Working on some redesigns of StarClan Battles characters. These will hopefully be the last redesigns I make before I start the storyboarding for the first episode. I really like how these are turning out. These are some WindClan and ShadowClan cats. 

(top) Hawkstar is leader of ShadowClan. She’s on her last few lives as leader, and her time has brought many hardships. She’s lost an eye, her mate, and all her children, but she continues to lead her clan with strength and wisdom. ShadowClan will miss her when she’s gone.

Wildfur and Poolpaw are also ShadowClan cats, Wildfur is sort of a self made outcast of the clan, and Poolpaw is his reluctant apprentice.

Spottedshadow (Spotty), Goldenpelt, Stonepaw, and Peachpaw are all WindClan cats. Spottedshadow and Goldenpelt have a complicated past with each other and have opposing ideologies, but together they sort of strike a balance in the clan. Peachpaw is Spottedshadow’s apprentice, and Stonepaw is her good friend with a lot of potential.


Danes, Franks and Frisians, the three storylines that will be available in The Great Whale Road.

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