons), Nova sports an infamous ALOHA tattoo (a la Sailor Jerry) on the back of his head, and Josh surfs, very well. DFB shot the guys on Crosby Street the frosty morning after they partied at GQ’s fashion week event, celebrating their label’s nomination for Best New Menswear Designer. They were in relatively good condition all considered. Just one small spill, Bradlee, the semi professional stuntman. More here. DFB.