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this fighter from hyrule is quite impressive, indeed… for a mere mortal.


Grave of ‘Griffin Warrior’ at Pylos Could Be a Gateway to Civilizations

Source: New York Times

Archaeologists digging at Pylos, an ancient city on the southwest coast of Greece, have discovered the rich grave of a warrior who was buried at the dawn of European civilization.

He lies with a yardlong bronze sword and a remarkable collection of gold rings, precious jewels and beautifully carved seals. Archaeologists expressed astonishment at the richness of the find and its potential for shedding light on the emergence of the Mycenaean civilization, the lost world of Agamemnon, Nestor, Odysseus and other heroes described in the epics of Homer.

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One of the things I appreciate most about ATLA.

Out of our core cast of 6 characters (Aang, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, Iroh and Toph)  there is no ‘dumb one’   there’s not even really a character who’s even noticeably less intelligent than the others.  

Aang is spiritually savvy and philosophically insightful throughout, Zuko is great at thinking on his feet and problem solving (such as solving the doorway to the Sun Warrior Temple , Katara is generally perceptive and well organised good at planning ahead of time, Sokka is a genius of both improvised strategy and fore-planned strategy and good at looking at the bigger picture, Iroh is one of the most genuinely wise characters I’ve ever seen, with every other line being a genuinely useful and insightful bit of advice. and Toph is incredibly shrewd, cunning and good at looking at things purely pragmatically.

  this is pretty refreshing because most shows in general, let-alone kid shows feel they need one character to be dumber than the others for comedy or a counterpoint.  even Legend of Korra falls into this trap slightly, with Bolin, who is noticeably less inteligent on a practical level than the other members of the core cast.(don’t get me wrong, i love his character, he’s probably my favourite of LoK’s main four characters)  

It’s just cool to see a cast of character who aren’t just all smart, but are to an extent all smart in their own unique ways. Like if you wanted sage advice on what to do with your life? Iroh’s your best bet,  if you needed to plan out a battle strategy? Sokka’s got your back,  If you want to pull off a complex scam or prank, Toph’s probably already done it.

Sculpture of a a warrior, found at the Temple of Zeus (head) and Temple of Heracles (torso), Agrigento (ancient Akragas/Agrigentum), Sicily.  Artist unknown; ca. 480-475 BCE.  Now in the Museo Archeologico Regionale, Agrigento.  Photo credit: Clemensfranz/Wikimedia Commons.