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NEW WARRIORS of the 90s comic covers (part 2)

- New Warriors v1 #10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17

- Written by Fabian Nicieza

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Link to New Warriors 2014 Comic covers Part 2 - Click Here 


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  • zarkon: a very old leader. no one knows how he’s still alive and at this point they’re afraid to ask
  • haggar: shady medicine cat. secretly descended from lionclan
  • sendak: deputy
  • thace: should we….make him keith’s dad….the way it was always meant to be…………….oh my god..
    • secretly trying 2 betray his clan so that he can get back 2 his son
  • haxus: first 2 die >:3c 
    • (+ pidge’s first kill :’3)
What if Lucien earns the trust of the inner circle by helping Cassian!

Like, Lucien lost his eye to the bitch under the mountain, right. He now have this metal magical eye that helps him see. A magical eye. What if he have the inventor help him make mechanical wings for Cassian. Well, Cassian’s wings were shredded not broken. What if he makes a skeleton that binds leather then attaches it to Cassian’s wing frame, he would be able to control it.

What if that’s how he gets their trust, by giving Cassian his lost ability to fly again.

Also Cassian with mechanical wings sounds kinda cool. Also Lucien.

In Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, Anakaris can transform various opponents into various things. Mostly into objects or animals.

He turns Felicia into, well, a cat.

He turns John Talibain into a wiener dog, which I thought was hilarious.

He Turns Morrigan into a bat.

He turns Lord Raptor into an electric guitar.

He turns Bishamon into a…. I got no idea.

He turns Sasquatch into a snowman.

He turns Rikuo into a frog.

He turns Victor into his younger self.

He turns Demitri into a Vampire Bat, since he is a vampire.

And last but not least, He turns himself into an ancient stone tablet.


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